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What name should the next Pope take?

Say what you will about Benny, but he at least chucked the wimpy 'John Paul' shit and went for something a little less ordinary.

I like "Marcellus" and "Callistus" - so Gladiator!

I think "Boniface" lost popularity because after a while nobody wanted to be called "Bunny Face".

Yo, "Eugene"! "Victor"

"Anastasius" - So glam! "Dionysus"! PARTY!

"Hygenis" - a good name for a Pope wanting to make a CLEAN SWEEP!

My favorite: "Zephrynus" with a "Z"!

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 6403/02/2013

How about Caligula?

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 103/01/2013

Petrus Romanus.

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 203/01/2013


by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 303/01/2013


by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 403/01/2013

Pope George Ringo I

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 503/01/2013

[quote]"Hygenis" - a good name for a Pope wanting to make a CLEAN SWEEP!

Pope Jud-deh!

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 603/01/2013


by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 703/01/2013

I'm partial to Cletus or Sixtus

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 803/01/2013

Blue Ivy

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 903/01/2013

Francis of A Sissy

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 1003/01/2013

Let's be real about this:

"And here he is...Pope Pederastus!!!"

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 1103/01/2013


by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 1203/01/2013

Jenny From The Block

Tay Tay

Ray Ray




Flavor Flav

Keyser Soze

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 1303/01/2013


by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 1403/01/2013

Duh, MARY!

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 1503/01/2013

I tried to go with 'Milkedus Loadus' but those bitches who elected me put their heels down and said no.

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 1603/01/2013


the last

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 1703/01/2013

Pope Poopyface has a nice ring, don't ya think?

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 1803/01/2013

Quintarious Tolando I

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 1903/01/2013

Pope Benedict Cumberbatch

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 2003/01/2013

Bonnie Franklin.

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 2103/01/2013


by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 2203/01/2013

How about no1curr?

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 2303/01/2013

Pope Sergius Bacchus which would be a tribute to the two saints who also were lovers.

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 2403/01/2013

Pope Benedict Boytoucher

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 2503/01/2013

Since he will most likely be gay.

Pope Mary I

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 2603/01/2013

Dawn Davenport

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 2703/01/2013

Zsa Zsa.

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 2803/01/2013

I'm partial to Pope Coitus Fellatus.

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 2903/01/2013

Innocent (yes many popes were called Innocent).

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 3003/01/2013

Pope Boutros Boutros Ghali

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 3103/01/2013

Pope John Paul III

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 3203/01/2013

many of the historic names - which sound quaint now - were just popular at the time. So that makes me wonder - 500 years from now will there be a Pope Justin? A Pope Aiden?

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 3303/01/2013

Immaculata of the Five Wounds. "Five Wounds" for short.

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 3403/01/2013

Pope Biggus Dickus

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 3503/01/2013


by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 3603/01/2013

He will be called, or styled, His Holiness Pedophyllus. All of his holy water will be purified through 4 and 5 year old males. His fire water will be distilled through selected young men. Pope Pedophyllus will be known by his most intimate friends as PP.

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 3703/01/2013

Moistius Mussey

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 3803/01/2013

My poor aunt was named Bonifacia because she was born one of the Boniface popes' feast day. And her parents were assholes that way.

She went by her middle name.

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 3903/01/2013

Forgot my choice for a Pope name:

Pope John Paul George Ringo I.

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 4003/01/2013

Calixtus III was a Borgia and my vote is for Calixtus IV,

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 4103/01/2013


by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 4203/01/2013

In homage to Monty Python,

Pope Bigith Dickith

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 4303/01/2013

Pope Honey Boo Boo

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 4403/01/2013

The next Pope should select something simple. Pope Ron would work.

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 4503/01/2013

Pope Ron Popeil!

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 4603/01/2013

R40, what was her middle name?

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 4703/01/2013

Bonnie F. Ace.

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 4803/01/2013


by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 4903/01/2013

Pope Pediphiles XXX

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 5003/01/2013

Pope Una Rope!

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 5103/01/2013

F&F R48, who is posting that around here tonight.

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 5203/01/2013

Palpatine II

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 5303/01/2013

Cunt Alberto VO5?

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 5403/01/2013

Her middle name was Emelina, r47.

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 5503/02/2013


by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 5603/02/2013

Sodoma Hypocritica

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 5703/02/2013

Shaleeta Hamm

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 5803/02/2013


by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 5903/02/2013

For once maybe they should start going back using their real names. Why the heck do they need to change their reals names? They don't like their real names? No consideration for their parents' naming them? What happened to honor your father and your mother? Thou shall not lie? Can't they just be more honest with their names? Who cares if their original names were horrible?

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 6003/02/2013

Ecce Homo

by Oooh, "ZOSIMUS"!reply 6103/02/2013
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