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Celebrity Apprentice *ALL-STARS*

Starts Sunday! Is everyone as excited as I am!?

by Omarosareply 33305/31/2013


by Omarosareply 102/26/2013

I care for none of the contestants. Pass.

by Omarosareply 202/26/2013

I haven't watched this garbage in years and certainly won't be watching this, but hasn't he done the "all-stars" things before? Or are these basically the only losers who would agree to appear on a program with this loon?

by Omarosareply 302/26/2013

I don't under understand how anyone can watch ANYTHING with Donald Trump. And I've been saying that for years; it has nothing to do with his recent political craziness.

by Omarosareply 402/26/2013

I hate Trump too, but thankfully he plays a pretty small part of this show. They show him for a few minutes at the beginning and end of each episode. Part of me also likes watching so that I can hate on his two goofy-ass sons who always manage to weasel their way in during tasks.

by Omarosareply 502/26/2013

r5. they kiss his ass when they are in the board room with him or when the task is introduced.

Yes, Mr. Trump. Sure, Mr. Trump. Oh, Mr. Trump I would love to work for you!

Gag me with a spoon. It's almost like watching Gretchen Mol schmoozing up to Harvey Weinstein, begging for a good pounding ... uhm, role.

I would stomach it if the contestants were at least interesting, but all those celebrity rejects are just that: Rejects.

by Omarosareply 602/26/2013

I'm confused...this is supposed to air tonight, but it doesn't come up when I search for it on my DVR, and it's not on the schedule either.

by Omarosareply 703/03/2013

Sadly, Trump's All-Star lineup is full of well-known personalities.

Unlike the newly announced season of Dancing With the Stars.

by Omarosareply 803/03/2013

I used to watch for shits and giggles when trump was just an annoying asshole, but since he's become such a full blown national moron, I'm taking a pass on this from now on.

by Omarosareply 903/03/2013

If you go back and watch Dionne Warwick's season, you'll see how brilliantly she played the game.

People tended to focus on her attitude, because she wouldn't degrade herself and play Yes Massa to the white folks. What they didn't see was an older and self secure black woman who was going to do things her way.

And the elimination where she demanded she get fired was nothig short of brilliant. Trump was stupid enough to take the obvious bait she threw out there. She single handedly exposed Trump for the ego driven ass he really is in those few minutes. Then had Nene sobbing by telling her the truth about how she carried herself as she stepped in the elevator with not a care in the world.

Best contestant EVER.

by Omarosareply 1003/03/2013

Best to boycott Trump and those that share profit with him like NBC and Macy's. DO NOT WATCH THIS PROGRAM. We can end this program, no need for another season of this SHIT.

by Omarosareply 1103/03/2013

R11 is right on target. Boycott Trump.

by Omarosareply 1203/03/2013

Every year I tell myself I won't watch and I always end up watching every episode. I'll watch it with the ON DEMAND function. Too many other shows (Masterpiece, Walking Dead, Shameless) to DVR Sunday night. I actually prefer the non celeb APPRENTICE seasons which are things of the past I guess.

by Omarosareply 1303/03/2013

Wasn't Lisa Rinna like the first or second eliminated? She actually came off really great, so it's nice to see her get a second shot (sorry, I've got residual Veronica Mars love for her), even though she hardly qualifies as an All-Star.

by Omarosareply 1403/03/2013

And then the seagull went to the minimart or I don't get why purple is a color or maybe the grass is actually on top of the sky and I like watermelon.

by Omarosareply 1503/03/2013

R5, "I hate Trump too, but thankfully he plays a pretty small part of this show."

Yes, but by watching it you continue to support him and contribute to his success.

by Omarosareply 1603/03/2013

I watched a few seasons of this show in the past, but this year I will definitely NOT be watching after all the shit that Trump has said over the last year. His ego has gotten worse than ever, and I'm not going to watch a show of his and help contribute to the ratings.

by Omarosareply 1703/03/2013

[quote]Yes, but by watching it you continue to support him and contribute to his success.

I don't care, I'm watching. And I'm not a Nielson household anyway, so no one will even know!

by Omarosareply 1803/03/2013

Now politics is on The Apprentice thread too?! Get a life people. I'll damn well watch whatever I fucking choose to watch.

by Omarosareply 1903/03/2013

Intelligent people do not get bored.

Guess they know no interest in this.

by Omarosareply 2003/03/2013

no fkcin way

by Omarosareply 2103/03/2013

Can't wait to see Amorosa and pipsqueak LaToya!!

by Omarosareply 2203/03/2013

For you fools eager to give Trump a pass for brief low brow entertainment, remember that Trump is decidedly against gay marriage.

by Omarosareply 2303/03/2013

Five minutes 'til showtime! Get your snack foods & refreshments ready!

by Omarosareply 2403/03/2013

R23 Exactly. Yet these self-loathing gays will still watch his shit and give him ratings. SMH

by Omarosareply 2503/03/2013

I'm still pissed off about last year. The wrong guy won.

by Omarosareply 2603/03/2013

I won't support any show that Trump the Chump.

by Omarosareply 2703/03/2013

[quote]I'm still pissed off about last year. The wrong guy won.

It just goes to show how anti-gay he is. Clay raised WAY more than Arsenio, yet Arsenio won.

by Omarosareply 2803/03/2013

[quote] I don't care, I'm watching. And I'm not a Nielson household anyway, so no one will even know!

You may not be a Nielson household, but if you watch a show and enjoy it, and post about it on internet gossip boards, it may entice a Nielson household to watch it. So you ARE Helping in some ways.

by Omarosareply 2903/03/2013


by Omarosareply 3003/03/2013

That big country singer has a bad strategy. Brett Michaels let Omarosa run him.

by Omarosareply 3103/03/2013

No fucking way will I watch it. I LOATHE him.

by Omarosareply 3203/03/2013

Gary Busey seems to have some type of mental disorder. If he does, then it's a shame that the show and network is exploiting it for ratings. (What WACKY things will Gary say or do? Tune into Celebrity Apprentice to find out!) If he doesn't and it's just an act, then it's just as bad if not worse.

by Omarosareply 3303/03/2013

Ivanka doesn't look like Ivanka anymore. Did she have some major facial surgery?

by Omarosareply 3403/03/2013

r33 I think I speak for everyone when I say..duh!

by Omarosareply 3503/03/2013

Ivanka is the only person in that family I can stand. It's gotta be mortifying for her to sit next to her old fart father as he says to a woman contestant, "It must be nice see you drop to your knees."

by Omarosareply 3603/03/2013

Latoya looks as old and fat and ugly as her sister Janet now.

by Omarosareply 3703/03/2013

who went home and who won?

by Omarosareply 3803/03/2013

JESUS CHRIST how could any of you watch a Donald Trump program?? You have powers as a consumer, use them!!

by Omarosareply 3903/03/2013

I think Omarosa pocketed the $80,000.

by Omarosareply 4003/03/2013

Not watching. Boycott this show!

by Omarosareply 4103/03/2013

If you don't like this show then simply don't watch and do us all a favor by staying the FUCK off this thread!

by Omarosareply 4203/04/2013

Is this the official thread?

Bret got a raw deal. He seems like a really nice, sincere guy. I wonder if it's all an act since he's a rawk star. I also am glad to see LaToya and Lisa Rinna back. I could do without Marilu.

Am I the only one who remembers why Piers hates Omarosa? It's not because she "attacked his kids" but because she insinuated that he's gay. If you don't believe me, you can rewatch the clip of them screaming at each other in the van. It's only after she "questions his manhood" that Piers loses his cool with her.

Too bad that the homophobe Trace Adkins is not only back but is doing well. They should have brought back Clint Black instead.

by Omarosareply 4303/04/2013

Aside from Trump being an asshat and the "All Stars" being mostly pathetic has-beens, the competitions all seem to revolve around how much money can be raised by the contestants calling their wealthier friends for handouts. Or doing bizarre marketing campaigns that the sponsoring companies have to praise even though the work would result in an 'F' in any college marketing class.

The only time the show was halfway interesting was when the non-famous contestants had actual challenges requiring intelligence and ingenuity. But you obviously can't expect those two things from celebrities.

by Omarosareply 4403/04/2013

I know you all are going to think I'm crazy but I SWEAR TO GOD I saw BONNIE FRANKLIN standing in the line at Brande Roderick's shop. She was wearing a black pashmina type shawl. I swear to GOD IT WAS HER!!! Anyone who has it on DVR or Tivo please take a look and tell me I'm not nuts.

by Omarosareply 4503/04/2013

[quote]LaToya looks as old and fat and ugly as her sister Janet now.

Given that Latoya was born in 1956, and Janet was born in 1966, R37's post suggests that LaToya must be doing something right. Granted, she's freakish looking, but not elderly.

