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70s and 80s TV stars

With Bonnie Franklin's bundt cake hairdo just a misty watercolor memory now, it's important to ask:

Of those 70s and 80s TV stars, whose death would just wreck you? Who should we say "we love you please get up" to?

by Baba Wawareply 3005/28/2013

Kate Jackson.

by Baba Wawareply 103/03/2013

Carol Burnett.

I don't know - if Carol goes I may not have the will to go on!

by Baba Wawareply 203/03/2013

I agree with Carol Burnett.

I'd also be sad to hear about Lynda Carter.

by Baba Wawareply 303/03/2013

Valerie Bertinelli Jaclyn Smith Cheryl Ladd Patrick Duffy Robin Wiliams

by Baba Wawareply 403/03/2013

"Wreck me"? I don't know those people.

by Baba Wawareply 503/03/2013

Laverne & Shirley

by Baba Wawareply 603/03/2013

Not a tv star but Willie Nelson. I love him and was sad thinking about his aging the other night.

by Baba Wawareply 703/03/2013

Carol Burnett owns this thread.

by Baba Wawareply 803/03/2013

Lynda Carter would make me very sad. Hopefully that day isn't until a long way off.

by Baba Wawareply 903/03/2013

After all the discussion you've had about me, one of you bitches better say my name.

by Baba Wawareply 1003/03/2013


by Baba Wawareply 1103/03/2013

Kate Jackson would be devastating to me, but Carol and Lynda would be bad, too.

by Baba Wawareply 1203/03/2013

Carol Burnett

Valerie Harper

by Baba Wawareply 1303/03/2013

The everly loverly and talented Miss Faith Ford.

by Baba Wawareply 1403/03/2013

Dianne Kay

by Baba Wawareply 1503/03/2013

John Amos

by Baba Wawareply 1603/03/2013

Donna Pescow, she was hot.

by Baba Wawareply 1703/03/2013

Cher, but of course she'll outlive us all. Adam West then.

On the other hand, I will dance a jig when Lisa Welchel snuffs it.

by Baba Wawareply 1803/03/2013

I can't believe we've gotten this far and no one has mentioned She Who Can Turn The World On With Her Smile!

by Baba Wawareply 1903/04/2013

Who's this troll who lumps decades together?

He's a twit.

by Baba Wawareply 2003/04/2013

James Garner

by Baba Wawareply 2103/04/2013

So many have already died...Carroll O'Connor, Redd Foxx, Ted Knight, Sherman He;msley, Isabel Sanford, etc.

Jean Stapleton, Jason Alexander come to mind.

by Baba Wawareply 2203/04/2013

Not one person would miss our Mare?

by Baba Wawareply 2303/04/2013


by Baba Wawareply 2403/04/2013

Stefanie Powers.

by Baba Wawareply 2503/04/2013

The first name that came to mind was Greg Evigan of BJ & The Bear. I had his poster on my wall as a youngster.

by Baba Wawareply 2603/04/2013

Kathie Lee Gifford

by Baba Wawareply 2703/04/2013

Have you read Stefanie Powers' autobiography?

I guess someone of you must have read it. What did she write about Lana Turner? They work together for the movie 'Love Has Many Faces'. I know that there was some tension from Lana's side, because at that time Stefanie was interested in the same man that Lana wanted to wrap under her fingers.

by Baba Wawareply 2805/28/2013

*some of you


by Baba Wawareply 2905/28/2013

*they worked together


by Baba Wawareply 3005/28/2013
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