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Experiences at hotels

Since Elyssa Lam died, I thought it'd be interesting to share what your hotel experiences. My hotel experiences have all been pretty positive.

by R.I.P. Elyssa Lamreply 303/01/2013

Is there a troll here tonight asking a million dumb questions, or is it just me?

by R.I.P. Elyssa Lamreply 103/01/2013

This one time a guy called the front desk to complain a prostitute had cheated him, and he had her restrained and needed help. I called the police, and (sparing you the lengthy details) he had given her $50 (two twenties and a ten) and wanted it back. Sergeant went in with her, and after a looooong time, emerged with four tens and two fives. He gave the money (spread out on a newspaper) to the john, let the whore go, end of story. The word did get around, however, and nobody would take a tip from the man the next day. Even the bellman, imagine that.

by R.I.P. Elyssa Lamreply 203/01/2013

R1 Yeah. I think someone is trying to bump off some threads.

by R.I.P. Elyssa Lamreply 303/01/2013
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