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The Razzie Awards

The ceremony was held last night.

"Twilight:Breaking Dawn, Part Two" apparently won more than any other movie.

Do you think there have ever been past winners with enough of a sense of humor to actually display one in their homes?

I mean,I know that the nominated performers never attend the ceremony, but I understand that the trophies are actually mailed to the winners.

by Ali McGrawreply 502/24/2013

I vaguely remember that one winner was a good sport about it and actually accepted it in person.

by Ali McGrawreply 102/24/2013

Halle berry accepted in person for Catwoman.

by Ali McGrawreply 202/24/2013

Hallie Berry. I think for "Catwoman". This is long after she won the Oscar. I think Sandra Bullock too - don't remember for what performane(s). At least when they show up, it means they can laugh at themselves.

by Ali McGrawreply 302/24/2013

Yes, Halle Berry not only accepted in person, but also she imitated her own Oscar speech.

by Ali McGrawreply 402/24/2013

Sandra Bullock won for "All About Steve" and I believe she accepted the day before she won the Oscar for "The Blind Side".

by Ali McGrawreply 502/24/2013
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