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Racism and the Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee Chair

Jennifer Olsen, a petroleum engineer who was unemployed for years while the oil and gas industry was booming around her was recently honored in the Billings Gazette’s annual “40 under 40″ segment. The newspaper lists her many jobs, never mentioning that each employer was actually her father (Eric Olsen) and the companies were often idle due to “government oppression” or some other excuse Jennifer and Eric Olsen used while soliciting donations to progress their political agenda. During their long period of unemployment, Jennifer and her father founded Montana Shrugged, a “tea party” group that advocates selective federalism and operates in a divisive and dishonest manner. Jennifer Olsen also holds the chairwoman position on the Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee. In her free time, she files frivolous and unfounded political practices complaints and apparently scours the internet searching for racist anti-Obama material.

My disdain for the Olsen family is obvious. Posts like the one captured in the following screenshot from Jennifer Olsen’s Facebook page today are why.

Thanks to the first amendment, Americans are able to think whatever they would like as well as express those thoughts, but such expression does has consequences. I discourage Yellowstone County Republican precinct chairs and legislators from turning a blind eye to this blatantly racist post. If Ms Olsen is not held responsible for her actions, we send a message that this behavior is acceptable and perhaps these views are even condoned by the GOP. The Republican Party was founded on abolishing slavery. Why do we now tolerate our leaders advocating bigotry in a public forum? Bigotry is rooted in ignorance and the Republican Party should purge this cancer from the party. Shame on you, Jennifer Olsen. You are a disgrace to your party, to the central committee you chair, to Montana, and to America.

UPDATE: According to David Crisp of Billings Blog, in a question post by a Billings Outpost freelancer, Jennifer Olsen responded as follows:

“The blog posting this about me is all fabricated. This is not the first time they have made up stories about me as writer, nicole french, and I had a falling out a few years ago and since then she writes this nonsense. “Liberals always try to take our focus away from real issues by doing things like this. It is absolutely not true.”

by Anonymousreply 702/25/2013

I find that I loathe Republican women a tad more than Republican men.

They seem so hard, warped, and strident to me.

And if you give them back as good as they spew out, progressive males run the risk of be labeled "anti-women."

This Jennifer Olsen is a perfect example.

by Anonymousreply 102/25/2013

Are Yogi Bear and BooBoo terrorizing the park ranger and stealing pick-a-nick baskets in this make believe county which no one gives a fuck about?

by Anonymousreply 202/25/2013

R2 you're welcome to:

A) Pass this or any other thread that doesn't interest you right on by

B) Fuck off back to Free Republic

by Anonymousreply 302/25/2013

Um, R2?

by Anonymousreply 402/25/2013

Jellystone, R2. JELLYSTONE. You didn't have much of a childhood or a comprehensive education, did you?

by Anonymousreply 502/25/2013

R5 - thank you for thinking you are smarter than you are. I am quite aware of the difference in Yellowstone and Jellystone. Either way - this story is equally non-important and stupid. Who gives a flying fuck what goes on there?

by Anonymousreply 602/25/2013

Sounds like R6's tampon is stuck, and has been for decades.

by Anonymousreply 702/25/2013
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