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School Worker Shot During Gun Training Class

Yeah, how's that whole "Arm the teachers" thing working out?

by Anonymousreply 103/01/2013

A district-sponsored class? Your education dollars at work! Yesiree.

The Tyler Morning Telegraph has learned that a Van Independent School District employee accidentally was shot during a district-sponsored concealed handgun license class on Wednesday.

The class was part of an effort to permit teachers to carry firearms on VISD campuses.

Leslie Goode, a Van ISD school board member, confirmed that "there was an accident involving one of the employees today."

Goode would not disclose the identity of the employee or the nature of the injury, but did say the accident would not change his mind about a recent decision by the board to arm some teachers.

The district decided in January to arm teachers after the Sandy Hook elementary school mass shooting in Newton, Conn. in December.

Other East Texas school districts that have adopted similar gun policies include Westwood ISD, Cayuga ISD and Union Grove ISD. The policy was first adopted by Harrold ISD near Wichita Falls in 2007.

by Anonymousreply 103/01/2013
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