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Pickle relish recipes-- help!

Any good homemade recipes out there!

by Tracyreply 60004/05/2013


by Tracyreply 103/02/2013

More info needed, OP

Dill? Sweet? Bread-and-butter? Sour? Hot?

What exactly are you looking for?

by Tracyreply 203/02/2013

Picalyla? Is there such a thing?

by Tracyreply 303/02/2013

If only my family's multi national company had kept a digital copy of their best selling recipe for relish!

by Tracyreply 403/02/2013

R3, do you mean "piccalilli"? My grandmother used to make it, and it was so, so good. Here's a recipe from Food Network.

by Tracyreply 503/02/2013

Go ask Lila

by Tracyreply 603/02/2013

I can't she's dead

by Tracyreply 703/02/2013

Stealth soap thread. Those who watch The Soup get it.

by Tracyreply 803/02/2013

Here's another very good recipe. This one is very much like the stuff I buy in London. It doesn't define the vegetables, but I use small cut pickle cucumbers, pearl onions, bite sized chopped carrots, gherkins, small peppers, small clusters of par boiled cauliflower. This makes an almost jelly like sauce engulfing the veggies when it congeals. Wonderful stuff.

by Tracyreply 903/02/2013

Crappy link.

Here's the recipe

* 2kg washed, peeled vegetables - select 5 or 6 from the following: cauliflower or romanesco cauliflower, radish, green beans, cucumbers, courgettes, green or yellow tomatoes, tomatilloes, carrots, small silver-skinned onions or shallots, peppers, nasturtium seed pods * 100g fine sea salt * 60g cornflour * 20g ground turmeric * 20g English mustard powder * 20g ground ginger * 1 tbsp yellow mustard seeds * 2 tsp crushed cumin seeds * 2 tsp crushed coriander seeds * 1.2 litres cider vinegar * 300g granulated sugar * 100g honey

vegetables, spices, piccalillit Directions

1. Cut the veg into small, even, bite-sized pieces. Place in a large colander over a bowl, and sprinkle with the salt. Mix well, cover with a tea towel and leave in a cool place for 24 hours, then rinse the veg with ice-cold water and drain thoroughly.

2. Blend the cornflour, turmeric, mustard powder, ginger, mustard seeds, cumin and coriander to a smooth paste with a little of the vinegar. Put the rest of the vinegar into a saucepan with the sugar and honey and bring to the boil. Pour a little of the hot vinegar over the blended spice paste, stir well and return to the pan. Bring gently to the boil. Boil for 3-4 minutes to allow the spices to release their flavours into the thickening sauce.

3. Remove the pan from the heat and carefully fold the well-drained vegetables into the hot, spicy sauce. Pack the pickle into warm, sterilised jars and seal immediately with vinegar-proof lids. Leave for about 6 weeks before opening. Use within a year.

by Tracyreply 1003/02/2013


by Tracyreply 1103/02/2013

I wish they'd refrigerate that damn relish.

by Tracyreply 1203/02/2013

Good thing Starr took those correspondence courses in food chemistry--they'll have the recipe in no time! I hope they give her some extra cud as a reward.

by Tracyreply 1303/02/2013

That stuff ended up killing me. Granted, I was 116 years old, but still.

by Tracyreply 1403/02/2013

Yes! Starr to the rescue. Really curious how they will write her out now that P.Park owns her and McBain.

by Tracyreply 1503/02/2013

Did Dr. Britt really hurt her leg?

by Tracyreply 1603/03/2013

I think you all mean "Pickle-Lila."

by Tracyreply 1703/03/2013

Here's hoping Bovina heads to pasture.

by Tracyreply 1803/03/2013

Wasn't mid Feb her last day of taping?

by Tracyreply 1903/03/2013

I always preferred a BLT at Kellys to Pickle Lila.

by Tracyreply 2003/03/2013

It's just a matter of time now, AJ will get the receipe, how else can they tie him into this stupid show, I can't believe I waste my time with this drivel. Geez, can't stand what they did to my show. Glad Starr is on vacation IRL,... she's starting to bug me.Please God, don't let her sing.For the love of Mike.

by Tracyreply 2103/03/2013

I wish Jane Elliott would stop yelling!

by Tracyreply 2203/03/2013

Someone needs to tell "Miss Manning" her Twitter pictures look ridiculous, she holds her mouth in this really bizarre way, Get a clue Woman!

by Tracyreply 2303/03/2013

I thought it was called "Pickled Lila" (with a "d") which always sounded a bit gross considering both "Lila" and Anna Lee are dead.

by Tracyreply 2403/03/2013

I guess this is the new "undercover" GH s0ap thread. "Think of Laura" was apparently discovered by the DL censor and it's not allowing any new comments.

by Tracyreply 2503/03/2013

This thread is very funny - the people who have been giving recipe recipes don't get what's going on. Too cute.

by Tracyreply 2603/03/2013

Yes -she really broke her leg.

by Tracyreply 2703/03/2013

Pickle Lila.

by Tracyreply 2803/04/2013

ABC should market and sell it, like they did with Kathy Brier's book.

by Tracyreply 2903/04/2013

Yes R22.. GH convert here.. Has her character ever been nice?

by Tracyreply 3003/04/2013

I like my relish mixed with a little blood.

by Tracyreply 3103/04/2013


Tracy has always been a bitch on wheels with an underlying hint of someone who craves being loved.

by Tracyreply 3203/04/2013

I just wanted some BLTs

by Tracyreply 3303/04/2013

Sayonara Steven Lars

by Tracyreply 3403/04/2013

r30, Tracy was always like this. Tracy was one of Douglas Marland's greatest contributions to the show. When she was younger, she wanted to one-up her brother Alan and ensure her son Ned was their father's heir before Alan's son AJ, whom she was determined to prove was not a real Q and a result of Monica's affair with Rick Webber. She even went so far as withholding Edward's heart medicine while he was having a heart attack to prevent him from disinheriting her and her son, agreeing to only give him the pills if he agreed not to sign his new will. Edward died in front of her, and she calmly accepted the situation, until he revealed he faked the entire attack to test her. Disgusted with his greedy daughter, he disinherited her and she left town in shame. Over the years, she returned to cause trouble for the family and add more fuel to her complex relationship with her father. She was grown considerably louder and more cantakerous over the years, but this acidic character has been nothing but consistent.

by Tracyreply 3503/04/2013

The famous Tracy-Edward scene from 1980:

by Tracyreply 3603/04/2013

Actually, the entire episode is here:

by Tracyreply 3703/04/2013

R35 Marland made Tracy Q and turned Lucinda Walsh into her best. Two of the best female characters on soaps, ever.

by Tracyreply 3803/04/2013

Love hearing Lucinda Walsh mentioned!

I am loving the Tracy - Spinelli scenes. They are so funny together!!!

by Tracyreply 3903/09/2013

And here we are again.

by Tracyreply 4003/11/2013

R36- Thanks. It's fun to watch the old clips. I never watched GH until OLTL went off the air. Hooked now.

by Tracyreply 4103/11/2013

Who needs crappy relish when OLTL is back? So glad Frankie and his sidekick Cartooni are far away from the revival.

by Tracyreply 4203/11/2013

R21 What show are you referring to? The GH of the 70s and 80s or the 90s because Guza's GH was even worse. Sorry, but I don't see the same mob story told over and over again even down to the same dialogue and killing off iconic characters to prop up Sonny, as being a better show.

by Tracyreply 4303/11/2013

Wasn't Prospect Park supposed to announce air dates for AMC/OLTL last week? Will they announce it today?

by Tracyreply 4403/11/2013

Bravo, OP.

SO much better than the baked potato thread.

by Tracyreply 4503/11/2013

According to TVGuide Chris Robinson is back as Rick Webber

by Tracyreply 4603/11/2013

Photo shoot from the new OLTL and AMC.

My favorite photo possibly ever, because nearly Social Security age La Sleestak is showing some LEG.

by Tracyreply 4703/11/2013

And for the Andy T fans:

by Tracyreply 4803/11/2013

We haven't heard from the Andy T troll lately. It gives me the sadz.

by Tracyreply 4903/11/2013

"the people who have been giving recipe recipes [sic] don't get what's going on"

Because they have a life?

by Tracyreply 5003/11/2013

Eat it up, bitches!

I hope they do another one with La Strasser and La Smith.

by Tracyreply 5103/11/2013

Apparently the 30-something lookin' dude to the far right in R51's photo is the new Matthew.

by Tracyreply 5203/11/2013

Thanks R45!

by Tracyreply 5303/11/2013



General Hospital discussion.

Please F&F

by Tracyreply 5403/11/2013

Fuck off

by Tracyreply 5503/11/2013

Good grief, r54. The soap drama was eons ago. Let it go.

by Tracyreply 5603/11/2013

R44 it was announced today that both AMC and OLTL will return on April 29.

by Tracyreply 5703/11/2013



by Tracyreply 5803/11/2013

Jacob Young is clearly not wearing a jockstrap in this photo from 2000.

Do you think he was excited because he was sitting next to his future boyfriend Colton Scott (later to be known as Stephen Martines)?

by Tracyreply 5903/11/2013

R54, we've F&F'd you.

Your dinner of feces and nail clippings is over there.

by Tracyreply 6003/11/2013

I still can't believe how much they were into each other, R59. It was so obvious on screen!

by Tracyreply 6103/11/2013

BTW today's show was not only boring it was written for a 10th grade audience.

by Tracyreply 6203/11/2013

r62, that's about at Carlivati's level of training in writing.

by Tracyreply 6303/11/2013

the laura thread is gone huh? :(

by Tracyreply 6403/11/2013

Sleestak looks stellar.

I wish they would have waited for the complete cast.

by Tracyreply 6503/11/2013

I thought Starr was going back? Did I miss her name on that cast list?

by Tracyreply 6603/11/2013

Bovina is not confirmed. I say keep her troll ass far, far away. Let her stay with Bambi on GH. Recast Starr with someone who actually has sex appeal.

by Tracyreply 6703/11/2013

Why wasn't HBS at the photo shoot? I know La Strasser was ill with pneumonia but why no Nora? Funny because her name was "accidently" forgotten from the original cast list released to the press.

by Tracyreply 6803/11/2013

It's so hard to keep up with these moving threads!

by Tracyreply 6903/11/2013

That's the fun of it, 69.

by Tracyreply 7003/11/2013

Sleestak is working the FUCK out of those legs in that photo!

If that ain't photoshop, we know Sleestak has been working out on her break!

by Tracyreply 7103/11/2013

Awesome fucking news - Chris Robinson is back as Rick Webber. RC wants to rewrite the disastrous Rick Webber murder story!!!!

by Tracyreply 7203/11/2013

Sleestak also got a face lift last spring and is looking fabu these days!

by Tracyreply 7303/11/2013

R72 - Tell RC to fix the current mess on the show before reaching back to yet another dead character.

by Tracyreply 7403/11/2013

When I was a kid the 8th floor restaurant at Macy's 34th St. had this amazing sweet onion relish when you ordered a burger. To this day I can't duplicate it. Anyone else ever have it and by some miracle have a recipe for it? I know it had little bits of something red in it, probably red pepper but I'm not sure.

by Tracyreply 7503/11/2013

The Quartermaine mansion set is one of the best ever in daytime TV. It is freaking huge.

by Tracyreply 7603/11/2013

You should get someone to start a new thread for you, r75. I appreciate the GH connection, but really, the readership of this thread may be too small to grab some hopeful responses for you. Could someone start a thread for r75?

by Tracyreply 7703/11/2013

We saw Todd in the Trader Joe's on Sunset on Friday night at 6pm. He's skinnier, taller, and handsomer then he is on TV. No Frau aroound.

by Tracyreply 7803/11/2013

r68, HBS was filming Venice during the cast shoot. I suppose she had a commitment, but I find it odd they couldn't let her go for the one day.

by Tracyreply 7903/12/2013

Kill the incessant, irritating soap trolls please.

by Tracyreply 8003/12/2013

R75- off topic LOL but I remember that relish too. my mom and I had lunch at Macy's after buying the cast LP of MAME, which I had seen the night before! That sweet onion relish was good. Wonder if you googled Macy's onion relish you could find a recipe? I miss Scrafft's too... great place for sundaes.

by Tracyreply 8103/12/2013

r80, is anyone forcing you to click on this thread? Perhaps you should spread your joy to the other threads that need it.

by Tracyreply 8203/12/2013

What R82 said.

by Tracyreply 8303/12/2013

F&F the soap thread

by Tracyreply 8403/12/2013

Can someone please explain why soap threads are automatically called on to be shut down? I don't see anything out of the ordinary in this thread.

by Tracyreply 8503/12/2013

Ditto! Why are soap threads verboten?

by Tracyreply 8603/12/2013

R84 only likes threads with dick pictures.

by Tracyreply 8703/12/2013

I asked about that too. Someone who has been around DL a log time said that they were fine until some posters from soap sites found this place. I believe they got into wars with our posters because we are a gossip site and can be a tad bitchy. Apparently the webmaster shut those down. Maybe the networks got involved? Don't know for sure. Maybe someone in the know will come forward and explain it all again.

by Tracyreply 8803/12/2013

There were links to DL on a number of soap sites (I don't remember why), and a big bunch of fangurls found their way here and sort of took over. They were rude to the DL regulars and some of them made insulting and outright homophobic remarks.

It finally got to be too much, and Webmaster said no more soap threads.

S/He seems to be allowing one soap thread at a time now, but I have a feeling it's conditional and only if we behave ourselves.

The self-appointed DL hall monitors can't stand it. For some reason any soap thread on DL gets their dainty little bowels in an uproar.

by Tracyreply 8903/12/2013

Back about 2004-2005, the webmaster created a whole subsection for soap discussions called "Daytime Dish."

It proved quite popular and posters from numerous other websites flocked here. Entire 600-response threads could be created and maxed out in a matter of two days.

Those soap-loving interlopers tended to engage in fierce flame wars and often made the nastiest homophobic comments. Attempts by the webmaster to bring civility were routinely ignored, so the webmaster eventually pulled the plug.

At the same time as the Daytime Dish subsection existed, a "Prancing Ponies" subsection was also created for Hobbit-Lord of the Rings followers to talk. That too was shut down when the flame wars three got out of hand. It's just something about the ability to post anonymously that brings out the worst in people.

Since then soap threads have been "verbotten" at DL mainly because they attract posters who aren't DL regulars who don't follow the DL rules, sort of like ants at a picnic.

On the soap threads that do manage to fly under the radar, it is incredibly important that everyone be civil and polite.

by Tracyreply 9003/12/2013

When the DVR fails to record, I am able to catch GH on SoapNet. What is the status of that network? Wasn't Disney taking it over for another kid network? Did that plan fall through or, is the switch coming later?

by Tracyreply 9103/12/2013

So glad that Connie is back... much more interesting than Kate. Love her hate for Sonny.

by Tracyreply 9203/12/2013

I totally get why the soap threads were originally banned. I've been on some of those boards over the years, and those folks can be brutal.

The Luke/Noah fans would go batshit crazy over nothing. Like, I was afraid for my LIFE crazy. So I do understand.

I just don't understand why it's as important now when so few soaps remain. And I don't understand when a couple of us old queens are talking about shit we saw in the early 80s why anyone would even remotely lose their shit about it, but apparently what applies to one must apply to all.

by Tracyreply 9303/12/2013

Speaking of Luke/Noah fans being batshit crazy, Jake Silberman (Noah) is back begging his fans to finance a feature length film he wants to be in to the tune of $200,000; he needs them to come up with 67,000 to get the rest of the funding from Kickstarter; apparently some friend of his wrote it and would direct the movie. That fanbase is not only nuts, they must have carte blanche credit cards and nothing better to do with their cash. In case anyone is interested, a donation of $4,500 will get you a walk on part and probably Jake will allow you to give him a blow job if he gets desperate enough!

by Tracyreply 9403/12/2013

I would fork up the dough only if Jake shows his pendulous cock.

by Tracyreply 9503/12/2013

So a DL where there are no soap threads means a DL with no homophobic comments? Sorry, I ain't buyin' it.

by Tracyreply 9603/12/2013

r96 The soap-loving fangurls who invaded didn't act like guests. They acted like they were entitled to be here and took over. Engaged in nasty flame wars and made rude, vicious homophobic comments. Never seemed to understand they were on a gay site and should respect the the natives, so to speak. Webmaster received many complaints about them.

It's one thing for a queen to make a homophobic comment to another queen. It's quite different for a fangurl to make it.

by Tracyreply 9703/12/2013

[quote]It's one thing for a queen to make a homophobic comment to another queen. It's quite different for a fangurl to make it.

Hmm... I'm not sure I'd be able to tell the difference on an anonymous message board. Unless the fangurls were signing their names or making it obvious somehow.

by Tracyreply 9803/12/2013

I seriously don't get the whole kickstarter thing.

How can an actor or director take money from a fan when they know that that fan is likely only doing it so they can develop a personal relationship with the actor or director.

Ironically, the person they want to be friends with doesn't even really exist. It's just a character that they play.

by Tracyreply 9903/12/2013

God, waaaay too much Sonny these days. There is so many characters and stories going on right now. Something has got to be cut.

And if Francis is only on 1.5 episodes a week, then how will that pan out for the big Ice Princess caper coming up?

by Tracyreply 10003/12/2013

Btw, if anyone is wondering what this "LOve in Maine" book crap is leading to ... apparently, Molly has written a story that thinly veils Sam's birth (Alexis got pregnant while in a boarding school in Maine). Sam's father (a new character who has never been on the show in the past) will come to Port Charles after reading the book; rumours are that his family will follow one-by-one, establishing a new family unit in Port Charles.

by Tracyreply 10103/12/2013

Will the new character have three smoking hot dark haired sons with delectable bodies, one played by an actor with a very blue collar sounding name?

by Tracyreply 10203/12/2013

Good one, r102.

by Tracyreply 10303/12/2013

Stuart Damon is back to make some ghostly appearences for the anniversary shows.

Jonathon Jackson tried to work in some appareneces, but couldn't - Lucky will not be a part of the Ice Princess story.

Nancy Lee Grahn's daughter will be performing at the Nurses' Ball.

by Tracyreply 10403/12/2013

Liam Springthorpe, son of Rick Springfield, will be playing a cop who helps Luke and Laura try to find their kidnapped daughter Lulu. Lulu will disappear as Julie Berman but return as Marcy Rylan.

DWTS' Val Chmerkovskiy was unable to perform a number with Kelli Monaco for the Nurses' Ball. His brother Maksim Chmerkovskiy has stepped in for him.

by Tracyreply 10503/12/2013

GH is truly abysmal. Everyone used to blame everything on Brian Frons, who is still a piece of shit, but Carlivati has now proven that a lot of the crap was his own. Plot driven nonsense, no character exploration, no clear vision, misogyny, stereotypes, lack of depth, piss poor planning. It has all carried over from OLTL.

by Tracyreply 10603/13/2013

Gah! Those legs! Can't wait for the show to start back up.

by Tracyreply 10703/13/2013

Wow. They look HOT.

by Tracyreply 10803/13/2013

Don't agree. There may be some weak spots but I enjoy watching GH again.

by Tracyreply 10903/13/2013

I like GH but I will say Carlivati and Co. have no sense of timing and pacing. I like most of his ideas but it is all happening AT ONCE. Spreading it out a bit would be much better.

by Tracyreply 11003/13/2013

Hopefully, Ghost Alan will reappear as Monica and Rick Webber hit the sheets again.

by Tracyreply 11103/13/2013

R106 - The show has been abysmal for around 12 years; it is just a different kind of abysmal now. No one tells stories anymore, it is just a series of plot points.

by Tracyreply 11203/13/2013

If they are bringing back people like Rick Webber and Alan for the 50th, I will be really upset if they don't find a way to include Robert. If they don't want to wake him up, have somebody visit him in a coma and show some damn concern. I will be furious if he is totally left out.

