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Billy Crudup

His career is in the toilet, no?

by mlpreply 3201/22/2014

I guess the answer would be yes.

by mlpreply 102/28/2013

I've only ever seen him in one or two things but saw struck by what a BAD actor he was. He deserves to be in the toliet.

by mlpreply 202/28/2013

I remember when he first hit the NY theater world in the early 90s and was hailed as the next big thing. But he was never really in a big commercial hit on Broadway

He resisted commercial film projects, choosing interesting smaller films that ultimately led nowhere, career-wise.

Now, commercial projects are resisting him.

by mlpreply 302/28/2013

Who? Crud what?

by mlpreply 402/28/2013

He's mean spirited and likes to make fun of his "fans".

by mlpreply 502/28/2013

He's no Heath Ledger.

by mlpreply 602/28/2013

Considering he's in at least a movie a year, I'm sure he's doing quite fine.

He isn't going to be a big box office star, but he gets good work and could probably get a decent cable show if he wanted it.

by mlpreply 702/28/2013

Typical Manhassat asshole

by mlpreply 802/28/2013

He's dating my daughter Grace. Pray for us.

by mlpreply 902/28/2013

His stage work has been quite good. He was wonderful in The Coast of Utopia, the best part of the Arcadia revival, and really good in The Pillowman.

He got a Tony nom for The Elephant Man but I didn't see that.

by mlpreply 1002/28/2013

He used to be so cute and now he looks like he has a skin disease.

by mlpreply 1102/28/2013

He's no price tag, but MLP could be pretty odd in that relationship, too. Thus the pregnancy with him...

by mlpreply 1202/28/2013

I saw him in The Elephant Man revival, and he was way out of his league. His performance style is very small, and method-y, as well as charisma free. He is EARNEST, which isn't really required of a star to carry a show. Kate Burton is equally grim, yet capable, and the two of them together created a black hole of dullness, and the whole production got sucked into it.

He makes tons more from his long-lasting voice-over campaign for Mastercard, "Priceless"! I am very jealous about that.

by mlpreply 1302/28/2013

I'm glad I dumped him when I did - otherwise he'd have been hogging the spotlight all season when I won all those awards for my work on HOMELAND.

by mlpreply 1402/28/2013

It must chap his ass that he got dumped for Dancy and Danes has the bigger career. He always comes off as a user and worming his way into the Streep universe by dating her homely daughter seems to confirm that.

by mlpreply 1503/01/2013

A turning point for me was STAGE BEAUTY: a really intriguing idea for a movie, but an unholy mess. And he's pretty terrible in it.

by mlpreply 1603/01/2013

[all posts by childish idiot removed]

by mlpreply 1701/20/2014

When he was young, I thought he and Tom Welling were the two handsomest men alive.

by mlpreply 1801/21/2014

not sure what all the hate for BC is about. Have any of you ever met MLP?...

I do agree it is creepy he is or was dating one of the Gummers and I agree that all of his stage work isn't the best.

However, I know people who have worked with him who say he is a pretty down to earth guy who gets along well with the NY Theater community.

r13, I also saw "The Elephant Man" on Broadway, this must have been almost 10 years ago and I thought he was great.

I think it failed because the play was no longer new or interesting.

The play felt so fresh in the late 70's seemed contrived and played out 30 years later.

Great set by Santo Loquasto.

My most vivid memory of that production is one of the other actors sodomizing Crudup with police stick.. and another scene he was kind of sexually manhandled.. this was after all a Sean Mathias [ex of Ian McKellen] production.

by mlpreply 1901/21/2014

It looks like dating one of the Ugly Streep Daughters hasn't paid off for him.

by mlpreply 2001/21/2014

I think Grace is the prettier Gummer, no?

by mlpreply 2101/21/2014

[quote] My most vivid memory of that production is one of the other actors sodomizing Crudup with police stick.. and another scene he was kind of sexually manhandled.. this was after all a Sean Mathias [ex of Ian McKellen] production.

r19, I didn't see that production but I remember reading in the NY Post they had "nude" rehearsals. Not sure if that was just Crudup nude or whatever.. THAT I would have bought a ticket for.

Who was the lucky actor sodomizing and sexually manhandling Crudup?

by mlpreply 2201/21/2014

r21, yes by most standards Grace would be considered the prettier of the two. I hear the prettiest one is the youngest who is not [as of yet] sucking up space in the theater world.

r22, the lucky gentlemen was James Riordan

by mlpreply 2301/21/2014

Is Mary Louise Parker a lesbian now?

by mlpreply 2401/21/2014

R24. No, she's still an actress, more or less.

by mlpreply 2501/21/2014

D.Messing how come and you know that Mary Louise isn't attracted to pussy? Are you her vagina?

by mlpreply 2601/21/2014

Lordy, some queens are smoking some rare week. Billy Crudup was not "sodomized" in The Elephant Man.

by mlpreply 2701/21/2014

I guess his career is down the toilet...

by mlpreply 2801/21/2014

I saw him in the execrable revival of "Three Sisters" in the 90s. Also starred Lily Taylor, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Amy Irving, David Strathairn, Eric Stoltz, David Marshall Grant, Justin Theroux, Paul Giamatti, and a then unknown Calista Flockhart.

Jeanne and Calista were the only decent performers. The whole thing was like a bad SNL skit.

I did stand next to BC after the performance. I am 5'10" and he was much shorter than me. But cute.

by mlpreply 2901/21/2014

on one of the nastiest people on Broadway threads there was quite a bit of dish about that production of "The Three Sisters" I can't specifics but there was quite a bit of backstage drama.

by mlpreply 3001/21/2014

He makes a mint doing voiceover work for commercials. He's not hurting for money.

by mlpreply 3101/21/2014

It is Ian McKellan's and Patrick Stewart's show. Crudup is third banana. This thread proves that if the public perceives an actor to be a certain way in private, then it impacts on their on work. I don't care how "brilliant" he is. He comes off as a person you would not want to know in real life. So I avoid watching anything he's in. And I certainly wouldn't lay down good money to see him on Broadway.

by mlpreply 3201/22/2014
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