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Freddie Smith Goes To Washington

Not really, just a chance for more Wilson talk and the latest update on those massive (and measured) members.

by Susie Hayesreply 29103/12/2013


Suzanne Rogers


Maggie Horton

by Susie Hayesreply 103/03/2013

Suzi, give it a rest.

And please update that tired wig to at least the late 1990s.

by Susie Hayesreply 203/03/2013

Peggy McCay


Caroline Brady

James Reynolds


Abe Carver

Alison Sweeney


Samantha Gene Brady

Kristian Alfonso


Hope Brady

Lauren Koslow


Kate Roberts DiMera

by Susie Hayesreply 303/03/2013

This is our 12th Wilson thread, I shit you not. I counted before. Our last thread went to 601 in less than a month.

OP, I guess you couldn't make a Freddie weight joke title since he's all thin and luscious again.

by Susie Hayesreply 403/03/2013

The comment from the last thread, about Susan Hayes sleeping in pheremaldyhyde, made me laugh. Hey; whatever she's doin', she's doin it right! She still looks like SUSAN --unlike many actresses her age, who have had a lot of work done.

I have been an acquaintance of hers, through my place of employment, for almost 10 years. First time I met her, I couldn't help myself -- I gushed all over her about "the good ole DAYS" (the 80s) and how much I missed Julie & Doug, and we kinda became buddies. She always stops to talk to me about the show and what's going on with her & Bill. She's a hoot! She doesn't have much of a filter, so we've had some very amusing conversations about the show, Corday, and various writers/producers/actors, over the years. She's pretty candid about the work she's had done to her face. One morning, about five years ago, I walked up and said, "Hey Susan! How are you? What's going on?" She was dressed very casually, in jeans, tennis shoes and a sweater, NO makeup.....and she immediately volunteered, "I just came from getting Botox injections -- here, here, and here." (pointing to three places on her face). I wanted to fall over laughing, because it was just so HONEST & self-effacing. She's been very sweet to me, over the years. A few years ago, the day before Thanksgiving, a co-worker told me, "there's a blonde lady looking for you." It was Susan....with a DAYS swag-bag, for me...which included A DAYS tote bag, two t-shirts, and a set of six Brady Pub beer mugs. Of course, she got it from the (then) most recent DAYS event....but I didn't care! It's the thought that counts. She knew I would DIG it!!

So say what you will, about SSH....I think she's fantastic!

by Susie Hayesreply 503/03/2013

Great dish, r5. Thanks for sharing.

by Susie Hayesreply 603/03/2013

Honey, can we please stick to Wilson and James Scott and co.'s penis sizes? Thanx.

by Susie Hayesreply 703/03/2013

R4 I am one of the folks who was OVER the Freddie weight jokes.

The only fat thing I want to talk about is EJ's massively bloated fuck stick!

by Susie Hayesreply 803/03/2013

r8, I agree, but it became a staple unfortunately. Hopefully, it's over.

by Susie Hayesreply 903/03/2013

Just a reminder that James Scott is 13x8.5 and that the Emmys threw shade at Dee.

by Susie Hayesreply 1003/03/2013

Chandler's catching flack for humping his Emmy Award in that Harlem Shake video.

by Susie Hayesreply 1103/03/2013

Susan Seaforth Hayes was offered the role of B&B's Stephanie Forrester by Bill Bell before Susan Flannery took the role. Imagine how different that would have been.

by Susie Hayesreply 1203/03/2013

[quote]Imagine how different that would have been.

We wouldn't have been subjected to a Lady Trucker running the biggest LA based design house in the country?

by Susie Hayesreply 1303/03/2013

How could Doug and Addie possibly have had a Latina daughter?

by Susie Hayesreply 1403/03/2013

They also would've saved a ton on the flannel budget.

by Susie Hayesreply 1503/03/2013

A lot of viewers are saying that it's really difficult to watch the scenes with Nick (Blake Berris). Some want to throw their remotes through the tv. Does anyone think he should be nominated for an Emmy? I don't think there's ever been a more hated character in soaps. Nick's beyond evil. He's despicable.

by Susie Hayesreply 1603/03/2013

I bet Nick could give a mean blow job.

by Susie Hayesreply 1703/03/2013

Does anyone think its odd that Sami and Lucas give rise to Will?

by Susie Hayesreply 1803/03/2013

r18, in English.

by Susie Hayesreply 1903/03/2013

This sounds like a white persons thread.

by Susie Hayesreply 2003/03/2013

Will doesn't look like the child of Sami and Lucas.

by Susie Hayesreply 2103/03/2013

r18/r21 Adriana Cramer doesn't look like Dorian Lord's daughter, so whats your point about Will not looking like Sami and Lucas child.

by Susie Hayesreply 2203/03/2013


by Susie Hayesreply 2303/03/2013

James Scott Running.

by Susie Hayesreply 2403/03/2013

James' entire right-side upper arm is covered with an enormous tattoo. I was so not expecting that.

by Susie Hayesreply 2503/04/2013

Will looks like Archie from the comic book. Nick comes across as a straight up homophobe with no redeeming qualities.

by Susie Hayesreply 2603/04/2013

[quote] I bet Nick could give a mean blow job.

He's kinda hot.

by Susie Hayesreply 2703/04/2013

William, my cock enjoyed your sweet hole last night. Are you ready for more of it?

*unties robe*

by Susie Hayesreply 2803/04/2013

Why oh why does will look like a pre teen. He has rumpled hair, a snow jacket, a back pack ans an "im so stoopid" look on his face. Sonny should move on and will needs to be re cast.

by Susie Hayesreply 2903/04/2013

R24 proves James is pretty much a tiny meat princess. He's closer to 6x3 than the ridiculous fiction being propagated on these threads.

Sonny could do so much better than that emotional train wreck with criminal tendencies that he calls a boyfriend. Sonny will probably be the one to put an end to Nick's shenanigans instead of that pussy Will "Cries Too Much" Horton.

by Susie Hayesreply 3003/04/2013

Some hot EJ/Will stories out in fan fiction!

by Susie Hayesreply 3103/04/2013

Will looks just like Sami and Marlena and his Uncle Eric as played by Jensen Ackles.

Sonny hit the jackpot when he landed Will. Will could do a lot better than a yo yo dieter with a fluctuating weight problem. Will's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, unfortunately Sonny jeard milkshake and went to Micky Ds.

FYI... Will's nickname at Salem's gay club was ' anything for cock.'

by Susie Hayesreply 3203/04/2013

R18, I think Sonny looks more like Lucas' son than Will does. Of course, Will looks just like Sammy, so who cares? But I always find Lucas sneaking glances at Sonny. I think Lucas may be counting the months and years since he and Adrienne had sex. Unfortunately, this would make Wilson half-brothers, so Will would have to turn to EJ.

by Susie Hayesreply 3303/04/2013

R12 it was actually Jamie Lyn Bauer who offered the role of Stephanie, before Susan Flannery. Bill Bell wanted to re-team Lance & Laurie.