Of course, there is a chance, that they are taping a secret story. And Robert wakes up and saves Robin. Which certainly would honor the one hero of GH and his adored daughter.

by Tracyreply 11303/13/2013

Right now, Ron seems to juggling so many plots that he can't keep up with everything.

Don't get me wrong all you Ron haters. I like Ron a lot, but freely admit he has shortcoming.

Between figuring out something for all these returning vets to do, plus figuring out how to get the Llanview Three off the show, he's got his plate very full.

Consequently, the pacing feels poor. One day's show is filled with veterans who I adore. The next day is filled with newbies and characters I don't care about (I'm talking about you, Sonny). Balance Ron, balance.

While its great to have these vets back, I want to see Laura more than one day a week. I want to see Laura interacting with the rest of the town. I want to see Scotty and Lucy hatching a scheme. I want to see Scotty visit Heather. And I want to know what's going on with Robert in the coma!!

by Tracyreply 11403/13/2013

[quote]Gah! Those legs! Can't wait for the show to start back up.

Lozano is gorgeous. She actually looks a lot like the girl who plays her daughter in that picture.

by Tracyreply 11503/13/2013


by Tracyreply 11603/13/2013

Robert is back in time for Robin's reappearence at the Ball.

And I agree, RC needs to pace better. There is way too many things happening.

But I will take this over Guza and JFP anyday.

by Tracyreply 11703/13/2013

I think Guza and JFP would have pulled off a major kickass 50th. One of Jill's big events, something that would get a bunch of Emmy noms. Jason front and center. It would have been awesome.

by Tracyreply 11803/13/2013

DAMN, R107! Florencia looks FINE there! I was never that into her before, but lord, I might have to fight you for her now.

by Tracyreply 11903/13/2013

r118 You're talking a 50th anniversary celebration similar to the hoopla that JFP and Guza did for GH's 40th and 45th anniversaries?

If I recall correctly, both those anniversaries were ignored, save for a few photos at the end of the episode.

by Tracyreply 12003/13/2013

I didn't get Steve's performance on Y&R with Dylan's father dying.

Dylan just kept ...nodding a lot.

Nodding isn't acting.

It' know, nodding.

by Tracyreply 12103/13/2013

Thank you, R120.

by Tracyreply 12203/14/2013

R121, that is what he did on GH. I think SB is going to be exposed as a terrible actor finally.

by Tracyreply 12303/14/2013

Cartooni had the exact same problem for OLTL's 40th. He tried to create standalone plots involving numerous returns, and they all wound being horrible. Instead of planning ahead for story arcs, it seemed as if he just threw shit together at the last minute. I'm sure "Ice Princess" will be reminiscent of his 2008 Mendorra fiasco.

by Tracyreply 12403/14/2013

My mom would take Mt. Olive Pickle Relish in the jar and add some spices and onions to it and but it on burgers. Delicious. Not many people make their own relish any longer, but here is a recipe.

2 qt. chopped cucumbers (about 4 med.-lg.)

2 c. chopped sweet red peppers (about 4 med.)

2 c. chopped sweet green peppers (about 4 med.)

1 c. chopped onion

1 qt. vinegar

1 tbsp. turmeric

1/2 c. canning salt

1 tbsp. mustard seed

2 tsp. whole cloves

2 tsp. whole allspice

2 sticks cinnamon

1 1/2 c. brown sugar, packed

by Tracyreply 12503/14/2013

r118 is dripping with sarcasm, r120.

For the 50th anniversary celebration, Guza and JFP would have brought back Sarah Brown once again as a new character, Genie Francis would be allowed a guest spot as a psychopathic Laura who returns to PC to slaughter her mother, Bobbi, and Audrey (all of which happen offscreen). She would then be shot dead by a drunk Luke in front of Lulu and Lucky. In commemoration of the show's milestone, Jason would accidentally kill Monica, who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. "I've always loved you more than anyone in my life," Monica would gasp in her one last breath. Jason would nod and stare blankly. After a week of Sonny and Jason flashbacks (showcasing all the Carlys - a special treat for those loyal fans!), Sonny would suddenly break the forth wall and crack a dimpled smile to the audience, raising a glass and toasting 50 years of making GH wonderful - interspersed with the slow-motion brutal rape of his daughter Kristina by a vengeful enemy of her father's.

by Tracyreply 12603/14/2013

R126 is obviously our soap troll and needs to be F&F'd off the site.

R126, you pop up around this time and begin bumping the soap threads. YOU are the problem. Time for you to go, again.

by Tracyreply 12703/14/2013

What is the problem, r127? Why can't we talk about soaps? Just don't click into the thread.

by Tracyreply 12803/14/2013

We got bumped yesterday because of that Diane Sawyer woman and that new pope. Who gives a fuck about that?! I wanna see Britt and her evil doings!!

by Tracyreply 12903/14/2013

The only infighting I ever see on these soap threads are between those who are just casually engaging in innocent discussion about soaps and those who are playing hall monitor threatening to F&F.

by Tracyreply 13003/14/2013

r126 Thank you!

Yes, that would be Guza's idea of a way to create a memorable 50th. Except he would probably have included an explosion or two. Perhaps Tracey would have been killed with a car bomb meant for Sonny while Molly would have been killed in a coffee warehouse explosion intended to take out Jason and Sonny.

by Tracyreply 13103/14/2013

I think you forgot that they would have brought Brenda back to boost ratings (not) where she would have also been caught in the middle of all the violence but her body would never be found.

by Tracyreply 13203/14/2013

I realize it needs a little work but at least I feel like I'm watching a soap with alot of the characters I grew up with and no mob. I love it!

by Tracyreply 13303/14/2013

How do you know Robert is coming back for the Nurse's Ball? They have been taping the Nurse's ball this week and so far TR is not in any of the call lists?

by Tracyreply 13403/14/2013

I'm not a Guzastan, but I enjoyed his writing and how dark and bleak he made their world. It was a place with very little hope. Ron C, on the other hand,is completely different. It's all played for fun and laughs. It is like that old Carol Burnett soap spoof. It all comes down to where your tastes lie, I guess. Neither is wrong.

by Tracyreply 13503/14/2013

When Guza was kept in check and kept within the context of a show whose identity had already been established and he was made to service that history, he is a great writer. The initial Nikolas Cassadine story and the Carly Benson story were some of GH's best. But when given free reign and absolute power, Guza proved disturbing, angry, misogynistic, bleak, and out-and-out resentful of his status as soap opera writer; he wanted to be up there with the prime-time cable writers who were changing the face of television. But there is something universal about soap writing that he hated - he revealed himself to be quite exclusive (writing for primarily a heterosexual male audience that revealed his era's fangirls to be quite disturbing in their own female self perceptions). He shit on family romance and that classic right vs. wrong principle that good storytelling in soaps is built upon.

RC, whose flaws are balanced out by his finest attribute as a sincere fan of the genre and the facr he still thinks like a viewer, is more universal in his mindset, and more appropriate for a continuing daily soap opera genre. I persoanlly believe the real reason that GH is more entertaining these days is due to FV, who really needs to reign RC in more and keep him in line.

by Tracyreply 13603/14/2013

Due to controlling costs, the show is also shot much differently than in the recent past.

It used to be 5 or 6 highly paid main stars who were on practically every day and a few other smaller roles.

Now everyone shoots all of their scenes in a concentrated time and then they edit them all together.

Jack Wagner shot all of his 10 days worth of scenes in 2 or 3 days. The first day started airing 3 weeks ago and we still haven't seen half of them yet.

Have no idea how they keep track of it all. There's been lots of continuity and timing errors lately, but if we're able to get more GH vets on screen, I say it's worth it.

by Tracyreply 13703/14/2013

I was recently watching some old GH episodes from 1979 early 1980 when I believe Doug Marland and then Pat Falken Smith were the headwriters. The aftermath of the Luke/Laura rape storyline and Laura's anger and Luke's self-loathing were some of the best written episodes I have seen in years. Their characters were clearly defined, the conversations revealed a lot about each character and their background and weirdly enough their friendship seem to grow deeper as a result even though such a heinous and revolting act had been committed. Such powerful scenes are never seen these days. Scott Baldwin as the clueless husband, played his part perfectly; he remains friendly with Luke not knowing Luke is his wife's rapist. This is the kind of storytelling that was absent with both Guza and RC and their one-dimensional take on everything.

by Tracyreply 13803/14/2013

r138, soap opera itself has lost that careful storytelling. All soaps took time to tell story, letting character tell the story rather than plot.

I, too, have watched episodes from that era on YT and I am surprised by the concentration of what is happening and how it affects all those involved. In the case of Luke's assault of Laura, many people forget that the writers really examined the myriad dynamics and psychological complexitites of that unique situation. It wasn't the case of a sudden rewrite. The writers led up to what had happened on the campus disco floor, and then threw the hand up and let the cards fall where they may, dealing with things as it pertained to that particular unique situation instead of letting it turn into a generalized story 101.

Now, today, scenes are cut to last 5-10 seconds, forcing the writers to deal with the facts instead of the nuances.

by Tracyreply 13903/14/2013

r120 has it right! GH's 40th anniversay was such a non-event there's no way you could convince me JFP would have done a better job with this.

by Tracyreply 14003/14/2013

No show does things as nicely as they used to. The equivalent is like a Cliff Notes version of Harry longer exploring all the twists and turns, just hitting the big splashy notes with no context.

The whole point of the story was to watch it unfold and how everyone reacted. Now the writers focus on the event (whatever it might be) but almost completely ignore the aftermath.

That's every show, every channel.

by Tracyreply 14103/15/2013

How on earth will they explain/write out the departures of Starr and Todd? Both are coming up, right? Didn't they tape their final scenes last month?

by Tracyreply 14203/15/2013


by Tracyreply 14303/15/2013

Storytelling used to be about reaction. Now it is about event.

I don't know where it started to erode. The last couple of decades saw young new corprate heads who inherited the industry from the shapers, and whose instinct was $$$$ and not substance. They wanted things fast and flashy. It was cool to be iconoclast, to tear down the traditions that were left over from the 50s and had survived on through to the 70s and 80s. Heroines became whores, heroes became anti-heroes...everyone had to be edgy. And viewers attention spans declined with the advent of the split-second information age.

I want to see how these new online ventures are going to handle the soap opera genre. Maybe by putting these shows back into the creative hands of writers in the medium of the new technology, we will see storytelling get back to its more substantial origins.

Perhaps the best thing to do is just scrap everything and start all over again.

by Tracyreply 14403/15/2013

No Laura, Luke or Scotty this week.

by Tracyreply 14503/15/2013

Good points r139 and r144. I'd add though that the soap sensibility has been alive and well in primetime for the last 30 years. Those shows just don't plow through 250 episodes a year to the point of collapsing under their own weight.

I know Frank Valentini has commented on several occasions about speeding the show up with the 5-10 second quick cuts but to me it just drags the pacing down with pointless clutter scenes while undermining the "A" stories.

PP may be on to something with going back to the original 30 minute format that doesn't chew through so much real estate so fast. Whether what they deliver is enough to take people over the hurdle of forced ads or pay to view will be interesting.

by Tracyreply 14603/17/2013


Part of that is because GH is now 2 eps behind. They would have been on this past Friday of not for the fucking pope drama. I read somewhere that Laura and Scotty would be on every day this week though!

by Tracyreply 14703/17/2013

Yep it was a boring week r145. Besides the two day delay you have to remember we are coming off sweeps month too. The action is over for a few weeks.

by Tracyreply 14803/17/2013

This week should be fabulous.

Luke,Laura,Lucy,Scotty are on 5 days this week. Kevin is on 4 days this week and Bobbie makes her return.

RC fails when it comes to pacing. Last week we had little or no vets and then we get them all this week.

That's no way to build momentum.

by Tracyreply 14903/18/2013

GH has a super secret return taping 3 days this week.

The person is being brought in using cloak and dagger means.

Luke,Laura,Lucy,Anna,and other vets are being taped on a closed set.

Rumors are running rampant about who the mystery return could be.

by Tracyreply 15003/18/2013

Well, it ain't Elizabeth Taylor.

by Tracyreply 15103/18/2013

I suppose its not John Colicos as Mikos Cassadine either.

by Tracyreply 15203/18/2013

So what are some of the rumors, R150 ?

by Tracyreply 15303/18/2013

It's so sexy to be living in Llanview. Or Pine Valley.

by Tracyreply 15403/18/2013

I keep hoping it's Robert. But would they go to that much trouble to keep that a secret? Maybe it's Lucky.

by Tracyreply 15503/18/2013

I've seen people guessing that it's Thao Penghlis back as Victor Cassadine or Steven Nichols back as a returned from the dead Stefan.

by Tracyreply 15603/18/2013

Stuart Damon, Vanessa Marcil, Ingo Rademacher, Richard Simmons all definitely scheduled to appear for the 50th anniversary. John Stamos is being heavily rumored. Ricky Martin would certainly be a big surprise. Lucy's old assistant Elton would be cool, but that wouldn't be terribly secretive. Maybe Stone Cates is the next one to rise up from the dead!

by Tracyreply 15703/18/2013

Am I to assume all the cyptic phone calls from Dani to Todd are setting up a new OLTL story?

by Tracyreply 15803/18/2013

Very likely. The audition scripts for the new Matthew Buchanan and Corbin Bleu's character had them attending to a sick girl in the ER. Roger Howarth is back at OLTL today and was photographed taping with Sleestak on a hospital set. And the OLTLers leave GH this week, having stopped taping weeks ago. RH is at OLTL for at least 4 weeks and is listed with contract cast. Speculation is Dani may be on drugs.

by Tracyreply 15903/18/2013

Well if so its awesome that RC is helping them set some stories up. I love it how everyone in daytime seems so behind this.

by Tracyreply 16003/18/2013

I agree, R160, but I can not wait unitl Todd is back on GH.

by Tracyreply 16103/18/2013

I have no plans on watching the online version of OLTL. They broke my heart, I grieved, I got over it, I've moved on. I don't feel like having my chain yanked all over again and, frankly, I'm a little relieved to have one less show to keep up with.

by Tracyreply 16203/18/2013

Don't watch then. But if its fabulous you'll be missing out.

by Tracyreply 16303/18/2013

It is kind of pathetic though, that so many of those actors were still available to come back. Acting is certainly a chancy business.

by Tracyreply 16403/19/2013

Do we know how much they are going to charge for the web soaps?

by Tracyreply 16503/19/2013

Lucy's assistant died IRL so his reappearance is, uh, unlikely.

by Tracyreply 16603/19/2013

Everyone in the daytime industry is hoping the online ventures do succeed. This could signal a whole era of storytelling. It could get soaps back in the hands of the writers and to a creative renaissance.

Or it could be the biggest embarrassment in the daytime industry.

If it is a success, what is to say GL, ATWT and other soaps that have found a whole new life on the net through the memories of loyal and unremitting fans (Edge of Night, Another World, Search for Tomorrow, etc) cannot be brought back online?

Think of how our media entertainment experience has changed just in the last 80-90 years - movies, radio, tv. The internet has become the next step to go.

by Tracyreply 16703/19/2013

Re the mystery vet: The only major vet I could think of is Blackie (as speculated for months with talk from Stamos himself in the media).

Or Richard Dean Anderson, who RC and FV have been after to come back since taking the helm of the show.

OR it's Ricky Martin - something I have been suspecting for months.

by Tracyreply 16803/19/2013

Funny I haven't heard Denise Alexander is back at all for any of this.

by Tracyreply 16903/19/2013

How old is John J. York, and has he had some subtle work done? He looks phenomenal.

by Tracyreply 17003/19/2013

R169 I can't believe Denise hasn't been back.

Hopefully later in the year with Genie Francis.

But to not have Lesley back with Rick Webber is just awful.

by Tracyreply 17103/19/2013

[quote]Lucy's assistant died IRL so his reappearance is, uh, unlikely.

Elton didn't die, that was John Hanley.

[quote]But to not have Lesley back with Rick Webber is just awful.

Denise Alexander and Chris Robinson are both supposed to be back. Have no idea how they are going to swing that one. Maybe flashbacks?

by Tracyreply 17203/19/2013

Another World, Guiding Light, and As the World Turns are owned by Proctor and Gamble who refused to sell the rights to PP or anyone a year ago. They would have to change their minds for them to be resurrected. Why does it have to be old shows anyway? Why can't new ones be created?

by Tracyreply 17303/19/2013

Denise Alexander's return was hindered due to the other show she acts on. It's a web soap called The Inn.

It was winding up it's season and finished taping in the last couple of weeks.

Now that that's out of the way I expect her to return to GH in some form.

by Tracyreply 17403/19/2013

If they want to bring back a soap, bring back Santa Barbara or Passions.

by Tracyreply 17503/19/2013

I find chunky Kanan hot as hell. Would do that for sure.

by Tracyreply 17603/19/2013

I don't think they would close the set if the return was Leslie Alexander or even KIm Mc so who is it really?

by Tracyreply 17703/19/2013

Jerry Jax (Jacks?) is supposed to be back, too, but I doubt that would be such a big deal, either.

Maybe they made a John Beradino hologram. Hehehe, that might actually be kind of cool!

by Tracyreply 17803/19/2013

I'm back to put that bitch Epiphany in her place. And remind everyone in Port Chuck who the first real star of the show was. That's right bitches. Me! The number one stunner.

by Tracyreply 17903/19/2013

FV told a reporter a few months ago he was contacting Denise. He kept his promise on Bobbie whose return is now long-term and may be bringing her gay son Lucas back to town judging by some weird spoilers for next week.

RC's interview on Chris Robinson made it sound like Rick is back from the dead. Alan I think is still a ghost for now though they want to resurrect him.

Very excited about OLTL and both shows. That promo is HOT!

by Tracyreply 18003/19/2013

If Rick Webber is back from the dead, he was probably staying at the same Swiss Miracle Clinic as AJ and Faison.

Maybe the closed set is to reveal another back from death resident.

by Tracyreply 18103/19/2013

You don't scare anyone, Emily McLaughlin. You're nothing but a pile of bones by now.

by Tracyreply 18203/19/2013

Maybe the big surprise isn't even a vet at all, but a celebrity fan, a la Carol Burnett on AMC?

As far as alumni go, Demi Moore isn't doing much these days...

by Tracyreply 18303/19/2013

If it's an old-timer(s) that they're keeping under wraps, the smart money is on Bryan and Claudia Johnston. They were major characters back in the day; playing a key role in almost every storyline.

by Tracyreply 18403/19/2013

Nurse Jesse was a hot mess back in her day. Falling in love with bad boys and rapists and mob guys, but everyone suspected that she just wanted Dr. Steve's horsecock buried deep in her cooch. But Dr. Steve only wanted that other hot mess Audrey.

by Tracyreply 18503/19/2013

R170, John J. York is 54 years old. I see him ocassionally at Trader Joe's (where I work), and I agree, he looks FANTASTIC for his age! I don't think he's had any work done, other than maybe a little Botox? I would like to see him grow out his hair a just a little bit, though -- not feeling the buzz-cut. He always had such magnificent, thick, wavy hair -- and still does, in that his hairline doesn't appear to have receded at all, nor does it appear to be thinning on top. I appreciate that he doesn't dye it, just going with the salt & pepper.