R45, you mean "it was she." It wasn't, of course, but "it was her" is not English. Unless you left out the final word, e.g. "it was her doppelganger."

You'll thank me for this.

by Omarosareply 4603/04/2013

I watched the first ten minutes, then realized I found Trump and nearly all the contestants so completely repellent that I turned it off.

by Omarosareply 4703/04/2013

Omarosa is shady but isn't that what we want to see? Isn't that why we're tuning in? I'm not watching because I'm hoping everyone sings campfire songs at the end of the day. I want drama and, hopefully, a couple of weaves ripped out.

I don't know who the blonde chick PM is but she is borderline tragic. First I thought it was Kim Z from Atlanta but then realized Kim could never get that thin. And, if she's associated with Playboy then Playboy must hate her cuz they only gave $5,000 for a meatball.

Anyway, no matter who she is she didn't deserve that snide comment from Trump about seeing her on her knees. That was a major turn-off and shows what a pig he is.

Will I tune in next week? duh.

by Omarosareply 4803/04/2013

R43, No Piers and Omarosa were fighting way before she called him gay. She was trying to get to him by saying that but it back fired on her. Don't know why Piers is on the panel though. I think he's a better contestant than judge.

by Omarosareply 4903/04/2013

Has Ivanka done something to her face? Teeth?? or is it darker makeup with brighter lipstick? She looks different somehow.

by Omarosareply 5003/04/2013

Who was fired? Bret?

by Omarosareply 5103/04/2013

Yes Brett was the one who got fired.

by Omarosareply 5203/04/2013

I'm glad this thread is here. I just started watching last night's and already am laughing at "actor, author, and entrepreneur" Stephen Baldwin..

by Omarosareply 5303/04/2013

LOL! Looks like a lot of people are refusing to watch his show anymore. This season's premiere episode had a 38% drop from last year's debut and is the lowest premiere they've had of CA!

I'm glad others are refusing to watch as well. I won't watch anything by this pig after all the awful shit he's said in the past year.

by Omarosareply 5403/04/2013

I refuse to watch anything with that hateful idiot Trump in it.

by Omarosareply 5503/04/2013

Rumor is that next week the team leaders are Penn and Omarosa. No rumor as to who wins but it's rumored Latoya or Dee Snider get the boot. Just a rumor.

by Omarosareply 5603/04/2013

Yes, it was the lowest-rated show of the night in it's timeslot.

Though, Trump claims on twitter that it came in number one.

by Omarosareply 5703/04/2013

Too bad, I like Dee. He is the only one on Trace's team that I like.

by Omarosareply 5803/04/2013

I refuse to watch but I must know two things:

What was the discussion about Lisa Rinna's lips? It's been all over TV and radio today that the discussion was long and rather intimate.

Is Omarosa going around keening and mourning and saying she's doing this for the love of her life, the late great Michael Clark Duncan? 'Cause the Widow Omarosa Maningault-Stallworth-Duncan was about to get dumped by the big guy when he died...

by Omarosareply 5903/04/2013

Lisa's lips didn't look all that different to me. Assuming Trump was talking about the lips on her face.

by Omarosareply 6003/04/2013

R59 I love how you boycott the show and then come here NEEDING to know what happened.

by Omarosareply 6103/04/2013

r60 I think he was saying they look better because she has stopped doing crazy stuff to them. I don't know though. They look the same to me too.

by Omarosareply 6203/04/2013

Brande was kind of bitchy and dismissive to Dennis. I felt bad for him. He is the only reason I ever watched this (back on his season) he was useless then but he was also a huge boozer. It seemed he wanted to be involved now and snotty Brande blew him off so I won't feel bad for whatever Trump says to her. Does she do anything besides this show? I know she was in Playboy but only know her from this.

by Omarosareply 6303/04/2013

I hear you R63. She's a cunt. It would be a kick if Dennis actually won this thing.

by Omarosareply 6403/04/2013

I would love that r64.

by Omarosareply 6503/04/2013

r45 I don't know and haven't seen it but Valerie is wearing the same shirt and necklace that she was wearing in the picture she had of her and Bonnie on her twitter on Friday. I know because I have that same necklace and was kind of tripped out that she has it. I will look more closely.

by Omarosareply 6603/04/2013

Ok I saw what you meant, it's at 51:40 and does look like her r45 except this woman has blonde hair. Weird.

by Omarosareply 6703/04/2013

[quote]Is Omarosa going around keening and mourning and saying she's doing this for the love of her life, the late great Michael Clark Duncan?


by Omarosareply 6803/04/2013

You know you can watch the program on computer at CBS the next day, and not contribute to Trump's ratings.

by Omarosareply 6903/04/2013

R69, no you can't.

by Omarosareply 7003/04/2013

You can watch it on TV without contributing to Trump's ratings long as you're not a Nielson household.

by Omarosareply 7103/04/2013

Said R69:

[quote] You know you can watch the program on computer at CBS the next day, and not contribute to Trump's ratings.

No you can't, because the show is on NBC.

by Omarosareply 7203/04/2013

You know what I mean, asshole.

by Omarosareply 7303/04/2013

I'd rather slurp cat vomit off the tile floor of a public bathroom at an Exxon station than watch a Donald Trump show.

by Omarosareply 7403/05/2013

That blonde model seems like a championship golddigger.

by Omarosareply 7503/05/2013

Omarosa cried tonite.

I had no idea it was engaged to Michael Clarke Duncan who passed away recently.

I have nothing else to say.

by Omarosareply 7603/10/2013

who was kicked off?

by Omarosareply 7703/10/2013

The other Black girl (the one who isn't Omarosa or La Toya) has a severely deformed head

She seems sweet though

by Omarosareply 7803/10/2013

Isn't the other black girl a celebrity, too?

by Omarosareply 7903/10/2013

I said last week in R59 that Omarosa would be playing that "grieving widow" card sooner rather than later! It turned out to be sooner - I'm just surprised she didn't pull it out the first week.

Dee Snider got the ax tonight, BTW....

by Omarosareply 8003/10/2013

I think they need younger celebrities! All these ones look tired and worn down!!!

by Omarosareply 8103/10/2013

This season's *ALL-NOBODIES* is the lamest cast I've ever seen, so I'm not watching because of that and because I refuse to watch anything by Trump after what an asshole he's been lately (worse than originally).

by Omarosareply 8203/10/2013

for people who hate Donald Trump, why do you watch his show? Kill him by killing the show.

by Omarosareply 8303/10/2013

Omarosa cant act worth crap, she is phony and not right at all she used Michael like that!!!

by Omarosareply 8403/10/2013

[quote]I think they need younger celebrities! All these ones look tired and worn down!!!

Agreed. The youngest one is Brande and she'll be 39 in a few months.

by Omarosareply 8503/10/2013

Trump quotes the popularity of his show as evidence that he's relevant and liked.

This is what Trump tweeted about NBC's Brian Williams when Williams publicly commented on Trump's crazy behavior:

".@bwilliams--wouldn't you love to have my ratings?"

by Omarosareply 8603/10/2013

Echoing an earlier post, I urge those of you who hate Trump and would never watch this show to please, leave this thread! Your repetitive posts just take up space. yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it and we don't like him either. For whatever moronic reason, we watch the show and like to dish about it.

by Omarosareply 8703/10/2013

Omarosa reminds me of Michelle Obama. I don't know why. Maybe it's because she's quite articulate.

by Omarosareply 8803/10/2013

How racist.

by Omarosareply 8903/10/2013

lol, I love watching Gary Busey, im just hoping hes going to suprise everyone and not be as burned out as they think!!!

by Omarosareply 9003/10/2013

Racist???? help me with that

by Omarosareply 9103/10/2013

Ivanka has definitely had significant work done on her lower face. She has had a chin reshaping to correct her formerly receding chin, and she has had work on her mouth to "lift" the outside corners and slightly enhance the cupid's bow.

I think her appearance was more interesting thus making her unique prior to the enhancements. Now she has more of a generic knockout Hollywood actress look.

It's a shame.

by Omarosareply 9203/10/2013

R86 Exactly why people should quit watching this smug, arrogant asshole.

by Omarosareply 9303/10/2013

[quote]why do you watch his show? Kill him by killing the show.

Trump is a homophobic bigot but unless you are in one of the households whose viewing habits are actually monitored by Neilsen, nobody will ever know if you watch the show and you cannot affect Trump's ratings in any way.

by Omarosareply 9403/11/2013

Which has been explained many times r94. Fuck, we get it, some people don't like the show. If there is something I don't like or give a rat's ass about (see Gale Harold,Kristen Stewart, any fucking housewife franchise) I stay away. I don't care about Trump, I watch it for the "celebrities", the more has-been, the better.

by Omarosareply 9503/11/2013

Why are you bitching at r94, r95?

by Omarosareply 9603/11/2013

People can download this show (or any show) through torrents.

