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The Secret Lives of Nikki Finke

Webmistress at Deadline Hollywood.

Many fear her. Agents. Actors. Food cart vendors.

Why is a fiftysomething recluse who seldom sees direct sunlight such a popular blogger? Why does half of Hollywood live in fear of her?


by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 4511/25/2013

She's a vile, abusive, parasitic pig. She wallows in shit and lives for misery.

Grotesque inside and out.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 103/04/2013

She's strikingly hideous. They put a lot of time into the styling and lighting of this shot and it still made me blanch.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 203/04/2013

But she just tore Jessica Shitstain a new one!

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 303/04/2013

She's a miserable cunt. I like people/things she hates just to spite her.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 403/04/2013

She does amuse me sometimes. I mean, she basically outed Bradley Cooper.

She's kind of the DL mascot. Someone who sits in their dark basement cunting on the Internet!!!

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 503/04/2013

Doesn't she occasionally come forth via a Google Alert?

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 603/04/2013

She has ties to Paramount, from back in the day.

I'm not sure where she started, but it was somewhere in the studio system when studios had more pull.

The one thing I do like is how unhinged some male movie bloggers (David Poland in particular) get about her. They rail against her a lot, but aren't specific about their issues with her.

It really shows one the difference between a professional who has been in the system (whatever you think of her methods) and a second tier internet fan-boy based commentary site.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 703/04/2013

Geoff Boucher from the LA Times got a call from her when he announced he was leaving.

He apparently said, "I'm not a fan." Click. End of call.

And lived to tell about it!

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 803/04/2013

OP you in trouble! she's going to find you!

or, OP shall I call you by your real name- Bret Easton Ellis???

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 903/04/2013

[quote] She does amuse me sometimes. I mean, she basically outed Bradley Cooper.

Which is fine, but it did make her a huge hypocrite. She had a meltdown about a fellow entertainment columnist outing Merv Griffin when he died. She acted like that was the most outrageous thing ever. So she does have some nerve to turn around and start outing living people now. Not that I'd otherwise object.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 1003/04/2013

She came here once and yelled at us for being too mean. It was AWESOME! I wish I saved the thread.

R5 hit the nail on the head, she cunts on the internet and does it damn well. Unfortunately Deadline has seen better days, so much of it is simply press releases these days. I remember one time when four items on the front page were related to the clients of a single publicist.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 1103/04/2013

Ooh, R9 I forgot about him!

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 1203/04/2013

Boucher is a publicists' tool, so he can fuck right off. Anybody who gets an award from a PR group isn't a real journalist.

I don't blame her for hanging up if he said something pretentious and dickish like that.

I'm not a supporter of Finke, either, but LA stews in jealousy. Entertainment "reporters" are some of the worst offenders.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 1303/04/2013

R13, HE hung up on her.

(Not defending her, just saying, that's what happened)

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 1403/04/2013

r10, IIRC, her point was that it was a cheap shot to wait until he died and he couldn't respond to it.

I also remember the author being gossipy--nothing matter of fact or relevant to his career--kind of tacky for an obit.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 1503/04/2013

Jesus, that's even worse. Some fucking PR flack by proxy being a snotty twat.

He's the last person who should've acted like that.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 1603/04/2013

I love her. She pisses off all the right people, so more power to her.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 1703/04/2013

r15, and the point of the guy who reported it was that gays and straights should be treated equally in their obituaries. There's nothing wrong with being gay, he was gay, so there no reason not to mention it. Finke acted like it was akin to outing someone as a rapist, something horribly shameful. And it wasn't tacky or gossipy, you just have your head up her ass.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 1803/04/2013

I think she's cool. She lives in shadows, attacks hacks and sinks her fangs into stupid studio heads.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 1903/04/2013

Well, if there was ever a thread that idle gossip is NOT welcome in, this one is it.

Ms. Finke has a history of being rather litigious, so if you say something (other than sheer opinion of course) make sure you can back it up!

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 2003/04/2013

r18, I don't have my head up her ass-I'm not a fan. I just don't have the same often misogynistic anger towards her that a lot of Hollywood people seem to have.

I could very well be remembering that particular obit wrong, though. There were a lot of sensational stories written when he died, some formal obits. It had less to do with discussing his life as a gay man, and more to do with page hits re: the gossip element.

