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WHET Tori Amos?

Tori was the IT girl for quite a few years in the mid 90s - she was the background music for that particular kind of dinner party of gay men and lesbians everywhere....

What happened? (Other than plastic surgery?)

And where is she? We love you Tori get up.....

by Mr. Zebra reply 7403/05/2013

Good question.

She was gorgeous.

by Mr. Zebra reply 102/23/2013

Loved her first three, four albums....and then her music just took a tangent I didn't follow.

by Mr. Zebra reply 202/23/2013

kate bush .01 too much plastic surgery never got over the rape


by Mr. Zebra reply 302/23/2013

Her plastic surgery as a disaster and she appeared to be an alien version of herself with the eyes being angled in such a way to make her look very, very odd.

Little Earthquakes is still one of my favorite albums.

R3 you're disgusting to presume anything about how she coped with the rape and if it haunts her at all. All rape survivors carry it with them. We don't know how she continues to deal with it. STFU.

by Mr. Zebra reply 402/23/2013

She probably wouldn't be popular in the current music climate regardless of the quality of her output.. but all of her albums post-2002 are just not very good. She works with the same small group of musicians every time, her husband produces her stuff (and plays guitar on everything over the last 10 years, I think). It's too insular. I would even appreciate it if her record company started to demand more quality work from her. I guess they're satisfied with her selling her albums to her already established fanbase and that's it.

It's funny though, I occasionally look at a Tori Amos forum that has been around forever and a lot of her longtime fans are tired of her BS.

And yes, her plastic surgery is horrible.

by Mr. Zebra reply 502/23/2013

R3 reminds me of the Fiona Apple comment about Tori (and I paraphrase): When I hear Tori Amos I think piano and rape.

Fiona is so eloquent, of course. *eyeroll*

by Mr. Zebra reply 602/23/2013

Tori Amos will be 50 this year. Wow, time flies! And yes, she had some awful work done.

by Mr. Zebra reply 702/23/2013

Wasn't Fiona Apple raped herself, r6?

by Mr. Zebra reply 802/23/2013

Not the girl I remember.

by Mr. Zebra reply 902/23/2013

Tori Amos guested on Letterman his first night back on air after 9/11.

Singing the Tom Wait's song "Time."

by Mr. Zebra reply 1002/24/2013

Her first 5 albums were brilliant, but she, like Bjork and PH Harvey, didn't seem to make a transition in to the 00s.

But I guess it makes no different since artist that still make brilliant music are cast aside for shitty r'n'b tarts.

Past the Mission is still one of the best ten contemporary American songs.

by Mr. Zebra reply 1102/24/2013

I like her Night of Hunters album which came out last year.

by Mr. Zebra reply 1202/24/2013

She`s now in higher spheres of classical music-orchestral rearrangements,song cycles based on pieces by Bach,Chopin, Schubert,Satie,recording for Deutsche Grammophon etc.

by Mr. Zebra reply 1302/24/2013

R5,she always fells the need to indundate her albums with songs(18,19,up to 23),maybe she needs to edit herself.

by Mr. Zebra reply 1402/24/2013

Puh-lease. Did you really expect to hear much from her after 90210 was cancelled and her daddy dropped dead?

by Mr. Zebra reply 1502/24/2013

Huge fan, love her as much as I always did. Definite plastic surgery in the 2002-2004 timeframe and the girl uses tons of Botox. Brilliant artist and no one touches her live- she is outstanding.

HATE the production on most of her albums post 2003- that blame goes to her husband.

Will always be a fan- and she is wonderful TO her fans. Cannot say that for many artists today.

And she is highly intelligent, but that gets lost in all the faerie nonsense.

by Mr. Zebra reply 1602/24/2013

Still raped, still singing about it.

by Mr. Zebra reply 1702/24/2013

I still love her. I wish she hadn't destroyed her face with bad plastic surgery, but I'm a devout fan.

She wrote one song about rape, btw. ONE.

by Mr. Zebra reply 1802/24/2013

Loved everything from LE to V&B. SW was cool but her TBK, ADP and AAtS were all terrible. I gave up caring about her new output after that.

by Mr. Zebra reply 1902/24/2013

R16 here, she also has a huge hair thinning, balding issue which is clear from photos. She now wears a hair piece. I believe the thinning is from medication she takes for some kind of intestinal disease. I am sure that took a toll on her being in the public eye. The eye work was so completely unneeded.