However even discussing the show gives Trump the power of relevance.

by Omarosareply 9703/11/2013

Trump sure likes to show off that plane of his. I loved how he put an emphasis on "Please turn your attention to the BIG screen t.v." while everyone was on the plane. Not just any TV--oh no--it's a BIG screen! On a plane!

I love watching this show, even if it's just to hate on Trump and his sons (who should've been cast in The 'Burbs). Oh and I still laugh every single time they show Allison or whatever her name is sitting at that desk outside the boardroom writing in her tiny little spiral notebook, suffering from sensory deprivation and bored out of her motherfucking MIND.

by Omarosareply 9803/11/2013

I felt bad for Amarosa a year or so ago when I read her brother was murdered. TO the extent Michael Clarke Duncan was her fiance - that's sad, too.

But I still haven't figured out WTF was up with that??? He seemed like a nice guy; bit of a "specialty act", acting parts-wise, but would he -looks-wise, size-wise - be somebody she would be interested in? WHatever you think of her (I HATE her with the blinding power of 1000 suns), she is obectively speaking, attractive, slim - I could see her going perhaps for a funky-looking white guy, but not someone who looked like Michael (RIP.)(Heh- wondered if being engaged to her helped kill him.)

Probably she was just with him 'cause he was, to some degree, famous.

Agree with - Brande? last week who said to Trump, Mr. Trump, I figure you're probably going to pick Amarosa (to win.) Hee-hee!

I am naive enough that I had to read on this board - maybe a previous season? that it's pretty obvoius to anyone with eyes and ears that Trump decides ahead of time and "fits" the results each week to justify the choice.

But basically, I wouldn't mind reading someday that SHE was murdered! Yes, terrible thing to say. Maybe she can just FUCKING FADE AWAY someday; what a disgraceful waste of humanity.

(and yes, I should quit watching!)

by Omarosareply 9903/11/2013

Damn gurl, chill out. Amarosa is awesome! I happen to like her.

by Omarosareply 10003/11/2013

Is it any surprise that the gay hating fraus of DL are all on this thread fawning over the vile homophobe Trump?

by Omarosareply 10103/11/2013

Any word on last night's ratings?

by Omarosareply 10203/11/2013

[quote]Omarosa cant act worth crap, she is phony and not right at all she used Michael like that!!

How should she use him? Mulch?

by Omarosareply 10303/11/2013

I had forgotten how smart and nice Lil Jon is.

by Omarosareply 10403/11/2013

I love Lil Jon too. I hope he goes far.

this episode was boring. You knew who the clear winner was from the get go. Dee Snyder is right about Stephan Baldwin, he's crazy. Anyone who watched Celebrity Brig Brother UK knows this.

by Omarosareply 10503/11/2013

8 p.m.

CBS: "The Amazing Race" (9.2 million, 5.5/9)

ABC: "Once Upon a Time" (7.45 million, 4.5/7)

FOX: "The Simpsons" (4.9 million, 2.6/4)/"The Cleveland Show" (4.1 million, 2.2/3)

NBC: "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" rerun (2.9 million, 2.0/3)

18-49 leader: "The Amazing Race" (2.3)

9 p.m.

CBS: "The Good Wife" (9.1 million, 5.9/9)

ABC: "Revenge" (6.8 million, 4.3/6)

NBC: "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" (4.6 million, 3.0/5)

FOX: "Family Guy" (5.25 million, 2.9/4)/"Bob's Burgers" (3.9 million, 2.1/3)

18-49 leader: "Family Guy" (2.6)

10 p.m.

CBS: "The Mentalist" (9.4 million, 6.0/10)

ABC: "Red Widow" (5.32 million, 3.4/6)

NBC: "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" (5.31 million, 3.5/6)

18-49 leader: "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" (1.8)

by Omarosareply 10603/11/2013

r95 here, sorry didn't mean to sound like I was bitching at r94, I was just addressing what he was.

I haven't watched last night's yet and am sad to hear Dee was fired, he's the only one on Trace's team that I like.

Stephen Baldwin is such a tool. He isn't funny or cute or charming as he seems to think. How the fuck does he get under the radar? He needs to go soon.

by Omarosareply 10703/11/2013

Good One (103)! Guess she has to keep his memory alive somehow!!!

by Omarosareply 10803/11/2013

Stephen Baldwin just sucks. I'm not even a Marilu Henner fan but he was pretty dickish about making fun of her HSAM stuff. What the fuck does he bring to the table? Oh he wore bunny ears and did a shitty impersonation. Awesome, Steve, what would they do without you?

by Omarosareply 10903/11/2013

I think Michael was about to dump her ass before he died. Omarosa sure (bad) acted it up last night but there must be something to her. Michael dated her and he seemed to be a very nice guy. Omarosa is a mystery.

by Omarosareply 11003/11/2013

I think Omarosa is just a tv bad guy r110. She seems to at least get shit done, unlike douchey Stephen Baldwin. God I hate him.

by Omarosareply 11103/11/2013

Yea Baldwin has those creepy little beady eyes.

by Omarosareply 11203/11/2013

It's just so offensive that he would actually admit in the first challenge that he didn't even try or call anyone who he knew to have money. Wtf?

by Omarosareply 11303/11/2013

Yea he's is damn lucky his team won or he would have been gone. I mean it's on one thing to think it, but then to proudly admit it?? He's a nut.

by Omarosareply 11403/11/2013

That's right, r114, his team won and that's why he didn't get fired. Isn't he a born again xtian too?

by Omarosareply 11503/11/2013

Yes he is. He kinda seemed to play that down last night though. When Trump asked him about it he said he was "spiritual" or something like that.

by Omarosareply 11603/11/2013

R98 I know!!!! I always wonder what secretary "Mr. Trump will see you now" Amanda is writing in that teeny tiny spiral notebook too. Is she an actress hired or does she really work there?

by Omarosareply 11703/12/2013

I think she's playing tic-tac-toe with herself, R117. What else could she possibly be doing?? The poor thing.

by Omarosareply 11803/12/2013

She DOES really work there. But she doesn't really know how to write.

by Omarosareply 11903/12/2013

Why is it "blacks and one blonde" vs whites? I didn't see the premiere episode so I don't know how the teams were formed. Is Brande getting hit on by the black guys?

by Omarosareply 12003/12/2013

Trump assigned two team leaders who then proceeded to choose their own teams, R120. I don't remember who the team leaders were but I think they were both white guys. Brande has been left well alone.

by Omarosareply 12103/12/2013

r120 and r121 The team captains were Trace Adkins and Bret Michaels, they then chose their teams. The first project manager Bret chose was Brande and since he got fired that night she kind of acts like the captain now. I didn't notice anyone was hitting on her, I kinda think she's a bitch. Dennis and Gary were chosen last, I felt bad for them. It's not really black vs white so much as it's older vs younger.

by Omarosareply 12203/12/2013

Why on earth is LaToya on again? She sucked when she was on a few years ago and she sucks now. She's so useless and fake.

Hopefully homophobe Trace goes next, and then Stephen.

by Omarosareply 12303/12/2013

Latoya may be useless, but I love watching her...she's like a Monchichi doll.

by Omarosareply 12403/13/2013

La Toya seems nice at least, and willing to help out with celeb donors, unlike the fucking douche that is the Baldwin. I am bummed that Dee left. Yes, I want Stephen and then Trace gone. I would love if Dennis won but nobody even lets him try to help. They need to learn the managerial and life practice that if you expect nothing from someone then that is exactly what you get.

by Omarosareply 12503/13/2013

Bring back sexy John Rich.

by Omarosareply 12603/13/2013

Buh-bye, Latoya.

And Omarosa's crying jags were a bit much.

by Omarosareply 12703/18/2013

Wow, that was intense!

by Omarosareply 12803/18/2013

OP = Donald Trump.

by Omarosareply 12903/18/2013

Hoping the ratings are down again.

by Omarosareply 13003/18/2013

Three weeks into its latest season, All-Star Celebrity Apprentice (1.8/5) had a guest appearance by last season’s winner Arsenio Hall last night. For the second week in a row, fast national ratings have the two-hour Donald Trump-led series even with its previous week’s final numbers among adults 18-49.

by Omarosareply 13103/18/2013

LaToya is nice, but lets face it - she is not smart AT ALL. She has no common sense and never should have been on the show the first time, let alone a second.

by Omarosareply 13203/18/2013

Once again Penn is shown to have a good head for PR.

He always did well with ideas when he was on before.

by Omarosareply 13303/18/2013

Penn's such a dbag, though.

Stephen Baldwin is creepy.