Jamie said no because she couldn't imagine being THAT OLD to be Ron Moss mother.

She even balked at playing a Grandmother on Days until she was informed that technically she was old enough to be a Grandmother.

by Susie Hayesreply 3403/04/2013

What are Will and Sonny's grindr profile names?

by Susie Hayesreply 3503/04/2013

Will is "Son of Sam"

by Susie Hayesreply 3603/04/2013

Sonny is "skinny and sweet"

by Susie Hayesreply 3703/04/2013

EJ is HugeHungBrit13

by Susie Hayesreply 3803/04/2013

[quote]Sonny hit the jackpot when he landed Will. Will could do a lot better than a yo yo dieter with a fluctuating weight problem.

That "jackpot" sure didn't pay off very well given how Will is largely emasculated, cries more than any character in this show's history, has a weakness for Hispanic women, lies more than he tells the truth, has some parents that are always making a mess of things, and he has a baby on the way despite being a second year college student that claims to be gay. Whatever slot machine Sonny is playing came up lemons with regard to Will.

Sonny should have dumped Will's fickle and sloppy ass and traded up for the far more desirable and hotter Brian.

by Susie Hayesreply 3903/04/2013



EJ's 13x8.5


Will's Weakness

by Susie Hayesreply 4003/04/2013

Elaine Princi originated the role of Kate on Days of our Lives

by Susie Hayesreply 4103/04/2013

What's with all these open queens running loose in Salem all of a sudden. They're better off repressed like Mike Horton.

by Susie Hayesreply 4203/04/2013

According to Richard Guthrie, Patty Weaver is a now an right-wing extreme Fundie who does not talk to any gay people, feeling it is a sin.

by Susie Hayesreply 4303/04/2013

r43, I think you mean Wesley Eure. Anyway, would love to put her and Christian LeBlanc in a room together. Haven't seen Y&R in ages. Does Patti still appear?

by Susie Hayesreply 4403/04/2013

Patti has retired from show business. She was married to one of the Y&R writers. After he died she went all fundie and is not very anti-gay

by Susie Hayesreply 4503/04/2013

I find it odd that Lucas and Nick, both Hortons had issues with Will? Whatever would Tom and Alice say. Alice was very supportive when she thought David was into Valerie. Tom counseled Mike when he thought he was gay. Why all the homophobia coming out of the Horton clan?

Marlena came up with Will's grinder name


by Susie Hayesreply 4603/04/2013

Did you think Days would go as far as it has with the gay storyline and issues? I can't believe these two characters, Will and Sonny, are still front and center after almost two years now.

I really think the show is going to win another Daytime Emmy for writing, as it should.

by Susie Hayesreply 4703/04/2013

Did you know that the actors only get to do one take, and filming is aired over monitors in real-time throughout the entire NBC Studios building? They get to see them setting up and rehearsing. How nerve-wracking!

by Susie Hayesreply 4803/04/2013

This story is good because they're not treating it like a social issue. Will and Sonny are just as fucked up as everybody else, this is why the story remains front burner. Also, Days main audience isn't as conservative or Midwestern as the other soaps, which means they don't have to deal with as much anti gay bullshit from the audience as the other shows.

by Susie Hayesreply 4903/04/2013

[quote] which means they don't have to deal with as much anti gay bullshit from the audience as the other shows.

Like ATWT and GL

by Susie Hayesreply 5003/04/2013

r49, you should see the official Facebook page though. They hardly post Wilson shit unless they absolutely have to, because there's about 10 homophobes out a one hundred who go on there and say the most disgusting, revolting things about gays. It's always the same thing too: I watched Days for 30 years, and I no longer will continue watching until they stop shoving this lifestyle down our throats. There's a few comments on Hulu's main page for the show as well.

How do you know the demographic? I'm just curious. The ratings keep going up for the show.

by Susie Hayesreply 5103/04/2013

Brian's 12x5.5 inside of Sonny tight hole.

by Susie Hayesreply 5203/04/2013

Would kill to see a romantic WilSon scene where Will and Sonny, on their stomachs next to each other, are kissing passionately and declaring their undying love for each other, as EJ feeds Will his 13x8.5 and Brian feeds Sonny his 12x5.5.

by Susie Hayesreply 5303/04/2013

Will signed away his parental rights to Nick. He cries on Sonny's shoulder.

by Susie Hayesreply 5403/04/2013

"Will signed away his parental rights to Nick. He cries on Sonny's shoulder."

Will signed away his parental rights to Nick. He hoists his legs onto EJ's shoulders.

I fixed it for you.

by Susie Hayesreply 5503/04/2013

r50 I beleive that Jake Silberman mentioned in an interview awhile back where he discussed the backlash that ATWT and CBS had got for airing the Nuke Storyline.

by Susie Hayesreply 5603/04/2013

CBS has always had an older, very conservative, midwestern frau audience. Days has always skewed younger and the ABC soaps have always attracted a more intelligent, urban audience, so they can get away with more.

by Susie Hayesreply 5703/04/2013

[quote]a more intelligent, urban audience

Talk about an oxymoron.

by Susie Hayesreply 5803/04/2013

no paradox at all, r58. Urban viewers are more educated and sophisticated because we're exposed to different types of people and cultures on a daily basis. I live, work and play in Manhattan, so I'm not ignorant and can relate to different sorts. Flyovers just don't get that exposure, so they tend to be more socially conservative and small minded. Just a fact, dear.

by Susie Hayesreply 5903/04/2013

r56 I believe i saw that interview somewhere and he also mentioned that CBS,P&G and ATWT caved some to the frau's pressures. i.e. the long periods of time in-between before nuke would kiss again and led to the creation of the kiss clock.

by Susie Hayesreply 6003/04/2013

Well you definitely don't need a kiss clock on Days. Will and Sonny are always fucking. Sonny is even licking Will's nipple. They haven't even done that on network primetime.

by Susie Hayesreply 6103/04/2013

r61, come to think about it, you're right. What other primetime network show had two gay guys making out in a shower?

by Susie Hayesreply 6203/04/2013

r62, Walter and Kenya on Atlanta Housewives.

by Susie Hayesreply 6303/04/2013

[quote] What other primetime network show had two gay guys making out in a shower?

Deidre catching her hubby in the shower with another man

by Susie Hayesreply 6403/04/2013

r64, that's an OMG for so many reasons. Was Robert Reed out then?

They still didn't show any making out in the shower, so still no other primetime network show has done it before. Let's not forget that Days has shown much more than just a shower sequence.

by Susie Hayesreply 6503/04/2013

Shame r60 that the gave into the frau's and also Sonny going to have to wait in line because I calling first dibs at Brian's 12x5.5

by Susie Hayesreply 6603/04/2013

How come no one ever discusses Daniel's 14x8?

by Susie Hayesreply 6703/04/2013

Daniel is not 14x8. The largest on record to date is Peter Blake with 14.75.x9.25. EJ is a close second with his 13x8.5. Daniel has been confirmed as 9x5.25. However, Daniel does have the hairiest bush recorded to date. He has a hairy treasure trail which leads to a supersonic explosion of bush, the likes of which are unparalleled in Days history. The only people to come close to Daniel in hairiness were Tony Merritt and Don Craig. Thank you.

by Susie Hayesreply 6803/04/2013

EJ lays into Nick.

by Susie Hayesreply 6903/04/2013

What about kelker kellys bo? She musta been hung.

by Susie Hayesreply 7003/04/2013

R70 Worst actor ever.

by Susie Hayesreply 7103/04/2013

Today's show.

by Susie Hayesreply 7203/04/2013

Yeah, DAYS has been great with the gay storyline.

