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Google Voice

I have it and like aspects of it.

I use the number to give to folks whose calls I might screen, however I HATE that voicemail goes to e mail and not to your phone.

Are there any other servers like maybe Yahoo that will allow you to add a second number to your phone?

by Anonymousreply 503/06/2013


by Anonymousreply 103/05/2013

Google voice sounds like something computer geeks would have and it would get annoying very quickly, almost like gay voice.

by Anonymousreply 203/05/2013

The sound quality is poor compared to Skype.

by Anonymousreply 303/05/2013

I can't figure out how to have my home phone ring a few times before kicking over to google voice. Is that possible?

by Anonymousreply 403/06/2013

There's something called mo for iphone.

by Anonymousreply 503/06/2013
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