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OMM pissed at Carl's Jr. and Amazon for promoting "sin"

CKE Restaurants (Hardee's/Carl's Jr.) and Amazon both are currently airing inappropriate beach commercials that require our attention.

Hardee's and sibling restaurant chain Carl's Jr. are again provoking people of faith with controversial advertising. This time the ad features a bikini-clad model whose tiny swimsuit barely covers her. This is extremely apparent in a side view where she almost falls out of her top before she unties it, exposing her bare back. She exhibits seductive behavior while eating the new Charbroiled Cod Fish Sandwich. The commercial concludes with a male checking her out.

The men and boys in our country are under attack from the common belief that "sex sells" in our culture, which is apparently CKE's favorite marketing strategy. The restaurant chain has gone too far again when porn and food go hand-in-hand.

Webster's definition of pornography is "material created for the purposes of eliciting a sexual response," and so this ad is pornographic.

CKE Restaurants, Inc., parent company of the two restaurant chains, has been using pornographic ads since 2003 when Hardee's and Carl's Jr. featured a porn king and Paris Hilton in their raunchy TV commercials.

This type of advertising is offensive and unacceptable. It is degrading to women and gives young women and girls the wrong impression, contributing to self-esteem issues, depression, and eating disorders.

Then we have Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite commercial that promotes gay marriage. Instead of Amazon remaining neutral in the culture war while showcasing how their product has no glare even at the beach, they chose to promote sin.

The commercial starts off with a guy and a girl sitting on the beach with their Kindles. At the end, the girl mentions her husband is getting her a drink, and the guy says, "So is mine." They both turn around to see their 'husbands' waiting for their drinks. Both men at the bar wave to their spouse.

Homosexuality is wrong just like other sexual sins of heterosexual sex before marriage, adultery, and pornography, but Amazon has chosen to promote gay marriage in their advertisement. This ad has been airing during programs such as "American Idol" when children are likely watching.

Both of these commercials are airing nationwide and are damaging to the minds of young children and adolescents.

Take Action

CKE Restaurants (Hardee's/Carl's Jr.) block our emails so a phone call alert is needed. They have ignored our emails in the past so let's burn up their phone lines.

Call CKE Restaurants (Hardee's/Carl's Jr.) at 1-800-422-4141, and then press 0. Ask the operator for the comments line so you may express your concern about their recent commercial (remember to be polite). Let them know that until CKE Restaurants make a drastic change, your family will never frequent Carl's/Hardee's again. Hopefully many will call, which may result in the possibility you will be on hold for a minute.

So, while you wait, send Amazon a quick email also.

Send your email to Amazon now! Sincerely,

Monica Cole, Director

by tedious old hagsreply 303/01/2013

Amazon should make their commercials meek. Also, donate money to Jeb Bush, our future savior.

by tedious old hagsreply 102/28/2013

I love that Hardee's/Carl's ignore them.

by tedious old hagsreply 202/28/2013

The immediate human race should be pissed at OMM for promoting ignorance.

by tedious old hagsreply 303/01/2013
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