Both Guiding Light and ATWT fucked their stories up. No kisses and the plots managed to chase away every gay/young fan they attracted to begin with.

Especially GL, where that lesbian drama with Otalia made the fuss over Wilson look like an empty theater. They had thousands of dykes drooling! And they fucked up, as they say, a one car funeral procession.

by Susie Hayesreply 7303/04/2013

Any mention of shirtless Cameron?

by Susie Hayesreply 7403/04/2013

R68 I love you!

Peter Blake makes my boi cooter purr....

by Susie Hayesreply 7503/04/2013

OMG, Robert Kelker-Kelly. So hot....

by Susie Hayesreply 7603/04/2013


by Susie Hayesreply 7703/05/2013

Why is Will So fucking dumb? worst character ever.

by Susie Hayesreply 7803/05/2013

How is it possible, or fair for that matter, that someone looks like Cameron?

by Susie Hayesreply 7903/05/2013

No, not EWWW for RKK....YUMMMMM for RKK.

by Susie Hayesreply 8003/05/2013

I need to see Freddie's trimmed bush!!!

by Susie Hayesreply 8103/05/2013

R76 is wrong. R77 is right. R80 is wrong. R82 is right.

by Susie Hayesreply 8203/05/2013

Say what you want about RKK but he gave off some serious sex vibes. He was the personification of sex.

I'm glad Will is dumb, just like all soap hunks are dumb. They usually make the gay characters paragons of virtue, I'm glad Will is dumb and makes stupid choices.

by Susie Hayesreply 8303/05/2013

Kate Winograd and Kate Roberts are not the same character.

by Susie Hayesreply 8403/05/2013

R83 Say what you want about RKK, but he gave off some serious Francis, the Talking Mule vibes. He was the personification of the talking mule.

by Susie Hayesreply 8503/05/2013

Wrong, r84. Scroll down to the "Casting" section.

by Susie Hayesreply 8603/05/2013

RKK replaced on of the most popular actors on Days and was later brought back to Another World to play a completely different character than he had previously.

Obviously, some people thought he was more than just a pretty face.

by Susie Hayesreply 8703/05/2013

The dumbest part of that mess on Another World, R87, was that he had previously played another character on Another World. No, wait. The dumbest part about Dumbass Kelker Kelly coming back was that they gave him two identities and could never quite make up their minds who he really was. It was embarrassing to watch.

by Susie Hayesreply 8803/05/2013

They aren't the same character. When Kate Roberts arrived in Salem, she made no mention of being a doctor in the past. I believe the writers were asked if they were the same character and they said no.

by Susie Hayesreply 8903/05/2013

They ARE the same character.

There was a big fuss of this made when the character was re-introduced. It was the primary reason they chose Kate, because they could create another Horton heir based on their history.

Lucas was not born on screen, but based on Kate and Bill's relationship it was easy to retcon.

by Susie Hayesreply 9003/05/2013

Sheri Anderson wanted to flesh out her characters of Austin and Billie Reed by bringing on their mother, but she also wanted an diva type character to mix it up with Laurence Alamain who was haunted by the children that she abandoned.

Jim Reilly was watching the show during the Kate Winograd days and pitched the Kate angle and tying in Bill Horton, Laura going crazy, and a secret love child. Jim Reilly wrote the long story for Kate, but took out the Laurence Alamain angle because fan support had switched to Carly and Laurence, and the plan was to redeem Laurence into a romantic hero.

So Kate Winograd, who had never been fleshed out in the 70s, got a back story based on her previous storyline as Bill's lover. So there you have it.

by Susie Hayesreply 9103/05/2013

Kristen's trying to convince EJ to kill Nick. Bwahahaha!!!

by Susie Hayesreply 9203/05/2013

Sonny to Will: EJ is a lawyer, the same way Snooki is an actress.

by Susie Hayesreply 9303/05/2013

[quote] They aren't the same character. When Kate Roberts arrived in Salem, she made no mention of being a doctor in the past.

When Dorian returned to OLTL they never mentioned she was a doctor as well.

Same thing with Kate

by Susie Hayesreply 9403/05/2013

Marlena is continuing her quest to break up super couple Brady and Kristen.

They are turning Marlena into the shrewd villain on this show.

by Susie Hayesreply 9503/05/2013

Kate Roberts was a character on OLTL, no?

by Susie Hayesreply 9603/05/2013

A different Kate Roberts, yes R96, played by DL legend Marcia Cross.

by Susie Hayesreply 9703/05/2013

Kate Sanders Roberts (who married Cord Roberts).

Her bridesmaid dresses were recycled from Di Di's wedding to Bo.

by Susie Hayesreply 9803/05/2013

Fire Hot Chandler

by Susie Hayesreply 9903/05/2013

Eric Martsolf caught spray tanning.

by Susie Hayesreply 10003/05/2013

Marlena was a horrible person to Kristen in the 90s. That's why I was rooting for Kristen back then. Now, Kristen is getting involved in bringing down Nick. Guy is a goner for sure.

by Susie Hayesreply 10103/05/2013

I just can't get into Eric Martsolf. He looks so fakey to me.

Kyle Lowder was so much hotter as Brady. They should bring him back, or either one of the Shawns (Brandon Beemer or Jason Cook).

by Susie Hayesreply 10203/05/2013

R102 must be headless. There is no way in hell cro-magnon Kyle Lowder is hotter than Eric Martsolf. We used to laugh out asses off that there was any competition between Phillip and Lowder's Brady. Eric looks like Drake.

by Susie Hayesreply 10303/05/2013

That's your opinion. To me, Eric looks like an overly spray tanned Chippendales dancer type. No thanks.

by Susie Hayesreply 10403/05/2013

R102: [quote]I just can't get into Eric Martsolf. Kyle Lowder was so much hotter as Brady.


R103: [quote]There is no way in hell cro-magnon Kyle Lowder is hotter than Eric Martsolf.

Not true.

