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Do retail sales associates usually give you their personal phone number?

I walked into True Religion yesterday, just to browse, I wasn't planning on buying anything.

But then this young guy working there saw me and he was really gregarious and outgoing and helped me pick out an outfit. I spent over $400.00 because of him.

Anyway, when I made my purchase, he handed me a store card in an envelope, and he had his name and personal number handwritten on the card.

Is this normal? Did the guy give me his number because he wanted me to call him? Or does he give his personal number to every customer he helps? He is probably about 10 years younger than me.

Anyway, I did some detective work and looked up his phone number using peoplesmart and found his full name (he only had his first name written down). I checked out his Facebook profile, his blog, etc.

I can't find anything that would give away whether this guy was gay or straight. But he's definitely metrosexual. He loves fashion and music and Eastern philosophy. On his blog, he did write, "In the Middle East, it is common for men to hold hands while walking down the street to show camaraderie and have no sexual intentions. Here in America, if two men are holding hands, they are either gay or its a boy scout helping an older man across the street. It's not that there is anything wrong with two men holding hands... it's just that we don't do it here."

I bet he's one of those guys who doesn't "label" himself.

Anyway, I sent him a text today, thanking him for helping me yesterday. Let's see if he responds.

by Anonymousreply 002/24/2013
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