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Dog + vest = service dog

A friend was telling me that he intends to get a service dog vest for his dog and start taking her everywhere. Apparently it's illegal for businesses to ask what the need for the dog is - they can only ask if it's a service animal - and there are no real standards.

There are stores all over the internet, including Amazon, selling service animal gear.

He doesn't have any service animal needs and his dog is a young hyperactive Pug who likes to bark at strange things (and seems really nearsighted) so I'm not sure how plausible this will be. But is this ethical? Or does it matter? Is it just a good way to get a dog more exercise and avoid "stupid and arbitrary rules" about dogs in public places?

by No poll question reply 3510/18/2014

Your friend sounds like a real asshole. The gay version of a frau with an undisciplined toddler she insists on dragging everywhere with her regardless how inappropriate, because she and it are so much more special than anyone else.

Of course its not ethical. Many people are afraid of or allergic to dogs, but genuine service dogs must be allowed in public places. They have a specific purpose and have been well-trained to be quiet and unobtrusive. Your friend's dog obviously does not fit this mold, so the deception will be obvious. No business owner is legally obligated to put up with a fake service dog disturbing other customers.

by No poll question reply 103/03/2013

This is so unfair!

by No poll question reply 203/03/2013

All service animals have to be certified as such. It's pretty easy to see if an animal is one or not. The biggest test of a service animal is the animal's ability to not be distracted.

In all, it doesn't matter because the law says any business owner who perceives an animal to be a danger to himself or his customers can deny that animal entrance. It doesn't even matter if it is a legitimate service animal.

by No poll question reply 303/04/2013

Your friend is an asshole, OP.

by No poll question reply 403/04/2013

Actually a service dog doesn't have to be certified. All that's required is that it NOT be a pet and the dog DO something for the disabled person.

This is problematic as the ADA prolly will soon allow "comfort" dogs for people with autism and other fake illnesses.

by No poll question reply 503/04/2013

R5 - are you calling autism a fake illness?

by No poll question reply 603/04/2013

service dogs can also be dogs that calm someone with a psychiatric problem. they don't have to physically 'do' anything. I know several people who've gotten letters from their doctor saying they need the dog with them so that when they fly, the dog can fly with them. and these are not people who actually need service dogs, they just want the dogs with them.

by No poll question reply 703/04/2013

No those are comfort dogs not service dogs. The ADA specifically excludes them. No business is obligated to take a comfort dog.

This is a pretty good website that'll clue you in on actual service dogs.

by No poll question reply 803/04/2013

It seems to have become acceptable for people to take their nasty mutts everywhere. I've noticed on HGTV that people often bring dogs to open houses, and that sometimes realtors carry dogs with them on showings. How is this okay--the allergens, dirt, shedding, odor? So fucking ridiculous.

by No poll question reply 903/04/2013

I love the idea. I'd rather be in the company of dogs than children any day.

by No poll question reply 1003/04/2013

If a place isn't crowded I don't have an issue with these idiots since I can veer away from them if necessary. Unfortunately people stupid and entitled enough to bring their non-service dogs with them are ALSO the types of dog owners who SPOIL and DON'T TRAIN their dogs too.

by No poll question reply 1103/04/2013

I don't want to be around dogs or children, r10. You can have them both.

by No poll question reply 1203/04/2013

[quote]In all, it doesn't matter because the law says any business owner who perceives an animal to be a danger to himself or his customers can deny that animal entrance. It doesn't even matter if it is a legitimate service animal.

This is not exactly right, R3. The mere fear or perception that a service animal might be a danger is not enough. The animal must actually *be* disruptive to be excluded.

A business owner can ask if the animal is a service animal and can ask what tasks the animal is trained to perform; these standards are set forth in the ADA regulations. But, it's true that s/he cannot demand proof; the animal is not even required to wear a vest.

The ADA is a very well intentioned law that's been exploited all to hell by people like OP's asshole friend.

by No poll question reply 1303/04/2013

The problem is that it seeps into other animals. There was a special on TLC or some network a few years ago called "My Monkey Baby" and all these freaks took these monkeys in tutus everywhere. It was on that or another show where some older, moneyed type white woman had a chimp that she swore was a "service" animal that calmed her frazzled nerves. She lived in a nice posh town and tried to take the chimp to a nice restaurant and was of course denied. Cut to her bitching about how no one understands her crippling anxiety and how her gross chimp helps and she will sue people who won't allow him in. I call bullshit on that and would never eat at a restaurant that would allow fucking chimps. Can you imagine if that Charla Nash was eating out and someone came in with a service chimp? Jesus, talk about horrible flashbacks...

by No poll question reply 1403/04/2013

The rules are arbitray. Dogs can be noisey, aggressive and messy if not properly trained. Sure most of US train OUR dogs but the reality is many people do not. Hence the rules.

Service dogs are always trained to be in public and not be alarmed or aggressive when they need to get into tight spaces or be around other dogs.

It'll be a great scene when the fake service dog sees another REAL service dog and starts a fight with it or just barks annoyingly from across the aisle for 15 minutes straight. HILARIOUS.

