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My favorite moment from "All in the Family": Edith says goodbye to Louise Jefferson

It makes me tear up everytime.

It always makes me think of my best friend who moved away several years ago.We alway said that would remain just as close, but her husband and kids now take up most of her time.

Starting at 3:24.

by I'm a big mary, I guessreply 1103/04/2013

I remember seeing that scene as a kid and feeling bad for Edith.

by I'm a big mary, I guessreply 103/04/2013

I remember that Isabelle Sanford made one cross-over appearance on AITF after "moving on up". She wore a fur coat and carried a Gucci handbag.

I always wished that Edith had made appearances on "The Jeffersons". Why couldn't she have spent a weekend in the spare room before Florence became a live-in maid?

I would have really loved to have seen the friendship continue. In the case of both characters, they had no small children to worry about and neither worked.

It was a disappointment for me that Edith and Louise couldn't have continued the friendship, even if it only amounted to split-screen telephone calls.

by I'm a big mary, I guessreply 203/04/2013

Great scene. I remember seeing a sort of similar scene in Maude on Youtube not long ago where Florida leaves and Maude says something about we'll see each other all the time and Florida says they probably won't see each other again if they're honest.

by I'm a big mary, I guessreply 303/04/2013

That's how sitcoms used to be, a brilliant mix of drama and comedy acted by well-seasoned actors.

Now it's just snarky, well-coifed hipsters standing around wondering who's sleeping with whom.

by I'm a big mary, I guessreply 403/04/2013

But the Jeffersons didn't move that far, did they? Wasn't it set in NYC, and the Bunkers lived in Queens? Louise would've invited Edith up to her deluxe apartment in the sky, and maybe she did, they just didn't show it in any of the episodes.

by I'm a big mary, I guessreply 503/04/2013

I met Edith Bunker in Hollywood two decades ago and she accidentally sat on my glasses and broke them.

I was wearing them at the time.

by I'm a big mary, I guessreply 603/04/2013

Weezy had nothing on me!

by I'm a big mary, I guessreply 703/04/2013

Edith Bunker's vagina was a delightful mixture of both sweetness and tart.

by I'm a big mary, I guessreply 803/04/2013

That scene, while very moving, always bothered me. Why COULDN'T they remain friends? Would it have been that hard for them to visit each other or have lunch sometime? It bothered me that since the Jeffersons were "movin' on up" it appeared that they would no longer have anything to do with ordinary working class people like Edith Bunker. That's pretty rotten behavior.

I think it would made some very good episodes if Archie and Edith had paid visits to the Jeffersons from time to time.

by I'm a big mary, I guessreply 903/04/2013

Being in Astoria, Edith could have taken the N or the R and been on the East Side in no time.

But as this was TV, they writers probably just assumed that people not in the NYC area wouldn't realize what a short distance it was.

As a kid, judging from the original opening credits of "The Jeffersons" with Weezie crying in the cab and George comforting her made it seem like they were moving really far.

by I'm a big mary, I guessreply 1003/04/2013

I loved wheezie!

by I'm a big mary, I guessreply 1103/04/2013
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