He's also an incredibly NICE, regular guy! First time I helped him at TJ's, I fan-gurled out on him -- blathering about how the Mac/Robin relationship was my favorite relationship EVER, on a soap. He was SO sweet and humble! Thanked me for the compliment, it was very special to him, too, so it was nice to hear someone say that, blah blah. I remember seeing him shortly after AMC's cancellation was announced...:.and commented about that, and asked, "do you think GH is safe?"' To which he replied, "I don't know, but my daughter has one year of college, I need GH to go at least more year!"

by Tracyreply 18603/19/2013

Audrey was a beautiful woman in her day.

by Tracyreply 18703/19/2013

So it's goodbye week for Starr, Todd and McBain? Are they locked in to Prospect Park or, will they be back?

by Tracyreply 18803/19/2013

The big-secret returning vet is Susan Pratt. Luke and Laura will discover the REAL Ice Princess wasn't an uncut diamond but frigid neurotic nurse Annie Logan, who was Mikkos Cassadine's secret mistress. Annie has been wearing a waxen mask and masquerading as Helena Cassadine since 1997; she killed the real Helena (a violet-eyed buxom brunette) and took over her identity.

It's all hush-hush and an incredibly brilliant twist.

by Tracyreply 18903/19/2013

Audrey was GH's first heroine. How amazing that she will be gracing the screen in a few days.

by Tracyreply 19003/19/2013

[quote]Do we know how much they are going to charge for the web soaps?

Not a dime if you watch on You have the option to purchase episodes on itunes if you want. If you have a hulu plus account (7.99/mo) you can stream to your tv or tablet.

by Tracyreply 19103/19/2013

[quote]Audrey was GH's first heroine

Excuse me, bitch?

by Tracyreply 19203/19/2013

I got the real man, Brewer. You ended up a sour-pussed spinster whose sweaters couldn't even keep you warm.

by Tracyreply 19303/19/2013

Rumour has it that John Stamos has been on the GH set taping scenes - including a number to be performed with Jack Wagner on stage at the Nurses' Ball.

Rumour has it that the story that was supposed to be Alan's return from the dead (as a patient in the clinic that housed Faison, Duke and AJ all those years) but scrapped because of Stuart Damon's health issues has been adapted to Rick Webber's return. Does Monica know her ex-lover is alive?

by Tracyreply 19403/20/2013

Nice to hear about John York.

I love that they are bringing all the old characters back and integrating them with the new. It's a shame GH lost 10 years of mob stories and history altercations. I feel like I'm watching an old fashioned soap again.

by Tracyreply 19503/20/2013

Now that they've established that Monica helped keep AJ alive for years and kept quiet about it, the fact that she also knows that Rick Webber is also alive doesn't seem that far fetched.

by Tracyreply 19603/20/2013

Everybody but Robert. The one character who could really add to the Ice Princess caper.

by Tracyreply 19703/20/2013

At what point does bringing back all of these people from the dead too much?

by Tracyreply 19803/20/2013

The back from the dead trend will be over once they start bringing back some of the hundreds of mob people who tried to kill Sonny but failed.

by Tracyreply 19903/20/2013

A lot of cursing and nudity will make the online revamps DOA. Any core audience, which will compile the initial viewership, will not tolerate that much of a new direction.

by Tracyreply 20003/20/2013

[quote]At what point is bringing back all of these people from the dead too much?

I think they've already reached the point of incredulity. It would have been less silly to pull a "Dallas" and have it turn out that the whole last decade was only a dream.

by Tracyreply 20103/20/2013

r200, yes but how cool will it be to see Viki Lord Buchanen call Dorian a "cunt"?

by Tracyreply 20203/20/2013

Yoo hoo!

by Tracyreply 20303/20/2013

Fun show with the vets today.

Lynn Herring still has it and works wonderfully when given the right material. She and Jon Lindstrom have held up well in the looks department.

The Luke-Laura-Scotty story needs an elder like Lesley or Lee to offset the triangle's inherent juvenilism. It would be nice to have Lesley lecture her daughter in playing the same romantic dramas she played when she was a teenager. "Laura, I love you, but you have played this song since you were 17!!!"

Who can miss Constance Ford when we have Tony Geary around?

Jason Thompson is a great actor and he deserves much more than the show is giving him.

Carly and Sam were kind of cool together, but KM is acting like she's higher than a kite again, and I just have never bought this star-crossed xcrap between Carly and Todd. I'm not going to miss Todd.

Nice scenes between John and Anna - fitting she was the one to send him off. I always bought their friendship. I wanna see him back.

Goodbye Julie Berman - don't let the door hit you on the way out. Maybe Lulu can be halfway interesting now.

by Tracyreply 20403/20/2013

R204 I find the returning vets acting like a bunch of juveniles and it is a waste and boring. Luke, Laura and Scotty are bit too long in the tooth to make this triangle crap after all of these years, very believable. Luke seems bored and disinterested and Laura's return is flatter than a pancake. This is the best they can come up with? I know a lot of people love RC and his version of GH, but I find it incredibly childish somedays.

by Tracyreply 20503/20/2013

Isn't the ultimate problem that these characters are in their 50s and being written like they're 25? That's why it rings false. And I'm not being aegist, but even soap characters grow up. Except for Erica Kane, and that's why that character became a joke.

by Tracyreply 20603/20/2013

Are we to assume that the teddy bear spritzed out some kind of toxin or drug which was set to go off on a timer? Maybe Olivia got a whiff of it and fainted because she's highly sensitive, like the canary in the coal mine.

by Tracyreply 20703/20/2013

SOAPnet to Salute General Hospital's 50th Anniversary With 50 Classic Episodes!

Place your coffee orders and set your DVR's. To commemorate General Hospital’s upcoming 50th anniversary, SOAPnet will broadcast 50 classic episodes of the soap beginning March 29 at 10 pm EST.

The mega marathon starts off with the very first episode of GH, and will air shows from each decade. Look for iconic moments such as Luke and Laura’s wedding, Lucky and Liz’s first kiss, Stone dying and BJ's death/Maxie’s heart transplant to be featured, among countless others. The marathon is set to end April 1 at 12 am EST.

by Tracyreply 20803/20/2013

I'm excited by the 50 hour marathon of General Hospital. Been looking forward to it since they announced it last month.

I hope SoapNet releases a playlist of the exact episodes are airing and the timeslot.

by Tracyreply 20903/20/2013

Cartooni CANNOT write for shit. If you accept it for the incredibly juvenile camp that it is, then fine. But don't try and convince anyone he is inspired or creative in any way.

The veteran farce reminds me of the horrific crap he have Viki/Charlie/Dorian/David on OLTL.

by Tracyreply 21003/21/2013

Poor Bree Williamson! Murdered on NBC in DECEPTION, murdered on CSI last night. Is our Jess/Tess/Bess destined to play murder victims now? And she's brunette!

by Tracyreply 21103/21/2013

r211, whatever keeps her away from OLTL 2.0 is fine by me.

by Tracyreply 21203/21/2013

In an interview with TR last night, he said there is no return for Robert OR for Robin for the Nurse's Ball.

Too bad ABC Daytime has been letting all the soap mags and blogs say there would be a return.

Pisses me off

by Tracyreply 21303/21/2013

Rumour: in their search for Lulu, Luke and Laura track down Helena, and are shocked to find her in bed with a familiar face ... and you won't believe who it is.

by Tracyreply 21403/21/2013

Bobbi shows up tomorrow; Nikolas returns Monday.

Regarding Monday's show, Ron Carlivati tweets: "We have four, count'em, four big surprises! Don't miss it!..There's also a GIANT reveal all the kids will be talking about."

(Friday's show is now Monday's because of the papal pomp and pagentry)

by Tracyreply 21503/21/2013

[quote]Rumour: in their search for Lulu, Luke and Laura track down Helena, and are shocked to find her in bed with a familiar face ... and you won't believe who it is.

The original Jake of Jake's Bar, Stella Stevens?

by Tracyreply 21603/21/2013

I find all this stuff to be perfectly wonderful.

I stopped watching GH b/c it was one mob explosion after another. Sonny (no fault of MB's) was a KILLER treated as a saint.

Every time AJ would say: this is my son and I don't want him with a mobster, everyone would snarl at AJ and say: "AJ! Sonny's a WONDERFUL father! He'd never do ANYTHING to hurt, Michael!"




I'm loving the historical accuracies, I thought re-visiting PC was VERY ambitious and well-played (great ending with the coroner tech and John/Stephen).

I'd like to see a few more faves brought back -- Lesley, Annie Logan, Jeff Webber...I'd like to see Lesley square off against Ginny Blake.

There's a Rick Webber Jr. out there, isn't there?

by Tracyreply 21703/21/2013

[quote]Regarding Monday's show, Ron Carlivati tweets: "We have four, count'em, four big surprises! Don't miss it!..There's also a GIANT reveal all the kids will be talking about."

"Kids", Ron? Does anyone under the age of 40 watch soap operas? I realize he's trying to be clever with his phrasing, but that sounds positively goofy.

by Tracyreply 21803/22/2013

I think it's safe to bet RC is a goof. He's a soap writer who has watched soaps since his teens. He gets paid for his goofiness.

We don't.

by Tracyreply 21903/22/2013

Pickle relish? I though everyone in Port Charles was all about my stew!

by Tracyreply 22003/22/2013

r218, Ron's writing targets those under the age of 12.

by Tracyreply 22103/22/2013

The Haunted Star is missing

by Tracyreply 22203/22/2013

maybe by kids, RC meant molly, rafe, tj...

by Tracyreply 22303/22/2013

Oddly today, while at the grocery store, I found myself looking at pickle relish. It all looks good.

by Tracyreply 22403/22/2013

Ron Carlivati can be campy and over the top, but he ain't that bad!

James Reilly had him beat, burying people alive, demonic possession, tooth microchips, Passionss Gina, alien twins, the 5 Eileen Davidson's (including a man!), lobotomies, John Black and the gullitine, the Lady in White and Melaswen.

That was just on Days of Our Lives

I won't even get into Passions!

by Tracyreply 22503/22/2013

r225 Reilly was certainly over the top on Days. And Passions as well.

However, he was not responsible for the alien twins, Rex and Cassie, or the tooth microchip in Vivian. Similarly, while he planted the seeds for the Princess Gina storyline, he wasn't the one who wrote it.

Reilly left in fall 1997 to write the Bible for Passions. Then in fall 2003, started writing both shows. So, anything in between that time was not Reilly.

by Tracyreply 22603/22/2013

Jacob Young has managed to impregnate his wife again.

by Tracyreply 22703/22/2013

The fangurls on Soap Central were freaking out and demanding proof of Frank Valentini being gay, LOL! Apparently a poster referenced RC and FV as being openly gay and a few of them took the poster to task for starting rumors about FV and that there is no such proof, LOL! Gawd, those sites are infuriating but they are so damn funny some days.

by Tracyreply 22803/22/2013

I've got a dandy recipe for Chopped Up Pickles.

I've been biding my time, just waiting to try it.

by Tracyreply 22903/22/2013

I'm as surprised as you, R227.

by Tracyreply 23003/22/2013

They have released a playlist for the 50 episode marathon, and it looks like they aren't going to be in order by year which is odd. Here's the first few episodes Friday: 10:00:00 PM 1963-00001 In the very first episode of General Hospital, Angie is distraught about the damage to her face from the accident; Peggy is frustrated when hospital business ruins a night out on the town with her fiance, Steve Hardy; the tension continues to grow in Jessie and Phil's marriage.

10:30:00 PM 1981-00209 Luke and Laura prepare for their nuptials

11:30:00 PM 1981-00210 Luke and Laura are finally married - but how long will their happiness last after Elizabeth Taylor's Helena Cassadine puts a curse on them and Laura's ex, Scotty, shows up to catch the bouquet?

by Tracyreply 23103/22/2013

Saturday: 12:30:00 AM 1993-07833 Just as their raft is headed over the falls, Luke and Laura are saved by a helicopter; Jason and Brenda feel guilty when they realize the truth about Karen.

01:30:00 AM 1994-07913 Luke and Laura tell Lucky he's going to be a big brother; Steve and Audrey help Miguel get a job at the Outback; Robin and Stone are excited to learn they're both in Jagger and Karen's wedding party; Brenda and Sonny flirt at Kelly's.

02:30:00 AM 2006-11164 After awaking from her coma, Laura has an emotional reunion with her family; Ric devises a plan to falsify evidence and frame Sam; Alexis agrees to let Sonny and Carly take care of her kids while she's in the hospital.

03:30:00 AM 1963-00017 Doctors Hardy and Brewer work on a difficult case; Peggy tells Jessie about her difficult break-up with Dr. Hardy and Jessie confides in Peggy that she's insecure about the age difference between herself and her younger husband, Phil Brewer.

04:00:00 AM 1979-00237 As Lesley struggles to help Monica give birth at home, Monica blurts out that Rick is the father of her baby; Alan and Rick rush through a storm to try and save Monica and her son; Edward and Tracy fear for the worst.

by Tracyreply 23203/22/2013

05:00:00 AM 1980-00088 Rick and Lesley are both hurting on the day of their divorce; Jennifer invites Laura and Scotty for a day of sailing with her and Luke; Dan is frustrated with Jessie's continued refusal to marry him; Jeff wonders about his future with Anne.

06:00:00 AM 1980-00112 Monica gets a blood test to try and prove that Alan is her baby's father; Luke storms over to confront his boss, Frank Smith, for lying and leaves Bobbie and Ruby afraid for their futures; Amy tells Alan she'll keep his secrets.

07:00:00 AM 1980-00124 At the Fourth of July party, Scotty and Laura make plans for their first anniversary; Bobbie covers for Luke so he can search Frank Smith's office for the black book; Monica wants Alan to admit he tried to kill her and Rick.

08:00:00 AM 1980-00146 On the run from Frank Smith, Luke and Laura take time out to spend a romantic night together dancing in Wyndham's Department store unaware that Hutch is there too.

09:00:00 AM 1981-00021 Heather sneaks out of the sanitarium and prepares to kill Diana; Jeff is furious with Diana when she finally tells him that PJ is Steven Lars; Alan shows Susan the new love nest he's bought for her.

by Tracyreply 23303/22/2013

10:00:00 AM 1981-00142 Luke, Laura, and Robert make themselves comfortable on the island - until they discover that the Cassadines are directly underground; Tiffany is furious that Victor and Mikkos won't allow her outside; Hutch and Rose grow closer; Jessie and Dan offer their support to Rick and Lesley.

11:00:00 AM 1981-00171 As zero hour approaches, will Luke be able to crack the code for the weather machine and save Port Charles? Laura and Robert convince Victor to help their cause; Noah, Anne and Rose attend to those in need at Kelly's Diner.

12:00:00 PM 1981-00211 Luke and Laura arrive at the Whitakers' farm for their honeymoon; Scotty continues to rage about Luke and Laura, much to Lee and Gail's dismay; Robert is hesitant to commit to Tiffany.

01:00:00 PM 1983-00014 Holly agrees to marry Robert so she won't be deported; Luke recovers from surgery; Susan is outraged when she discovers Scotty's interference with baby Jason's investments; Blackie finds a place to hide Lou.

02:00:00 PM 1983-00084 Luke and Holly have a confrontation when he returns to Port Charles and learns she's now married to Robert; Blackie and Lou are relieved when Rose is legally named as Lou's guardian.

by Tracyreply 23403/22/2013

03:00:00 PM 1984-00160 Frisco pulls the hat off the thief in his apartment and reveals Felicia; Jimmy Lee is convinced that Beatrice was murdered and the Quartermaines are involved; Robert questions Holly hoping to gain some inside information.

04:00:00 PM 1986-00114 Frisco serenades Felicia as they're married at the brownstone; Sean arranges a special wedding night for the newlyweds; Alan tries to catch Sean and Monica having an affair; Anna is intrigued by Port Charles newcomer, Duke Lavery.

05:00:00 PM 1991-07133 Robert and Anna's desire to exact revenge upon each other turns passionate; Frisco is amused when he has to set Robert free from Anna's trap; the protest against the ELQ ship goes awry; Robert is shocked to discover the man he's just rescued is his brother.

06:00:00 PM 1994-07967 When elated Frisco tells Tony they've found a heart donor for Maxie, Tony has to break the news that it's BJ's; Tony insists on being there for the procedure and shares a tearful goodbye with his daughter.

07:00:00 PM 1995-08152 Monica is uncomfortable with the idea of sex with Alan after her mastectomy; Mac is furious with Robin when she admits to having slept with Stone; Brenda gives advice to Stone.

08:00:00 PM 1995-08220 Luke and Sonny take out Scully's men in a shootout at Luke's house; Stone worries that his HIV positive blood has gotten on Robin; Brenda is scraped up and scared, but alive; Frisco and Felicia make love.

by Tracyreply 23503/22/2013

09:00:00 PM 1995-08361 Stone sees Robin one last time before he dies; Sonny offers his support; Lucy is convinced that Sigmund the duck is trying to tell her and Kevin that something is wrong.

10:00:00 PM 1995-08381 AJ fights with his family and storms off in a drunken rage; Jason tries to stop him from driving, but AJ won't listen and the two end up in a fateful car crash; Brenda joins Robin and Sonny as they scatter Stone's ashes.

11:00:00 PM 1996-08403 The Quartermaines are shocked at Jason's hostility towards them after his accident; Robin tells Brenda she's attending Sonny and Lily's wedding; Lois is determined to find a way for Ned to still sing in the band.

by Tracyreply 23603/22/2013

Sunday: 12:00:00 AM 1996-08453 Jax distracts heartbroken Brenda with sunshine and shopping sprees, but she still dreams of Sonny; a mix-up has Ned and Lois rushing to the emergency room, each thinking the other is hurt; newcomer Carly Roberts arrives in Port Charles.

01:00:00 AM 1996-08491 Jax and Brenda are married on his yacht; Sonny and Lily's joy over their baby announcement quickly turns to tragedy; Ned and Lois' first anniversary celebration is interrupted by Edward.

02:00:00 AM 1996-08524 Lucky is furious at Laura when she admits that the stranger who saved Lulu's life is actually his brother, Nikolas; the hospital staff reacts to the death of Steve Hardy; Jason manages to comfort both Carly and Robin.

03:00:00 AM 1996-08547 Robin convinces Jason she wants to be with him and the two spend a romantic night together in Montauk; Sonny celebrates Stone's birthday; Nikolas and Stefan cause further conflict in Luke and Laura's marriage.

04:00:30 AM 1996-08586 Bobbie finds Carly in bed with Tony, just as Luke discovers that Carly is Bobbie's missing daughter, Caroline.

05:02:00 AM 1997-08688 Trapped in the cave thinking they're going to die, Sonny and Brenda make love; Jax leads the search to find them; Stefan assures Bobbie that he married her for love; Laura says goodbye to an angry Nikolas.

by Tracyreply 23703/22/2013

06:00:00 AM 1997-08804 Carly carries out her plan, pouring vodka over a drugged AJ, then calling the Quartermaines to tell them he's been drinking - thus ruining Alan and Monica's anniversary celebration; charges are dropped against Sonny, Brenda, and Jax; Jason informs Sonny of his split with Robin, and convinces Sonny to re-hire him.

07:02:00 AM 1997-08829 Brenda is stunned when Sonny leaves her alone at the altar in front of friends and family on their wedding day; AJ wants to know if he is the father of Carly's baby; Jax and V share a moment together.

08:00:00 AM 1997-08883 When Nikolas is seriously hurt in the shootout at Luke's club, Jason's past medical training kicks in and he saves him; Stefan thinks Luke was responsible for Nikolas' injury.

09:00:00 AM 1998-08926 Carly shocks Bobbie with the news that she's Bobbie's daughter; Felicia decides who the real Mac is with a kiss; Robin urges Jason to tell AJ the truth about Michael.

10:00:00 AM 1998-08931 Lucky finds a bruised and battered Elizabeth in the bushes and brings her back to his house; Bobbie gives Elizabeth support and medical advice; Ned and Alexis celebrate Valentine's Day and make love.