Bring back the real Brady.

by Susie Hayesreply 10503/05/2013

Sami whispers to EJ while having sex: I want Nick gone!!

by Susie Hayesreply 10603/05/2013

Look up ugly in the dictionary and there is big picture of Kyle Lowder. No wonder Arianne runs to the sweet sweet velvety folds of her lady lover every chance she gets.

by Susie Hayesreply 10703/05/2013

So they're killing off Nick? WTF. He's a Horton. Have they ever killed off a legacy Horton before?

by Susie Hayesreply 10803/05/2013

Yes, he's absolutely hideous, r107. Just repulsive.

by Susie Hayesreply 10903/05/2013

r108 There not going to kill Nick off.

by Susie Hayesreply 11003/05/2013

No one knows if they're killing Nick off. A lot of people do believe however that the show is setting up another 'who dun it.' With the guy getting out of prison though, it sounds like that would be a slam dunk, and not a very interesting plotline. Other viewers think they're going to do the 'Nick has an epiphany' thing, where he'll change his anti-gay ways. I'm very curious to see how the show handles this. Hopefully, it's something original.

by Susie Hayesreply 11103/05/2013

Chandler's pits today.

by Susie Hayesreply 11203/05/2013

Yeah its his pits. I still see that "im so stupid" look on his face.

by Susie Hayesreply 11303/05/2013

Looks like he's waiting for Sonny but thinking about EJ.

by Susie Hayesreply 11403/05/2013

Can you imagine Chandler actually having sex irl? lol. He seems to innocent. I can imagine him jerking off though.

by Susie Hayesreply 11503/05/2013

Theoretically, Chandler would be a bottom. But the whole idea is totally 100% moot anyway, since Chandler is straight as an arrow IRL.

by Susie Hayesreply 11603/05/2013

What R114 said.

by Susie Hayesreply 11703/05/2013

Chandler is as straight as Colton Haynes.

by Susie Hayesreply 11803/05/2013

To the person who's been posting the Wilson sections lately, could you please add in the Nick scenes that don't necessarily feature Wil or Son? Please, please, please.

I want to revel in Nick's misery as he remembers back to his time in jail with his "cellie," but I don't want to have to see Jen scenes.

Thanks for all you do for us.

by Susie Hayesreply 11903/05/2013

Chandler Massey Facts:

1. And a quiet geek, at that. “I’m a little introverted” and “a man of few words,” confides Massey. “I’m the kind of guy who likes to read a book.”

2. Speaking of books, Massey prefers “old school hardbacks. I don’t do the Kindle,” he notes. “I keep the books that I buy and read. I have a variety of literature, fantasy, cookbooks and self help books.”

3. Days co-star Camila Banus (Gabi) calls him “a health freak,” and Massey agrees. “My mom is a tri athlete. She always stressed to eat healthy and exercise growing up,” he says.

4. He’s the proud owner of a Vitamix blender, which he keeps in his dressing room. “I named it Johanna, after the character in Sweeney Todd,” shares Massey. “I love my Vitamix and use her daily. For Mother’s Day I made Alison Sweeney (Sami) blueberry oatmeal muffins from [a recipe in] Jillian Michaels' Cookbook.”

5. The native Georgian misses one main thing about life back home. “People in Georgia, like strangers, are much nicer,” says Massey. “You’ll go to a gas station and strike up a conversation with somebody you don’t know. Everyone’s really friendly. It’s that Southern hospitality thing. In LA I feel like everyone is too busy to be bothered.”

6. When it comes to workouts, Massey likes to hike in the Santa Monica Mountains and “do anything CrossFit or Xfit,” strength and conditioning programs that include everything from running to weight lifting.

7. Massey is a huge fan of classic board games like Risk, his favorite. “I actually brought Monopoly, The Game of Life and Hungry Hungry Hippos to the studio,” he says.

8. As far as hobbies go, “I love playing the piano,” says Massey, who has a keyboard in his dressing room and often tinkers on the piano on the DiMera mansion set. “I like to play classical music.”

9. Massey’s family and friends’ reaction to the story twist “has all been very positive,” he notes, “although one of my ex-girlfriend’s moms sent me a bible.”

10. The walls of Massey’s dressing room are covered with old, low budget, B movie posters with pictures of his face taped over the main characters. “One day we had this big conversation about B movies on set,” he recounts. “We were talking about The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. The crew put up the posters as a joke.”

11. His favorite sport is Ultimate Frisbee. “I used to be on the UCLA team,” notes Massey.

12. His apartment complex is owned by Dick Van Patten, who just happens to be co-star Eileen Davidson’s (Kristen) father-in-law.

13. Massey proudly calls himself “a perfectionist,” noting that the quality drives him to do his absolute best at everything.

14. Anxious to give back, Massey has begun volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, “building houses and stuff like that,” he says.

by Susie Hayesreply 12003/05/2013

He sounds like a nice, sweet guy. Kind of like Will.

by Susie Hayesreply 12103/05/2013

Both Chandler and the character Will are total demanding power tops. None of y'all can handle what Chandler/Will is throwing, even you seasoned *cough cough - sluts/Dawson wannabes - cough cough* pros.

by Susie Hayesreply 12203/05/2013

Chandler, and Will, are power bottoms.

by Susie Hayesreply 12303/05/2013


I agree and I should know

by Susie Hayesreply 12403/05/2013

Chandler Massey Anger Management

by Susie Hayesreply 12503/05/2013

Will might be a top but Chandler is a total power bottom.

by Susie Hayesreply 12603/05/2013

Chandler and his brother seemed to be very innocent. They come across as having been sheltered.

Chandler's agent is also Charlie Sheen's, hence the Anger Management shot.

r119, here you go. Friday's Nick and Gabi scenes.

Nick's prison inmate just came on the scene at the end of today's show. He's going to be mentored by Eric.

by Susie Hayesreply 12703/05/2013

Don't forget that Chandler comes from a wealthy family, and his father was a famous politician. His father is gorgeous. A 50 year old, with a beautiful bod. He looks like Chandler. They're a very attractive family.

by Susie Hayesreply 12803/05/2013

Thanks, R128. This was very nice of you.

by Susie Hayesreply 12903/05/2013

Is it wrong that I would allow Chandler and his dad to DP me?

by Susie Hayesreply 13003/05/2013

Chandler and the weak, whiny character he plays are both big time bottoms so that is never going to happen, R130. You will need to settle for Daddy Massey to fuck you while Junior watches or bottoms for you.

by Susie Hayesreply 13103/05/2013

This list is too perfect to believe. I just wish he'd throw his chubby legs in the air and give it up to some guy he's got the hots for.

by Susie Hayesreply 13203/05/2013

What list?

by Susie Hayesreply 13303/05/2013

Dee pimping her beauty products on Nancy who just returned.

I wonder how Dee approaches these people, forcing them to pose for photos with it for publicity? Does she say, 'You're looking really ugly today. Let's see what we can do.'?

by Susie Hayesreply 13403/05/2013

I would buy Dee's beauty products. That bitch hasn't aged a day in almost 35 years. I want her secret.

by Susie Hayesreply 13503/05/2013

But when you see her with a shadow on her face on set, her face looks like a death mask, the same goes for Lauren Koslow. They're faces look like rubber masks. Lauren's face is pulled tighter than a drum.

by Susie Hayesreply 13603/05/2013

Dee is beautiful. This pic was taken just last month. Doesn't look a day over 25.

by Susie Hayesreply 13703/05/2013

The photo of Chandler and his father on the beach.