The Beekeeper was her worst album to date, but many of the songs were stunning live on the piano. I actually loved AATS. American Doll Posse I loved at the time but it has not aged well in 5 years. Again, due to production. That album needed a huge sound, ala PInk or something.

by Mr. Zebra reply 2002/24/2013

"I got my rape hat on honey but I always could accessorize."

by Mr. Zebra reply 2102/24/2013

Fiona Apple raped herself.

by Mr. Zebra reply 2202/24/2013

I liked her but not ALL of her. By that I mean I like a few cuts on each album, but never the entire album. She's like post-Low Bowie in that she has moments of brilliance, but the rest is filler.

Even though it was panned, I loved Strange Little Girl. She shines brightest when she does other people's songs.

by Mr. Zebra reply 2302/24/2013

She's still brilliant live but I agree, her albums's have gone down hill since Scarlet's Walk. They have some gems on them, buts she seems to over think them all, make them far too long and give them these grandiose themes that just don't work.I think she has another great album in her though if she goes back to basics.

And she needs a new surgeon. Plastic surgery is fine, but you need to get it done by the best people and she... isn't. She ruined her hair too from years of harsh dying and it was thinning terribly a few years ago.

by Mr. Zebra reply 2402/24/2013

HER plastic surgery is not fine.

by Mr. Zebra reply 2502/24/2013

Eric Rose give her advice on production and editing her albums.

But my favorite album is Boys For Pele, which is a long and complex concept album. All her albums are conceptual in a way, but around beekeeper she lost her ability to successful manifest these concepts.

I think she needs to be produced and maybe record the album with new mucians and in a different studio than her own home recoding studio. But maybe the time is gone.

No matter really, because even if she never records anything great or good again, she made 4 (Little Earthquakes, Under the Pink, Pele and Choirgirl) of the most brilliant albums in modern day music.

by Mr. Zebra reply 2602/24/2013

i think every album til SW (included) are wonderful. i lost her after that, but she has made some of the most beautiful music i've ever heard in my life.

by Mr. Zebra reply 2702/24/2013

R27 has summed up my feelings :)

by Mr. Zebra reply 2802/24/2013

Even though I haven't followed her, I know her music will stand the test of time. I'd be so curious to hear what she'd sound like if she collaborated with some of the pop producers.

by Mr. Zebra reply 2902/24/2013

I hate her Gold Dust album where she reworks some of her songs.

by Mr. Zebra reply 3002/24/2013

I think ADP has some good ones on it.

by Mr. Zebra reply 3102/24/2013

Reworks? Hardly. The songs on Gold Dust are pretty much the same as the originals.

by Mr. Zebra reply 3202/24/2013

Yes, I was disappointed by Gold Dust too. I did enjoy Gold Dust (the song), Yes Anastasia, Marianne, and especially Flavor. The rest was SUCH a waste. What was the point?

by Mr. Zebra reply 3302/24/2013

I feel like this thread is being wasted, because people aren't listing their favorite songs. And why, if you feel like explaining that.

by Mr. Zebra reply 3402/24/2013

...and I'm down to your last cigarette and this "we are one" crap as you're invading

by Mr. Zebra reply 3502/24/2013

Favorite songs:

Putting the Damage On

Caught A Lite Sneeze




Purple People

Bouncing Off Clouds

Marys Of The Sea

A Sorta Fairytale

Spring Haze


Taxi Ride



Abnormally Attracted to Sin

by Mr. Zebra reply 3602/24/2013

what's the shortest song she ever recorded?

by Mr. Zebra reply 3702/24/2013

I think that's Mr. Zebra, is it not?

by Mr. Zebra reply 3802/24/2013

[quote] Her first 5 albums were brilliant, but she, like Bjork and PH Harvey, didn't seem to make a transition in to the 00s.

I'd disagree on PJ Harvey, who's done some really great work in the last decade, but I get your point.