11:00:00 AM 1998-08999 At the Cassadines' Bacchanalia Ball, Stefan and Katherine celebrate their engagement in grand style, while Brenda and Jax keep theirs a secret; Luke and Alexis plot Helena's demise; Lucky and Elizabeth share a secret dance outside.

by Tracyreply 23803/22/2013

12:00:00 PM 1998-09080 Devastated over Brenda's apparent death, Jax reflects on the highlights of their relationship; Elizabeth gives Lucky a meaningful gift and they share their first kiss.

01:00:00 PM 1999-09166 After Robin stuns AJ with the news that he's Michael's biological father, she rushes to tell Jason what she's done; AJ confronts Carly; Emily is upset when she catches Nikolas and Katherine in bed together.

02:00:00 PM 1999-09232 In the aftermath of the fire, Lucky's body is identified; Luke and Laura pay a traumatic visit to the morgue; Elizabeth mourns Lucky's death; Laura breaks the news to Lulu.

03:00:00 PM 2003-10318 Elizabeth is stunned to find the panic room and Carly in it; Sonny starts to believe Jason that Ric is responsible for Carly's disappearance; Dillon turns down Edward's bail money when Edward insults Georgie; Nikolas and Zander tend to a fragile Emily.

04:00:00 PM 2004-10467 With the Port Charles Hotel on fire, Luke demands that they use a lottery system to organize who gets rescued by the helicopter first; Carly and Sonny fall through the hotel floor as it caves in; Emily is devastated to leave Nikolas behind in the burning building as she boards the helicopter.

05:00:00 PM 2004-10673 Nikolas and Emily wed knowing that Nikolas will soon be arrested for murder; Sam drunkenly kisses Jason; Luke plays along with Heather's delusion in the hope of locating Skye and Laura.

by Tracyreply 23903/22/2013

06:00:00 PM 2005-10912 When the trains collide, Robin is trapped; Jason is determined to rescue Sam; Alexis goes into labor; Elizabeth fears for injured Lucky's life.

07:00:00 PM 2006-10979 Bobbie and Lucas are at Tony's side as he succumbs to the virus; Patrick tells Emily it's up to her whether Sonny or Nikolas should get the anecdote; Carly and Jason form a plan to rescue Lucky.

08:00:00 PM 2006-11177 In an extravagant celebration, Luke and Laura renew their vows on the 25th anniversary of their first wedding; Jason and Sam find some time for romance amidst the danger that surrounds them and their new ally, Spinelli.

09:00:00 PM 2007-11240 In the aftermath of the hostage crisis, the victims are reunited with their loved ones; Elizabeth has a shocking revelation for Jason; the Quartermaines sit by Alan's bedside as he fights for his life.

10:00:00 PM 2008-11677 Robin and Patrick introduce their family to newborn Emma Grace; Luke attempts to save Laura, who is trapped in Scotty's car as it dangles over the edge of a cliff; Nikolas and Lulu break into Scotty's hotel room.

11:00:00 PM 2012-12692 Ned and Skye return to town for Edward's funeral; the Quartermaines reflect on their memories of Edward and then gather for a traditional Q Thanksgiving filled with fighting, family, and pizza.

by Tracyreply 24003/22/2013

How sad that they seemed to have ignored Decker and Dawn.

by Tracyreply 24103/22/2013

Thanks for posting the list of SoapNet episodes. Damn, wish they were showing the episodes in order.

But at least they're showing a lot of 80s episodes and are going lite on the 2000s episodes.

by Tracyreply 24203/22/2013

I'm surprised (disappointed) that there are so many from the 90s and so few from the 70s and early 80s.

by Tracyreply 24303/23/2013

r243, I'm thinking it's because it's easier to retrieve the 90s than the 80s or 70s. They also probably think the 90s viewers are still around today than the 80s/70s.

by Tracyreply 24403/23/2013

I really need to understand why they are treating Tristan Rogers so shabbily? GH had one of the best stories right at their feet and they chose Sabrina and John McBain instead? Which hasn't worked out too well. But why didn't they move heaven and earth to fix it - there was still plenty of time to wake up Robert.

It doesn't make sense.

by Tracyreply 24503/23/2013

Did y'all see Jackie Zeaman's face. Eeeessh! It is like someone ripped her lips off of her face, pumped them up, and then scotch taped them back. And those cheeks. I though Leslie Charleson was bad, but oh dear.

Old soap divas, call Dee Hall before you get any work done.

by Tracyreply 24603/23/2013

r246 Jackie looked a lot better on Friday than she did the last time we say her on GH, which was 2010 or so.

Yes, she's had plastic surgery. Lots of it. But she still looks like Jackie Zeman.

When she was last on it 2010, I think it was for Carly's wedding to Jax, she was unrecognizable. I though she was a background extra. Then when she spoke the 2-3 lines they gave her that day, I still didn't know who she was. It was only when someone referred to her as Bobbie that I knew. Her face in 2010 was SCARY.

by Tracyreply 24703/23/2013

R247 Jax and Carly got married in 2006; I think the last time Jackie was on was when Michael got shot but it was before 2010.

by Tracyreply 24803/23/2013

Make chow chow instead

by Tracyreply 24903/23/2013

r248 Maybe I'm wrong about the particular event. My recollection is that Bobbie was at some family type event. Maybe it was Jocelyn's christening or somebody's wedding.

It was an event that one would expect Bobbie to attend. I remember because I was looking for her

My whole point was that the last time she was on GH, whether it was 2009 or 2010, the plastic surgery had rendered her unrecognizable.

by Tracyreply 25003/23/2013

Unrealistic that Laura hasn't even mentioned her mother. Has Lesley been in Paris with her all this time? Does she know about Scotty and Laura? Bobbi jumps a plane from Seattle in hours to be with Luke and Laura during Lulu's abduction, but Lesley ...? Not even a phone call to indicate she hasn't slipped into another coma?

by Tracyreply 25103/23/2013

They should have said that Bobbie was in a fire and has been in Seattle having her face reconstructed or something. I can't believe JZ had the nerve to return looking like this.

by Tracyreply 25203/23/2013

Does anyone know why Marcy Rylan is going by Emme Rylan when she joins GH? She's already been on two shows. A bit late to change your name no?

by Tracyreply 25303/23/2013

It's not that bad, r252.

by Tracyreply 25403/23/2013

She is one of the plastics.

by Tracyreply 25503/24/2013

"Maybe he just seduced her while a string quartet played 'Lady of My Heart.'"

I couldn't stop laughing after that.

by Tracyreply 25603/24/2013

Why did Bobbie move to Seattle? I havn't watched Friday's show yet.

by Tracyreply 25703/24/2013

No, it wasn't explained why Bobbie is living in Seattle. Bobbi has some scenes coming up with Scotty and Carly, so maybe we will get an explanation (or maybe not). Btw, Jackie Zeman has tweeted that her stay on GH is open-ended.

by Tracyreply 25803/24/2013

I think the Seattle thing is to explain where Bobbie has been all this time.

I don't like it when they just act like they've been in town the whole time.

I agree about Lesley. Her absence is the most glaring.

A nice 'remember when we were bitter enemies' scene with Monica NEEDS to be a part of GH50.

by Tracyreply 25903/24/2013

Monica gets three visitors this week: her old friend Audrey Hardy drops by to reminisce about Steve; her dead husband Alan drops in for a ghostly visit to spar, banter and reminisce; and her supposedly dead ex-lover Rick Webber shows up, completely blindsiding her.

by Tracyreply 26003/24/2013

Denise Alexander was tied up finishing The Inn. That's why she couldn't show up yet. Her return is planned.

It would have made better sense to have a random line of dialogue that Lelsey is on a cruise and will return soon or something.

by Tracyreply 26103/24/2013

So we're all thinking Ellie Trout, the young lady who doesn't want to bring children into this decaying brutal world, is the missing Q heir, Lauren Franco ... right?

Or are we all thinking that with his scenes with Tracy lately, Spinelli (who just talked about being raised by his grandparents and never knowing his parents) is the missing heir? Maybe Franco lied or just thought he had a daughter?

And is anyone thinking how gay Rick Springfield's son Liam Sprinthorpe is?

by Tracyreply 26203/24/2013

r261, there is just SOOOO much going on and being crammed into these 5 second scenes that they just don't have time to drop a little random line like that.

by Tracyreply 26303/24/2013

An old 80's 20/20 spot on GH at it's height of popularity:

by Tracyreply 26403/24/2013

People Magazine did a great job on a GH tribute book.

by Tracyreply 26503/24/2013

if Franco is Spinelli's father then Emma Lutz is his mother.

by Tracyreply 26603/24/2013

Who's the one fan fave who hasn't come back that you'd like to see?

My vote goes to Lesley.

by Tracyreply 26703/24/2013

[quote]People Magazine did a great job on a GH tribute book.

It really is well done, although it was clearly but together a few months ago, as they feature a lot of actors who have left.

I do give them a lot of credit for a sidebar that mentions in the '00 how Sonny took over the show.

[quote]Who's the one fan fave who hasn't come back that you'd like to see?

Most of my favorites have come back (except Lesley), but what I'd really like to see is them do a tribute to Steve and Jessie like they did for Edward and Lila at Edward's funeral.

Failing that, Sean and Tiffany. I showed my husband their wedding on YouTube a few nights ago, and even he cracked up at "Elsie Mae Crumholtz."

by Tracyreply 26803/25/2013

Oh dear God. Somebody tell me this was just a plant to get something going and not a real plan for GH.

by Tracyreply 26903/25/2013

Who says ABC is not ruthless?

by Tracyreply 27003/25/2013

This plan for Bovina, RH and ME will fail, utterly. I despise Carlivati, and Valentini is also to blame for this mess.

by Tracyreply 27103/25/2013


by Tracyreply 27203/25/2013

Not sure what the real problem going on between ABC and Prospect Park is. But this is turning out to be a pissing contest.

There aren't going to be any winners, just losers. The biggest loser will be the OLTL and GH fans.

This plan to come up with three dead ringer characters for the Llanview Three is ridiculous. Work it out!

Easton and Alderson should be willing to go back to OLTL for a short period if only out of loyalty sake -- OLTL made them stars; they wouldn't be on GH now if OLTL hadn't created the characters.

Can't we get Judge Judy to go in there and be peacemaker?

by Tracyreply 27303/25/2013

Caught an old episode of OLTL this morning on SoapNet.

Does anybody know what month/year they are currently airing?

Eli Clark and Cole Thornheart were still on the show I saw this morning. The Ford Brothers were already integrated into the canvas as well.

by Tracyreply 27403/25/2013

Can someone please explain how Prospect Park can tell ABC what to do with characters that they (ABC) own? Yes, PP has licensed the characters, but they can't just do anything with them without ABC's permission right? Can a business or copyright or patent major please weigh in on this?

Also, didn't Dark Shadows used to use the same actors in multiple roles? I think the audience will be fine. I just don't understand why they want Alderson back. I can understand Easton and Howarth, but what does Alderson bring to the table other than her homewrecking cooter?

by Tracyreply 27503/25/2013

R271 - Your hatred of RC is rather amusing. Do you know him personally? I doubt he had any say in this - this would be the EP and other higherups I would imagine. But it is a bad idea. If the vampire crud did not sink the show, this surely will.

by Tracyreply 27603/25/2013

Easton can play Valentin Cassadine. KA can play Serena Baldwin and RH can play a member of the new family Carlivati is bringing on this summer. It probably won't work but maybe it will. They've surprised us before.

The sticking point here was that PP wants to retain creative control of the characters. They were willing to let GH keep them but they wanted to dictate what RC could and could not do with them and they wanted them back when their stories called for it. This has turned into a huge pissing contest between PP and FV & RC.

by Tracyreply 27703/25/2013

r277, Valentin Cassadine would be Sam's uncle, and I'm guessing that the show wants to continue the Monaco-Easton chemistry.

The most obvious choice for Alderson is to recast her as Lauren Franco.

Howarth could play Sam's bio-daddy. This is RC's GH - Howarth playing Sam's father isn't too far-fetched.

I expect ABC, RC and FV want the viewers to play along with this - sort of a "look the other way", but this is just too weird. I think the best thing for them to have done is ask themselves who is most valuable to the show and pick one. If that person needs to play a different character, it's easier to swallow than three new characters.

Alderson is definitely dispensible. It's a toss up between Howarth and Easton. Personally, I think Easton has more of a future on GH than Howarth ever did.

PP comes out very bad in this.

by Tracyreply 27803/25/2013

R278, they're not going to make Bovina the Q because then she would be first cousins with Headwound Quartermaine, thus ending the ~amazing~ Duell/Alderson (on-screen) pairing. She'll be Serena Baldwin, unfortunately.

by Tracyreply 27903/25/2013

PP owns the characters via the license. Thus story control. They were willing to collaborate but Ron is furious that they are concluding the two Todds saga without him as TSJ is back. He also was incensed when they made GH cut sex for John and Sam and Todd and Carly prior to the exits. It's been a long time since anyone told Ron he was not in charge of OLTL and he is not taking it well. He thought Llanview and PC were both his playgrounds indefinitely. ABC is bluffing on new characters. They aren't happy about OLTL exercising story rights and RH signing an open deal with PP. He wants to do both shows.

Here is a TVG article with OLTL pics and story deets.

by Tracyreply 28003/25/2013

Entertainment Weekly weighs in in favor of OLTL

by Tracyreply 28103/25/2013

r274 I'm pretty sure the Soapnet reruns are at around summer of 2010 right now.

by Tracyreply 28203/25/2013


Howarth as Sam's daddy ?

Did Alexis rape him when he was 10 ?

Easton can't play Valentin because of Sam's Cassadine blood. ME and KM have too much smoldering heat to not pair them romantically.

KA is useless but I bet they make her Lucy and Scott's kid or Lucy and Kevin's

by Tracyreply 28303/25/2013


I imagine the truth is somewhere in the middle.

by Tracyreply 28403/25/2013

Isn't Valentin a distant cousin of the PC Cassadine's? They're barely related. We've had cousins fucking on these shows before!

by Tracyreply 28503/25/2013

Pickle relish? I'm *still* sick and on the Tums after eating that crap Ellie cooked up.

by Tracyreply 28603/25/2013

R268, I love that too re: sonny and the line that GH could have been called in the 00's: "it's always SONNY in port charles"


by Tracyreply 28703/25/2013

I can understand PP wanting to have some say over the Llanview Three. It would be weird for Blair to get married or get shot and not have her daughter Starr there for her mother. Or for baby Liam to have a crisis on OLTL and John be romancing Sam on GH, oblivious to the crisis.

When they spun Iris off of Another World to Texas, it was always strange that her father Mac didn't show up for her wedding or whatever crisis befall her.

But coordinating storylines on two shows takes a lot of work. For the first few years of Port Charles, they managed to do crossovers between between PC and GH frequently, especially with the Nurses Ball. Once they started the vampire storylines on PC, the two shows split into separate universes.

Given the animosity between PP and ABC, it doesn't sound like either is willing to coordinate the storylines.

by Tracyreply 28803/25/2013

R285, I'm pretty sure that Valentin was another illegitimate child of Mikkos, that would make him Sam's uncle.

by Tracyreply 28903/25/2013

Valentin was supposed to be Mikkos' son, thus making him Sam's uncle.

I'm pretty sure Mac attended Iris' wedding to Alex Wheeler. May be wrong, but I thought he did.

Crossovers are always difficult to maintain. Look at the case of Knots Landing. It was highly successful in maintaining communication with its mother ship Dallas through the early seasons, but then the "Dream Season" destroyed all connection forever.

by Tracyreply 29003/26/2013

This is going to wreak havoc on GH's storylines too. John and Starr abruptly left PC last week and now they'll never be back? There was too much unfinished business left on the table. At least I thought there was more of a closure between Todd and Carly for the most part. The worst part is now we're going to end up with recast John and Starr on OLTL in a few months and thats going to suck.

by Tracyreply 29103/26/2013

I wish that Sabrina would turn out to be the missing Quartermaine heir because it would really piss off Britt. Wasn't Sabrina's mother a nurse at the hospital? Even better maybe, is if it would be Elizabeth so she and AJ could really stir things up with Pickle Lila against Tracy. But, that isn't logically possible -- is it?

by Tracyreply 29203/26/2013

If Spinelli is somehow the missing heir then Maxie is carrying the next generation of Quartermaines so it could get very interesting.

by Tracyreply 29303/26/2013

Ooh, you're right R293!

by Tracyreply 29403/26/2013

In yesterday's show, Britt met her foreign-sounding mother in the park. I'm wondering if Britt's father may be a Cassadine? Victor?

by Tracyreply 29503/26/2013

The early rumors were that Britt's father was most likely Faison, but I started wondering the same thing, R295.

Whatever names Todd and John come back with, they had better still have the same personalities. As they were, they meshed with the rest of the ensemble, they had the right vibe. It just felt right.

by Tracyreply 29603/26/2013

It sounds by what I have been reading that they will be playing characters that will be totally different from what they have been playing. I can't imagine RH playing anything but that spoiled sociopath. He doesn't have much range does he? He even played Todd when he was playing Paul Ryan on ATWT.

by Tracyreply 29703/26/2013

FINALLY - mention of Lesley!!(Although no doubt due to the fact that Rick Webber returns in a couple of more days).

Smart to inform us she has been staying with Nikolas in Italy. Makes sense that Lesley and Laura have not been so far apart all these years.

Genie Francis was great today as the worried mother. Love that the show always acknowledges Liz and Laura's friendship.

by Tracyreply 29803/26/2013

Bobbi and Scotty worked so well together today. Loved their scenes, and nice to hear Bobbi filling in the gaps of her absence. Looks like Lucas will be the man Felix has been waiting for. Not exactly the dramatic legacy-implications that a Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis coupling have on their soap, but a gay couple none the less for GH.

It would be cool if Morgan Corinthos came back a horny gay stud.

by Tracyreply 29903/26/2013

Although he didn't shoot Nikolas, I find it hard to believe that Anna and Dante would take Shawn's word in the park that he had nothing to do with Nikolas' shooting. He's running from the cops in a hoodie with a gun and all he has to say is "Come on guys, you know me - I wouldn't shoot anybody." With cops like that on the force, who needs laws?

by Tracyreply 30003/26/2013

Who could play Lucas? Van Hansis? I think he would be perfect casting.

by Tracyreply 30103/26/2013

r290 Mac Cory and Brian Bancroft each made one day crossover visits to see Iris in Texas within the first 6 weeks of the show's debut. Those were the only visits from Bay City residents.

No, Mac was not at the wedding where Alex Wheeler was shot. When P&G had their old soap episodes up on AOL a few years ago, I rewatched it. No Mac.

There were a few one-sided phone calls to Mac from Iris. But they were generic. Didn't even reference the action happening in Bay City.

by Tracyreply 30203/26/2013

John, Todd and Starr all done at GH. Will have to play new characters or recast as former characters.

Hard to imagine KA or RH as anybody else.

by Tracyreply 30303/26/2013

Pathetic. Without the success of the OLTL/GH hybrid, they wouldn't even HAVE their re-boot today. If they honored that with a few concessions they would have had a goldmine in cross-promotional value and fan-base goodwill.

by Tracyreply 30403/26/2013

PP wanted cross promotion and collaboration.

GH was furious to be asked to share OLTL characters with the company they'd borrowed them from. Ron and Frank are not used to sharing. Had to be forced by ABC to even negotiate but reacted badly to realization PP wields final say on story.

by Tracyreply 30503/26/2013

Allegedly this is the new Starr. Her name is Jessie Melakouti.

by Tracyreply 30603/26/2013

Not only that R300, but then Dante picked up Shawn's gun and handed it back to him. Come on! Any other cop would have at least confiscated the gun (does Shawn have a concealed carry license?) and done a gunshot residue test just to rule him out. Had the real shooter not died, he would have claimed that Shawn was the shooter and been acquitted because they never investigated him because they "knew him."

by Tracyreply 30703/26/2013

Thank jebus!

by Tracyreply 30803/26/2013

[quote]The worst part is now we're going to end up with recast John and Starr on OLTL in a few months and thats going to suck.

