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I have a bipolar neighbor in my building who is difficult to live with

Long story short, I have a bipolar neighbor in my apt building who is driving me and the rest of the tenants up the wall. Over the past 3 years, the pattern seems to be that things are quiet for a while and then she goes through screaming and crying spells that are very loud and stressful to hear. Even the tenants in the apt building next to ours have complained and called the police.

She told our landlord she is embarrassed and that she is bipolar. She wanted to write a letter to the tenants which she gave to him but at the last minute she told him not to distribute it.

She seems either 'on' or 'off'. A few weeks will go by where it's very peaceful and then there are weeks where she is constantly crying, yelling loudly, slamming doors and causing a ruckus. Us tenants come out into the hallways during the really loud episodes that she has and we all stare at each other but we're too afraid to confront her to tell her to shut up. if it gets really bad someone calls the police.

Long story short, There are 8 units in my building and I have lived in here for over 10 years. It was a great, peaceful environment. Then this bipolar tenant, a woman who looked to be in her late 20s, moved in a few years ago(fall 09) and it's been disruptive off and on ever since.

The police have come out at least every other month, particularly when she gets in knockdown verbal screaming matches with her boyfriend. (He is not a tenant but stays over regularly). They have both been arrested or taken away for 5150/72 hour supervision in a psych ward a few times over the past few years. He scares us more than she does when he goes into rages. A few weeks ago he was screaming at her and tried to break down the front door to our bldg until the police arrested him. Now he's back and I heard them screaming this morning.

Our landlord is tearing his hair out. He got an atty and tried to evict her but she fought back and said that under the Fair Housing Act you can't evict someone with a disability (her bipolar condition being a disability). We have had some tenants leave because of her. I don't want to move because the rent is really reasonable in a great neighborhood and it's close to my work. I looked for other options in this neighborhood but couldn't find anything affordable. (My building is cheaper because it's older and seen better days but the location is great).

My landlord said if one of us tenants would testify in court against her that's our best chance to evict her. We are all too scared to do it. (Yea, I know) I wrote a letter to my landlord with extensive dates of incidences where the police had to come over but he says it's not enough. He has police records of their visits out here as well but says we need someone to testify to evict her. Again, no one wants to go to court as they are too scared in case we lose.

So we are stuck with this woman who yells, slams doors, screams in our common hallway that we are 'bad people' for calling the police, etc.

She is also paranoid and says we broke her mailbox (there's nothing wrong with it) and other random things. She has no concept of how her ongoing episodes are ruining the quality of life for people not only in this building but in the one next door as well. We are all waiting for the day when she or her boyfriend end up shooting or beating each other up, their arguments are escalating.

I realize this sounds like some bad drama queen journaling but I'm sick of it. She just had another episode this afternoon and the police came out again to investigate. This time she was not taken away but was given another warning. I don't know if she voluntarily goes off her meds or if her meds aren't working but I'm just burnt out on being sucked into the yelling, screaming, etc.

Sorry for the long novel. I'm just hoping someone will offer some insight or maybe just tell me to pull up my socks and move. But I don't want to be pushed out of a place I love because of this woman.

Are there any attys out there who have insight on how to work around the Fair Housing Act?

by Mrs Kravitzreply 11605/21/2015

Bipolar = she could pay a private Psychiatrist for her diagnosis.

She's probably schizophrenic

by Mrs Kravitzreply 102/23/2013

Leave poison brownies outside her door.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 202/23/2013

I agree, she is probably schizophrenic. One day she'll leave her gas on and kill you all...explosion. I say, one of you tenents need to find your balls.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 302/23/2013

Yeah, get some balls and testify, OP, and in the meantime, cannot the landlord at least take steps to have the boyfriend barred from visiting/staying over on the premises?

by Mrs Kravitzreply 402/23/2013

See, this wouldn't have happened if she was "soothed as an infant".

by Mrs Kravitzreply 502/23/2013

She has a disability. If she had the AIDS you'd cut her all the slack she wanted.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 602/23/2013

Oh fuck! If only...

by Mrs Kravitzreply 702/23/2013

If anything, she sounds like your typical addict/alcoholic. She may be asperger's as well--they throw the most fits.

She probably won't last too long either way, so you can try to ride it out--I'm not trying to be mean here, just honest.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 802/23/2013

Perhaps the landlord or one of the tenants can get a restraining order against the boyfriend, preventing him from being on or near the premises. That way no one is doing anything "against" the crazy bones lady. You're just protecting the people in the bldg.

Guaranteed, if you eliminate the bf's ability to visit, she will move. She won't be able to deal with that.

Also, if there is an order against the bf and she lets him in - then I'm sure the landlord can evict her then.

I think that's a good way out of this mess. Use the law.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 902/23/2013

The hallway curses were so blue that morning...

by Mrs Kravitzreply 1002/23/2013

[quote]Long story short, I have a bipolar neighbor...

[quote]Long story short, There are 8 units in my building...

[quote]Sorry for the long novel.

You're never alone with schizophrenia.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 1102/23/2013

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney.

