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Louisiana fans punished for satirical ‘Jesus Loves You’ sign in state playoff game

Check out the pic of the girls in the article!

A group of students from a Louisiana high school have landed themselves in hot water for displaying signs with a rather tame zinger aimed at a rival Baptist high school.

The Jesus Loves You sign that landed Patterson students in trouble — WAFB video screenshot While some particularly sensitive folks at Baton Rouge (La.) Parkview Baptist School may have been a bit miffed by a sign held aloft by two female fans at Baton Rouge (La.) Patterson High, others certainly would have reacted with a chuckle at the tagline: “Jesus loves you … unless you attend Parkview Baptist.”

Remarkably, the two unidentified students in the photo you see above have “been disciplined” by the Patterson High School following the playoff rivalry matchup between the schools on Friday night. While some might argue that the teens’ sign was in poor taste, it hardly seems to be worthy of a suspension.

by Anonymousreply 003/01/2013
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