Did I read this correctly??! A re-cast Todd, Starr and John on OLTL? I thought that Alderson, Easton and Roger were returning to the webcast reboot! No?

At least we won't have any more adolescent bed scenes with that Duel kid and Alderson.

by Tracyreply 30903/26/2013

Todd won't be recast, at least not at first, Horwath is returning for a short time.

by Tracyreply 31003/26/2013

Roger Howarth returning to OLTL for two and a half months. Good for him.

by Tracyreply 31103/26/2013

ME was asked to come for 4 weeks, KA for one week. No dice.

by Tracyreply 31203/26/2013

Just read the article that said Alderson, Howarth and Easton returning to GH as new characters. This is crazy!

by Tracyreply 31303/26/2013


KA will play Serena Baldwin

RH will play Alexander Cassadine-son of Tony Cassadine and Alexandra Quartermaine. He has been hid away by his uncle to protect him from the C's

ME will play Mark Morley a distant relative of Caleb Morley who comes to PC to research the tie between Stephan Clay and Caleb Morley.

by Tracyreply 31403/26/2013


RH didn't return for 2 and a half months. He returned for 1 month but he taped enough to air for 2 and half months.

by Tracyreply 31503/26/2013

The actress who took over Jackie Zeman's role, who is she? I never watched GH back then but I know who Zeman is. This actress looks like Katharine Helmond.

by Tracyreply 31603/26/2013

R314 How will they explain Alexandra and Tony having a son - they were both frozen to death before having any child.

The new Starr is a pretty version of KA.

by Tracyreply 31703/26/2013

Please God no more of the Caleb/Stephen Clay bullshit!!

by Tracyreply 31803/26/2013

"When you're about to turn 50...."

Lots and lots of Helena. Although I love her dearly, she really needs Robert to help her sparkle.

by Tracyreply 31903/26/2013

This might be what you're looking for.

by Tracyreply 32003/26/2013

Thanks, VOTN. Great preview! Can't wait.

by Tracyreply 32103/26/2013

Is Zeman's Frankenstein face taking anyone else out of the story?

by Tracyreply 32203/26/2013

R322, actually, I thought it'd be worse.

The show explained where Lesley's been today -- in Nikolas' Italian villa with Spencer.

Lesley should be back in Port Charles for GH's 50th.

by Tracyreply 32303/26/2013

Do you think they'll bring Richard Simmons or Rick Springfield back? Springfield is back on the talk show circuit it seems.

by Tracyreply 32403/26/2013

r323, it has already been explained that Denise Alexander is busy on another project. She will be back soon, however.

by Tracyreply 32503/26/2013

While watching the show today, I just knew some homophobic cunts would be upset at Emma saying that Felix likes boys and sure enough, I went to SOC and some asshole was concerned about Emma being aware of what 'gay' meant and losing her innocence too young. Someone else accused Carvalati of pushing his own agenda, and then went on to assure everyone that they did not care if people were straight, gay or bi- yeah, and I am sure some of their best friends are black. Fortuntely, some cool posters got in their face about why it actually bothered them. Some days I just friggin hate people!

by Tracyreply 32603/26/2013

Nurses' Ball tidbits: Noah Drake will not only be performing "Jessie's Girl" at the Nurses Ball, but will gravitate towards his ex-lover Bobbie Spencer; he'll be jealous that Bobbie's other ex-lover Scott Baldwin is back in her life as well.

Amy Vining will be given a moving tribute, alongside Jessie Brewer and Steve Hardy.

There's all kinds of "Fuck Yous" to Guza, Frons and JFP going on here!

by Tracyreply 32703/26/2013

r324 - Springfield is back to perform and visit with his Patrick and his ex-lover Bobbie.

Richard Simmons starts his guest appearences this week.

by Tracyreply 32803/26/2013

I loved General HospiTALE

by Tracyreply 32903/29/2013

Anybody watching the 50th anniversary weekend on soapnet?

by Tracyreply 33003/29/2013

I was thinking that a thread with a headline about pickle relish that had hit 330 posts must b3e some remarkable thread.

Alas, a sub rosa soap thread.

by Tracyreply 33103/29/2013

Looks like we are back!

by Tracyreply 33203/30/2013

Here you go, R329.

The "General Hospi-tale" 'rap' with some accompanying scenes from the show

by Tracyreply 33303/30/2013

That location scene at the "harbor" with Devane and Dante on Wednesday's show was interesting. It was pretty green for March in Port Charles, upstate NY on the Great Lake...were those palm trees I saw in the background?

by Tracyreply 33403/30/2013

R334- GH is taped in California.

by Tracyreply 33503/30/2013

I know GH is taped in California, r335. That was my point. But, as I understand the history and geography of GH, the show is set in a medium-sized city in upstate New York on one of the Great Lakes--so it's like Rochester (Lake Ontario) or Buffalo (Lake Erie). Could the Haunted Star really have made it to "international waters" in the Atlantic overnight? I suspend my disbelief.

I like that the producers go for outdoor locations once in a while, but fully green settings in late March, let alone palm trees, are kind of funny. Didn't Dr. wicked witch of Westwhatever just slip on the ice a couple of weeks ago?

Meanwhile the marathon of 80s classic episodes on SoapNet is weirdly compelling. Emma Samms as Holly--Jesus, she was good in a thankless role.

Nice holiday weekend for TV--the classic GH marathon on Soap and the Doctor Who marathon on BBCA leading up to tonight's season premiere.

by Tracyreply 33603/30/2013

I'm not complaining, but I thought this thread was closed.

Am watching the marathon stuff now on cable.

There's an Ice Princess episode going on and Steve and Audrey are in it. They were smart to include them.

These shows should never totally jettison beloved veteran characters.

by Tracyreply 33703/30/2013

R336, R335 here. I figured that you did know that as most everyone here is a fan. However I did that after I hit post. Apologies.

by Tracyreply 33803/30/2013

R338, that is so cool of you.

No on DL every apologizes.

Tone is so easy to misinterpret on the DL.

by Tracyreply 33903/30/2013

Genie and Lady Geary can't even pretend to hide their general dislike/animosity of each other.

I've watched the show on and off for years, and they've always been able to channel the magic when Genie's there, but this time? Nothing. Zip. Zilch.

Not a surprise, though. They spent years dismantling the L&L legend so maybe it just needs to stay dead.

by Tracyreply 34003/30/2013

R340, that's fine; let it stay dead, but dear God, tell us the story.

Tell the story about how they grew apart.

(Luke and Laura; not Tony and Genie.)

by Tracyreply 34103/30/2013

Yep, R341. Agreed.

Not only that but there's a whole story with Laura and her years being ill and how she recovered.

by Tracyreply 34203/30/2013

Rumor out there that TG's back is really bad and he's done. May.

by Tracyreply 34303/30/2013

Well I really enjoyed seeing the sausage baskets and asscracks of the '79 - '84 male castmates that were reran on Soapnet this past Saturday.

by Tracyreply 34403/30/2013

r344, that sounds disgusting. I would rather drink 2 buck check than water down my wine with olive oil.

by Tracyreply 34503/30/2013

Did Helena really give The Haunted Star to Luke and Laura as a wedding gift? I didn't realize THS had been a part of the GH mythology for so many years. Where was it all those years it wasn't being used as a floating casino?

by Tracyreply 34603/30/2013

I was surprised that the Floating Rib has been around for thirty years or more!

Blackie's (John Stamos) bulge was very impressive in a show that reran yesturday.

by Tracyreply 34703/31/2013

I noticed that too r347. I really enjoyed the reruns yesterday and cried like a baby (again) during the eps when BJ and Stone died.

by Tracyreply 34803/31/2013

I cried too.

These reruns really bring home the debacle of how they totally destroyed this soap the past decade. I hope the new regime brings it back.

by Tracyreply 34903/31/2013

Luke had turned the Haunted Star into a nightclub back in the 80s but later sold it right before Laura returned from the dead (being held captive by the Cassadines). Guza brought it back but it was never explained how Luke got ahold of it again; then it turned into a casino.

Geary looks really, really bad. I don't think it is hostility between Geary and Francis, just he appears to be not feeling well. Bet they ride off into the sunset together if he really is leaving.

by Tracyreply 35003/31/2013

Please unfreeze me.

by Tracyreply 35103/31/2013

I mean now. A bitch is COLD!

by Tracyreply 35203/31/2013

Genie and Tony despise each other. Tony refuses to run lines with her. During the taping of the recent Haunted Star scenes, Tony and Constance were laughing and joking around and Genie was off to the side, standing by herself, not participating or having any fun. No offense, but I don't feel sorry for her. If it wasn't for her ego, she could have been like Melody Thomas Scott, Lucci, Hall, Slezak, and Zimmer.

by Tracyreply 35303/31/2013


I can believe that. I don't think GF's husband helps matters either. He fills her head with all kinds of stuff.

That whole Oprah appearance, when Oprah had to cut almost the whole interview because GF went off, had to be the straw that broke the camel's back. Not that I think TG is perfect or anything - but he never takes it public.

Can you tell me the truth behind them not bringing TR back? The whole tied to Robin thing just doesn't add up. They could have written around that. In watching the marathon, Robert just shone through all his scenes.

by Tracyreply 35403/31/2013

I've watched the Oprah interview and I honestly don't know why TG would get upset with Genie over that interview, I think TG is in bad health for whatever reason and that's showing. Also, I still think there is more to Laura's attitude towards everything than meets the eye

by Tracyreply 35503/31/2013

Genie admitted herself that most of what she said on Oprah was cut and never shown. They were supposed to get a bit part of the show - like Susan Lucci did. What we saw was only a few minutes and you could tell by their body language that something was not good.

Genie admitted that after the Oprah interview she doubted GH would ever hire her again. But - they did. She has been going around saying some wonderful things about GH this time around. I would guess that was part of her deal.

Some people just handle resentment better than others. And I'm sure she has her reasons. I just don't think you say it on Oprah - in such a manner that it had to be cut from the show. And then expect all things to be rosy.

by Tracyreply 35603/31/2013

Tony was smart. He realized that he was never going to get anything better than Luke, came back and built a nice little niche for himself. He has a dream schedule and gets to live a pretty decent life. All Genie had to do was stick it out, play what was given to her and she'd be the Queen Bee on that set right now.

by Tracyreply 35703/31/2013

But what did she say that was so bad?

by Tracyreply 35803/31/2013

That scene in which Laura came aboard Luke and grabbed him by the collar after he tried to inject adrenaline into Nikolas' bloodstream was the best thing I have seen on this show in years. You could feel the tension between these two performers explode. Francis had that scene bagged, and it didn't help Geary that Luke came off looking really bad.

There is no indication that Luke and Laura are reuniting. Rumours are still going around that this is Geary's swan song; Francis has a full-time contract. I'm thinking we will be seeing Laura stay in PC this time around without Luke.

by Tracyreply 35903/31/2013

If TG is out, Does anyone think they will actually kill him? Maybe saving Lulu or Nicholas

by Tracyreply 36003/31/2013

Geary and Francis have had their ups and downs. They were good for a long time but apparently at some point in the early 2000s or thereabouts Genie refused to kiss Geary because she assumed he was HIV positive. Whether he was or not is unknown, although the book that featured this story - an academic book on soaps - said that it was widely assumed Geary is gay.

Things have not been good between them since. There may have been a thaw in the ice, but they apparently will never be as close as they once were. And for the first time, in all their comings and goings, I'm seeing it on screen. It mostly reads as Genie is OVER Tony.

by Tracyreply 36103/31/2013

That cast picture taken last week - whole cast seated in background-with Geary on a stool, seated a good deal in front of them - has to have a story behind it!

by Tracyreply 36203/31/2013

r346, the Haunted Star has been part of the show since the Ice Princess story. Named the Titan, it was the yacht that was taking all of the pivotal players of the Cassadine's plot to rule the world to their secret island in the Aegean. Luke, Laura and Robert stowed away on the ship while Tony Cassadine and his brother Victor entertained their lady loves Alexandria Quartermaine and Tiffany Hill respectively, along with the other mysterious businessmen and wealthy elite that were in on the grand plot. Laura and Luke disguised themselves as staff (Laura donned her black wig that she used during the Frank Smith storyline). When the yacht was docked, the trio were able to escape unawares into the jungle and set up camp while trying to figure out where the guests on the yacht disappeared to (eventually discovering they were all in an underground lair).

Fast forward to after the island adventure and Luke and Laura are back in Port Charles about to get married. Mikkos' widow Helena Cassadine sweeps into town to ostensibly make amends with the city of Port Charles. She donates millions of dollars to GH, and strangely gifts the married couple with the Cassadine yacht. No one was aware that Helena real intention was to curse the couple at the moment of their nuptials and the yacht was to be a "receptacle" of that curse its new owners would be poisoned by their ownership of it).

As a way to gain control of the past that almost killed them, Luke and Laura agreed to take ownership and turn the place into a floating nightclub. They renamed it The Haunted Star to figure into Laura's new job as the model for the "Ms Star Eyes" campaign. Her photographer David Gray was a strange mystery man with hypnotic eyes who had secret plans for his new model. The storyline had a blatant undercurrent of the supernatural, beginning with Liz Taylor's violet eyes casting spells on the couple to David Gray's power of hypnotism. Laura disappeared into the fog during this storyline (chased by David Gray and his hypnotic eyes); a couple of years later, after Laura returned from what was declared a drowning death on the docks two years before, we learned Gray was paid by Helena to torment and kidnap Laura and stage her death.

During the years Laura was presumed dead, Luke had sold the Haunted Star to bury the past once and for all. I don't think it was ever explained how he came back into ownership of it during the Guza years.

by Tracyreply 36303/31/2013

I too have enjoyed watching the Soapnet marathon- especially episodes up till the mid-80's.

As much as I loved Clair Labine's writing, it is not as fun to re-watch as the early 80's stuff.

As awful as Emma Samms was on Dynasty, she really shined as Holly on GH.

by Tracyreply 36403/31/2013

Scroll down to photo's. Do you think this was done to pay respect to TG or is it some kind of sign that he really is leaving?

by Tracyreply 36503/31/2013

The star always is either in the center or in a position that sets them apart.

by Tracyreply 36603/31/2013

Emma was simply awful as Fallon, but, yes, radiant as Holly.

Tristan and Emma were, in their own way, more fun to watch than any other couple on GH.

Their friendship turned to romance was a wonderful story; viewers were there every step of the way.

by Tracyreply 36703/31/2013

r357, Francis has always been more restless and ambivalent about the L&L phenonemon than Geary was. She has come and gone constantly through the years,trying out other stuff, while he has essentially stayed rooted to the spot. For Geary, it was a success beyond his wildest dreams, a success that took everybody by surprise because he was such an untradtional leading man and sex symbol. He took the opportunity he was given to make something out of it with the sheer force of his personality.

Francis was more of a traditional leading lady who gained her edge through the L&L pairing (typical suburban blonde damsel-in-distress finding love with a gutter rat). Her pairing with Geary really pushed her to be more than the atypical soap heroine. The goings-on backstage was a drama in itself, with the pressure put upon the couple to be the new international stars of television causing a love-hate relationship between Geary and Francis. Thom Racina, writer for the new OLTL, talked in a recent interview about his years on GH during its ratings phenonmenon and mentioned how Francis and Geary spent some time not even talking to each other while they were playing the world's most famous lovers.

On top of that, cocaine use backstage in the 80s flowed freely, with executive producer Gloria Monty allowing her stars to be supplied with the drugs they needed to shine. Francis herself got hooked, which I think probably helped sour her perception of the fame that any actress would have killed to have had had that she did.

Francis wanted more than to be just Laura and went out on her own many times throughout the years - trying to establish herself in primetime tv, and accepting other roles on daytime soap operas; she always said she enjoyed her role of Ceara on AMC more than any other role. Although Geary took a break in the mid 80s, he has always recognized that GH would be the only job he could have in which he could assert his own personality. He's a wonderful actor, but he doesn't have alot of range, whereas Francis would probably think of herself as an actor instead of a personality. But no matter what, GH sucks her back. She is, always will be Laura first and foremost and ends up coming back to it. That probably has helped sustain a conflicted feeling about L&L, Laura and GH.

I'm not surprised Francis and Geary have always had a contentious relationship from the early years because each have handled the success they were handed all those years ago much differently. But in the end, they are professionals who get the job done no matter how they feel about what's going on in the scripts. And whether they like it or not, when they are in a room together, they somehow create a spark that no other couple ever will in the history of TV.

by Tracyreply 36803/31/2013

r362, could be his back problem, not to mention the symbolism of being the show's most famous vet.

by Tracyreply 36903/31/2013

I don't think Y&R does a cast photo with ER separate and in front!

by Tracyreply 37003/31/2013

Y&R is Y&R. GH is GH.

by Tracyreply 37103/31/2013

I thought the same thing, R369. His back problem is the likeliest reason for the stool.

Tony at 25:

by Tracyreply 37203/31/2013

[quote] And whether they like it or not, when they are in a room together, they somehow create a spark that no other couple ever will in the history of TV.

I agreed with everything you said to this point. They have made magic every other time - consistently - but something really seems to be "off" this time.

by Tracyreply 37303/31/2013

The problem is the five-second scenes that typify Carlivati's writing these days. L & L can't possibly build an emotional arc when they're always being interrupted by Spinelli or something. GH is kind of fun at the moment, but it has absolutely no tension or depth.

by Tracyreply 37403/31/2013


It isn't just RC's writing, it's all soaps now. Scenes used to be SO long compared to now.

by Tracyreply 37503/31/2013

r373, I use the word "spark" very loosely. In this case, a spark doesn't necessarily have to create sexual heat. I read the coldness and alientaion between them that is palpable now, but there is a history that is more powerful than the two of them. When they came face-to-face with each other in years on board the Haunted Star during Valentine Day's celebrations, there was a look they gave each other that spoke volumes. It's powerful. It just comes into play when they are in a room together.

That said, I believe the days of Luke & Laura as a couple are over. I do not see the characters riding off in the sunset together.

by Tracyreply 37603/31/2013

r374, that's a technique that Valentini and Carlivati "perfected" on OLTL. Scenes that ran about 10 minutes in full would be cut through a single episode to about 5-10 second spots. It was meant to adapt to the change in viewer's attention spans, to ensure viewer's interest is sustained and that they would return after the commercial break.

We do not live in a world where people sit down and watch TV like they used to. Or at least the networks behave as if they don't.

by Tracyreply 37703/31/2013

I think the stool in the photo is primarily about Tony's back problems.

But they could placed the stool amidst the sofa and chairs. That would also have called less attention to the fact that Tony is on the stool.

So, I'd say they set the stool apart as a way to symbolize that he's the star of the show.

by Tracyreply 37803/31/2013

R377 it also reduces the ability to fast forward through scenes and gives the feeling of movement. It is kind of sad because that method doesn't allow for those long character driven scenes that soaps used to do so well.

by Tracyreply 37903/31/2013

I hear you, R376.

I think on another thread I compared them to Guiding Light's Roger and Holly....another couple where rape was involved.

They were actually very compelling apart. The show wisely paired them with others but they'd see each other in a scene every other week or so, and they'd have a conversation or a confrontation every other month. And it was completely fascinating for the audience. You looked forward to those scenes.

I could see L&L doing that even if they aren't together, per se.

by Tracyreply 38003/31/2013

I loved Labine's GH. The 80's and 90's were great in different ways. It was very enjoyable to watch.

Can't believe Tristan Rogers is missing from the celebration.

by Tracyreply 38103/31/2013

Geary and Francis are stale and boring this time around. They seem like they (Luke and Laura) don't even like each other much. It is kind of bizarre given their past chemistry. Also, the Ice Princess redux is a piece of shit. RC just recycles stories for the vets; none of it is original.

by Tracyreply 38203/31/2013

R382, your points aren't without merit -- but I'm watching this GH marathon and I'm being reminded of the Sonny-centric days.