Latoya is the female Gremlin from Gremlins 2.

by Omarosareply 13403/18/2013

8 p.m.

CBS: "The Amazing Race" (8.8 million, 5.3/8)

ABC: "Once Upon a Time" (7.2 million, 4.2/7)

NBC: "Dateline" (6.2 million, 4.1/7)

FOX: "The Simpsons" (4.8 million, 2.5/4)/"The Cleveland Show" (4 million, 2.2/3)

18-49 leader: "The Amazing Race" and "Once Upon a Time" tied at 2.2

9 p.m.

CBS: "The Good Wife" (9 million, 6.0/9)

ABC: "Revenge" (6.45 million, 4.1/6)

NBC: "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" (5.2 million, 3.3/5)

FOX: "Family Guy" (4.9 million, 2.8/4)/"Bob's Burgers" (3.5 million, 2.0/3)

18-49 leader: "Family Guy" (2.3)

10 p.m.

CBS: "The Mentalist" (9.8 million, 6.3/10)

NBC: "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" (5.7 million, 3.8/6)

ABC: "Red Widow" (4.4 million, 2.9/5)

18-49 leader: "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" (1.9)

by Omarosareply 13503/18/2013

Latoya is nice but she wasn't an all star. Neither was Lisa Rinna or Marilu Henner. Trump also has Rodman on who wasn't an a star either but he likes him so I'm not surprised he made it. But all in all I don't see an all star cast. Susan Lucci is looking more oriental as the days go by. She needs to stop with the Plastic surgery. Maybe that's why they only used her at the end of the commercial.

by Omarosareply 13603/18/2013

The last show really did make me believe the gossip that the fix is in from the start. Why on earth would LaToya not have put up Omarossa as a candidate for firing? Obviously of the three she brought in her ass was really the only option to go. Very strange.

by Omarosareply 13703/18/2013

Spoiler alert...

Rumour has it that Omarosa is the 9th contestant to get the boot. This from gamefaqs website. So, if true, she doesn't win. I believe it may be true since their boot list has been correct so far this season.

by Omarosareply 13803/18/2013

Good, because I love me some Omarosa! Six more weeks of her to go!

by Omarosareply 13903/18/2013

Omarosa lasts six more episodes? I'm not that surprised. Trump seems to like her. She is intersting to watch.

by Omarosareply 14003/18/2013

Latoya knew that Trump wasn't going to get rid of Omarosa so early, so that meant she (Latoya) was going to go regardless.

She understood it, accepted it, and didn't give him his big blow out.

by Omarosareply 14103/18/2013

I'm so pissed I missed this! I dumbly didn't set season pass and just recorded it every week. Can someone tell me what happened? I don't want to watch it on the NBC site. I know people here feel like me (hate Baldwin and Brande) and could give me a better lowdown on it. Thank you.

by Omarosareply 14203/18/2013

They had to make a soap opera featuring Crystal Light drink. The soap was set on a stage.

Baldwin's team won, but personally, Trump, Ivanka and I thought La Toya had the better soap opera.

Anyway, during their brain storming, LaToya and O got into a fight, because O tried to run things.

While they were practicing, Omarosa decided she needed to leave, because there were 911 tapes of Duncan's heart attack. Mind you, she was playing the vilian, and she left them high and dry. It was not until a few minutes before showtime did Omarosa appear, but Toya stayed with Omarosa's replacement.

That was a bone of contention in the board room as well as whether O was a team player.

In the end, Toya was asked to take two people. She took Brandi and Dennis, which was a total WTF moment.

Anyway, Trump was stumped and wondered why those two, especially Brandi whose performance was noted as great. Dennis didn't do anything to screw up, so there wasn't anything to throw at him.

Toya got the axe, and she apologized to Brandi and Dennis. While she made her exit, she told them to take down Omarosa.

by Omarosareply 14303/18/2013

Thank you r143. I bet La Toya took Brande because Brande took her in on the first elimination and did it for no apparent reason. She was probably still pissed (as I would be) so that's why. Damn, I kind of want to watch it now..I will check on my on demand so I don't have to go to the NBC site.

by Omarosareply 14403/18/2013

According to TMZ Omarosa is sueing LaToya for defamation.

Once LaToya was in the limo last night she alluded to the fact that Omarosa killed her fiance Michael.

by Omarosareply 14503/18/2013


by Omarosareply 14603/19/2013

It annoys me when Trump is all: I would've fired Omarosa! LaToya was right, Trump wouldn't get rid of her so early on, he'd keep her for drama, but you can't really call him out on it.

by Omarosareply 14703/19/2013

I don't hate O as much as others do but that post at r145 made me roll my eyes. Can you sue someone for "alluding" to something? Nobody really thinks she killed him but she is sure milking his death. Why even do this now? She's already in the news because of CA. She should have waited until this was over and she needed press again.

by Omarosareply 14803/19/2013

Am I the only one who thinks it's funny that Brande is the only white person on her team?! It was funny watching the boardroom scene and seeing Brande stick out like a sore thumb.

BTW, I do not watch this show live - I watch it online the next day.

by Omarosareply 14903/19/2013

I never even noticed that Brande is the only white one on her team.

by Omarosareply 15003/19/2013

Brande should have been voted off the first week and then she wouldn't have had to be alone. It was bullshit that she drug La Toya in the boardroom with her for her fuck up. She was the project manager and had no clue how much money any of them had made and blamed it all on O. Oh and Baldwin should have been booted too. He admitted he didn't even try to raise money and wouldn't until he was PM. He's the worst and needs to go.

by Omarosareply 15103/19/2013

Good recap R143.

Interesting R145. I watched the show but missed Latoya saying that. This ought to be good.

I think Latoya was going even if she had brought back Omarosa. This episode was alot better than last week.

by Omarosareply 15203/19/2013

R142, CNBC reruns the week's episode of Celebrity Apprentice Wednesday at 9 pm & 12 pm, EST.

by Omarosareply 15303/19/2013

Thank you r153. I didn't know that, now I don't have to watch online.

by Omarosareply 15403/19/2013

r135, I think its preposterous that ratings reports focus on the big 5 when Walking Dead and The Bible are getting over 10 million viewers each.

by Omarosareply 15503/19/2013

r154, that's actually broadcast Wednesday at 9pm and Thursday 12am (i.e., late Wednesday night / early Thursday morning.)

by Omarosareply 15603/19/2013

R150, that's only because redneck racist Trace Atkins made sure to get every white face on the show on his team. I guess he wasn't able to snatch her up in time.

by Omarosareply 15703/19/2013

R157 And he's a homophobe too.

by Omarosareply 15803/19/2013

I don't think Trace Adkins is a racist. But I do think he's a homophobe.

by Omarosareply 15903/19/2013

But I would still like to fuck his furry hole.

by Omarosareply 16003/19/2013

[quote] Latoya knew that Trump wasn't going to get rid of Omarosa so early, so that meant she (Latoya) was going to go regardless.

She understood it, accepted it, and didn't give him his big blow out


by Omarosareply 16103/19/2013

How and why did LaToya know that Trump wants to keep Omarosa, because she delivers drama or does she blow Trump under the table during the board room meetings when the camera isn't on her?

by Omarosareply 16203/19/2013

I think Latoya really thought Trump was falling for Omarosa's crying jag. Why I don't know. Her not bringing back Omarosa didn't work as Trump did not want to go after Brandi or Dennis. He kept going back to why Omarosa wasn't there. Last season, Trump was staring at Latoya's butt like it was a t-bone stake(when she went and ask him if she coud come back). I'm sure he'd go there but I doubt Latoya would.

by Omarosareply 16303/19/2013

What R12 said.

by Omarosareply 16403/19/2013

Thanks again r153 for the heads up on the CNBC repeat. Am watching it now. I hope people still come to post here this week.

by Omarosareply 16503/20/2013

I think that Latoya understood that Celebrity Apprentice is a television program, that Trump understands the same thing (and little else), and that Omarosa's high drama brings in viewers. Even if Trump didn't understand that, the producers would tell him what to do, just like the tell the hosts of every other reality show. These people are there as entertainment for viewers, not to find new careers as assistants to a self-promoting blowhard.

by Omarosareply 16603/21/2013

Here we go again - all the Jackson stans are on here defending LaToya's STUPID decision. Even if LaToya did believe that Trump wouldn't get rid of Omarosa, she still should have brought her back into the boardroom anyway.