His father's in his 50s, btw.

by Susie Hayesreply 13803/05/2013

[quote] That bitch hasn't aged a day in almost 35 years. I want her secret.

She brings her own lights. Amber lighting from an angle - much better than direct overhead harsh lighting.

Gauze and Vaseline on the camera lens.

Her fall has a headband that pulls her skin back to the middle of the back of her head.

by Susie Hayesreply 13903/06/2013

[quote] Is it wrong that I would allow Chandler and his dad to DP me?

After seeing the photo at R138, I'm thinking the same thing!

by Susie Hayesreply 14003/06/2013

Ugh. Will is becoming the Laura Spencer of Salem!

by Susie Hayesreply 14103/06/2013

r141, BITCH, there's only room for one Laura Spencer in Salem.

by Susie Hayesreply 14203/06/2013

I beg to differ. And don't you have an 18 wheeler to drive across country Susie dear?

by Susie Hayesreply 14303/06/2013

Jamie Lynn Hobag was never Laura. And don't you have some souls to save for Jesus, dear?

by Susie Hayesreply 14403/06/2013

We were Laura!

by Susie Hayesreply 14503/06/2013

r144, I pray for YOUR soul every day.

by Susie Hayesreply 14603/06/2013

Miss Patty, you should pray for a job that isn't head hostess at IHOP. Or a hairdo that would bring you into the 1990s.

by Susie Hayesreply 14703/06/2013

Miss Wesley, maybe if you were a normal man, you wouldn't be so concerned with my hairdo. Can't you see how dysfunctional your lifestyle is? Repent, sinner, now before it's too late!

by Susie Hayesreply 14803/06/2013

DOOL 5 March 2013:

by Susie Hayesreply 14903/06/2013

A close up of Freddie's face today looked really good again. He's got a good nose and is handsome. Maybe when I commented on how bad he looked the other day, he was tired and not rested or had had a bad day ... or it was very late and they were just finishing up filming for the night. I'm glad he's back to what he was.

by Susie Hayesreply 15003/06/2013

Is Smith an English name? He doesn't look exactly like white bread.

by Susie Hayesreply 15103/06/2013

Nathan Nathan Nathan!

**fap fap fap!**

by Susie Hayesreply 15203/06/2013

DAMN those lads are looking good!

by Susie Hayesreply 15303/06/2013

Nathan said strangers have tried to rip his clothes off in public. I would!

by Susie Hayesreply 15403/06/2013

I was the original Laura Spencer on Days.

by Susie Hayesreply 15503/06/2013

Floy Dean?

Harpo, who dis woman?

by Susie Hayesreply 15603/06/2013

Nick was at his worst today, finally admitting that he's taking Will's baby away from him because he's gay. Will's going to be bringing men in and out of her life, confusing her. He tells Will to get a dog with his boyfriend. It's the most demeaning shit ever. Now EJ is committed to getting rid of Nick.

by Susie Hayesreply 15703/06/2013

Chandler and Christian Massey with Zac Efron

by Susie Hayesreply 15803/06/2013

OMG! I totally ship Chafron!!

by Susie Hayesreply 15903/06/2013

Oh my! That pic should've been a lil' bigger. Looks like Chandler might have some meat down there after all.

by Susie Hayesreply 16003/06/2013

That prisoner is Hot. Im a hoping he goes and gets him a slice of Nicky. Or he could hook up with Wilson. Yummers.

by Susie Hayesreply 16103/07/2013

But will we get any hot prison rape flashbacks?

Yesterday's flashback hinted at it.

by Susie Hayesreply 16203/07/2013

I just licked the screen r152

by Susie Hayesreply 16303/07/2013

EJ will get rick of Nick for Will, and then they'll celebrate by drinking champagne and Will riding EJ's 13x8.5.

by Susie Hayesreply 16403/07/2013

Chandler's little bro looks like he really likes Zac. I vote for Chrac (pronunciation guide: crack).

by Susie Hayesreply 16503/07/2013

"He’s the proud owner of a Vitamix blender, which he keeps in his dressing room. “I named it Johanna, after the character in Sweeney Todd,” shares Massey."

This is one of the gayest things I've read in a long time! Do you think he sings "Johanna" to Casey when they're lying in bed after Casey fucks him?

by Susie Hayesreply 16603/07/2013

Any new feets pics of any of the DAYS men?

by Susie Hayesreply 16703/07/2013

What's up with Will's stupid hair style? It's silly. He also plays his part like a real dumb ass. Will is a stupid and silly character.

by Susie Hayesreply 16803/07/2013

r167 James Scott Big Feets

by Susie Hayesreply 16903/07/2013

Whose big feets does Chandler enjoy the taste of more - Casey's or James's?

by Susie Hayesreply 17003/07/2013

Casey Deidrick Big Feets

by Susie Hayesreply 17103/07/2013


by Susie Hayesreply 17203/07/2013

It appeared like Vargas and Father Eric "connected" in their little get to know you session. In that one moment they showed more chemistry together than Daniel and Jenifer ever have.

by Susie Hayesreply 17303/07/2013

r172, link doesn't work, and anyway, I don't find him attractive at all.

I'm still looking for someone to tell me how Stefano and Kristen were on bad terms 15 years ago.

by Susie Hayesreply 17403/07/2013

Thanks for the link, R172. Vargas is so much hotter than Nick, he's the one who should be having PTSD.

by Susie Hayesreply 17503/07/2013

I hope Vargas is someone's secret son, and sticks around in Salem, even if it's to play Red Herring #1 in "Who Killed Nick Fallon?"

Dead Nick Fallon = a public service.

by Susie Hayesreply 17603/07/2013

Jennifer and Daniel are killing the show! They are a yawn-inducing, chemistry-free couple that makes me grab the remote and hit fast forward.

When they brought Chloe in to make it a triangle, I hoped things would improve. I was wrong. It's even worse. Just the same scene played over and over with slightly different dialogue each time.

As hot as Shawn Christian is, I don't understand why they can't find him a decent love interest. The best one he had was Carly, but they didn't do anything with that.

As for Missy Reeves, as much as I liked her perky character in the 80s and 90s, I'm bored with her these days. Somehow, that perkiness morphed into self righteousness, thereby leaving Jennifer a dull girl.

by Susie Hayesreply 17703/07/2013

Daniffer is horrible. One of the worst pairings ever. Does anyone like them?

by Susie Hayesreply 17803/07/2013

hate Daniffer! I hate her all the time...but Daniel is a boring character. Ok looking, but dull.

by Susie Hayesreply 17903/07/2013

Jennifer deserves to die. Maybe whoever kills Nick can take her out at the same time.

by Susie Hayesreply 18003/07/2013

R177 You are right on target about the lack of any connection between Mussy and Daniel. I wouldn't miss either of them. In fact, please let them be killed off, especially HER.

by Susie Hayesreply 18103/07/2013

r172's link works for me now. Thanks. He looks better there. Don't like his look on the show.

by Susie Hayesreply 18203/07/2013

I think they need to bring on Maura West for Daniel. Carly and Mike were hot together on ATWT.

by Susie Hayesreply 18303/07/2013

Did you guys see the video of Nick telling Will why he didn't want him to have his daughter, the three fathers thing?

