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"Archer"-animated comedy spy series currently streaming on Netflix

Pretty funny. Even witty, at times.

Archer is the narcissistic, womanizing, mama's boy title character. Jessica Walter voices his mother's character (I always love her).

I was kind of disappointed that there was a fag joke in the first episode. To be fair, the writers also added a mild jab at Jews (not that one excuses the other).

The look of the animation is pretty sleek. There is even the incorporation of real photographic elements (i.e.foods on a well-appointed breakfast table), sporadically placed through the episodes.

Has anyone else seen this? The key demographic is obviously young men in their late teens to late 20's. Very macho aesthetic, bit also plenty of satire.

I'll probably keep watching it.

by Tony, early 40sreply 1603/02/2013

I watch it, the show does do some gay jokes but they do jokes about everything. Once you get a feel for their humor of the show you know it isn't actually homophobic at all(Pam is bi, they introduce a gay spy, and both Archer and Lana have had same sex experiences), though if you get offended easily it isn't going to be for you.

But I find the writing for the show incredible. There are so many sleek references that go into the show that I have to look up half of them after an episode and I learn new things all the time. Hilarious little show.

by Tony, early 40sreply 102/27/2013

Interesting, R1. Sounds like a great analysis.

I'm pretty thick-skinned. I like edgy comedy. I will stick with it.


by Tony, early 40sreply 202/27/2013

Very witty and knowing writing. I don't catch it often, but when I do, I enjoy it.

by Tony, early 40sreply 302/27/2013

Like it, watch it. Very funny show.

by Tony, early 40sreply 402/27/2013

See the Real Models for the Archer Characters:

by Tony, early 40sreply 502/28/2013

Hipster bullshit

by Tony, early 40sreply 602/28/2013

R6 = retard

by Tony, early 40sreply 702/28/2013

[quote]I watch it, the show does do some gay jokes but they do jokes about everything.

You make is sound like a bad thing. The gay jokes are hysterical. The show is extremely pro-gay. I swear the creator is gay. He voices the gay character too.

The show was just renewed for a fifth season.

I really want to fuck Sterling. Horrible, I know.

Did you ever seen the episode where Archer went undercover as a gay man?

by Tony, early 40sreply 802/28/2013

"Spy-on-Spy Action: Gay Life on Archer"

Adam Reed, the creator of FX's Archer, talks about TV's only gay secret agent and why you should watch tonight's season four premiere.

Adam Reed is stumped. The creator of the popular FX animated spy series Archer, which premieres season four tonight on FX, has just been asked if he can name an openly gay spy. While Reed doesn’t rub shoulders with spies on a day-to-day basis, he assumes we mean fictional spies — but nonetheless he is stumped.

When hit with this realization, Reed seems proud that he has created Ray Gillette, the smart, handsome, and openly gay spy on his series.

“No prominent gay spies come to mind," says Reed as he discusses the upcoming fourth season of one of the most under-celebrated animated comedies on TV. "He might be a leader in his field.”

Archer's namesake and the show's protagonist is Sterling Archer, a reckless, pompous, womanizing James Bond-wannabe (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) who prefers a drink and a damsel over saving the world. The series revolves around Archer and his fellow morally bankrupt spies who work at the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), run by his mother, Malory Archer, who is voiced by Arrested Development’s Jessica Walter.

Mixing elements of The Pink Panther, James Bond, and maybe a dash of Austin Powers, the show is backed by voice actors minted from comedy gold — tapping Judy Greer, Aisha Tyler, and Chris Parnell to help round out the ISIS team. With this all-star team and no shortage of witty, raunchy one-liners, Archer has cemented itself as one of the most shocking and hilarious shows on television.

With Archer as a world-reknowned womanizer, Ray provides an interesting point of contrast as a competent, smart spy who happens to be gay.

“Well, you know homosexuals are underrepresented in spy fiction," says Reed, who created and voices Ray. "I wanted to right that wrong. He was supposed to be a one-time character; that’s why I did the voice. So this guy will be an openly gay agent, and I actually liked him — he came across as smart, in-control, and as a foil to Archer. FX liked him and told us to keep him around, so we did.”

When we left Ray last season, he was using a wheelchair after being paralyzed. But Reed hints that Ray may walk again (perhaps thanks to a pair of cybernetic legs), and also alludes that Ray may not be the only gay spy viewers see in the new season. Reed says to be on the lookout for “a fellow spy from the past, who is smarter, cooler, better-dressed, and who can out-Archer Archer, and may have had more than a platonic relationship with Archer in the past.”

On Archer, insults fly as fast as bullets, with the spies constantly ribbing each other on everything from their choice of wardrobe to their bedroom manners — with Ray’s sexuality usually feeling the brunt of his coworker's snark.

Archer won Best Show You’re Not Watching at the New Now Next Awards back in 2010, and while all the characters are fair game in the ISIS offices, Reed was never seriously concerned about the gay backlash for the flak Ray takes at the office.

“[I was] a little worried, [but] not too worried," says Reed. "The people who get hit the worst at ISIS are Ray and Pam, and they are the nicest people there. My gay friends love Ray, they want to see more Ray-centric episodes, like he should become a pilot or things like that.”

A gay character on TV who is a secret spy and a pilot? Move over, Daniel Craig, we've got a new secret agent crush.

by Tony, early 40sreply 902/28/2013

...danger zone...

by Tony, early 40sreply 1002/28/2013

Really funny show. Viewers who think the show is homophobic don't seem to realize how it makes fun of other groups, events, and especially itself.

by Tony, early 40sreply 1102/28/2013

If you like Archer, you should check out Adam Reed's previous series "Frisky Dingo". The episodes are 15 minutes and there is only 2 seasons worth but it's funny.

by Tony, early 40sreply 1202/28/2013

Bump for the love of Frisky Dingo.

It's funnier than Archer, but it's also more plot-driven. Seems many people don't want to have to watch every episode to keep up with a show.

by Tony, early 40sreply 1303/01/2013

Definitely loved Frisky Dingo, and love Archer.

Note that the voice of Archer is also the voice of "Bob" on "Bob's Burgers"... and there was a great shout-out to that fact earlier this season. Hilarious.

by Tony, early 40sreply 1403/01/2013

Absolutely juvenile and often disgusting and oh how I love it.

by Tony, early 40sreply 1503/01/2013

The lead animator is gay (I'm presuming) and made a One Direction cartoon. Very cute!

by Tony, early 40sreply 1603/02/2013
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