The reason she didn't is obvious - she was scared of her.

by Omarosareply 16703/21/2013

What's to be scared of, R167? What, exactly, could Omarosa do?

by Omarosareply 16803/21/2013


by Omarosareply 16903/21/2013


by Omarosareply 17003/21/2013

Each week, Wendy has on the latest CA cast-off...I wonder if that means Omarosa will be back for round two!!!!

by Omarosareply 17103/21/2013

When LaToya was riding away in the Limo of Shame, she actually said she wouldn't be surprised if Omarosa had "pulled the plug on Michael."


by Omarosareply 17203/21/2013

La Toya is such a doll and I love Lil John more and more each week. I even liked Penn and his astute Baldwin observations. I think that r161 and whoever it quoted totally nailed it, and I get it. I know that it wasn't so much O winning as it was La Toya refusing to play, unfortunately her refusing to play let's O win. I could get petty with that bitch all day, and I would. It's not a question of her being conventionally smart, it's that she grinds you down and wears you out, that makes her pretty smart though because she wins. I don't even hate O, she does what she has to do the way she knows how. I wonder if the doofus Brande will outlast her? I bet she will somehow.

by Omarosareply 17303/21/2013

And Marilu Henner shows me why I dislike her. What a snotty bitch to bag on Busey, "Oh I've kissed many handsome men in my career and now I have to kiss him!" Get over yourself, I'm pretty sure he has kissed way hotter chicks than you. It's acting.

by Omarosareply 17403/21/2013

Oh and why would O care that Dennis was sent to get the women's clothing? Does she fucking know anything about Dennis? Has she ever seen pictures of him?

by Omarosareply 17503/22/2013

Hi webbie!

You put blocks and permanent PT on huge chunks of the US and Europe, preventing countless innocent people from posting...

Yet here I am. You will never be rid of me.

You've ruined DL.

Stupid cunt.

by Omarosareply 17603/22/2013

How fucking dare all those assholes have the temerity to call Gary the weak team member! Gary got cheers as soon as he stepped on stage. He is recognizable and is fucking insane and makes people laugh. Seriously, does anyone who doesn't listen to country music or watch Lifetime movies know Lisa Rinna? How about the Baldwin douche, anyone recognize him as anyone besides just a "Baldwin brother"? And Marilu Henner, shut up, hoe. All she's known for lately (and I mean like 12 years ago) is telling dumb stories about her trampiness. Good for Gary for not letting Baldwin pull his phony "brother" shit after that. I can't wait till Baldwin is gone, he's more annoying than O because he seems to think he is important and he's not, at all.

by Omarosareply 17703/22/2013

Dennis [italic]wears[/italic] women's clothing from time to time!

by Omarosareply 17803/22/2013

Who is this Marilu bitch? I don't like her attitude.

by Omarosareply 17903/22/2013

Gurrrrrl, Claudia addressed Mr. Trump as "Donald".

by Omarosareply 18003/24/2013

TV ratings: 'Celebrity Apprentice' drops as March Madness and CBS lead Sunday

by Omarosareply 18103/25/2013

Another week when Omarosa should have been in the boardroom but people were too scared or stupid to bring her in. I have to admit I'm loving the way Omarosa is running these people. She's much more interesting this time than last. Marilu not naming Baldwin when Trump asked her who she'd bring back if she lost was stupid. Even in this edited down version you could see Steven trying to throw her under the bus. Everyone is so damn obsessed with calling out Gary that they can't see what's going on right under their nose.

by Omarosareply 18203/25/2013

Can you imagine if Gary won? AHAHAHA!

by Omarosareply 18303/25/2013

Gary winning? That would be something to see. I'd actually love it. It would probably be the end of the show though. I do think if Dennis Rodman applied himself he could do well.

by Omarosareply 18403/25/2013

I think Claudia also didn't bring Omarosa back with her because one of the reasons she lost was because they did use the glass trailer well which only Omarosa pointed out and Claudia had just said it. So she probably thought if she brought in Lil Jon, who wouldn't get fired, Trump would go after Dennis. Omarosa would have probably teamed with Dennis to get Claudia out.

by Omarosareply 18503/25/2013

Amanda "Mr Trump will see you now" and her little spiral notebook

she's writing down her grocery list.

by Omarosareply 18603/25/2013

Make me LOL every time, R186.

by Omarosareply 18703/25/2013

What's with these wimps that are scared of HOmarosa? First LaToya, now Claudia? Claudia is so lame and such a wimp. Even if she didn't think O would get fired, it still would've made more since to bring her back instead of Lil' Jon who was the star of the task. Claudia was just to scared to battle HOmarosa in the board room.

And then Claudia had the nerve to whisper to Lil' Jon to "Please help me" once they got back to the board room after she threw him under the bus! She's so dumb.

by Omarosareply 18803/25/2013

[quote] Amanda "Mr Trump will see you now" and her little spiral notebook

And she's not even a receptionist, but a vice-president at Trump, she's on a stage set, not at Trump Towers, and that's not even a working elevator!

by Omarosareply 18903/25/2013

I had read that somewhere R189 about the set... but had no idea that Amanda was a vice- president.. why not hire an actress? I understand Katharine McPhee is now out of a job.

by Omarosareply 19003/25/2013

La Toya has a reality show now, I think it starts on the 13th of April. How lucky for her to have just had a little build up on this show.

I love Gary and know he's insane but he is earnest. I thought it was cute how seriously he took his duties..and then lost the money..sigh. Baldwin is such a choad, I can't wait till he gets voted off. Was his mom, uh, medicated? She had to have been high to go on about how cute Trump is. I don't know why they're all afraid of O either but Claudia should have been fired for those shoes. Lil John is so cute. Dennis is better than last time. At least he's still here.

by Omarosareply 19103/25/2013

So who do you think will be the first one to stand up to HOmarosa in the board room? Your guess can be someone from the other team since you never know when they'll mix up the teams.

by Omarosareply 19203/25/2013

I think Dennis or Lil Jon will. Or Brande. And yeah, anyone on the other team.

by Omarosareply 19303/25/2013

I want to see Omarosa taken down with one word by Trace Adkins.

by Omarosareply 19403/25/2013

Is Don Jr. secretly gay for real?

by Omarosareply 19503/25/2013

Claudia didn't have nice words for Omarosa On Wendy William's show. She said O was her friend before the show. She said she never saw Omarosa on the Apprentice and never knew how vicious she was.

Anyway, after the show, Omarosa denounced her as a friend, because she posted a pic from the funeral on Twitter.

Claudia fired back and said that Clark was her friend, and she was just showing memorializing him. Plus, O letting her go as a friend was 5 months after the fact.

Also, she said O had a red carpet at the funeral and was doing press. She did not shed a tear and had a photographer at the funeral. Plus, she talked about the money she got from Clark's will, more than his mother.

In addition, Claudia said O said she would use money from the Sue Clark Duncan charity, if she had a challenge that needed money. She said O's illegal statement was edited from the show.

by Omarosareply 19603/26/2013

NBC’s Sunday was anchored by All-Star Celebrity Apprentice (1.5/4) from 9-11 PM. The reality show saw Team Plan B winning the latest challenge, another C-lister fired by Donald Trump, and Omarosa live to fight another week.

Now in its fourth week of the cycle, the show was down 17% from last week to hit a season low.

by Omarosareply 19703/27/2013

Bye HOmarosa!

by Omarosareply 19803/31/2013

They've cut it back from 2 hours to 1.

Things must be bad.

by Omarosareply 19903/31/2013

R199 Did they? If so, it's a smart move. 2 hours drags out way too long. They should just show the highlights from the tasks in the first half hour and the boardroom stuff the second half hour.

by Omarosareply 20003/31/2013

Did anyone notice that Omarosa went and got $2000 out of her purse and gave it to the person who was donating in her name. She did that after she asked Little John how much Dennis had raised.

I wanted someone to bring that up as being against the rules. Luckily it didn't need to be and the bitch got the boot anyway.

by Omarosareply 20103/31/2013

It was 2 hours tonight. Trump has told NBC he won't let them cut it down for first run broadcast; they can cut it for the CNBC reruns later in the week.

by Omarosareply 20203/31/2013


I don't know where you live but in Nashville it was only on for 1 hour. 9pC-10pCentral

by Omarosareply 20303/31/2013

Damn I didn't get to see it. Omarosa got the boot? Gee I thought spoilers were saying she'd be on through the 9th episode. She was entertaining but she skated the last two weeks.

by Omarosareply 20403/31/2013

I can't believe they fired O. I have little reason to watch this season anymore now that LaToya and O are gone. Bad move. Dennis should have been cut loose. I mean come on...Dennis Rodman is NOT the next Apprentice.

by Omarosareply 20503/31/2013

Trump likes Rodman though. I think that helps. I'm sure he hated getting rid of his "star' Omarosa this early. I know she Should have been gone two weeks ago but she is entertaining. I'll miss her.

by Omarosareply 20603/31/2013

I will miss her too r206 and whoever else said that. Let's face it, the girl is pigeonholed at this point. She has to be a bitch, that's why she is hired now. At least we knew what to expect, and the fact that she wasn't called in before was a testament to her manipulation skills. I really want that prick Baldwin to go. I didn't even really know who he was before this show and now I just want him gone. Every week he oozes through and I know he just feels slicker than owl shit. Oh and r205 La Toya's show on TLC (I think) starts on 4/13 (I think).

by Omarosareply 20703/31/2013

Omarosa's friend, the one that got eliminated last week, spilled the T on "The Wendy Williams Show." She said Omarosa told everyone she would dip into Michael Clark Duncan's charity money if she had to. Omarosa had a press line, a red carpet, and didn't shed a tear at the funeral. Omarosa told her that she got most of MCD's money and his family got next to squat.

by Omarosareply 20803/31/2013

Wow R208! Really? That's juicy. So she got the money.

by Omarosareply 20903/31/2013

Wait, r208, did you mean she would dip into it on the show for the charity? Because while that is cheaty of her it would go right back into it because she's playing for his charity right?

