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I just discovered "The Star" (1952) is streaming online.

It's very hard to find in the UK except on Region 1 DVD.

I didn't know of this film until I read "The Divine Feud" (I'm just up to Baby Jane) and found out all about it. I'm intrigued to see Bette dramatically sending up Joan.

Let's discuss it. I just don't think we talk about Bette enough on the DL. It's okay. I too, have been guilty of Crawfordmania.


by aybreply 403/03/2013

Bette gives a great camp performance in this. Back in the old days, aging actresses used to make films about being an aging actress, and they were wildly entertaining.

by aybreply 103/03/2013

Well, that was campier than expected. Interestingly introspective given the time it was made in. No great film, but entertaining enough. Bette's too slight to be Crawford, and her performance didn't really fit her. Ironically, Joan would have really given this film the energy it needs.

Sterling Hayden, though. Good piece of 50s ass, that. They don't make them like that anymore!

Here's the link, but beware, it's one of those awfully slow downloads. I recommend setting it off, pausing it and going back a couple of hours later, or it'll take you an age to watch it, like it did me.

by aybreply 203/03/2013

Oh but the "Oscar" scene was brilliant. Just falls away a bit in the middle. Imagine Joan in the department store scene, for example. Now THAT would have been hilarious.

by aybreply 303/03/2013

Oscar why don't you and me go for a ride...

by aybreply 403/03/2013
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