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The Datalounge true crime thread

What crime(s) have you been the victim of, and how did you handle it?

by Sgt. McRuffreply 1603/04/2013

Rape, robbery, defamation, discrimination, hate crime, assault, stalking, wrongful termination, burglary, and medical malpractice.

I don't think I handled any of it well except the one stick-up.

by Sgt. McRuffreply 103/02/2013

And child molestation of course.

by Sgt. McRuffreply 203/02/2013

Police harrassment. Hell, this is too hard. I'm not going to back through my entire life trying to think up all the times someone did me wrong. It would be too depressing.

by Sgt. McRuffreply 303/02/2013

Damn, #1- maybe you shouldn't leave the house?

by Sgt. McRuffreply 403/02/2013

I had my wallet stolen once. It was upsetting.

by Sgt. McRuffreply 503/02/2013

R1/R2 I've had all those things except for rape. Multiple assaults, both slander and libel defamation too.

by Sgt. McRuffreply 603/02/2013

Identity theft.

by Sgt. McRuffreply 703/02/2013



by Sgt. McRuffreply 803/02/2013

medical malpractice by dentist and theft of inheritance by mother and siblings.

by Sgt. McRuffreply 903/02/2013

That crazy old "Lucky Bead Lady" who haunts the French Quarter of New Orleans at night once accosted me and my friends. We laughed at her and her lucky beads. She put a curse on us. Two blocks later we were held up by a bunch of drag queens who took our wallets (I'm not making this up).

And the next morning when I went out to my parked car on Chartres St.? Some asshole had run into it and took off.

GAYS: Don't diss the Lucky Bead Lady of New Orleans.

by Sgt. McRuffreply 1003/02/2013

Rape and car theft. I did finally get the car back, but not my cherry.

by Sgt. McRuffreply 1103/02/2013

R11 made me bad.

by Sgt. McRuffreply 1203/02/2013

I was robbed at gunpoint while delivering pizza. Went down to the PD for a line up, but nothing really came of it because I couldn't ID the robbers. My first delivery the next night they tried to send me to the same apartment complex. I refused.

by Sgt. McRuffreply 1303/04/2013

Guy tried to car jack me in South Carolina. Pulled a knife when i was getting in my car at a gas station. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight bitches.

by Sgt. McRuffreply 1403/04/2013

A vindictive little bitch ruined my longstanding relationship with the house of Valentino by selecting an Oscsr gown that was quite similar to the one I was planning to wear! It really destroyed my faith in humanity and I've been in therapy ever since.

by Sgt. McRuffreply 1503/04/2013

I was raped. RAPED!

by Sgt. McRuffreply 1603/04/2013
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