I'd take the fan fiction RC is serving up any day over the mob era and Saint Sonny of Corinthos.

This man is a killer yet he apparently could do no wrong.

In what universe does it make sense for Carly to take her son and let him be raised by mobsters instead of a drunken father?

There's AA -- there's not Mobsters Anonymous.

by Tracyreply 38303/31/2013

I agree R383. It was fun watching the pre-mob Jason on some of these old episodes. He was rather bland, but interesting knowing what he would later become.

I'm glad Steve Burton left and Maurice could follow him to Y&R as far as I'm concerned.

by Tracyreply 38403/31/2013

I loved watching the marathon.

The 80s and early 90s episodes were the best.

You could tell when the quality started going downhill. It correlated with the arrival of Guza and his hard on for all things Mob.

I will gladly take RC/FV over anything Guza spit out. In fact, GH is must see TV for me now.

by Tracyreply 38503/31/2013

GH actors are on The View Monday and Katie later in the week.

by Tracyreply 38603/31/2013

R384, I could see Maurice leaving and going to Y&R; but I think he recently re-upped with GH.

Still, he'd come to Genoa City as, let's say, Carlos Constantine, a businessman who'd go up against Victor.

Then, they'd pair him with Phyllis and Maurice would see she's tougher than all four Carly's rolled into one.

I miss the great writing this genre used to have.


by Tracyreply 38703/31/2013

Please, no to non-acting MB on Y&R.

by Tracyreply 38803/31/2013

Finola Hughes and Jason Thompson are going to be on "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire" today and tomorrow.

Helena telling Alexis that she best take care of Nikolas "Or I'll slit your throat just like I did that cow that dropped you" may be my favorite line she's ever said.

It's easy to write Helena wrong, but it's so good when they write her well.

by Tracyreply 38904/01/2013

[quote]During the years Laura was presumed dead, Luke had sold the Haunted Star to bury the past once and for all. I don't think it was ever explained how he came back into ownership of it during the Guza years.

When Helena had Faison kidnap Lucky, she kept him prisoner on the Haunted Star. Once he broke free of her brainwashing, she lived on it while it was anchored in the PC harbor.

I can't tell you how it turned into Johnny and Lulu/Lulu and Starr/Lulu and ?'s club?

by Tracyreply 39004/01/2013

Not sure about Lulu but Johnny gave Starr his ownership as penance for killing Cole and Hope (I know, not really a fair trade).

I watched over the weekend and loved it. The 80's and 90's stories and writing were superb. As soon as the Sonny and Jason Show came on I switched channels.

by Tracyreply 39104/01/2013

I thought it was interesting, some of their choices for "classic" GH. Some of the episodes, while interesting to see, weren't all that classic - and in fact, were an episode before or an episode after what I considered truly "classic episodes". Laura and Scotty's wedding, Luke's seduction of Laura on they yacht (were they basically made out all episode), Dominique dying in Scott's arms, Brenda wearing the wire, Luke seeing Laura alive, Laura saying goodbye to her kids before going back into her 'mental' state.

by Tracyreply 39204/01/2013

This discussion about scenes - I find it interesting that daytime uses these quick cut scenes when once upon a time, they would go on for a LONG time - and you would really get involved in the conversation or argument or whatever it was. Daytime for some reason finds it necessary to update to what they say is the audience's expectations - and yet, hour long prime time dramas still have long scenes. Maybe not to the extent that daytime used to have, but certainly in comparison to these days.

by Tracyreply 39304/01/2013

about Tony and Genie seeming cold together now - it is possible that they are just acting, you know, as actors do, to symbolize the shift in feelings between this super couple. If Tony is leaving, it might be "easier" on fans to know that the relationship is beyond repair and they've moved on.

by Tracyreply 39404/01/2013

The scenes used to be longer and in depth which was better but I did realize that the new writers are going back to switching the stories and characters from day to day like they used to. With exceptions of course you never see the same characters for more than a day or two in a row. They mix it up better.

The last decade you would see Sonny and Jason on for weeks before we got a break from them (at least before I stopped watching).

by Tracyreply 39504/01/2013

Seeing the classic GH episodes made me wonder if they're going to revisit the paternity of AJ now that Rick Webber is coming back.

I didn't watch the original episodes, but it doesn't seem that the proof that AJ was Alan's son was very conclusive at the time.

Rick could now get a more reliable (?) DNA test now.

by Tracyreply 39604/01/2013

Could someone please explain the Cassadines. Are they Russian or Greek or a combo? Are they royalty? What is the story? Did the feud begin when Laura left her child to marry Luke?

by Tracyreply 39704/01/2013

That would be cool r396 - it would open up a whole new story for AJ (getting a sister in Laura and Lulu, Lucky and his new romantic rival Nikolas as family), and taking the Tracy-AJ war to a whole new level by taking it back to Tracy's war against Monica and Rick all those years ago.

Spoilers have Tracy hiring a new cook for the Q mansion. Strange it should be mentioned. Is Rick going to somehow be disguised as the Q's new cook?

by Tracyreply 39804/01/2013

Nelson Branco is reoporting John Stamos is back on GH and has been taping material already for some time.

by Tracyreply 39904/01/2013

Rumour has it that the missing Quartermaine heiress (Lauren Franco) has connections to another powerful Port Charles family.

by Tracyreply 40004/01/2013

[quote]Rumour has it that the missing Quartermaine heiress (Lauren Franco) has connections to another powerful Port Charles family.

Maybe they'll resurrect the Barringtons since Rafe is a descendant. Surely they could find some relative from his mother's side to take him in.

by Tracyreply 40104/01/2013

r397, there are loads os material on the net that can give you a more detailed history, but here's a short run-down.

When the Cassadines were introduced back in 81, there were a powerful internationally powerful family of Greek origin. We met Tony, and then his brother Victor, and finally their older brother Mikkos, who was the official patriarch of the family. Tony died, Mikkos was killed in a struggle with Luke, who with Laura and Robert's help, brought the Cassadine empire down by stopping their plot to control the world through their weather machine; Victor was carted off to prison. We then met Helena cassadine, Mikkos' vengeful widow whoplaced a curse on Luke and Laura for kiling her husband. Helena had Laura kidnapped and held captive on the Cassadine compound somewhere in the Aegean for two years, then let her go when she saw that Mikkos' other brother Stavros was falling in love with Laura. Stavros was later killed in a struggle with Luke over Laura. The Cassadine curse is presumably over.

Fast forward to the mid 90s, when the Cassadines are reintroduced into the story and rewrites are made to make them not only a family of Russian heritage but also make the late Stavros the son of Mikkos and Helena, who are revealed to have had another son Stefan, who has taken care of Laura and Stavros' never-before-known son Nikolas. Helena's vengeance against the Spencers is reignited with Nikolas' reunion with Laura, as well as the fact that Luke killed her husband and beloved elder son Stavros yet again when he returned from the dead (with the help of his mother, who had him frozen all these years).

The Cassadines and the Spencers have been going back and forth against one another for years since then.

by Tracyreply 40204/01/2013

Very cool opening titles today - a montage of all the show's openings through the years.

by Tracyreply 40304/01/2013

If Rick and Lesley Webber are back, it would make sense to have John Stamos' character back as well.

Also, probably why Blackie got a few episodes in the GH marathon.

by Tracyreply 40404/01/2013

"Helena's vengeance against the Spencers is reignited with Nikolas' reunion with Laura, as well as the fact that Luke killed her husband and beloved elder son Stavros yet again when he returned from the dead (with the help of his mother, who had him frozen all these years)."

Clarification: Helena always held it against Luke that he killed Mikkos, but her vandetta was renewed when Luke killed Stavros not once, but twice, when he was returned from the dead. Mikkos never returned from the dead; Stavros did.

by Tracyreply 40504/01/2013

Haven't watched in years... Tuned in today and here are my observations.

* Maurice Bernard still thinks he's Brando, but he's awful.

* I'm glad they brought Jackie Zeman back, but dear god she still looks awful.

* It's nice Monica is still around but Leslie Charleson looks pretty bad too; not Zeman-bad, but bad.

* Tracy is still awesome, but is anyone else troubled that she spends her day talking to a jar of relish?

* the shoot out they had with Luke, Laura, and Helena was the worst-choreographed fight scene I've seen since... Luke fighting with Mikkos Cassedine 30+ years ago.

by Tracyreply 40604/01/2013

I was in a production of MAME with Constance Towers in the 70's.... a real classy lady.

by Tracyreply 40704/01/2013

Will the new Lulu make her first appearance when the character is found or, does Julie Marie Berman still have some time left on her contract?

by Tracyreply 40804/01/2013

I saw Constance Towers in a Lincoln Center revival of Showboat years ago. She had a beautiful voice.

by Tracyreply 40904/01/2013

I don't know who was under the potato sack but it would make me laugh if it was Lulu looking like the kid from Mask.

by Tracyreply 41004/01/2013

New interview with Geary, Shriner and JE spilling on the hedonistic Monty era. Elliot waits to confirm both Monty sisters are dead before letting loose.

Pretty sure FV is lying to them about reuniting Luke and Tracy though. Frank does that

by Tracyreply 41104/01/2013

New cast pic features NuLulu, Jackie Zeman and Vanessa Marcil.

by Tracyreply 41204/01/2013

Lynn, Finola, Jane and Kristina.

by Tracyreply 41304/01/2013

R413's picture is excellent: dreary Genie Francis is not in it and neither are the drips of the younger generation. Center the show around these four and we'd be in business.

by Tracyreply 41404/01/2013

I can't put it all on Genie. She loves cutting loose but GH gives her few chances. Hopefully clocking Luke last week is the start of more. Unfortunately Cartini's work now specializes in 15 second scene. Fun show but too often little depth in stories like Luke and Laura. They don't get to talk and it makes them both suffer. They NEED the time but Frank is only focusing on in out and managing the budget.

Whatever their issues Genie is not the one who retroactively pushed for Luke to be revealed as a serial cheater and wanted him to run down his grandson. That's Tony and his resentment at playing the beloved character Monty created. For as much as he talks her up part of him must know she would never have allowed Luke to become this joke. I know Ron intends to reunite Luke and Laura but today's Luke doesn't deserve her.

by Tracyreply 41504/01/2013

I really do think TG is leaving. And that is why GF is back.

He looks unwell in most of those photo's.

GF never really makes friends on the shows she's on. Maybe she just doesn't care to.

by Tracyreply 41604/01/2013

The best opening is theclassic ambulance opening, it brings me back to my childhood with my Grandmother and Grandfather who both watched the show and are no longer with us.

The FOTH opening from the mid 90s SUCKS, it's too feminine and I hate that Dave Koz cheesy Jazz music.

The ambulance opening is THE iconic GH opening when the show was a phenomenon

I was watching some of the marathon episodes on Soapnet this weekend and rally liked the character Anne Logan, she was a virgunal Nurse what happened to her?

by Tracyreply 41704/01/2013

I waited for decades for Monica to do what she did today.

I know who showed up to see someone in the final act.

I dont' know who's underneath the potato sack (Susan Piper?)

Seriously, I am going off social media till after the show tomorrow.

I want to be surprised.

Like the olden days.

by Tracyreply 41804/01/2013

[quote]Clarification: Helena always held it against Luke that he killed Mikkos, but her vandetta was renewed when Luke killed Stavros not once, but twice, when he was returned from the dead. Mikkos never returned from the dead; Stavros did.

She hated Laura just as much. After the Cassadines were reintroduced, Laura told Luke that she'd once tried to escape from Stavros with Nikolas, only to be met at the airport by Helena, who told her that she'd had Lesley killed. Of course, they retconned that into saying that Stefan had saved her, but it was still a really powerful scene from GF. I almost, ALMOST wish they hadn't resurrected Lesley just because that was so memorable.

Seeing Jackie Z's face from the episode where Carly came out to her (which remains one of my all-time favorite episodes) and contrasting it with her today, it's just sad. She looks a little better than she did a few years ago, but still....

by Tracyreply 41904/01/2013

No one ever talks about the work I've had done. (Hint, hint, Jackie.)

by Tracyreply 42004/01/2013


I'm curious who it is as well. Lucky? Stefan? Robin?

by Tracyreply 42104/01/2013

In the new Soap Digest Vanessa Marcil calls Frank Valentini an alpha male....

And then, these photos. Frank is a big, strapping man.

I think I just came in my shorts.

by Tracyreply 42204/01/2013

Two very telling things. Genie was not in on the TV Guide lunch and Genie and Tony stand on opposite sides at the Stock Exchange opening.

by Tracyreply 42304/01/2013

[quote] I know Ron intends to reunite Luke and Laura but today's Luke doesn't deserve her.

If the TVGuide article is to be believed, Luke and Tracy will get back together.

by Tracyreply 42404/01/2013

418 and 421 it is the new Lulu. Julie Berman is out and has been replaced. Will be interesting how they're going to give her a new face in such a short time.

by Tracyreply 42504/01/2013

R418 Susan Piper? Sounds like Guiding Light to me : )

by Tracyreply 42604/01/2013

Interesting quote from Geary in the TV Guide interview:

[quote]Things were pretty rough there for a while, but they got better as soon as [ABC Daytime chief] Brian Frons left. He hated the soap medium. He hated it from the beginning. He wanted reality TV.

I thought Geary was a huge supporter of Frons & Guza. Maybe it was just Guza?

by Tracyreply 42704/01/2013

Just Guza. He actually did an interview bragging that he, Benard, Burton and Guza were co-writing GH.

Why wouldn't he love Guza?

by Tracyreply 42804/01/2013

Not to give any props to Guza, but Frons was, in particular, a bad idea factory.

Most producers and HW's are at the mercy of the network heads. I know a lot of the shitty things Guiding Light and ATWT did came from CBS or Proctor & Gamble, not from the writers or producers.

And it's been borne out in interviews post-Frons that he pushed a lot of shitty ideas on AMC, GH and OLTL.

I still think Guza's noir style was too dark for GH for as long as it lasted.

by Tracyreply 42904/01/2013

SoapNet is repeating the 50 hour GH marathon again this weekend.

by Tracyreply 43004/01/2013

[quote]Guza's noir style was too dark for GH

Maybe if there's a new soap renaissance they could put him in charge of Edge of Night 2.0.

by Tracyreply 43104/01/2013

ITunes has a new AMC OLTL video from their press shoot up, with interviews. Everyone looks over the moon. Download it there for free. Here is their official synopsis for OLTL.

"Intoxicating, character driven drama One Life to Live is back with all new must-see episodes. One Life to Live is filled with action, romance, comedy, and pushes the boundaries of entertainment by exploring cutting edge social issues. Viki, Dorian, Todd, Blair, the Buchanans and the Lords -- all the icons of Llanview -- are joined by gorgeous, hot stars of tomorrow in the all-new One Life to Live. At the start, Viki's sexy, young reporter Jeffrey King uncovers a scandal that ends Dorian's senatorial career. Of course, Dorian blames Viki, reigniting and exploding their feud to epic proportions. Meanwhile danger follows Todd to town in the form of a mysterious, evil organization signified by a sinister tattoo...and a deadly agenda. Blair and Cutter's popular new club Shelter places Llanview on the map with DJ's, singers and cameo roles played by the biggest names in show business today. The new One Life to Live has beloved characters from the show that ran on network television for 43 years plus the contemporary look, feel and style of an edgy new hit."

by Tracyreply 43204/01/2013

Here's the AMC synopsis:

Love, excitement and suspense return to Pine Valley with the Chandlers, Cortlandts, Martins and Hubbards. Revisit the lives of core characters who've inhabited the landscape for decades along with a younger generation that promises twists and turns of its own. Follow JR as he comes to grips with his past and meet his teen-aged son, AJ, who might just break the cycle of dysfunction that has plagued his family for years. Follow Pete Cortlandt as he falls in love with a girl named Celia who has a dark past even she doesn't know about. Get re-acquainted with Angie and Jesse and see them tested by tragedy and loss. Witness the return of Zach and David and follow the emotional journey of Bianca’s daughter Miranda, whose own mother lived in the shadow of the great Erica Kane but who is determined to forge her own path, on her own terms. All that and more begins on April 29th...

by Tracyreply 43304/01/2013

I absolutely loved the Carly and Franken-Bobbie scenes today

by Tracyreply 43404/01/2013

Wow, the divide between Geary and Francis could not be more obvious. Geary looks like a really old man in those pictures. Genie and Kin are always together so I think that is a sign of things to come. Frank Valentini is one gorgeous hunk; RC is nice looking but FV has sex appeal to spare!

by Tracyreply 43504/01/2013

R431 Actually, when L&O and all the Dick Wolf shows became popular I really though EON should have come back.

Only with that FABULOUS theme song, though.

by Tracyreply 43604/01/2013

Has anybody wondered why FV put himself in the cast photos?

by Tracyreply 43704/01/2013

We need a Jon Hamm-esque Frank V shot.

As in, going commando and showing off his thick Italian sausage.....

by Tracyreply 43804/01/2013

Funny how I can look past the bad cosmetic work on JZ and LC when the material is good. JZ and LW were wonderful in their scenes today, and I love it when LC digs her heels in and gives it her all like she did when she was the Erica Kane of the show years ago.

I teared up when Rachel Ames appeared.

I can't wait to see who is under that potato sack.

by Tracyreply 43904/01/2013

Tony had major back surgery last Fall and is now facing a second back surgery.

He is dealing with significant pain and is postponing the surgery until all the hoopla of the 50th and the IP soryline wraps up.

He was interviewed today for Access hollywood and the pain in his eyes was visible. His voice on today's The View was scratchy, unsteady and weak.

He needs to tend to his health and tell GH to bring Robert out of his coma to pick up his slack. He looks very weak and that is unusual for TG.

by Tracyreply 44004/01/2013

I bet it's Lucky under the potato sack.

by Tracyreply 44104/01/2013

I'm positive too that FV is leading Geary and Elliot on with promises of a Tracy-Luke reunion.

Not so recently, FV assured an interviewer that AJ would NOT be the nw man in Liz's life.

But I love that the actors are feeling better about the show since FV took the helm. It shows in their peformances for the last year.

by Tracyreply 44204/01/2013

It's either Lucky, Ethan ... or Rick Webber.

by Tracyreply 44304/01/2013

Well, I would love it to be Rick Webber -- Helena orchestrated the whole Teresa Carter incident.

Honestly, that character never existed yet Guza wrote her as if she really did and that Rick was some womanizing weirdo/pervert.

It peed all over the legacy of the show, the era that saved it and kept it on the air.

I hope that it is Rick Webber. But since I read he's going to be in scenes with Monica (probably as a ghost) then it's not likely.

Then again, Genie said she saw him on set...

I'm hoping.

by Tracyreply 44404/01/2013

I'm watching some of the classic episodes on dvr and just heard something funny at l&l's second wedding. Someone asks Maxi what she is doing there. To which she responds "where else would I be? My babies grandparents are getting married!".

Funny because at that time she was pregnant with Luckys baby, and now she was planning on giving her baby to Lulu to raise. (both times her babies grandparents were getting married).

by Tracyreply 44504/01/2013

I always thought Frons was purposely trying to sabotage ABC's soaps on purpose to eventually get rid of them and replace it with more crap TV. I know it sounds far fetched but how else can anyone explain how a network allowed the shitfest that he aired.

by Tracyreply 44604/01/2013

r446, I think it's pretty much understood that that was exactly what Frons was doing.

r444, I've always wanted that to be the solution to the whole attic mystery fiasco - that Helena sent a Rick double to destroy Luke & Laura's wedding (it worked) and he was actually assigned to brainwash Laura with false memories via his medicated syringes.

