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Solange on Letterman

Dull, boring, awful. Makes sister BeYAWNce seem amazingly talented

by House Of Derierrereply 602/28/2013

Really? She's supposed to be the "smart one."

by House Of Derierrereply 102/27/2013

Unlike many on DL I don't have a problem with Beyonce but I do have a problem with people like Solange trying to get famous off of their famous relative.

by House Of Derierrereply 202/28/2013

Describing a person or an event as boring often means more about the person who claims to be bored than it does about the person or event.

If you want your readers to believe Solange is boring, you might want to talk about what she said or did.

by House Of Derierrereply 302/28/2013

She looks like she works in a State office cube.

by House Of Derierrereply 402/28/2013

RE 3 - what she did was sing an awful song, and her voice was very average, and she had a huge afro. It was a dull unenthusiastic performance.

by House Of Derierrereply 502/28/2013

She is trying too hard.

Go away you bore!

by House Of Derierrereply 602/28/2013
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