After Will gets his daughter daughter, and if they don't kill Nick, which I don't get the feel that they will, what's next for Will and Sonny? Where could it go next.

I have one really big question, I think I heard on the show that they said Salem is in St. Louis. Is that true? I thought it was just some fictional town that we didn't know what state it was located in.

by Susie Hayesreply 18403/07/2013

Salem is a fictional town.

by Susie Hayesreply 18503/07/2013

If by "hot together," you mean "Carly obliterated ATWT so completely and totally that Mike Kasnoff left the show to get away from her" then yes, R183, let's bring Maura West on. Given that DOOL is the best it's ever been, it would make a certain kind of soap opera logic to destroy it as only Maura West can destroy a show.


by Susie Hayesreply 18603/07/2013

r185, according to Wikipedia:

The town of Salem is the setting for the U.S. soap opera Days of our Lives. It is located in the Midwestern United States, though the state is never mentioned. It was built and named in 1802, since Salem celebrated its 200-year birthday in 2002. Originally set in New England, the vague setting was moved to somewhere in the Midwest in the 1970s. Every year the real Salem, Illinois even holds a Salem Days fest, in which several members of the cast attend.

While it is constantly referenced as a town, it features more characteristics of a city; for example it is home of the large, multinational corporations Titan Industries and Basic Black, Mythic Incorporated, as well as a full University and an international airport.

Despite its otherwise innocuous presence, over the years it has been a hotbed of foreign intrigue, organized crime, and other strange happenings.

Salem has a thriving industrial harbor, leading some fans to believe it is located on the Great Lakes.

Characters often make reference to Chicago being nearby and the 312 Area Code, indicating Salem may be in Illinois. This is however contradicted by characters mentioning going to Illinois and by the licence plates of the cars in Salem. Is notable to mention that some characters are Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs fans, meaning that Salem is probably located in a fictional state that borders Illinois.

However, in a recent episode, The Flag of Missouri is seen in the background of a courtroom, hinting that Salem might be in Missouri.

Zip codes noted in Salem usually begin with 066, which is the Bridgeport, CT USPS Sectional Center.

by Susie Hayesreply 18703/07/2013

At one point, right after Bo and Hope went on the run (for some reason), Hope became ill. They left the state they were in and crossed the river into Huntington, WV to go to a hospital.

That implied Salem was in Ohio, though Ohio was never named as Salem's location.

by Susie Hayesreply 18803/07/2013

Some of us have wondered if Salem is in a state where gays can marry. Future storyline potential.

by Susie Hayesreply 18903/08/2013

r186 is deranged. Maura West and Shawn Christian were great together.

by Susie Hayesreply 19003/08/2013

A couple of weeks ago they had an episode in a Chicago club. They drove there by car in a very short period of time. In fact, when Daniel's son, Parker, got sick, it seems like they drove back to University Hospital in Salem in less than an hour (of TV time, not real time).

by Susie Hayesreply 19103/08/2013

Well, Carly did eat ATWT. But I like Maura.

I'd love to see her on screen again, but DOOL already has Sami and Nicole, two characters who have some of that same energy or look similar.

by Susie Hayesreply 19203/08/2013

Blake Berris (Nick): Meth head.

Not really, but he plays one in a movie.

by Susie Hayesreply 19303/08/2013

R190 Maura West not only ruined ATWT, she got Scott DeFreitas as her reward, proving life truly is unfair.

by Susie Hayesreply 19403/08/2013

R188 I remember reading in SOD or SOW back in the early '90s that Salem was in Ohio. They seem to have retconned that, just as AW moved Lassiter, once in SW PA, to somewhere you could get to from suburban Chicago in an hour. I think where these towns are located depends on who the writers are, and where they want the towns to be, at any particular moment.

by Susie Hayesreply 19503/08/2013

No one should miss the 3/6/13 (Wednesday) episode.

by Susie Hayesreply 19603/08/2013






by Susie Hayesreply 19703/08/2013

Eileen's dress falls off!

This show has become hysterical in the last couple of days!

by Susie Hayesreply 19803/08/2013

The end of that clip with Josh Taylor and Dee Dee Halls is a marvel of Botox.

by Susie Hayesreply 19903/08/2013

The woman playing crazy Ann produced the movie "Billy's Hollywood kiss" with Brad Rowe and Sean Hayes.

She was also one of the students in the final episode of The Facts Of Life, when Blair bought Eastland, and was set to star in the failed spinoff.

by Susie Hayesreply 20003/08/2013

[quote] The woman playing crazy Ann

Was also on Judging Amy as a scored ex-lover of Dan Futterman's character who went bat-shit crazy on him.

by Susie Hayesreply 20103/08/2013


Wasn't she in Legally Blonde also?

by Susie Hayesreply 20203/08/2013


Great idea but then Boring Daniel would be banging his sister!

by Susie Hayesreply 20303/08/2013

I always thought Maura would be great as a re-cast Billie.

Maybe be the third wheel in a triangle, trying to snare Daniel.

by Susie Hayesreply 20403/08/2013

R200 according to her IMDB she was, although I've never seen that film.

She doesn't have the "soap opera type look" if you know what I mean, but I'm all for her character making that Fundie from hell Melissa oh I mean Jennifer's life miserable

Speaking of the Facts of Life, did you know Gloria Loring who played Liz Chandler on Days sang the Facts theme song.

And soap legend Marj Dusay, who played Blair's mom on Facts, briefly played Vivian Alamain when Louise Sorel was on leave.

by Susie Hayesreply 20503/08/2013

[quote]Maybe be the third wheel in a triangle, trying to snare Daniel.

R204 That would *really* be a stretch for Maura and her simpering, faux-Janet Leigh bag of acting tricks, wouldn't it? If Haggifer were the part of the triangle Maura were interested, that I might be able to stand.

Nah. Probably not. She's so hideous. I don't know how Scott puts up with her nasty voice.

by Susie Hayesreply 20603/08/2013

Yes, we get it, R206. You loathe Maura West.

by Susie Hayesreply 20703/08/2013

Here are some options for Maura West on Days:

1) Noel Curtis. She comes to town to fuck with Maggie because Maggie used to fuck Neil.

2) A recast Carrie Brady. Carrie has always been sweet, but what if something happened that gave her an edge and she wants to come to town to fuck up Sami.

3) Sarah Horton. That story writes itself, buts he won't be able to fuck Daniel that way.

4) What if Marlena's sister Samantha had a daughter that no one knew about.

