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Sex Education in public schools.

Mine was totally crappy. Basically just Coach Nutsinsweats showing us diagrams of sex organs but not giving us important information. Just saying girls could get pregnant even when they were on their periods. They divided us by sex and never mentioned anything about homosexuality. There was a lot about abstinence being the only way to 100% prevent pregnancy and disease. This was before Bush's abstinence only bullshit too.

by Anonymousreply 303/05/2013

That gays and lesbians were promiscious and diseased. Lol at the coach. Now that I think about it all the coaches were pervs,

by Anonymousreply 103/05/2013

And I was dying to learn where the "Blow" came into play for a BJ…and what part was I missing out on when just doing the suck part

by Anonymousreply 203/05/2013

I went to a Catholic high school so I guess my contribution doesn't really count, but basically I had nothing remotely resembling "sex ed" until 11th grade, at which point it was just a nun telling us that "natural family planning" (i.e., just tracking the woman's reproductive cycle and only having sex during her least fertile times of the month) was the only moral way to avoid unplanned pregnancies, and that anyone who masturbated or agreed to perform oral on their partner probably had low self-esteem. (Also, being the partner who requested that oral sex be performed on them was deemed "selfish.")

It was acknowledged that homosexuality exists and that it's not a choice, but it was also emphasized that gay people are called upon by God to accept that they need to remain celibate. This particular nun also threw in the some comment like "If gay people had a choice, they would choose to be straight." (Looking back, I suspect that she may have been closeted herself for a number of reasons.)

This all happened in 2004, not all that long ago.

by Anonymousreply 303/05/2013
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