How fucking cute is Lil Jon? I love him. I am not done with the show yet but I think he's a doll and I like how he was encouraging to Dennis and (duh) got Dennis to produce a picture. I would buy it if I could.

God, I want to throw shit at my tv when Baldwin is on it. What a total fucking tool. Was he kidding about his actor, author, artist thing? I can't express what a fucking dork he is. I hope he is gone soon.

by Omarosareply 21004/01/2013

Oh and I thought it was very cool of Chaz Dean to come in and drop some money there. He was always on Jeff Lewis' show and he seems like a nice guy. Of course that fucker Baldwin then go to use that as an excuse to whine instead of being happy that they got money..tool

by Omarosareply 21104/01/2013

Chaz Dean wrote off that $80k as advertising expenses. That's all it was for him.

And don't tell me Omarosa didn't cry at Michael's funeral...

by Omarosareply 21204/01/2013

Baldwin reinds me of Willie Ames for some reason.

by Omarosareply 21304/01/2013

It was all reality on NBC on Sunday. There was new All-Star Celebrity Apprentice (1.4/4) at 10 PM. Former winner and CNN host Piers Morgan dropped by and as always on the Donald Trump-hosted series someone got fired last night…April Fool’s, we’re not going to tell you who. However, we will say, that Celebrity Apprentice was down 13% from last week’s show. That’s a season low and that’s no joke.

by Omarosareply 21404/01/2013

I can't wait to see "Mrs. Trump" try and act intelligent next week!

by Omarosareply 21504/01/2013

‘Celebrity Apprentice’ & ‘Red Widow’ Hit Lows, ‘Revenge’ Down; CBS Wins Night

by Omarosareply 21604/01/2013

Thanks for the info, r216.

by Omarosareply 21704/01/2013

Assuming that they were legitimately a couple, I don't think that it's a big deal that Michael Clarke Duncan left his fiancee the bulk of his estate. How many unmarried gay and lesbian couples do the same thing for each other? She's a bitch? Okay, she's a bitch. But he chose to leave her whatever he left her -- presumably, he'd have preferred that she get it somewhat later.

by Omarosareply 21804/01/2013

[quote]However, we will say, that Celebrity Apprentice was down 13% from last week’s show. That’s a season low and that’s no joke.

Love hearing this. It seems like Donald's asshole personality which has gotten worse the last few years has turned off viewers.

by Omarosareply 21904/01/2013

I'm glad Lisa Rinna won. She's one of the more genuine reality TV whores.

by Omarosareply 22004/01/2013

Next week will suck with Melania being on, it will be all about her. At least we will get to see tension (I hope) between Ivanka and Jr. and her. They must hate this chick, they know she didn't marry their dad because he's hot. Hopefully some bitch face will be thrown around.

by Omarosareply 22104/01/2013

I like Lisa and Marilu. They both seem a little ditsy but genuinely nice. Love Lil John and Dennis. Baldwin is just slime. I still don't know who the blonde is or why she's there but at least she's not annoying. The douche in the cowboy hat needs to go next.

Wouldn't it be great if Gary won?

by Omarosareply 22204/01/2013

Wonder if Lisa and Marilu compare notes about the time they both played Roxie Hart in CHICAGO?

by Omarosareply 22304/01/2013

I just watched this episode online, and the 1 hour format is much better than dragging it out for 2 hours. They should only have it be an hour from now on.

by Omarosareply 22404/01/2013

Lisa does seem like a nice lady but how is she an all-star? Didn't she get fired first in her season? Trump called this all-stars but he brought to many people back who clearly aren't. I'm enjoying the show but I'm disappointed with the casting.

by Omarosareply 22504/01/2013

[quote]She's one of the more genuine reality TV whores.

That was funny!

by Omarosareply 22604/01/2013

[quote]Lisa does seem like a nice lady but how is she an all-star? Didn't she get fired first in her season? Trump called this all-stars but he brought to many people back who clearly aren't. I'm enjoying the show but I'm disappointed with the casting.

Lisa was fired second in her season.

The "All Stars" title is definitely misleading. What would have made sense would be to have all the winners compete against each other, or at least have all the contestants be people who reached the final four.

by Omarosareply 22704/01/2013

Could Trace act any more sour to be traded to the other team?

Seriously, he should have taken it as a challenge and walked over with a gracious smile.

by Omarosareply 22804/01/2013

I know r228, he's a real jackass. Also, why all the mention of him being the money man? I had heard of him years ago and saw him on a couple of sitcoms but this was long ago. What is he doing now that he knows all these moneyed celebs? Is he still touring?

by Omarosareply 22904/01/2013

You all know Omarosa will be back to 'help' one of the two finalists.

by Omarosareply 23004/02/2013

Not watching it this season but curious to know what happened with Mrs. Trump® given that the promos for this week were promising that one of the celebs were going to disrespect her in some way.

by Omarosareply 23104/07/2013

Does Trace ever smile? He looks so miserable all the time. He seems like a real asshole.

by Omarosareply 23204/07/2013

I was just looking for this thread to bump and remind everyone that Melania will be on tonight. r231 I was under the impression that Ivanka may be the one to snub the Mrs., I imagine she does not like her. I am looking forward to it but am on PST so have awhile to wait. Who goes home? I don't mind spoilers.

by Omarosareply 23304/07/2013

R231, one of the teams dared to spell Queen Melania's name wrong on the ad copy.

I'm not saying this wasn't a major mistake, but I seriously expected Ivanka to say "off with their heads".

by Omarosareply 23404/07/2013

The way Marilu and Lisa were sucking up to Melawhatever was pathetic.

by Omarosareply 23504/07/2013

So who got fired? I bet it was a black person!

by Omarosareply 23604/07/2013

Marilu has some of Milania's fecal matter on her nose.

by Omarosareply 23704/07/2013

i fucking love Dennis, always. Who the hell is Trace to say Dennis shouldn't be able to talk to the execs and ask about what lotions and potions they use? Once again for the newbies, Dennis used to wear dresses and did all kinds of girly shit with Carmen, so fuck off, Trace. Who gets fired? I only just started watching it but need a spoiler. I didn't realize Melania was "foreign" I have never seen her speak (and still didn't want to) what a lame episode to pimp out his wife's QVC shit.

by Omarosareply 23804/07/2013

Like last week, it was all reality on NBC on Sunday with something old and something new. The old was repeats of last week’s blind auditions from The Voice (1.0/3). The new was All Star Celebrity Apprentice (1.7/4), which had Trace Adkins going for the caveman look and Stephen Baldwin being cut loose.

The two-hour 9 PM to 11 PM show was up 21% from last week’s 10 PM to 11 PM broadcast. That’s the show best rating since March 17 and its third best rating of the season.

If Apprentice sees an adjusted rise to 1.8 in final numbers later today it would actually tie for a season high.

by Omarosareply 23904/15/2013

Ratings don't say much unless you're using the other shows as a comparison.

by Omarosareply 24004/15/2013

This thread is DEAD

by Omarosareply 24104/15/2013

How the hell did this thread come back alive??

by Omarosareply 24204/15/2013

Baldwin got fired last night. I didn't get see it though. Maybe I'll watch on the internet later. I'm rooting for little John.

by Omarosareply 24304/15/2013

I used to like Baldwin, especially in Biodome and Threesome, but now, not so much.

by Omarosareply 24404/16/2013

Stephen Baldwin is a dope.

That's not the best adjective. But it is applicable.

by Omarosareply 24504/16/2013

how does baldwin see out of those squinty little eyes? i like lisa rinna and marilu henner. you can tell from watching the show that they both have a good work ethic which isn't surprising since Rinna started in soaps and Henner on the stage.

by Omarosareply 24604/17/2013

I hope that asshole Trace goes next. He seems so fucking miserable and bitchy all the time.

by Omarosareply 24704/17/2013

Entry in Amanda's little spiral notebook:

Mr. Trump should NEVER have fired Omarosa... this show is crap without her!!

by Omarosareply 24804/17/2013

[quote]Rinna started in soaps and Henner on the stage.

