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MacFarlane was fine as the host.

You fuckers want Crystal back?

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 4802/26/2013

I thought he was okay too.

I liked it when Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin cohosted.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 102/25/2013

I thought Seth was great. I even liked his choice of hair pieces. The guy has talent. I didn't find his jokes terribly funny, but his mastery of the stage and audience was very natural and enjoyable.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 202/25/2013

I thought he was pretty good and agree - he did select a nice wig.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 302/25/2013

Bomb with the public and the critics. You mean nothing OP. This destroyed Seth's career. He'll be on late night shows making fun of how awful he was just to save face.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 402/25/2013

Seth did a fine job last night. Stop stirring things up. Go to hell.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 502/25/2013

I'm with R2.

I did not hang onto every thing said by host Seth MacFarlane. But the Billy Crystal reference here is hilarious. Crystal used to say, "... too Jewish?"

I looked at MacFarlane's performance -- whether he was at ease, whether he did a good job of moving the show, not being overbearing, with being comfortable.

If there are people who think he bombed, I'd like to see a list of who they figure has been a quality host since the year 2000. Give us an assessment of all those who have hosted from that year moving forward.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 602/25/2013

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 702/25/2013

[quote]Crystal used to say, "... too Jewish?"

The difference is that Crystal is Jewish, while Seth isn't.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 802/25/2013

I have to admit, I totally LOL'ed at the sock puppets.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 902/25/2013

Same here r9 and I also liked the we saw your boobs song.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 1002/25/2013

Interesting about the hair. I didn't know he was balding, but I thought the hair looked a little thick for a man pushing 40. My first guess was some kind of plugs or weave. Great color job, matching it all up. Looked good.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 1102/25/2013

Seth was great...funny, engaging and appealing for basically a thankless job.

Yeah sure, a couple of jokes weren't so great, but for the most part, he was the best host in a long, long time.

And by the way, the last year's second coming of Billy Crystal sucked.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 1202/25/2013

No he was bad. He knows it too.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 1302/25/2013

I thought he was fine

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 1402/25/2013

Here's what Michael Ian Black tweeted during the show:

"Well, WE thought you were great!" -- Seth McFarlane's family in about four hours"

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 1502/25/2013

MacFarlane was fine and his jokes/hosting skills were successful for the most part. People in the hall liked him.

I'd rather see Ricky Gervais host the thing but after his hilarious Globes performances, the Academy would rather give an Oscar to Steven Seagal than let Gervais host.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 1602/25/2013

9/11 survivor:

On the morning of September 11, 2001, MacFarlane was scheduled to return to Los Angeles on American Airlines Flight 11 from Boston. Suffering from a hangover from the previous night's celebrations, and with an incorrect departure time (8:15 a.m. instead of 7:45 a.m.) from his travel agent, he arrived at Logan International Airport about ten minutes too late to board the flight as the gates had been closed. Fifteen minutes after departure, American Airlines Flight 11 was hijacked, and at 8:46 a.m. it was flown into the North Tower of the World Trade Center, obliterating the airplane, and killing everyone on board.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 1702/25/2013

"If there are people who think he bombed, I'd like to see a list of who they figure has been a quality host since the year 2000. Give us an assessment of all those who have hosted from that year moving forward."

LOL. Give me a break. The guy was underwhelming.

The only people who are having meltdowns over it are his fans. A lot of people simply didn't care for him. No one owes you a thesis about it. It's done. Move on.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 1802/25/2013

The critical consensus has been that he was terrible--not as bad as James Franco, but still terrible.

Sorry, OP.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 1902/25/2013

Where did he come from? How did he go from cartoon voiceovers to dancing, singing, directing and hosting SNL and the Oscars? Did he change management teams?

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 2002/25/2013


by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 2102/25/2013

R18, you're a dick. You just can't inure yourself to the fact that MOST people in the industry thought he was significantly less than underwhelming.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 2202/25/2013

I thought he was fine too.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 2302/25/2013

He was okay, but I think he could do a lot better. I really think he was way too toned down. If he does it again, I'd like to see him go full metal jacket.

Part of the problem was just the hideous production level. Sound was bad. The awful Bond tribute, the very odd musical tribute theme. Seemed very schizophrenic.

I think with some fresh talent behind the scenes, this could be better with him at the helm.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 2402/25/2013

[quote]I really think he was way too toned down. If he does it again, I'd like to see him go full metal jacket.

That's not going to happen.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 2502/25/2013

R18 writes:

[bold]LOL. Give me a break. The guy was underwhelming.

