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Songs you could have written--list 'em!

What songs are so close to expressing your secret self, you could have written them word for word? Lyrics and links, if you please.

Mine: [bold]The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion),[/bold] by the Grateful Dead. Witten by the great, late Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, the first in a line of tragic Dead keyboardists, this song is difficult for me to listen to all the way through. Just hits too close to home. And it's not as simple as romantic love; it's a search for the key to those deep shared connections that make life less unbearable. For me, this is the perfect existentialist song.

And the performance is raw and haunting.

__________________ What are they seeing, when they look in each other's eyes? What are they feeling, when they see each other smile? Is it a love I’ve never known? - Or an emotion that I've outgrown?

Did I take a wrong turning on life's winding road? / Won't somebody help me find the right way to go? / My life needs some correction, alteration and direction. / Won't someone come with me for a while, for a while? / Yes, yes, I'm lost.

What is the secret of this tie that binds? / Two souls in communion, both body and mind. / Is it special magic, or just the nature of things? / Conceived of great spirit, not for beggars but for kings? /

You who have found it, please help me along. / I'm a man, I'm a man, - I'm not made out of stone. / My needs they are simple, I don't want many things, / But I truly want to fly on them wings of love, one more time. /

That’s all I need—I wanna fly on them wings / Gonna fly on those wings of love, fly up, fly home, / I'm a stranger here / Won’t somebody help me now? /

I wake up early in the morning / You know my pillow gets soaking wet / All I need, all I need / Is to fly on them wings of love one more time.

I’m a stranger in your town, / Just let me fly on them wings.

by Still trying to figure it outreply 103/01/2013


by Still trying to figure it outreply 103/01/2013
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