And they both played Roxie in CHICAGO on Broadway.

by Omarosareply 24904/17/2013

Trace is bitchy because, after he purposefully chose a team with all the white contestants, they sent him to the other team with all the black players he tried to avoid. So no wonder the racist piece of shit is upset.

by Omarosareply 25004/17/2013

I don't think Trace is racist but I do think he is a homophobe.

by Omarosareply 25104/17/2013

R250 I noticed that too. He didn't choose ONE black person for his team even though there were 5 black people to choose from.

by Omarosareply 25204/17/2013

Lil Jon looks like Joe Camel

by Omarosareply 25304/22/2013

TV ratings: CBS leads a quiet Sunday

8 p.m.

CBS: "The Amazing Race" (9.1 million, 5.4/9)

ABC: "Once Upon a Time" (7.3 million, 4.3/7)

NBC: "The Voice" rerun (4.01 million, 2.7/4)

FOX: "The Simpsons" rerun (3.7 million, 2.1/3)/"Bob's Burgers" (3.7 million, 2.0/3)

18-49 leader: "The Amazing Race" (2.4)

9 p.m.

CBS: "The Good Wife" (8.9 million, 5.9/9)

ABC: "Remember Sunday" movie (6.5 million, 4.2/6)

NBC: "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" (4.9 million, 3.2/5)

FOX: "Family Guy" rerun (4.1 million, 2.3/4)/"American Dad" (3.9 million, 2.3/4)

18-49 leader: "Family Guy" and "American Dad" (1.8)

10 p.m.

CBS: "The Mentalist" (8.9 million, 5.9/10)

ABC: "Remember Sunday" movie (6.4 million, 4.3/7)

NBC: "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" (4.9 million, 3.3/5)

18-49 leader: "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" and "The Mentalist" (1.6)

by Omarosareply 25404/22/2013

NBC’s only new offering of the night was All-Star Celebrity Apprentice (1.6/4). The ousted Bret Michaels was back as an adviser to Donald Trump as the teams tried to come up with a South African tourism marketing campaign. This being Celebrity Apprentice, someone was shown the boardroom door at the end.

The show also was given a bit of bad news as it was down 11% from its season-high tie of its April 14 result. The NBC reality series was down to 4.91 million viewers compared with last week’s 5.27 million.

by Omarosareply 25504/22/2013

Buh bye Brande.

by Omarosareply 25604/22/2013

Does anyone else find Bret Michaels incredibly creepy looking? I don't know whether it's the bizarre plastic surgery look he has to him, or the fake tan/makeup, or the flat-ironed hair, the piercing eyes...or all of the above. Dude is a total creeper!

by Omarosareply 25704/22/2013

Trace has the winner's edit. Disgusting that this hateful bigot is being portrayed as likeable and most likely will win.

by Omarosareply 25804/22/2013

Trace has the most flat affect I've ever seen. Can you imagine having to be around him for any length of time?

by Omarosareply 25904/22/2013

Trace is playing for the American Red Cross because they helped him out when his house burned down. Why would a multi-millionaire country singer need help from the red cross? wouldn't he have the money and insurance to take care of everything himself?

by Omarosareply 26004/22/2013

You would think. I'm sure he had all of that, but why not double dip?

by Omarosareply 26104/22/2013

I can't stand Trace. Does he have Asperger's or is he just an emotionless asshole? He has NO personality at all. How the hell is this hick famous?

by Omarosareply 26204/23/2013

[quote]The ousted Bret Michaels was back as an adviser to Donald Trump as the teams tried to come up with a South African tourism marketing campaign.

Does Bret have no other job? He already won the first season he was on, but then he was the first one thrown off from this season, and now he's back AGAIN as an advisor??? My goodness, he's annoying!

by Omarosareply 26304/23/2013

I know. Brett is just creepy. Something about him is a real turn off.

by Omarosareply 26404/23/2013

R264 And is he bald in front or something? Does he EVER take that trashy bandana off?

by Omarosareply 26504/23/2013

R264, I know he wears hair extensions. They always look dirty too.

by Omarosareply 26604/23/2013

I just realized who Bret reminds me of! Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her. Either that or Fergie. Either way, dude looks like a lady.

by Omarosareply 26704/23/2013

Gary is insane and his boardroom statements bear no relation to the scenes we just watched.

by Omarosareply 26804/28/2013

Buh-bye Gary.

by Omarosareply 26904/28/2013

9 p.m.

CBS: "The Good Wife" season finale (9 million, 5.9/9)

ABC: "Revenge" (5.9 million, 3.8/6)

NBC: "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" (4.7 million, 3.1/5)

FOX: "Family Guy" (4.9 million, 2.9/4)/"American Dad" (4 million, 2.4/4)

18-49 leader: "Family Guy" (2.5)

10 p.m.

CBS: "The Mentalist" (8.7 million, 5.6/9)

NBC: "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" (5.25 million, 3.5/6)

ABC: "Red Widow" (3.5 million, 2.3/4)

by Omarosareply 27004/29/2013

So what exactly is Gary's problem? Brain fried from drug use? I felt nervous for Lisa.

by Omarosareply 27104/29/2013

I feel nervous for any woman alone with Gary Busey. Who knows what brand of crazy he is, but it has a very dark and threatening side, that he displays most aggressively towards women.

This show is terrible. I am embarrassed that I watch. Joan Rivers trying to contort her face in agreement with Trump when he misreads everything on cue was humiliating to watch. I feel bad for Trump's kids. Why, I haven't a clue.

Pure Crap.

by Omarosareply 27204/29/2013

Don't feel sorry for his sons, R272. They're murderous, consumptive swine.

by Omarosareply 27304/29/2013


Fucking jesus crap, I was going to say that I feel sorry for Ivanka, she seems to be a classy woman, but changed it to include all his children.

For real, you have enlightened me. I don't judge capitalist pigs in general, but that kind of bounty makes me sick. No sorry, no more.

I will reduce my comment to Ivanka is lovely to look at and has a beautiful voice.

Why do I watch this shit? (rhetorical)

by Omarosareply 27404/29/2013

This season is really boring. Terrible contestants.

by Omarosareply 27504/29/2013

Ivanka is incredibly smart. Her assessments are always spot-on and she communicates extremely well.

by Omarosareply 27604/29/2013

[quote]Ivanka is incredibly smart. Her assessments are always spot-on and she communicates extremely well.

You do know that they do retakes of the board room scenes, don't you? Penn said that the board room scenes actually take over 2 hours to film so that they can do retakes until it's TV ready. So of course she's going to sound smart when they can do retakes whenever she messes up.

by Omarosareply 27704/29/2013

[quote]Joan Rivers trying to contort her face in agreement with Trump when he misreads everything on cue was humiliating to watch.

It really was. I honestly don't even know why she was there because she was VERY quiet for the most part. She wasn't her usual self.

by Omarosareply 27804/29/2013

Goodbye Mr. Hang Brain

by Omarosareply 27904/29/2013

Did anyone think that Joan Rivers looked more like Madame than usual? I love her to death, but still....

I am so glad that nut Busey is gone. He makes the show unwatchable.

by Omarosareply 28004/29/2013

I think Henner is gonna win.

by Omarosareply 28104/30/2013

Since this show is so heavy handed with its editing, I think that they did not show much of Joan because what she said was probably not the point that Trump wanted to make. She identified with Mr. Brain Hang is more of her technologically challenged generation. Trump was going to fire him this week no matter what so he didn't want anyone saying how effective Busey was.

by Omarosareply 28204/30/2013

R260 - the Red Cross helps disaster zones before insurance money has a chance to kick in. Many Sandy victims are still waiting to see any of their insurance money.

by Omarosareply 28304/30/2013

So long Marilu!

BTW, am I the only one who thinks it's sad how seriously some of these has-beens take this show?

by Omarosareply 28405/05/2013

I can't believe they aired Teller's phone conversation with Penn...I thought Teller's voice was never supposed to be heard!

by Omarosareply 28505/05/2013

[quote]I think Henner is gonna win.

How can you win when you've been fired?

by Omarosareply 28605/05/2013

[quote]How can you win when you've been fired?

Isn't it clear that anyone who stays on the show is a loser?

by Omarosareply 28705/06/2013

'Mentalist' & 'Amazing Race' Finales Down, 'Red Widow' Ends Season Up, 'Celebrity Apprentice' Hits Lowe

by Omarosareply 28805/06/2013

The Foxwoods exec's head looked like his mom had the tightest pussy in history.

by Omarosareply 28905/06/2013

His haircut was fucking stupid, too. What a goofball.

by Omarosareply 29005/06/2013

I can't imagine Lisa Rinna being in the Final 2, but at this point how can she not? She's got more wins, and has raised over half a million dollars?

