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Masculinity by Datalounge's standards

I just read on another thread one poster said that Brian Kinney from Queer as Folk is adrogynous. For real?! Then I'd like to see what is masculine because Gale Harold cannot be more masculine looking.

by OMG.reply 1010/06/2013

I don't know why you are bumping all these Gale Harold post. That said he is masculine, but he is slim and doesn't have a beefy body.

by OMG.reply 102/28/2013

So last decade ago. Anyhow....

I adored Brian Kinney. Perfection all around.

"Some asshole told me that if you believe in something you have to be willing to sacrifice everything."

by OMG.reply 202/28/2013

"masculine" around here seems to be a freakish cartoonish caricature. Always old, always overmuscled or fattish, etc. That seems to be the only alternative some can conceive of to embarrassing effeminacy.

Mostly, if you're a normal natural male, much of datalounge wants to pretend you don't exist.

by OMG.reply 302/28/2013

According to this group of boys, gay is a legitimate, if marginalized, social identity. If a man is gay, there may be a chance he could be considered masculine by other men (Connell, 1995). David, a handsome white senior dressed smartly in khaki pants and a white button-down shirt said, ‘Being gay is just a lifestyle. It’s someone you choose to sleep with. You can still throw around a football and be gay.’ In other words there is a possibility, however slight, that a boy can be gay and masculine. To be a fag is, by definition, the opposite of masculine, whether or not the word is deployed with sexualized or non-sexualized meanings. In explaining this to me, Jamaal, an African-American junior, cited the explanation of popular rap artist, Eminem: Although I don’t like Eminem, he had a good definition of it. It’s like taking away your title. In an interview they were like, ‘you’re always capping on gays, but then you sing with Elton John.’ He was like ‘I don’t mean gay as in gay’.

This is what Riki Wilchins calls the ‘Eminem Exception. Eminem explains that he doesn’t call people “faggot” because of their sexual orien- tation but because they’re weak and unmanly’ (Wilchins, 2003).

by OMG.reply 405/28/2013

DL is a weird place with unusual interests and definitions.

by OMG.reply 508/29/2013

In what ways, R5? Specific examples please.

by OMG.reply 608/29/2013

Kinney had a slack, hairless body and a blank face. In what way was he the epitome of masculinity, other than having a dick and using it?

by OMG.reply 708/29/2013

Nothing says manly man like pursed lips and frosted bangs.

by OMG.reply 808/29/2013


by OMG.reply 910/06/2013

It's all in the makeup he chooses.

by OMG.reply 1010/06/2013
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