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I'm stable now but I'll be a crazy drunk again

Just wait for it!

by Benjamin Affleckreply 702/25/2013

Not likely.

by Benjamin Affleckreply 102/25/2013

His daddy was a big drinker.....and he did have that compulsive gambling issue too....

by Benjamin Affleckreply 202/25/2013

OP = crazy drunk.

by Benjamin Affleckreply 302/25/2013

I just keep waiting for the wig to fall off.

by Benjamin Affleckreply 402/25/2013

He's been in rehab already, no?

by Benjamin Affleckreply 502/25/2013

I'm sure thinks are quite fun around the house with that control freak Garner...As long as he throws himself into his work he'll be fine....but then again Oscars usually are a peak period followed by dark lows.

by Benjamin Affleckreply 602/25/2013

Remember when I won my undeserved Oscar, and then a week later, I, along with the rest of the world found out my that my slimy tattooed husband had been cheating on me with a tattooed slut?

That was humiliating.

by Benjamin Affleckreply 702/25/2013
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