I really think they'll find an excuse to fire her, though.

by Omarosareply 29105/06/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Omarosareply 29205/06/2013

I just hope Trace doesn't win. I can't stand his mean, humorless ass.

by Omarosareply 29305/06/2013

NBC finished Sunday with a two-hour All-Star Celebrity Apprentice(1.4/4). With one more B-lister sent home by Donald Trump on the two-hour show, Apprentice is down to its final four as it heads toward its May 19 finale. It was also down 13% from last week to tie a celebrity-edition low.

by Omarosareply 29405/06/2013

My realtor friends say it is not unusual now for buyers to refuse to even look at apartments in buildings with you-know-who's name on them. Talk about a worthless brand name.

by Omarosareply 29505/06/2013

This isn't being repeated on CNBC anymore. I wonder why not.

by Omarosareply 29605/06/2013

You people are awful for not only supporting this show, but asshat Donald Trump by mere association of it being his.

by Omarosareply 29705/06/2013

You people? You mean both f us posting on this mostly dead thread?

by Omarosareply 29805/06/2013

What's wrong with Donald Trumps? He seem's pretty cool.

by Omarosareply 29905/06/2013

Lil John is gonna win. The homophobe in the cowboy hat looks bored and pretty much admitted that he's lost interest. I think he should have gone home instead of Marilu.

by Omarosareply 30005/06/2013

I think the final two will be Lisa and Penn. Penn has been the best player this season. And they don't need another all male finale.

by Omarosareply 30105/06/2013

It will be interesting to see what the ratings are without CBS's usual programming (Amazing Race is done and I think the other shows had their season finales)

by Omarosareply 30205/06/2013

I don't think Penn made it to the final after saying this about Donald and the show last fall:

by Omarosareply 30305/07/2013

[quote]What's wrong with Donald Trumps? He seem's pretty cool.

Just because I don't think you fags deserve the same rights as normal people doesn't mean I'm not cool right R299?

by Omarosareply 30405/07/2013

The Donald has a lot wrong with him but I don't think homophobia is one of them.

by Omarosareply 30505/07/2013

I think R305 is right. Trump doesn't seem to be consciously homophobic. His "not that there's anything wrong with that"s have the ring of someone who knows that homophobia is objectionable, and hasn't got any other thoughts on the matter -- or much else, apart from being a genius at branding. His real estate and gaming interests have often been disastrous, but his reputation has gotten him very far.

by Omarosareply 30605/07/2013

Trump is anti-gay marriage and anti-civil unions. He's a creep.

by Omarosareply 30705/07/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Omarosareply 30805/07/2013

NBC was all reality again on Sunday. A two-hour encore of The Voice (1.0/3) was followed by a new two-hour All-Star Celebrity Apprentice (1.3/3). Heading towards next week’s season finale, the Donald Trump-hosted series hit a season low last night as it saw former winner Joan Rivers return to advise and country singer Trace Adkins and magician Penn Jillette make it as the final two contestants.

by Omarosareply 30905/13/2013

Penn's gonna win...obviously.

by Omarosareply 31005/13/2013

I think Trace will win.

by Omarosareply 31105/13/2013

Looks like the show was picked up for another season by NBC.

by Omarosareply 31205/13/2013

How could Trace win? All he does is show up. He has no passion for this game.

by Omarosareply 31305/14/2013

I sure hope that humorless fuck Trace doesn't win. He has NO personality at all.

by Omarosareply 31405/14/2013

Is it Trace from Flipping Out? He was hot.

by Omarosareply 31505/14/2013

Trace will win though it is clear that Penn has a much better concept and video, and is kind to the point of being a loser in Trump's world.

Trace will win because this is the most politically fixed show on television.

Donald Trump homophobic? That would be an advanced concept when he is still the most misogynist public figure who gets away with commenting on women's appearance and abilities in such a chauvinistic and old fashioned way!!!

I am a dude and it shocks me. He condescends to women at best. Lisa was a no brainer compared to Penn, in terms of performance. Joan Rivers must have to swallow some to keep in the social circle of Trump. Barbara Walters swallows and says thank you. Joan at least spits after.

Yuk. I am a dude. Trump is neither a cute anachronism or funny. He is one of the few people who gets to be racist, misogynist, and homophobic on television in the guise of what?

That he is a numbnuts?

Trace will win, for the biggest all time "charity" winner bit and for the conservative audience. Some are ignorant that Trump is a raper of the planet and an old fashioned pig, who is not harmless. Much like Trace, whose hostility towards women is palpable.

Yes, I have watched. I have no excuse.

I like Penn, I hope he and his much more personal charity wins.

But it should have been Lisa vs. Little John.

by Omarosareply 31605/14/2013

Yeah, Lisa won twice and raised over half a million.

by Omarosareply 31705/14/2013

I hope Penn gets it.

by Omarosareply 31805/19/2013

This season was a huge disappointment. No desire to even watch the finale when the finalists are boring.

by Omarosareply 31905/19/2013

I dunno, Trace seems a little girly to me. With his long luscious lady locks, singing songs with his guitar. Biiiiiig queer.

by Omarosareply 32005/19/2013

Trump didn't choose Penn because Penn had talked shit about him lol How the FUCK did Trace end up winning this mess? That guy's been asleep the entire season. Snoozefest.

I love the lives finales though because they're such train wrecks. Rodman talking trash about Brett Michaels for no apparent reason, Baldwin playing on his phone in the background until they finally dim the lights and have someone tell him to stop, Trump saying, "Now lets have a look at this--" and then they cut to commercial. It's the little things.

by Omarosareply 32105/19/2013

[quote]Trump didn't choose Penn because Penn had talked shit about him lol How the FUCK did Trace end up winning this mess? That guy's been asleep the entire season. Snoozefest.

Glad I didn't bother watching. I knew Trump would choose fellow homophobe Republican Trace over Penn. And yeah, there was no way he would've chose Penn after he talked shit about him last fall.

by Omarosareply 32205/19/2013

I can't believe Trump had Penn come back, make him end up a finalist and then tell everyone that Penn had dissed him just so he could basically go "nyah nyah nyah" to him in response to the letter. Wait - I can believe it.

by Omarosareply 32305/19/2013

Okay, I couldn't watch all of this. Who brought in the most money?

I thought it was Trace. If so, those are the ones who usually wins.

by Omarosareply 32405/20/2013

Trace won. I only watched the last few minutes. Trump is unwatchable.

by Omarosareply 32505/20/2013

Donald Trump got to make one last fire on the season finale of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice (1.5/4) on Sunday. Up 15% from last week’s season low, the live two-hour show saw one winner between finalists country singer Trace Adkins and magician Penn Jillette getting $250,000 for the charity of their choice.

While up from its May 12 show, Apprentice was down a harsh 32% from last season’s finale on May 20, 2012 to hit its lowest finale yet.

However with ratings for live shows like this tending to see an adjustment upwards Apprentice could end up matching its 2010 finale if it hits a 1.6 in final numbers.

by Omarosareply 32605/20/2013

Penn does a podcast called Penn's Sunday School and he tells a lot of Appretice stories. This weekend's is gonna be killer.

by Omarosareply 32705/20/2013

Why was Apprentice renewed for another season? Does NBC really consider it to be that much of a ratings grabber or does Trump have blackmail material on NBC executives?

by Omarosareply 32805/20/2013

At the finale, Trump made a point to tell Rodman, who was pretty much in drag with a Mohawk hairstyle, that he looked nice. I watched to see if the Donald was smirking at all, but no, he wasn't. LaToya and Amarosa almost didn't stop bickering. Amarosa looked like she had major cosmetic surgery or something, but she always looks cartoonish and surreal.

I don't get how Trace won when Penn's ice cream sales were higher. Gary Busey had a lot to do with Trace winning, I think. He charmed the Walgreen people and everyone with his over the top, weird dancing. Even I found watching Gary to be the most interesting thing this season although sometimes he'd get on my nerves with his spacey ramblings and fart jokes. I ended up liking Lisa Rinna a lot better than I ever had as she has a great sense of humor -- even about her own lip work.

by Omarosareply 32905/20/2013

Best part - Rodman talks about his recent trip to North Korea and how he made his new best friend , something like well he was nice to me so I don't give a shit about anything else.

by Omarosareply 33005/21/2013

I preferred the old Apprentice when contestants were wanting jobs.

by Omarosareply 33105/21/2013

How come the real winner always gets robbed. Last year it was Clay. This year its Penn. Fuck this piece of shit show.

by Omarosareply 33205/31/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Omarosareply 33305/31/2013
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