5) What about a recast of Sami's old best friend Jamie. She can fuck Lucas and Daniel and EJ.

by Susie Hayesreply 20803/08/2013

I love protective Sami.

by Susie Hayesreply 20903/08/2013

Can we get back to Wilson, and end the talk about people who aren't even on the show anymore? Jesus. Enough already. Find another forum.

by Susie Hayesreply 21003/08/2013

Ooh I like those ideas, R208.

by Susie Hayesreply 21103/08/2013

Bitches, I just want to take a nap on Nathan's abs and muscular caramel body

by Susie Hayesreply 21203/08/2013

He's gorgeous. Too bad he's got all that ink. ICK.

by Susie Hayesreply 21303/08/2013

Wasn't Matt Ashford in Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss?

by Susie Hayesreply 21403/08/2013

Sonny is going to fight Nick next week!

by Susie Hayesreply 21503/08/2013

Open handed slaps, right?

It should be done Mommie Dearest style. " to make me hit YOU! OOSH!"

by Susie Hayesreply 21603/09/2013

Yes, Matt was in BHSK but I don't recall the role being a very big one. I have a VHS of it. Think I'll dig it out and see what I think of it now.

by Susie Hayesreply 21703/09/2013

The woman playing Ann was also IN BHSK as Billy's friend with the wandering-eye boyfriend, who ends up on the boat at Catalina with the guy who sings a song about her, mispronouncing her name as Georgina (it's Georganna).

Matt Ashford was the boytoy of Billy's potential photography mentor who steals Brad Rowe away to model for him.

One of the guys from OLTL was Brad Rowe's trick (Will Rappaport?).

by Susie Hayesreply 21803/09/2013

Yes, Will Rappaport, R218. I thought Jason-Shane Scott was going to be a soap superstar, but he disappeared when Will Rappaport was written off OLTL.

by Susie Hayesreply 21903/09/2013

He's a star in his pants!

by Susie Hayesreply 22003/09/2013

I love the Ann character and think she should be on the show longterm. They are not trying to make her sexy, but when she was dressed up to go clubbing, she looked very hot.

by Susie Hayesreply 22103/09/2013

Oh, and that actress had a recurring bit on The Practice as the really bitchy sister-in-law or friend of Camryn Manheim's character.

by Susie Hayesreply 22203/09/2013

Sami is going to convince Will to ask for Stefano's help.

by Susie Hayesreply 22303/09/2013

Jason Shane Scott is a nice guy. He dated my friend. He should show up on Days as one of Will's college professors, who Will becomes attracted to and they have a hot forbidden romance with lots of classroom fucking.

by Susie Hayesreply 22403/09/2013

Party time bitches!

*Insert kate in the middle to throw us off*

by Susie Hayesreply 22503/09/2013


by Susie Hayesreply 22603/09/2013

Was there ever any confirmation that Casey and Molly officially ended their relationship? Their Twitter activity would sure lead one to believe they are no longer together.

All the while Chandler remains completely mum about his personal life, just as one would expect from a closeted young actor with higher career ambitions.

by Susie Hayesreply 22703/09/2013

Casey is clearly in bromance with Nathan, Nathan is all over his instagram

by Susie Hayesreply 22803/09/2013

"Jason Shane Scott is a nice guy. He dated my friend."

r224, how could you possibly post this without specifying to us whether your friend is male or female??

by Susie Hayesreply 22903/09/2013

Casey often wears glasses in his private photos yet he never wears them on the show or in publicity photos. Does anyone know if they're only for show or does he have vision problem (and wears contacts when he has to).

by Susie Hayesreply 23003/09/2013

I can't look at that fat chick and not remember her in that 1990s sitcom, "Step By Step," with Suzanne Somers. lmao

by Susie Hayesreply 23103/09/2013


by Susie Hayesreply 23203/10/2013

I bet Nathan has a HUGE cock!

by Susie Hayesreply 23303/10/2013

Who R231?

by Susie Hayesreply 23403/10/2013

Nathan can eat shit and die.

by Susie Hayesreply 23503/10/2013

lol @ r235

Casey threw Chandler under the bus, poor thing.

Casey likes the dark meat!

by Susie Hayesreply 23603/10/2013

I think Casey has seen the dark meat.

by Susie Hayesreply 23703/10/2013

I'd like to see the murder mystery be .... 'Who Killed Gaby ?'... perhaps someone attempting to shoot Nick hits Gaby instead.

Keeps a core family member on the show and has potential to redeem Nick.

Could also prove interesting with a potential custody battle if the baby's mother dies. Who keeps the baby the adoptive father or the birth father ???

by Susie Hayesreply 23803/10/2013

Damn, Casey fucking Nathan? Hot!

by Susie Hayesreply 23903/10/2013

I don't fucking want to redeem Nick. If there's a way he can still rat Will out, I want him gone. Neutralized. Dead.

In the meantime, I hope Vargas kidnaps Nick and stores him in a little room like Gabi's little buddy did with Melanie all summer. Vargas can play fucky sucky with Nick for all of this spring and summer.

I'd like to see Gabi pay for kidnapping Melanie, too. With Nick dead and Gabi in jail, Will would def get his baby.

by Susie Hayesreply 24003/10/2013

Sonny is going to get into a brawl with Nick this week. Gabi and Nick get married. I had read that Will does everything to break them up. I guess that doesn't last long since they're still getting married in a couple of days. Sami is going to persuade Will to get help from Stefano. Kristen's in the house. I wonder how she'll play into all of this. Fuck Stefano, get Kristen! She'll dump the body in no time.

by Susie Hayesreply 24103/10/2013

[R240] I don't see St. Rafe's sister ever paying for her crimes. I wish she would though, but I don't see the writers ever doing that. Rafe and Gabi are two characters that should be killed off. But I do think Camila Banus is an ok actress and has potential to improve.

by Susie Hayesreply 24203/10/2013

I was looking at some old Days episodes from the 80s today and Suzanne Rogers hair hasn't changed at all. Even Alice got an updated do in the 90s. Come on Suzi.

by Susie Hayesreply 24303/10/2013


by Susie Hayesreply 24403/10/2013

r224, get the fuck out.

by Susie Hayesreply 24503/10/2013

Freddie smith είναι πολύ χαριτωμένο

by Susie Hayesreply 24603/11/2013

Ναι, καταλαβαίνω R246. Είναι πόλη όμορφη

by Susie Hayesreply 24703/11/2013

How do these threads survive and the GH threads inevitably get blasted off the board?

by Susie Hayesreply 24803/11/2013

Cause r248, its for a gay storyline, and the five bottoms involved in it.

by Susie Hayesreply 24903/11/2013

Hot young twinks trump old bitchy straights.

by Susie Hayesreply 25003/11/2013

Let's speculate on numbers.

How many sex hookups has Will had? We know that he was a frequenter of the gay bar 'The Spot' in Salem well before he started dating Sonny.

How many sex hookups has Sonny had?

by Susie Hayesreply 25103/11/2013

EJ secretly porks him all the time.

by Susie Hayesreply 25203/11/2013

[quote]Damn, Casey fucking Nathan? Hot!