I thought it was bullshit at the time.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 2103/04/2013

Remember that HBO series starring Diane Keaton that was supposed to be about her? Did she get that killed?

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 2203/04/2013

r22, I don't think she would have enough power to get it killed outright. If she ran to someone at Paramount and did some horse trading-maybe.

TPTB at HBO know she is aggressive and litigious if needed; I doubt the project would have gotten as far as it did if their lawyers were concerned about her reaction.

There were actually episodes shot and it didn't get picked up. It might have been just not good enough.

I'd love to know the real story.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 2303/04/2013

Damn. I had no idea she was such a name.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 2403/04/2013

She is, R24.

When Nikki queefs, every studio head in town calls to tell her it smells like the sweetest patchouli.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 2503/05/2013

Isn't she the lesbian who flung a bra full of shit at somebody?

She did that, right? Or am I thinking of some other DL object of affection?

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 2603/05/2013

R26, Shitbra is Melissa Gilbert aka Half Pint.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 2703/05/2013

Dear Nikki Finke, Please contact Allison Hart of Lavely and Singer. She will have any mention of you deleted from the internet. It's awesome and few major celebs like me take advantage. Allison is listed in the phone book FYI. Hiring her is the best investment of my life. It kept me out of prison. She and Marty Singer will even get LAPD, on thier payroll, to terrorize and ruin anyone who writes negativity about you.

Regards, Tig Notaro

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 2803/05/2013


by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 2903/05/2013

[R2] had me until he turned into Blanche.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 3003/05/2013

[quote]The one thing I do like is how unhinged some male movie bloggers (David Poland in particular) get about her. They rail against her a lot, but aren't specific about their issues with her.

I don't know about the others, but Poland is very specific about his problems with her. His biggest problem with her is that she's for sale to the highest bidder and passes off gossip, lies, and bullshit as news.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 3103/05/2013

Yet another opportunity for DLers to display their retrograde, violent, tacky, offensive, shocking, and stupid misogyny.

Why don't you all grow up and realize that homophobia is caused primarily by hatred of women?

I can't believe how clueless some of you are.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 3203/05/2013

Meow, meow meow.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 3303/05/2013

I helped launch her career. Seriously. I can't reveal much without giving it away, but yes... way back when she was trying so hard to break into journalism... I gave her first big break.

I liked her a lot. Very gutsy, willing to write things no one else would. I thought she'd get bored with it and move on to something else. Had no idea she'd get so obsessed.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 3403/05/2013

R11 - The thread you mention is linked. She starts at R35.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 3503/05/2013

I like her. I've given her some dirt and she is a treat to talk to. Good memory. She has great phone manners. You just want to talk and talk to her. Having given her material for stories, I can tell you she dictates a lot of what you give her verbatim. It's pretty clear when you read her stories what kind of sources she had and where she is just typing what they gave her.

Love you Nikki.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 3603/05/2013

She is in CAA's pocket. Laps Bryan Lourd's bathwater.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 3703/05/2013

R35, that's not it at all.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 3803/05/2013

r31, I stopped reading Poland a while ago because of the petty bullshit.

Whenever I've read him, he's said thing like, "she's unhinged again"; "she plays dirty then acts above it"; "she's a bully", etc.

If he did use specific examples, good for him, but he didn't before I stopped reading him.

It was really, really bush and misogynist. He also allows a lot of rampant misogyny in his comment section, usually from one poster. Why he defends this person is beyond me, but several women have claimed to have sworn off the site over it.

I didn't really realize what women have to deal with daily on the internet until I started reading comment sections.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 3903/05/2013

I gave it a very quick glance, R38, and thought it was her ragging.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 4003/05/2013

I'm sure she has never heard of Poland, I certainly haven't. What she is more worried about is THR & The Wrap & possibly Variety if they get their act together now that there's no paywall and they start reporting on stuff.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 4103/05/2013

I only know that I signed up to her blog.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 4211/25/2013

Oh BTW, Poland occasionally has a very bad taste in movies.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 4311/25/2013

r43, is there anyone in Hollywood who doesn't these days?

At best, they confuse what is successful with what is genuinely good.

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 4411/25/2013


good point

by HeddaFuckingHopper reply 4511/25/2013
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