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Marilyn & Me; McCoo,that is.

Streisand, by far, is my favorite singer.

Why then, in my daydreams about suddenly acquiring singing talent, do I wish with all my heart that I could sound like Marilyn, not Streisand?

Is it Marilyn and you, too?

by Dellareply 1411/20/2013

Pre-Oscars Red Carpet Bump

by Dellareply 102/24/2013

Because you're really more into mediocrity?

by Dellareply 202/24/2013

Nice to see some love for Marilyn--whose "One Less Bell To Answer" still knocks me out every time I hear it. She sings the hell out that song!; I think it's up there with "The Man That Got Away" as one of the best (what used to be called) Torch songs of all time.

by Dellareply 302/24/2013

I still remember where I was when when I heard Marilyn died - there will never be another actress as magnificent...

by Dellareply 402/24/2013

Marilyn is fab

by Dellareply 502/24/2013

"Streisand, by far, is my favorite singer"


by Dellareply 602/24/2013

Marilyn is seriously underrated. Gorgeous looks, and an equally gorgeous voice.

She did the original version of Saving all my love for you with her husband.

by Dellareply 703/12/2013

I like Marilyn McCoo, too

by Dellareply 803/12/2013

She is good with the Torchy numbers. She sang the shit out of "If I Could Reach You."

by Dellareply 903/12/2013

She does an interesting cover of "Always On My Mind". It's somewhere on youtube. Very underrated singer. Her husband, also, is a very underrated soul singer. Their live stuff was pretty impressive.

by Dellareply 1011/17/2013

Youtube has a ton of clips of Marilyn doing 80s covers on Solid Gold

by Dellareply 1111/17/2013

Cool. Journey songs are not easy to sing.

by Dellareply 1211/17/2013

One of my favorite disco songs:

by Dellareply 1311/17/2013

great song r13

by Dellareply 1411/20/2013
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