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Don't Believe Those Neil Patrick Harris Rumors.

National Enquirer says that NPH has called off his wedding to David Burka

by Mikereply 711/11/2014

Well, that's a relief.

by Mikereply 102/28/2013


by Mikereply 207/11/2014


by Mikereply 311/11/2014

I won't.

by Mikereply 411/11/2014

And we did not. I remember the rumor that he was, well I won't bring up old stuff, but that was also untrue.

by Mikereply 511/11/2014

like who cares?

by Mikereply 611/11/2014

I find it ever so delightful when Neil gets the last laugh on haters.

by Mikereply 711/11/2014
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