And R17, the correct Coco line is "Still raped here!"

by Mr. Zebra reply 3902/24/2013

R37,ADP`s `Fat slut`(0:41)?

by Mr. Zebra reply 4002/24/2013

Thanks R10

by Mr. Zebra reply 4102/24/2013


by Mr. Zebra reply 4202/26/2013

Kinda surprised at the amount of people who like(d) her music on here. I assumed she had a pretty minimal gay following. Lesbians, definitely.

by Mr. Zebra reply 4302/26/2013

I hate her music and singing voice but I also hate Fiona. So there.

by Mr. Zebra reply 4402/26/2013

Jesus have you ever gone to one of her concerts, r43? Twinky little queens everywhere.

by Mr. Zebra reply 4502/26/2013

After she released AATS we had a nice thread going on here.

by Mr. Zebra reply 4602/26/2013

[quote]I assumed she had a pretty minimal gay following. Lesbians, definitely.

Lesbians ARE gay, dear.

Unless you're referring to gay men. Gay men LOVE artists like Tori Amos. We love the weird girls and the freaky misfits more than anyone.

by Mr. Zebra reply 4702/26/2013

I loved her cover of "Strange little girls."

by Mr. Zebra reply 4802/26/2013

I am gay,(male)a professional musician and vocal teacher and I love Tori freak Amos.

Well, not everything about her, but she should not be relegated to a strange confessional artist who has lost her looks.

She has a lovely, soprano voice with delicate clear tones and the mezzo rich tones that she delves into to, like swimming. She has a pretty theatrical performing ability but it is organic. Cool sexy and evocative. I am a fan.

Of course she is a not bad musician either. She was a bit in love with her own voice I think and is very experimental, so it is sweet when she covers a better constructed song. She has written some great songs of course and is always communicative in her work. She is self indulgent at times, but she sure as hell doesn't try to write hit songs. She is truthful. Some of the results are gorgeous.

She is not Kate Bush 2.0 as someone upthread said, because she is both a fine recording artist and a wonderful live singer. Kate Bush has influenced her I would think, but Kate Bush is more of a performance video dream artist - very rare thin air up there.

Tori is thicker and sticky and real. Her pretty voice has sometimes hindered her. She likes to sing others music, sometimes to horrible result, but clearly out of the simple love of singing songs that are musically and lyrically meaningful. She fails most when it is only pretty.

She knows that she was lovely to look at and that was part of her effect. I wish she had waited out the middle stage and not cut and painted her sorrow and anxiety onto her face.

Sometimes an artist has nothing coherent to say any more, like Rickie Lee Jones, and sometimes the loss of pretty, both physically and vocally destroys a performers confidence.

I think she still has more to say, but I may not want to hear it. Not sure....

by Mr. Zebra reply 4902/26/2013

Tori Amos has always had a large gay male fan base.

by Mr. Zebra reply 5002/26/2013

R39 indeed her most acclaimed work came in the 00s. It seems many fans didn't connect with her last raved about album, but I thought White Chalk was the best thing she ever done.

Amos does not deserve comparisons to Kate Bush and PJ Harvey.

by Mr. Zebra reply 5102/26/2013

Thanks for the insightful, thoughful comments, R50.

by Mr. Zebra reply 5202/26/2013

I love that Kate Bush once described her as "weird."

Huh-huh ... Torn Anus ... huh-huh ...

by Mr. Zebra reply 5302/26/2013

Tori Amos


This song best suits my long and morose post above.

I am not always so serious, but it is nice to quietly discuss someone on DL sometimes.

You are welcome r41.

by Mr. Zebra reply 5402/26/2013

Love her always. Its fun just to read her obscure lyrics.

by Mr. Zebra reply 5503/02/2013

[quote]Kate Bush has influenced her I would think, but Kate Bush is more of a performance video dream artist - very rare thin air up there.

How can Bush be "thin" and influence a whole generation of women songwriters, including Amos? And to reduce Bush to her performance work and music videos... tsk tsk.

by Mr. Zebra reply 5603/02/2013

Really r51, I thought Desires was her last great album. Dry and Rid of Me are just beyond amazing.

I don't think it's a massive stretch to connect Tori with Polly, both including and Bjork were considered the 3 weird sisters of rock. Also Boys for Pele is just amazing, just as complex, alt, uncompromising and profound as Polly or Bjork;s work.

by Mr. Zebra reply 5703/02/2013

I'll admit I'm biased cause I've never liked Tori and went off Bjork after Homogenic.

I've loved PJ since Rid of Me and while I wasn't a big fan of Let England Shake, it was of course wonderful live.