The Rick that showed up for this storyline was not the Rick viewers remember - he was slick and shady, in league with a mysterious cartel trying to takeover the hospital (was it ever revealed who he was talking to in those phone calls?), and he treated Lesley like she was a complete stranger.

The only two things that make it hard to rewrite it as a fake Rick that was killed in that attic was the incredible damaging Guza-rewrite that Rick and a teenage Scotty buried Theresa Carter in the Webber's backyard. AND Lesley essentially supported the revelations that Rick was a sex addict who snuck prostitues and nurses in the attic while Lesley acted like a repressed 50s housewife and looked the other way?

But perhaps we could look the other way and choose not to remember these two much-hated plot points?

by Tracyreply 44704/01/2013

Happy Anniversary, GH -- you've brought me a little sunshine over the years. I miss the WSB spy days, but I guess there's a tiny bit of that with Anna and Frisco on now. Get Robert back asap though and doesn't Robin have to get back from the not so dead in time to find Sabrina with Patrick in a happy new family with little Emma?

Oh, and did anyone else see Rick Springfield (Jeff Webber?) on the Jeff Probst show recently? There's something about this guy that's appealing -- honesty or that he admits his f*** ups? I don't know, but please tell me he and Jack Wagner will sing at the Nurse's Ball together for a touch of sweet 80s musical sugar pop memories.

by Tracyreply 44804/01/2013

Thanks for the link R411.

It was interesting to read why Jane Elliott left GH back in the early 80's. She really seems to loathe Gloria Monty while acknowledging her eye for talent.

by Tracyreply 44904/01/2013

r448, Rick Springfield was Dr Noah Drake. Jeff Webber was Richard Dean Anderson, who went on to play MacGuyver.

WHET to Ginny Blake and Mike Webber, who was adopted by Rick and Lesley? And didn't Ginny have Rick's baby?

by Tracyreply 45004/02/2013

I thought SoapNET was going off the air and being replaced by some teen Disney crap. Did that all change?

by Tracyreply 45104/02/2013

Geary is a HUGE hypocrite. NOW he's taking Frons to task? Please. Geary was a huge supporter of Phelps/Guza who were Frons' mouthpieces and BFFs. Geary himself participated in Luke's horrific characterization.

by Tracyreply 45204/02/2013

Frank is starting to show his age but he still looks good. Who is his BF?

by Tracyreply 45304/02/2013

Ginny did get pregnant but it was from a one night stand with Amanda Barrington's son. That's what broke up Ginny's marriage to Rick. I loved Ginny Blake and Lucy Coe.

by Tracyreply 45404/02/2013

Judith Chapman was handed the dubious task of becoming Chris Robinson's new leading lady after the show fired long-time favorite Denise Alexander, but she did a wonderful job in the Ginny Blake story. It's all on YT to watch if anyone is interested (the entire D.L. Brock murder case). Chapman gave a riveting performance.

And it would be interesting if little Mike Webber did return to town to be family to young Rafe (Mike is the biological son of Ginny and Derek Barrington, Alison's uncle, and the adopted son of Rick and Lesley Webber). With Mike and Ginny and Rick's son Rick Webber Jr. in town, the Webbers could reinstate themselves as a leading family.

by Tracyreply 45504/02/2013

r441, the official word is that JJ tried to work a GH return in his Nashville schedule, but couldn't. But maybe that was to throw off the snoophounds and JJ has been taping.

The official word is that Nathan Parsons has taped scenes and was supposed to be returning with Helena. Again, perhaps that has been a typical FV trick to surprise us with a JJ return.

It would make much more sense to have JJ show up for Luke and Laura's adventure than Ethan.

by Tracyreply 45604/02/2013

Surprised no one mentioned Tony Geary's appearence on The View yesterday. He said something very diplomatic about never thinking he wuld ever see all these familiar faces together again on the same stage again.

Clueless Joy Behar fucked up by stating that Luke and Laura and Charles and Diana were married on the same day. Geary politely corrected her.

by Tracyreply 45704/02/2013

Geary is an asshole. I get you sometimes have to talk out of both sides of your mouth in that business, but his ass kissing of RC and FV is hysterical given the fact that he loved Guza's neanderthal, drunken Luke so much and RC is trying to redeem him. I really wish he would leave the show and they would try to make it more update instead of dragging out these old dinosaur 80s storylines, which seem totally absurd at this time. Also, JE is a great actress and I get her and Geary like working together, but a romantic duo they are not. It seems like their relationship is more asexual and they should stick to being buds.

by Tracyreply 45804/02/2013

Actors will kiss whichever ass keeps them working, plain and simple. You know none of them can be happy about the actual material given that Carlivati is a highly juvenile, superficial writer. The dialogue is especially atrocious.

by Tracyreply 45904/02/2013

Surprised no one mentioned the little tidbit in that TV Guide interview about DL gay Kin Shriner being such a pussyhound in his younger days.

by Tracyreply 46004/02/2013

I'll take Carlivati over Guza anyday. I do wish at some point however that the show has a little more depth to it.

In the meantime bringing back all the vets and tying them into the sories are keeping me watching.

by Tracyreply 46104/02/2013

The oldtimers are going to be on a 50th anniversary special on 20/20 on Saturday, April 6.

by Tracyreply 46204/02/2013

Geary sounds like he's on his death bed when he's doing TV interviews. Either that or his real speaking voice is pseudo Brando mumblecore.

by Tracyreply 46304/02/2013

r460 Yes, I caught that mention of all women Kin was banging in his dressing room.

Don't know whether Jane changed the sex of his partners to protect Kin. Or maybe Kin really was banging women back then. Maybe he didn't discover his fondness for men until he met Billy Warlock.

The fact remains that Kin is 59 years old and has never been married. While he has been linked to a female romantically a handful of times, those have all been shortlived, including his engagement to a woman about a decade ago.

News that Kin broke off that engagement came on the same day that news came of Billy Warlock breaking off his engagement.

by Tracyreply 46404/02/2013

r451 SoapNet was supposed to end in late March 2012. But somehow, it didn't end.

Had something to do with the agreement Disney had signed with various cable companies about. Upshot was they couldn't replace SoapNet with Disney Junior.

So, Disney Junior debuted, but SoapNet stayed on many cable systems. And we're all the better for it.

I understand Comcast did remove SoapNet, but Time Warner Cable still has it. So does ATT U-Verse. Don't know about other cable systems.

by Tracyreply 46504/02/2013

Doesn't ABC's current saturation of GH in mainstream media make anyone else see red, given how OLTL and AMC were so disgustingly discarded?

by Tracyreply 46604/02/2013

Gosh, I only started watching GH after OLTL went off the air. I don't even know who half of these returning vets are (Stuart Damon being the exception) and I am tearing up just watching this today!

by Tracyreply 46704/02/2013

And I knew Constance Towers, aka Mrs. John Gavin, from working with her on a production of MAME years ago.

Who did Anne Jeffreys play on GH? Another vet who I remember from summer stock at the Muny.

by Tracyreply 46804/02/2013

r468, Anne Jeffreys plays the recurring roof Port Charles socialite Amanda Barrington, who represented the elite of the city structure when it was diverse and entertaining. (haves and have-nots, middle-class, upper-middle class, the wrong side of the tracks, etc). She would pop up at GH board meetings, charity parties, etc. When Todd was looking for the %1 of the city, he would have gone to Amanda Barrington if she were still alive (sI think they killed her off during the run of the GH spin-off Port Charles where her granddaughter Alison Barrington was a regular).

by Tracyreply 46904/02/2013

Constance Towers is married to John Gavin. I'm surprised that she's able to walk upright or walk at all.

Geary is smart and knows how to play the game. He gets millions a year, generous vacations, and he's in a business where he isn't asked to do much except be Luke.

by Tracyreply 47004/02/2013

Ethan - letdown. It should have been Lucky - probably would have been if JJ could have worked out his schedule. But they reconciled Laura with Luke's adultery, which never should have happened since it ruined the impact of Laura's secret son.

Marcil and Rademacher's appearences were ok. Nice to reunite Jax and Brenda offscreen to give them a bit of closure. Marcil's voice was strangely weak - is she ill?

Too bad - Rick Webber was a ghost. Was hoping for a bit of a more rewrite. Interesting he rebuked Tracy's summary of the awful attic mystery with a "that's not the way it happened."

Robinson and Damon look OLD. Rachel Aames looked better than they did! Was a little shocked by Robinson's appearence. Damon is getting frailer. His lines were kept to a bare minimum. He could nevr handle even part-time status. I guess both Rick and Alan will remain buried.

Nice to close the scene with Aames.

by Tracyreply 47104/02/2013

Sorry - I should have written "Anne Jeffreys PLAYED the recurring role of Amanda Barrington ..." My keyboard is all fucked up.

by Tracyreply 47204/02/2013

They have wanted to bring Alan back alive for a year. This is all Stuart Damon can manage. I hope that changes. I also hope there is more Rick and we see Lesley. RC indicated he wanted to redeem Rick and undo the damage of the attic story.

I take issue with a lot of Ron's lazy and superficial writing in some storylines but when he's good he's great. The Steve tribute and the way they so honored Rachel Ames had me in tears. She seemed genuinely stunned by the applause.

Amber Tamblyn should've been Emily.

by Tracyreply 47304/02/2013

Although today's show was awesome, I was pretty letdown at the so-called surprise appearances which FV tweeted "no one would see coming" or something to that effect. It had been pretty much confirmed Damon and Robinson were coming back and Ethan and Emily's names were also rumored. I honestly was hoping for a surprise return for Robert, Robin or Lucky. Wasting Alan for a fighting Monica and Tracy wasn't worth it for me.

by Tracyreply 47404/02/2013

Why is everyone so desperate for Robert to come back and coming up with these conspiracy theories? Isn't it obvious that it is story dictated?

by Tracyreply 47504/02/2013

Anne Jeffreys just turned 90 a few months ago. Was her son (Derek) played by that hot piece from Lost in Space?

by Tracyreply 47604/02/2013

No it is not obvious that it is storyline indicated. Wake Robert up! Many coma victims have no memory of the days leading up to whatever caused their coma. Easy fix.

The refusal to return Robert has hurt GHand this anniversary. I know so many people who are really ticked about it and not watching.

by Tracyreply 47704/02/2013

[quote]I understand Comcast did remove SoapNet, but Time Warner Cable still has it. So does ATT U-Verse. Don't know about other cable systems.

All Comcast systems didn't remove it R465. I have Comcast and SoapNet is still running.

by Tracyreply 47804/02/2013

I love that even SOAPnet is being brought back from the dead.

I am loving all this fan fiction stuff; here's a dream list:

1. Jerry Jax winds up on an operating table on GH and Monica nicks his aorta with a scalpal (Oopsies.)

2. Rick comes back for reals and Tersa Carter is explained away as a Cassadine or DiMera (kidding) hoax. We deserve more than 'that's not what happened' because that's REALLY not what happened.

3. Returns of Annie Logan, Jeff Webber, Joe Kelly and Blackie and Mike.

by Tracyreply 47904/02/2013

a little disappointed by the Luke and Laura reveal but happy with the Qs

by Tracyreply 48004/02/2013

VM is back for a bit, not just a few days.

Genie's return is now open ended along with Lynn's.

I wish we had a dedicated OLTL AMC thread. The new shows are looking great. The casts are thrilled. Eden Riegel has a new interview out today confirming she has a open ended contract. Bianca is forging a new life (sounds like JR shot Marissa) and is more of a Mona type to Miranda's Erica Kane.

OLTL sounds exciting with the Todd/Victor story returning and the Dorian/Viki journalism feud.

by Tracyreply 48104/02/2013

Wil my adorable Trevor (with his furry chest, smooth feets and compact ass) be back as Victor?

by Tracyreply 48204/02/2013

Luke and Scotty need to profess their love for one another. THAT would be the real end game!

by Tracyreply 48304/02/2013

So who is this mysterious new cook going to be? Someone speculated it might be Rick, but now that idea is blown. Tracy did say it was a HE, though. A crossover cameo from The Chew, perhaps, or some other celebrity chef who is a fan of the show?

by Tracyreply 48404/02/2013

R483 that would be hot and a great twist!

What was Anne Logan's exit story? I don't remember. What about Joe Kelly? Rose Kelly?

by Tracyreply 48504/02/2013

[quote] Wil my adorable Trevor (with his furry chest, smooth feets and compact ass) be back as Victor?


La Sleestak was not exactly glowing with praise for TSJ in the latest Soap Digest.

by Tracyreply 48604/02/2013


what did she say?

by Tracyreply 48704/02/2013

Anne and her adopted son Jeremy went on vacation in New Hampshire and never returned. Seeing as she was Audrey's niece, they have had many opportunities to bring her back to the fold that they haven't delivered on.

Joe Kelly left for a job in Albany, something in the State Attorneys office.

Rose Kelly just vanished, I don't think she got a send off. I think Loanne Bishop was upset with her lack of storyline. I always wondered why they would put Rose in these pairings and never do anything with them (Hutch, Rick Webber when he and Lelie had split, hottie Jake Meyer).

by Tracyreply 48804/02/2013


She said she loves Roger as Todd and - I'm paraphrasing here and she was polite but something like Roger likes to play, unfortunately Trevor was never like that, Trevor never liked to play.

by Tracyreply 48904/02/2013

Did anyone catch Ephiphany talking to "Doris" on the phone at the very beginning of today's anniversary show, asking her how she liked "Frank's big surprise"? Doris and Frank Hursley created General Hospital.

Nice for Audrey and Elizabeth to mention the scattered Hardys - Sarah is in Monteray, Jeff and Liz's mom are in Asia, Tom and Simone are in Africa, their son Tommy is now out of medical school. Perhaps we'll be seeing Tommy Hardy Jr. sometime in the future joining the staff of GH.

Hopefully, we will be seeing more of Chris Robinson when Denise Alexander returns.

by Tracyreply 49004/02/2013

Monica made me LOL when she pointed at the relish and asked what the hell was in it after she and Tracy were visited by the dearly departed.

I often wonder if Monica ever thinks about her dead daughter Dawn.

by Tracyreply 49104/02/2013

Does anyone really care what Erika Slezak, a supporting player on some little internet program, has to say about anything? Are they even being paid for that mess?

by Tracyreply 49204/02/2013

R490 has me wondering whet to PJ / Steven Lars? Sorry if it is obvious but I haven't watched the show regularly in like 20 years. I tune in from time to time and can basically pick up where I left off but either don't remember or it was never explained.

I must say I love this thread and it got me to tune in again and watch the SoapNet reruns -- and again next weekend. I can't wait to see the first episode on Friday!

by Tracyreply 49304/02/2013

The "Port Charles" fan in me was delighted by the mention of one of the new interns of Joe Scanlon's operating on Audrey with a power drill, which happened in PC's one-hour, prime-time pilot.

For someone who was afraid she wouldn't be able to remember her lines, Rachel Ames did wonderfully.

Agreed that Emily absolutely should have been played by Amber Tamblyn.

I liked the scenes with Jax and Carly and Sonny and Brenda, but it really bothered me that Sonny had that line telling him that Michael was the best thing that ever happened to him, completely ignoring his three biological children.

by Tracyreply 49404/02/2013

Erika a supporting player? The most decorated actress of the Daytime Emmys, with six?

Pffft. Take a hike.

by Tracyreply 49504/02/2013

Actually Trevor is back. They have been trying to keep it secret but a few cast members all but confirm it. One of the opening stories is that Two Todds conspiracy.

RC is no doubt livid. He had intended to wrap it himself on GH by tying Allison Perkins to Heather and Faison but waited too long and assumed OLTL would be his property indefinitely. He has removed all mention of OLTL from his twitter account.

by Tracyreply 49604/02/2013

BTW it sounds like the new cook may be Katie Couric who has been eager to garner soap fan support after Frons nuked the lineup.

Post Frons ABC wanted to bring back OLTL and AMC as short summer series but was supportive of the Prospect revivals because ABC has a stake in it. They encouraged cooperation and crossovers between GH and OLTL but GH flipped out at the thought of not being in charge of OLTL characters anymore. Cartini have a hard time letting go and refused to accept any shared use.

by Tracyreply 49704/02/2013

Well in all honesty, Michael was the only child that Sonny raised. He didn't raise Dante, Morgan or Kristina.

by Tracyreply 49804/02/2013

Jennifer Farley "JWoww" from Jersey Shore has a recurring part on OLTL as the bartender at Blair and Cutter's new club Shelter. It looks like another huge set. JWoww is actually good PR for OLTL given her social media presence, as is Corbin Bleu.

by Tracyreply 49904/02/2013

Jill Larson and Debbi Morgan are very excited to have new houses in Pine Valley.

by Tracyreply 50004/02/2013

At least it's not Kourtney Kardashian who OLTL brought on in 2011 to flirt with Cristian.

by Tracyreply 50104/02/2013

The new sets for AMC look great, very lavish for an online show.

by Tracyreply 50204/02/2013

DirecTV still carries SoapNet. I've grown fond of the late night OLTL repeats. The Prospect Park sets look fabulous! Its obvious that Courtlandt Manor will double as Llanfair from the pics I've seen. How will PP make money on this? I'm wondering if they spent all this money to bring OLTL back for my sole enjoyment LOL.

by Tracyreply 50304/02/2013

r493, I don't know if you are joking or not, or perhaps you could be Scott Reeves with alot of time on his hands?

Steven Lars Webber (aka PJ Taylor)was written off the show just a couple of weeks ago. He returned to the show as an adult in 2004 after being raised by his father offscreen since Jeff Webber left the show in 80. Shaun Benson first played the role, but was recast with Scott Reeves, who became the longest adult actor to play the part. He was recurring for most of the time; it wasn't until about 2010 that Reeves was made full-time.

When an adult Steven (sans Lars) Webber first appeared as GH's new doctor on staff, little was made of his family history other than being Liz's brother. He was originally supposed to be paired with Carly as a part of Carly's father's plan to get closer to his daughter. The story fizzled and Steve recurred from time to time. During that time offscreen, he worked as a doctor in Memphis. When Monica brought him back to town to be Chief of Staff (with Reeves taking over the role), Steve figured as a supporting character until he was paired with Olivia Falconeri and was bumped to full-time status; his ex-girlfriend Maggie joined the staff at GH and caused prblems for Steve with a secret they shared: back in Memphis, Steve was accidentally responsible for the death of a patient and she helped him cover it up.

It isn't until 2012 when RC took over the story that Steve's legacy past was actually dealt with. Heather Webber came back to town and caused nothing but endless trouble for her son, whom she obsessed with. Heather killed Maggie to keep Steve's secret from coming out and injected Olivia with LSD (like she tried to do to Steven's adopted mother Diana Taylor all those years ago when he was a baby). Steve wanted to believe his mother was innocent of all of Olivia's accusations, but the LSD attack was the deed to convince him Heather was not cured of her psychoses. He disowned her, which drove her off the edge.

A few weeks ago, Heather was on the run from the law and went to her son's apartment to finish off Olivia; Steve grappled with her over a knife and was accidentally stabbed instead. Horrified at what she did, Heather gave herself up and willingly went back int the insane asylum.