I hope someone has their phone cam on when he gets kicked out.

by No poll question reply 1503/04/2013

Typo: The rules are NOT arbitray.

by No poll question reply 1603/04/2013

A pug would never be certified as a service animal. The only service that deformed, mutant breed provides is laughter and derision.

by No poll question reply 1703/04/2013

Some people's kids can be noisey, aggressive and messy if not properly trained.

by No poll question reply 1803/04/2013

Article on the woman with the "service chimp" referred to by R14 above:

by No poll question reply 1903/04/2013

The ADA is revised and now a service animal is ONLY a dog. No other animal qualifies as a service animal under the ADA.

Before it was different, now it's limited to dogs.

by No poll question reply 2003/05/2013

This seems completely discriminatory and unfair. Considering their intelligence I would think that a chimp would make a much better service animal than a dog.

by No poll question reply 2103/05/2013

Snake + vest = ?

by No poll question reply 2203/05/2013

[quote]Considering their intelligence I would think that a chimp would make a much better service animal than a dog.

Then you obviously know NOTHING about chimps R21. They are very dangerous once they reach adulthood. They are WILD animals not cute little pets. You cannot train them to be docile lap dogs.

by No poll question reply 2303/05/2013

Not true, R20. A miniature horse, if specially trained to perform tasks for persons with disabilities, still counts as a service animal under the revised regs.

by No poll question reply 2403/05/2013

Your friend is an asshole.

The idea of a Service Pug makes me laugh though.

I remember seeing on Jerry Springer or the old Ricki Lake show a segment about 'Service Midgets'

You all know that is a great idea.

by No poll question reply 2503/05/2013

Your friend: still an asshole.

by No poll question reply 2603/05/2013

Your friend is what ends up causing problems for those who truly need the assistance. Why are you friends with someone so immature?

by No poll question reply 2703/05/2013

From R19's link:

[quote]But the chimp suffers from several food allergies and couldn't partake of his own cake.

Now, you know this isn't going to end well.

by No poll question reply 2803/05/2013

This service dog bullshit IRKS me to no end! True story.....several months ago, one of my neighbors (with whom I was friends), Carly, moved in an effort to downsize/save money. The apartment building she wanted to move into didn't allow dogs, so she hatched a plan to have her dog, Jack, made a service dog. I laughed, when i heard of it, thinking about the lengths people will go to for an affordable apartment, in a good area (we live in L.A.), and also, "Yeah.....good luck with that!"

Well, within three days, Carly made it happen! She walked up to me, practically crowing -- "It's official, Jack is a service dog! I'll get his vest & tags in a few days." I was stunned and asked,"Who? How? Why?" Her oncologist signed off on it, under the guise of PTSD, as a cancer survivor. To be fair, Carly did have beast cancer, and had a partial mastectomy, about four years four years earlier..... yet, somehow, she'd managed to muddle through her daily life, for four years, without Jack constantly at her side.

I thought, "Okay, good for you -- you got your apartment." But then she just went off, about how awesome this is! Now, she can take Jack EVERYWHERE with ber -- on airplanes, into stores, etc. Her sudden sense of entitlement INFURIATED me, and I told her, "Don't be an asshole, and take advantage of this! You got what you wanted -- an apartment. And whatever you do, don't you DARE bring Jack into my store!" (I'm a manager at a local Trader Joe's). She argued, "Why? He's got a service dog license." I countered, "Because you & I both know this is total bullshit! Jack is no more a service-dog than SHE is! (pointing at our neighbor's dog, rolling around in the grass). And I WILL humiliate you in front of all my co-workers."

It worked. She's never brought Jack into the store, when I've been there....and we also don't really speak to each other anymore. I can't be friends with someone like that, who abuses the system to suit their needs.

by No poll question reply 2903/05/2013

R21, Charla Nash would disagree with you......

by No poll question reply 3003/05/2013

Correctionn....Sandra Herold (Charla Nash's friend) would disagree with you......

by No poll question reply 3103/05/2013

I was having trouble finding an apt that would take my very well-behaved cat, and once tried to get him certified as a service cat. I was told that he would have to take a course, like dogs do, to get certified. They don't have courses for cats, with a test and a pass/fail option. I explained that my cat was already brilliant and could do the following: alert me if a stranger had been in my home, let me know well in advance if there was an earthquake, signal if a weird noise was normal or not, open the refrigerator, turn off the TV, open the bedroom door, etc. He was a good "security cat." It didn't work.

by No poll question reply 3203/05/2013

My soon to be ex-wife now has a service dog, which was a dog my daughter gave to me. My wife decided that what was mine is now hers and she took the dog, slapped at patch on him and wa-la we have a service dog. She is claiming she has fibromyalgia and she can't work, so she shows up at court with my dog every-time which now her service dog...all for show because she is only thinking one thing: alimony!

It's too bad that people like her abuse a good idea because of her and others like her they will keep putting restrictions on these valuable animals until they become useless.

by No poll question reply 3307/18/2013

On occasion, I used to take my dog on the subway and LIRR by claiming she was an epilepsy dog. (She wasn't, and I don't have epilepsy.) I didn't even have a vest for her, but no one ever questioned my story, probably out of fear of a lawsuit, or that I would have a seizure on the spot. The dog loved napping on trains and would immediately crawl under my seat and go to sleep; often, people didn't even notice she was there until we got up to exit the train. If she had behaved obnoxiously and bothered people, I would have stopped taking her. I don't give a shit about people who are scared by the mere sight of a dog in their presence, though, and I think most people with animal allergies are just making it up as an excuse not to have animals around them.

by No poll question reply 3407/18/2013

Pets Allowed

by No poll question reply 3510/18/2014
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