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Reality Has A Liberal Bias: AIDS Denier Loses Defamation Case

In other words, the truth won out over lies. At least in court. The damage Farber and Duesberg have wrought will last far longer than Farber’s wounded pride. Homophobic hatemongers like Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association (an official hate group) have wholeheartedly endorsed Duesberg’s “theories” and are happily spreading this misinformation far and wide. Every dollar in funding cut or withheld because of Farber and Duesberg is blood on their hands and the least of their concerns should be being labeled a liar.

by Anonymousreply 102/28/2013

Ah they do raise good points which could easily be rebuffed. So why aren't they rebuffed.

The CDC says "Most cases of AIDS are caused by HIV." Even the government admits HIV does not cause AIDS, otherwise they wouldn't say "most."

Do they say, "Most cases of measles are caused by measles virus?" No if you have the measles virus you have the measles, plain and simple.

But if you have HIV, you may or may not have AIDS and you can have AIDS without having HIV.

There's too much misinformation. The drug companies love HIV because they make tons of money off of it.

by Anonymousreply 102/28/2013
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