Steve and Olivia were all set to wed when the FBI interrupted their bedside nuptials and arrested Steve for murder; ironically, Heather coming clean of all her crimes ended up revealing her son's secret of what happened in Memphis. Steve stoically accepted his punishment and went to prison.

by Tracyreply 50404/02/2013

I was dumbfounded when I saw there were 500 plus posts to a thread about pickle relish so I couldn't resist jumping to the last page to see what the scoop was. Now I'm really confused.....

by Tracyreply 50504/02/2013

I missed a few eps over the last month, have they revealed Pickle Lila's secret ingredient yet?

by Tracyreply 50604/02/2013

Nope, r506. I don't think that was really the point of the story. It's kind of a MacGruffin.

by Tracyreply 50704/02/2013

I think the secret ingredient is rose petals. That would be so Lila.

by Tracyreply 50804/02/2013

Can someone create a DOUGHNUT recipe thread please? Thank you much

by Tracyreply 50904/02/2013

Actually R504, Steven Lars intentionally killed a patient, thats why he going to prison. He pulled the plug on a comatose convicted killer in order to get an organ for a young girl who was going to die without it.

by Tracyreply 51004/02/2013

R488 didn't Joe Kelly move to Knots Landing and go by the nane Ben Gibson? He married Valene Ewing and they were told their twins died only to find out they were kidnapped and hr wasn't the father, but ex hubby Gary Ewing was.

by Tracyreply 51104/02/2013

What the fuck?

I thought this was some silly recipe thread I've been ignoring. I just noticed it has over 500 posts so I decided to have a look.

Soap operas, seriously?

Whatever. Carry on.

by Tracyreply 51204/02/2013

Im loving GH lately.

by Tracyreply 51304/03/2013

Im loving it too - thank god the mob is gone. Tuned out for 15 years and dropped back in due to the GH threads on here. Couldnt stand the mess of Sonny, Jason, et al. So great to see all my old favorites (More Lucy! More Heather!) and coming to enjoy the newbies like Felix, Sabrina, etc.

I'm in. It's become must-see TV for me.

by Tracyreply 51404/03/2013

[quote]She said she loves Roger as Todd and - I'm paraphrasing here and she was polite but something like Roger likes to play, unfortunately Trevor was never like that, Trevor never liked to play.

I bet if we asked Florencia if Trevor likes to play, we'd get a very different answer.

by Tracyreply 51504/03/2013

Is Victoria Sleestak back yet?

by Tracyreply 51604/03/2013

I find myself quite attached to GH these days. Never thought it would happen again. I hope the ratings go up.

by Tracyreply 51704/03/2013

R516 The New One! Life! To! Live! debuts April 29th.

by Tracyreply 51804/03/2013

r512, why not just go to the threads that interest you - like something about holes on display or whether Joe Jonas is gay or not. If you don't like what you find in a thread, feel free to just ignore it and move on in your surfing/cruising and just realize the world is made of different interests for everybody. If you were at a bar looking around for a suitable mate for the night, would you tell everyone you found unattractive how ugly they were?

Honestly, the only infighting I see in these soap threads are not amongst soap fans - we are actually quite civil towards one another. It is the anti-soap fans who come in and shit all over things.

by Tracyreply 51904/03/2013

Thanks for the clarification, r510.

by Tracyreply 52004/03/2013

I am surprised by my return to GH as the soap to watch after all those dark years of Frons, Guza, and Scummy Corinthos pushed me away. I never thought we would see a soap actually embrace its past again like GH has done in the past year. Yes, I wish it were better in trms of more indepth storytelling and not so over-the-top, fast-paced and somewhat campy, but I will take this over anything GH offered in the last decade, with all its self-loathing for what it used to be and its deliberate deconstruction of its former glory.

I never thought I would ever again make watching a soap as part of my daily schedule. For the last couple of decades, I lost touch with them, or tuned in every now and then. Watching GL implode was too tragic; watching GH eat itself alive was sickening; watching soap after soap find itself on the chopping block was heartbreaking. Now, I can't miss an episode of GH. Never thought that would happen again.

by Tracyreply 52104/03/2013

Say what you want about Guza, but he wrote a show with depth. I hope his pilot gets picked up.

by Tracyreply 52204/03/2013

Guza is half the reason GH went to hell (Frons the other half). I don't ever want to watch anything he has written again.

by Tracyreply 52304/03/2013

I think anyone thinking of plastic surgery should be required to first watch an episode of GH featuring Monica, Bobbie and Brenda before they go under the knife.

by Tracyreply 52404/03/2013

If I was the producer I wouldn't let Jackie Zeman anywhere near my set. Her face scares small children.

by Tracyreply 52504/03/2013

I see the change in heir faces, but I really don't find it that startling. LC should ease up on the work she has like JZ has. I honestly wasn't aware that VM has had any work done.

by Tracyreply 52604/03/2013

VM entire lower face looks like you could bounce a nickel off it. Her mouth has come very close to looking like The Joker (although nothing close to as bad as Pricilla Presley).

People need to learn how to grow old gracefully. Especially VM. She started too young.

by Tracyreply 52704/03/2013

Guza has a pilot? About what? The mob and the destruction of women? Who are the actors in it?

by Tracyreply 52804/03/2013

And the day that Scott Reeves was fired as Steven Lars Weber, do you know where I took him for a consolation dinner -


by Tracyreply 52904/03/2013

Some things never change! Blair continues to sing her country ditties for her Tawd.

by Tracyreply 53004/03/2013

Word is that Denise Alexander is heading back to the set; Lesley will be back onscreen by mid-to-late April. She will also be bringing Nikolas' son Spencer with her. She will become an important part of the continuing Cassadine/Spencer story.

by Tracyreply 53104/03/2013

All I know about VM is that she is as monotonous and one-note as ever. Her scenes with Sonny are B.O.R.I.N.G. Too bad we have to watch this play out again over the next couple of weeks - rumour has it Brenda and Sonny are hitting the sheets again, jeopordizing her engagement to Jax. YAWN.

Not really anything you can do with these characters anymore.

by Tracyreply 53204/03/2013

"And the day that Scott Reeves was fired as Steven Lars Weber, do you know where I took him for a consolation dinner -


... where he received a consolation b/j from a very young waiter in the little boy's room.

by Tracyreply 53304/03/2013

Wow - can't believe he pulled the trigger. Is she really dead?

Genie Francis did a great job with her scenes today.

by Tracyreply 53404/03/2013

R522, Look I will be the first to agree RC's writing style is rather juvenile, but that does not translate into Guza writing with any depth either. I think some people get morbid and depressing mixed up with "depth".

by Tracyreply 53504/03/2013

So Jax is made to look like an ass yet again for taking another chance with Brendull. This guy would have women dancing at his feet, but he always goes back to this twat! Sonny will have some splainin' to do to that crazy girlfriend of his. This could send Connie on a warpath, LOL!

by Tracyreply 53604/03/2013

What happened today r534?

by Tracyreply 53704/03/2013

R532 do you catch Marcill during the last 2 seasons of the original 90210? She was just as bad

There was this big scene when Kelly accused Gina (Vanessa Marcil's character) of sending Dylan into a coma and Kelly lashes out at her in the hospital and all we get is VM's trademark monotone acting and whispering.

I thought I was going deaf everytime she was on camera, because she would always whisper her lines on that show

by Tracyreply 53804/03/2013

r537- I didn't want to spoil it for anybody if they hadn't seen it. WARNING: Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled. Helena gave Laura a gun to shoot Ethan in front of Luke, taunting Laura with Luke's infidelity with Holly and the fact he would kill Nikolas in an instant in return for his daughter Lulu - which he, in fact, almost did a couple of days ago. Laura refused to kill an innocent man, and Helena changed tactics by ordering Laura to kill Luke. She listed all of Luke's coldhearteness over the last few years - cheating on her, letting her rot in a mental hospital while he married another woman - and Laura and Luke shared a brief moment of tension as Laura pointed the gun at him. He asked her to do the deed, then swiped the gun from Laura and ponted it at Helena. He told her it was time to die, fired the gun and killed Helena. Genie Francis handled the whole stuff well, especially when she was forced to hold a gun to Ethan. And the way she and Geary looked at one another - lots of subtext of tension between the two of them.

by Tracyreply 53904/03/2013

Thanks r539! I think I am going to have to start watching again. I've been loving all the anniversary features and reading about it here.

by Tracyreply 54004/03/2013

After watching the old shows last week I see what people saw in Brenda. When she was originally on the show she had alot of vitality. Now she's just a monotoned, plastic looking character. I don't know why Jax or Sonny would want nor do I understand why anyone watching would want to see her.

by Tracyreply 54104/03/2013

Dear Constance Towers, I have seen you on stage in THE KING AND I, FOLLIES, 110 IN THE SHADE and I had the pleasure of working with you in a production of MAME. You are turly a lovely woman.

I never ever thought I'd see you in a role where you got killed!!

by Tracyreply 54204/03/2013

I knew!!!! I KNEW!!!!

by Tracyreply 54304/03/2013

Even though for years I often wondered why Luke or Nik didn't just kill Helena after all that she had done and would potentially do, I never really wanted it to happen.

by Tracyreply 54404/03/2013

There's no way Helena's really dead -- unless RC has completely lost the plot. She deserves a more operatic exit than Luke casually plugging her.

by Tracyreply 54504/03/2013

I actually want Nathan Parson to stay on the show. What is wrong with me? Damn you Ron. I am loving Brenda being back on the show. I would love for her to stay. That Carly is too much. First Johnny, then Todd, now Jax again. At least she has good taste.

by Tracyreply 54604/03/2013

Helena's not really dead. About a decade ago, they had her in prison, but suddenly she was out saying she "everyone in town got a sister, so I did too," implying she'd hired a lookalike to take her place.

So, they'll bring her back saying it was a lookalike who was shot or that one of her minions froze her.

If Helena was really dead, she certainly deserves a more operatic death than being shot at the halfway mark of the episode and left on the deck for the rest of the show.

Death is meaningless on soaps now. The only true deaths are when the actor dies. John Ingle, Anna Lee, John Beradino, Helen Wagner, Frances Reid, McDonald Carey, Fran Helfin, Douglass Watson, Connie Ford . . . when those actors died, their characters also died.

by Tracyreply 54704/03/2013

Dead is dead.

by Tracyreply 54804/03/2013

Yeah, Helena's death is just another example of the synthetic excitement with which RC laces every episode. Four guaranteed climaxes per hour. So much incident, so little real (character-driven) story.

by Tracyreply 54904/03/2013

R519, I made it quite clear that I have been ignoring this thread for over 500 posts.

I don't know why you decided to answer back in such an obnoxious way, and I don't know why you hate the other threads on the DL so much, but how about you fuck right off, you foul, rancid cunt? As I am sure you will recall, soap threads are prohibited on the DL.

Beyond that, my post at R512 was brief and not particularly offensive. In fact, it ended with me writing "whatever" and encouraging you all to "carry on" with this.

So, again, I invite you to fuck right off and to shut the fuck up, before your soap threads, and you, are banned from the DL, as you should be.

by Tracyreply 55004/03/2013

If this thread offends you so much R512, why do you keep popping up back here like a recurring case of chlamydia.

I'm sure you'll read this because you just can't stay away.

by Tracyreply 55104/03/2013

Please stop the infighting. I'm not saying anyone's right or wrong, but just please stop. This is what gets threads deleted.

by Tracyreply 55204/03/2013

Helena can't die until Luke fucks her. Isn't that what it's always been leading up to?

Finally Frank made Ethan hot. He doesn't look all dirty and smelly anymore.

by Tracyreply 55304/03/2013

If Helena had to go (not that I believe she's really dead), I wish they'd let Laura be the one to plug her.

She, much more than Luke, has been Helena's true victim.

by Tracyreply 55404/03/2013

has Sonny slept with every woman in Port Charles?!

He's short, he isn't young and he has black shoe polish hair. What's the attraction?

by Tracyreply 55504/03/2013

I'm amused by all the people who were expecting 500+ posts on pickle relish.

I'm also curious what our next thread title will be.

by Tracyreply 55604/03/2013

[quote]I wish we had a dedicated OLTL AMC thread.

r481, there is a prospect park thread that doesn't have too many replies. You could try bumping that one back up to discuss those shows.

by Tracyreply 55704/03/2013

There are way worse threads than this one, so I 'm hoping this lasts.

by Tracyreply 55804/03/2013


Someone started an Anthony Geary thread today.

Maybe that should be the new thread once this one max's out at 600 ?

by Tracyreply 55904/03/2013

[quote]Helena can't die until Luke fucks her. Isn't that what it's always been leading up to?

They've already done the nasty.

[quote]I'm also curious what our next thread title will be.

What about something with Magic Milo's cheese-grater abs?

by Tracyreply 56004/03/2013

[quote]I'm also curious what our next thread title will be.

Me too. I don't have it in me for another thread title.

by Tracyreply 56104/03/2013

OP - you must! Only YOU can save Port Charles ..... We need you.

I found THIS outside your door this morning ....

(slides replica of the Ice Princess across the table)

by Tracyreply 56204/03/2013

The new title should be,

Has anyone tried the new menu at Kelly's? or

Is the Metro Court a good hotel?

by Tracyreply 56304/03/2013

VOTN and I made the last few yet he was spared Webbie's wrath and months later I can still only post by phone.

Whatever the next one is it should be equally open to AMC and OLTL talk, the ex ABC soaps.

by Tracyreply 56404/03/2013

I went to find the Geary thread...didn't find a new one but found an old one asking "Is Geary Gay?"

The first reply: "He's as gay as a basket of kittens!"

by Tracyreply 56504/03/2013

When did Luke and Helena do the deed? I do not remember that at all.

by Tracyreply 56604/03/2013

R566, I think it was strongly hinted that they had sex when she was holding him captive maybe three-four years ago.

by Tracyreply 56704/03/2013

R567 Okay, thanks. I have missed a lot of the show during the last 10 years.

by Tracyreply 56804/03/2013

Erika Slezak finally speaks her mind, and calls the cancellation of OLTL "BULLSHIT!"

Victoria Lord would never say such a thing:

by Tracyreply 56904/03/2013

Where O Where is my dear Heather? I know she needs a BLT.

by Tracyreply 57004/04/2013

OP here. So glad that we were able to keep this thread going. I've started a few of the theatre threads but these soap ones are tough... honestly didn't think I could get this one going. I do like R563 suggestions and I hope someone will go with one of those for the next thread. You guys agree?

by Tracyreply 57104/04/2013

I'm very interested to see how OLTL is handled sans Cartooni, and Valentini, for that matter.

by Tracyreply 57204/04/2013

If Helena is really dead then I think it is a sure sign that Geary is leaving soon. Loved the scenes yesterday.

Looks like Jax is the patsy again. Never thought I would agree with anything Carly says but she was so right on.

Next title should definitly be Magic Milo's cheese grater abs.

by Tracyreply 57304/04/2013

The marathon got me a bit confused about something. In one of the early episodes with holly after luke apparenty comes back after most thought he was dead holly said she.gave up their kid was this supposed to be ethan? It doesnt really fit since lucky had not been born yet and ethan is supposed to be around lulus age and there would have infidelity since luke was not with laura. Was this retconned? If not what happened to this other kid if its not ethan? .

by Tracyreply 57404/04/2013

The Milo actor is gay, yes?

by Tracyreply 57504/04/2013

R575, not that it necessarily means he is not but Drew Cheetwood who plays Milo is married to a woman as of 2011 and has a child. The actor is the brother of the actor who plays Max.

This from IMDB.

by Tracyreply 57604/04/2013

r574, the baby that Holly and Luke spoke about in the marathons was not Ethan. That was a miscarriage that was discussed on the show.

Ethan was supposedly conceived when Luke was off the show in the late 80s. None of it was shown on GH, thus the controversy.

by Tracyreply 57704/04/2013

by giving Luke this son -- and Geary this actor to play off of -- ABC pretty much peed all over Luke and Laura's love story.

It would have been so easy to tweak history that Holly's miscarriage was a stillborn (not really dead) and was Ethan (switched at birth).

That way, Geary could have the actor to work with and viewers wouldn't feel like Luke knowingly cheated on Laura.

The actor who plays Ethan is probably younger than Jonathan Jackson, but since Jonathan still looks 12 they could have gotten away with it.

by Tracyreply 57804/04/2013

Sorry, but I am still of the opinion that Ethan should have always been a Scorpio. It just makes much more sense.

by Tracyreply 57904/04/2013

r570, Robin Mattson was in the cast photo for the 50th anniversary celebration. I'm thinking (hoping) she's going to be back very soon.

by Tracyreply 58004/04/2013

Brenda definitely does not come out looking heroized in this return. She's narcissistic, selfish, clingy, and deceptive. Carly has her number. Jax looks like a chump.

by Tracyreply 58104/04/2013

I love that phrase 'peed all over Luke and Laura's love story'. You mean the same love story that began as a lowdown dirty rape on the floor of a disco? You mean that love story? You fraus are hilarious.

by Tracyreply 58204/04/2013

Ethan was supposed to be Robert's. But TG claimed him for himself when he decided he liked the actor.

by Tracyreply 58304/04/2013

There's another thread already created called black tie affair - musical acts that could be used for the next thread.

by Tracyreply 58404/04/2013

Frank "Italian stallion sausage meat" Valentini is sitting in the audience of today's episode of KATIE which celebrates GH's 50th anniversary. Hot mixture of classy gentleman and musky fuck machine. His purse just barely falls out when he speaks, but he is all-beautiful-man.

by Tracyreply 58504/04/2013

They showed some backstage footage of Katie Couric doing a cameo as Nikolas' doctor, which will air on April 16th. Katie's line to Nikolas "Was that your son Spencer ...?" indicates that Spencer is there; since Lesley is bringing Spencer to town, Denise Alexander will be back on the show by then.

by Tracyreply 58604/04/2013

[quote]Good! Thanks for the info. I love her. I hope she does scenes with whoever Roger Howarth is going to play. They have great chemistry.

by Tracyreply 58704/04/2013

Audrey Hardy made me cry, too, and she and Steve were already pretty much occasional revered elders when I started watching in like '81.

Alan and Rick as ghosts showed class...Rick's appearance was shocking to me, Alan's not so much. Damon could be a hot granddaddy (way more than either of the Edwards ever were). I hope he's well.

I don't mind the face change issues of Monica Q or Bobbie Spencer so much. They both have shown they can still kick ass in the right scenes. GH would be wise to keep Zeman around and use LC a bit more as the bitch/goddess/Chief of Staff Monica

by Tracyreply 58804/04/2013

Nik peed all over Luke and Laura as well as Laura as a individual. No way would Laura have left her son without going back for him. It tarnished her as a mother, woman and as a human being. It also meant that Laura did not really trust Luke all those years.

by Tracyreply 58904/04/2013

Brenda and Michael are going to have sex the night of the Nurse's Ball. Some talk of Brenda drunk and Michael drinking a roofie meant for somebody else.

by Tracyreply 59004/04/2013

[quote] musky fuck machine

That makes me want to jack off....

by Tracyreply 59104/04/2013

591 posts! We've almost made it!!!

by Tracyreply 59204/05/2013

R586, well, that's fine that Lesley's back.

But Rick never felt anything for her. He thought she was dull. Dull and respectable.

In fact, Rick and I would laugh about her in bed while we made love. The kind of love that that poor fool was incapable and it's called passion!

by Tracyreply 59304/05/2013

Where's the new thread, folks?

(or do I need to make one?)

by Tracyreply 59404/05/2013

I made the black tie affair need a musical act thread when I thought this one had been closed.

by Tracyreply 59504/05/2013

Here's the black tie talent show thread. Carry on.

by Tracyreply 59604/05/2013

I love Tracy Quartermaine, really I do, and Jane is fab playing her.

But for fuck's sake, she has worn the same two outfits for MONTHS!!!!

Please, someone, go to Chico's and get this bitch a few new frocks!

by Tracyreply 59704/05/2013

Bringing this thread to a close!

FINALLY, Sabrina gets her make over. Ditches the glasses, wears contacts without any problems and does something with that hair...

she is really a lovely girl.

by Tracyreply 59804/05/2013

And I still like the green neon relish that you use to get at Nathan's in Times Square.. maybe the sirviving locations still have it but I bet it's in those stupid packets now!

Now, on to the black tie affair link that R596 created!

by Tracyreply 59904/05/2013


by Tracyreply 60004/05/2013
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