Memba this? (and don't forget PJ & Bjork's Brit Awards duet)

by Mr. Zebra reply 5803/02/2013

I wish Polly would put down the autoharp. Neither Tori or Bjork come close to PJ, in fact very few artist do.

I always liked what Courtney Love said about Polly, "The one rock star that makes me know I'm shit is Polly Harvey."

by Mr. Zebra reply 5903/02/2013

Tori's looks seem to have settled down, she looks more like her old self here than she has in a long time.

by Mr. Zebra reply 6003/05/2013

R59, I love you! Polly Jean Harvey is amazing.

I love Bjork and Tori too, but like R58 Bjork has been hit or miss for me after Homogenic.

by Mr. Zebra reply 6103/05/2013

Kirsty MacColl!

by Mr. Zebra reply 6203/05/2013

Dear Fellow artists, Please contact Allison Hart of Lavely and Singer. She will have any mention of you deleted from the internet. It's awesome and few major celebs like me take advantage. Allison is listed in the phone book FYI. Hiring her is the best investment of my life. It kept me out of prison. She and Marty Singer will even get LAPD, on thier payroll, to terrorize and ruin anyone who writes negativity about you.

Regards, Tig Notaro

by Mr. Zebra reply 6303/05/2013

Yes, Kirsty's amazing too!

by Mr. Zebra reply 6403/05/2013

Tori always had gorgeous hair. The hair thinning/loss and receding hairline could simply be from going into menopause, I see this with so many of my clients, women with once gorgeous thick strong hair, their hair now looks like cotton candy.

Most of these women are still fairly young as far as the time people in my profession see hair loss, their hair has changed in the extreme. In many cases it becomes too weak to hold extensions, a wig is usually the best option. Meanwhile, many of my much older clients still have massive hair.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to female hair loss, because the health related reasons are much different from male pattern baldness. Women rarely go completely bald, only in extreme cases such as Alopecia Areata. Women's hair loss usually manifests itself in an all over diffused thinning pattern, where you'd see widening parts and general flatness throughout hair hair.

I've also seen young women clients with thinning hair, which is mostly due to taking BCP or some other type of medication, once the medication is changed, their hair returns.

I also have theories re the chemicals from plastic leeching into our food, because I am seeing way too much hair loss at earlier ages.

Menopause is not the same for all women, not all women experience hair thinning. Tori appears to have gotten a face lift not just fillers. A facelift makes the forehead appear larger and wider as the forehead is pulled back. Sad.

by Mr. Zebra reply 6503/05/2013

Kristin Hersh is another artist that still making amazing music.

by Mr. Zebra reply 6603/05/2013

"Kristin Hersh is another artist that still making amazing music."

But did she have amazing hair?

by Mr. Zebra reply 6703/05/2013

She's fine. She sends her love.

by Mr. Zebra reply 6803/05/2013

She's alive and well and living in the UK, I believe. About to have her first musical produced, at The National no less.

by Mr. Zebra reply 6903/05/2013

I agree her 00 stuff is bad, but she made such an impression on me in my teenage years I don't care.

I was 16 when I first heard Venus and Back, the first Tori album I heard and still my favorite album ever. Who else could list out exotic flowers and create such a brilliant piece of music.

by Mr. Zebra reply 7003/05/2013

Eddi Reader!

by Mr. Zebra reply 7103/05/2013

R70, Agreed! For that album I will forever hold her in warm regards, no matter what.

by Mr. Zebra reply 7203/05/2013

One of my favorite Tori song is Baker, Baker. But, it's very depressing so I have to be in a fantastic mood when I listen to it.

It's amazing how all these rich people get awful plastic surgery. I saw a snippet of Babawa from the View, looks like during her convalescence, she opted for a touch-up except it failed miserably. She looks worse than before. NBC's health correspondent Nancy Snyderman got a horrible eyelift. Al Pacino had an eyelift, perhaps brow lift and had that perpetual surprised look. All that money down the toilet.

Tori was always odd looking yet attractive, she got butchered.

by Mr. Zebra reply 7303/05/2013

Tori really had me with her first three albums. Mainly because I loved how sparse the arrangements were on many of the songs.

I've liked some of Choirgirl Hotel and Venus and Back, and then, with the exception of bits of Scarlet's Walk, I just can't stand anything she did after.

by Mr. Zebra reply 7403/05/2013
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