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NASCAR Driver Jeremy Clements

Tasty little number.

Scroll to the last picture on the page.

by YUM!reply 1302/28/2013

I'd let him fondle me up

by YUM!reply 102/28/2013

Jeremy looks like a chest shaver, OP.

by YUM!reply 202/28/2013

I agree R2, but, for some reason, I still find him attractive.

by YUM!reply 302/28/2013

DL drools over the ugliest people. It must be due to their elderly vision.

by YUM!reply 402/28/2013

He's adorable. Looks like he'd have a big schlong.

Picture it: Jeremy Clements porking Talladega Tire Man's beefy butt doggie-style.

by YUM!reply 502/28/2013

Brendan Gaughan is WAY hotter

by YUM!reply 602/28/2013

If those boys have some cold Ultra Light, I'll bend over!

by YUM!reply 702/28/2013

He just got suspended indefinitely from Nascar for making a "racially insensitive" comment to an interviewer. They aren't saying what it was.

by YUM!reply 802/28/2013

R8, I've read somewhere that he used the word "Redneck," which violates the code of conduct for NASCAR.

by YUM!reply 902/28/2013

[quote]I've read somewhere that he used the word "Redneck," which violates the code of conduct for NASCAR.

How politically correct of them!

by YUM!reply 1002/28/2013

Somebody ask Talledega Tahrtool what he said.

by YUM!reply 1102/28/2013

Is he trying to hide a Speedo underneath those swim trunks?

by YUM!reply 1202/28/2013

He looks like a booger-eating baboon, is what he looks like!

by YUM!reply 1302/28/2013
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