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Who will get the final spot

in the In Memoriam segment at the Oscars?

Nora Ephron?

Marvin Hamlisch?

Whitney Houston?

Ernest Borgnine?

Charles Durning?

Mel Gibson's career?

by Who?reply 502/24/2013

Not me.

by Who?reply 102/24/2013

My guess is Borgnine, as he won the most prestigious and familiar slot (Best Actor/Actress) in a beloved movie. Now if they would just intercut it with moments from the first sexual encounter between Jack and Ennis in BBM, I could be happy with his placement.

by Who?reply 202/24/2013

Russell Crowe's sobriety.

Anne Hathaway's dignity.

Tommy Lee Jones's sense of humor.

by Who?reply 302/24/2013

Robin Roberts...for her brave battle staring death in the face and coming back strong and bald.

by Who?reply 402/24/2013

Tony Scott

by Who?reply 502/24/2013
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