The only people who are having meltdowns over it are his fans. A lot of people simply didn't care for him. No one owes you a thesis about it. It's done. Move on.[/bold]

No one owes anyone here anything, R18, that is true. But it is a forum. And I am among those who think Seth McFarlane was good. I am not among the people who believe he was terrible or, even more severe, one of the worst.

The fact that you decided to try to dismiss my suggestion tells me you have nothing to argue.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 2602/25/2013

He was okay, it's really not about the host anyway, it's about the awards.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 2702/25/2013

He looks like he'd have a small, circumcised penis and a sparsely haired body.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 2802/25/2013

I'd rather have Terri Schiavo than Billy Crystal.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 2902/25/2013

I thought the guy was ok as well - even though in general I think he smiles a little too much.

In that respect, he reminds me of the Danny DeVito character from One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 3002/25/2013

Pure narcissism.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 3102/25/2013

Zero talent

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 3202/25/2013

[quote]He was okay, it's really not about the host anyway, it's about the awards.

I was glad he was mellow. Worked for me.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 3302/25/2013

He looked very Peter Bradyesque.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 3402/25/2013

When he was just relaxed and telling some decent jokes, he was very good. Reminded me of Johnny Carson.

When he got manic and silly, it didn't work.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 3502/25/2013

The producers fucked everything up. Why are they getting a free pass?

Someone in the other threads keeps saying how other hosts "went with the flow" You realize they were wearing earpieces and getting jokes from the writers, right? Was MacFarlane getting inferior jokes? Not wearing an earpiece? I don't know.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 3602/25/2013

I thought most of his jokes sucked and were dated. He was still talking about the voice mail of that anti-semite Mel Gibson, and that fiasco was 6-7 years ago. WTF?

Jew jokes? I'm not part of the gay chorus, ya know, jokes. Bullet in Lincoln's brain jokes?

The man has a great voice, but the jokes were fucking lame.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 3702/25/2013

I liked Seth as Oscar host.

I don't know if Seth is balding, but he's noticeably receeding. Turns out, looks like he was wearing a toupe of some sort at the Oscars:

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 3802/25/2013

The lesbians at LChat are furious at him.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 3902/25/2013

You realize MacFarlane wrote his jokes, right? Many of them were simply too Family Guy-ish to be written by anyone else but him.

I didn't watch the whole telecast because I thought he sucked. But what I did see, he was terrible. His Lincoln joke, about John Wilkes Booth being the only actor to get into Lincoln's head, that was terrible. Not befitting the situation. It would have been great on one of MacFarlane's cartoons, though.

There was another horribly tasteless joke but I can't remember. I find him to be too much and too annoying.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 4002/25/2013

So many of his jokes were crass and self-indulgent. I prefer the years the host doesn't try to constantly be on screen.

To the person who said the "people in the hall liked him." Not true. They hated him.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 4102/25/2013

My partner went to college with him. He was genuinely surprised that McFarlane became that successful in the comedy business. In my partner's words: "He's the kind of guy who you think is hilarious for the first 10 minutes of the party. After that, you're trying to find a quiet spot where you can hide from him." A little bit of him goes a long way.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 4202/25/2013

I liked him.

I think part of the problem is the Oscars -- and all awards shows (and a lot of TV and a lot of movies) -- just isn't special anymore.

When I was a kid the Oscars and Emmys were a big deal!

I was at a college not too long ago where a big TV legend was speaking. Maybe 20 people showed up.

A kid behind me said: "Wow. this is really interesting...but I gotta go. I have to edit my Web series."

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 4302/25/2013

I thought Seth was a fine host. But it's a thankless job. And it's not the host's fault. It's the show.

The Oscars are a celebration and/or an acknowledgement of film--and that means--the shorts, the documentaries, the technical awards, etc. There are only about six major awards that really matter to the general public. The rest of the show is just not all that interesting except for the diehard film buff.

So it's not the host; it's the endless award ceremony. But for some reason, the host gets blamed for a long show that just isn't all that intersting.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 4402/25/2013

He could have been better, the jokes were LAME!!!

Hope they find someone better next year!

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 4502/25/2013

Seth was great.

I hope they invite him to host next year.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 4602/26/2013

Damn the webmaster is a dumb fuck. Who the hell shuts down a gay gossip board during the oscars? What a fucking retard.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 4702/26/2013

They need to bring back hologram Bob Hope.

by Neal Patrick Harrisreply 4802/26/2013
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