Theyd need a really long bed as they are both very tall!

by Susie Hayesreply 25303/11/2013

MacDonald Carey had a huge cock.

by Susie Hayesreply 25403/11/2013

R248, these threads are about (1) an avowed straight guy who probably has experimented in the past; (2) a closeted gay guy; (3) gay storylines on the show; and (4) show history or the DL version of slash fic. If those other threads focused on gay Felix or if that show would ever give him an actual boyfriend, then they might have a longer shelf life.

The upcoming brawl between Sonny and Nick may actually include the f word (and I don't mean "fuck").

by Susie Hayesreply 25503/11/2013

Anyone have any idea what they are trying to do with Nick's character, because I don't quite get their intention. They brought him on and quickly placed him in the position of underdog - hoping, I guess, to get the audience behind him. But now, the character is intolerable. You don't love to hate him, you just hate him and all his manipulations and lies. I wonder if this was the intention all along or if long term plans for the character changed.

Meanwhile, if I never heard the phrase "what's best for the baby" again, it would be too soon. If you played a drinking game using that phrase while watching Days, you would be dead drunk by the end of the hour.

by Susie Hayesreply 25603/11/2013

R256 I suspect he's reacting to being raped in prison, or having a same sex relationship in prison.

They have to bring him back from the edge at some point or kill him off.

by Susie Hayesreply 25703/11/2013

[quote]Meanwhile, if I never heard the phrase "what's best for the baby" again, it would be too soon. If you played a drinking game using that phrase while watching Days, you would be dead drunk by the end of the hour.


by Susie Hayesreply 25803/11/2013

So, obviously Nick's top in prison is going to come back to terrorize him - and I can only imagine that Nick is going to try and kill him or actually kill him, throwing the whole custody thing back up in the air (I mean, this will be Nick's second victim). Right? Surely that's where this is headed. And his homophobia will come out AND will paint him as a victim all over again.

by Susie Hayesreply 25903/11/2013

So Nick's jealous that Will has a boyfriend and he doesn't? All the closet cases run and fuck Gabi.

by Susie Hayesreply 26003/11/2013

And then Will will sleep with Nick's prison boyfriend, because like his mom, Will is the town bicycle and everyone needs to have a ride.

by Susie Hayesreply 26103/11/2013

Casey and Galen

by Susie Hayesreply 26203/11/2013

Eileen was delightfully evil today.

by Susie Hayesreply 26303/11/2013

Nadia left the show.

by Susie Hayesreply 26403/11/2013

[quote] Nadia left the show.


by Susie Hayesreply 26503/11/2013

Chloe could have killed Daniel today with what she did. For someone who allegedly loves him, that was damn stupid and reckless.

I wonder, if others on here have speculated, Nick The Nut actually *got* his nut from this criminal and *liked* it? I hope the writers go there.

by Susie Hayesreply 26603/11/2013

I didn't catch why Daniel was so "off" today. Was he drunk or did Chloe manage to drug him somehow? What did she do to him today?

by Susie Hayesreply 26703/11/2013

Chloe and Nancy are the only thing making this tolerable. I love them putting the screws to Jason Brooks' little fuck toy.

I will say this, I know Days fans hate Daniel, but he is a joy to look at. He's what 40 or 45 and is still bringing it home in the body and looks dept. Maybe Daniel should fuck Will. All that hair and tan versus all that smooth alabaster skin of Will's.

by Susie Hayesreply 26803/11/2013

Shawn Christian (Daniel) is 48 this year!

by Susie Hayesreply 26903/11/2013

I'm ten years younger and look ten years older than him.

by Susie Hayesreply 27003/11/2013

Daniel would love getting a handful of Sonny's moobs. They're way bigger than Chloe or Jennifer's racks!

by Susie Hayesreply 27103/11/2013

I love that Anne character. Funny

Nadia is leaving again?

by Susie Hayesreply 27203/11/2013

Nadia used to be better.

by Susie Hayesreply 27303/11/2013

Anne (Meredith Scott Lynn) still looks the same as when she was playing the bitchy Ashley Payne on the failed "Facts Of Life" spinoff (which also featured the then unknowns Juliette Lewis and Mayam Bialik). She was also good in the long forgotten but great "Marshall Chronicles".

by Susie Hayesreply 27403/11/2013

Damn, I thought Daniel was about 38.

by Susie Hayesreply 27503/11/2013

Shawn C. Is a a good man.

by Susie Hayesreply 27603/11/2013

Do you think Daniel has felt up Brady's moobs?

by Susie Hayesreply 27703/11/2013

[quote]Chloe and Nancy are the only thing making this tolerable.

We musn't be watching the same show. They're horrible. The show was right to get rid of them. Nadia was only due to be on the show again for a short time. They really need to get rid of Daniel and Jennifer too. That's something most fans are screaming for.

I want Peter Blake back!

by Susie Hayesreply 27803/11/2013

"I want Peter Blake back!"

Amen to that, sister.

by Susie Hayesreply 27903/12/2013

Tell me this guy does not look like Blake Berris


by Susie Hayesreply 28003/12/2013

R278 and R279 Peter Blake? It must be a recast. as long as Missy Reeves is on the show Jason Brooks can't play PB. Remember that Missy's husband caught Missy blowing Jason in her dressing room. He made her quit the show the same day.She had very bad judgment..oh not by blowing JB BUT by not blowing him in a fucking hotel!

by Susie Hayesreply 28103/12/2013

R247, since when has Freddie become a woman?! He's packing tube steak down there bro...

by Susie Hayesreply 28203/12/2013

I wonder if he dragged her out of the studio with Jason's cum still in her mouth? Or I wonder if Jason got a chance to cum at all? Jason and his hot self and glorious cock are the real victims in all of this.

What about EJ and Peter DPing Will?

by Susie Hayesreply 28303/12/2013

Yes, r280, that "twink" does look a lot like Blake Berris!

by Susie Hayesreply 28403/12/2013

[quote] Remember that Missy's husband caught Missy blowing Jason in her dressing room. He made her quit the show the same day

According to the lawsuit filed by Corday Productions against Melissa Reeves, that is not what happened.

by Susie Hayesreply 28503/12/2013

They could be related, the porn one being the real one's older brother. Though you'd think he'd have pubic hair at his age.

by Susie Hayesreply 28603/12/2013

R285 Have you ever heard of perjury before? As far as I know Missy was sucking off Jason ,Scott walked in and a melee ensued. Scott demanded that Missy quite immediately.

Corday could mention what he wanted in the lawsuit, he didn't have to mention that Missy was Monica Lewinsky BEFORE Monica wasn't exactly the Starr Report.

by Susie Hayesreply 28703/12/2013

So Ken Corday sues Melissa Reeves and lies to protect her?

That doesn't make sense.

by Susie Hayesreply 28803/12/2013

How was the blow job relevant to the case?

by Susie Hayesreply 28903/12/2013

R281 version of events is completely different from what was described in the lawsuit file by Ken Corday against Melissa Reeves.

If you want to win a lawsuit, you don't lie in the affidavits.

by Susie Hayesreply 29003/12/2013


by Susie Hayesreply 29103/12/2013
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