Have you called police only because of the noise disturbances or because you've felt physically threatened by her? Or both? If you feel she is a danger to you (and have a paper trail of police reports to back it up), maybe you can file for a restraining order and she'll have to find somewhere else to go.

Yes, she's disabled, but she's most likely not taking her meds (especially if she's "ashamed" about her condition). That's a little like being a person who can't walk but refuses to use a wheelchair. She's an adult and she's acknowledged her diagnosis. It's her responsibility to work with her psych or counselor and follow a treatment regime. There's a fine line between mental illness and simple irresponsibility, but it's there.

As for testifying for your landlord in the eviction process, it's probably best you don't get in bed with him. You never know what his agenda is -- for example, if the unit is rent-controlled or -stabilized, he'll use any excuse to get her out and probably doesn't give a shit how she affects the other tenants. And no matter what, you'll want your own lawyer to represent you, at your own (very steep) expense.

If she's not getting help, or refuses to, her illness will only progress more and more rapidly, as well as the potential for her to cause real harm to others, whether by direct physical assaults or by acting out in some way that puts not only herself but the people around her in danger. You have every reason to be concerned.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 1202/23/2013

It's just me. Relax.

My outbursts in the building are my way of work-shopping a one-woman show that I plan to bring to Broadway next year.

I'm thrilled that my hair and make-up people were able to so transform me that no one recognizes who I am.

Just bear with me for a bit longer. I'll be moving on to greener pastures.


by Mrs Kravitzreply 1302/23/2013

[quote]Long story short

Said in the 4th paragraph of 12.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 1402/23/2013


Get an editor, stat

by Mrs Kravitzreply 1502/23/2013

Rat poison. Cookies. "Murder on the Orient Express" case. Problem solved.

The notion that a bipolar person cannot sustain non-symptomatic behavior given available treatments is ludicrous. And if the woman is acting out with sufficient intensity to disturb an entire building, she is acting out in other areas of her life and will shortly have an episode in traffic, with a stranger or with a toaster that will smack her back.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 1602/23/2013

R21, seriously? Get fucked. Yes, she's a nuisance but how in the hell do you think OP can get a restraining order - she's in her own home crying. If OP can't handle it then OP needs to move.

Most mentally ill people are not violent against others. I know that we read about those who are but those are a small minority.

I hope no one here ever has mental health issues.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 1702/23/2013

Record her screaming rants and blast them full volume next time she acts up. Encourage your neighbors to do the same.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 1802/23/2013

R17 is posting from the future.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 1902/23/2013

Scatter razor blades and bottles of sleeping pills around her door, maybe she'll take the bait.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 2002/23/2013

OP, buy a house. It's called apartment living. At least they're yelling in English--try having to hear that shit in Russian at 5 am or Cantonese at 6 am in front of your building.

Ask her if she needs to talk. Be compassionate, if you can. Suggest a counseling center, or a church.

Be nice.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 2102/23/2013

Hey R21: Calm down. I'm Bipolar I. I'm no stranger to severely manic states. And I know from first-hand experience that some mentally ill people are most certainly capable of violence against others when they are not properly treated and stabilized. Extrapolating from what OP has said, this is a woman who has a history of being confrontational with her neighbors and seems to be deteriorating. It's unfortunate for her, but there's no reason he should sacrifice his own safety.

And yes, I will get fucked, thank you. When my boyfriend gets home.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 2202/23/2013

OP, you need to learn the meaning of the phrase "long story short" before you can post anything again on the internet.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 2302/23/2013

Sorry, I meant R17.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 2402/23/2013

I doubt the crying woman poses a terrorist threat to the OP. She just sounds sad.

I had a friend who lived in a neighborhood with a few Mexican families. They were a minority, however, they treated the whole neighborhood to blasting mariachi music well into the wee hours every. fucking. weekend..

Also, in their drunken stupor, occasional gunshots were heard. Ain't that lovely?

No one complained because everyone in the neighborhood was afraid of these people. And soon enough, the non-Mexicans moved out, even selling their homes.

It was likely a tactic that the Mexicans used to get rid of gringo.

Now, does crying bipolar lady sound so bad?

by Mrs Kravitzreply 2502/23/2013

I guess not, R25, but you sound like a racist.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 2602/23/2013

When she decides to end her life by blowing up the building, you'll be sorry you didn't do more to get rid of her.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 2702/23/2013

Where is the poster who poisoned his neighbor's cat when we need him?

by Mrs Kravitzreply 2802/23/2013

[quote]They have both been arrested or taken away for 5150/72 hour supervision in a psych ward a few times over the past few years. He scares us more than she does when he goes into rages. A few weeks ago he was screaming at her and tried to break down the front door to our bldg until the police arrested him.

No. Doesn't sound threatening at all. Because police only take into custody people who are a threat to themselves or others.

Hmmm. Wait a minute.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 2902/23/2013

Thanks for the feedback so far. And yes, it was a rambling post that was horribly written. Mea culpa.

The police had just left our building when I wrote my original post and I let 3+ years of frustration out and typed nonstop. Not a good idea. I should have streamlined what I wrote.

At any rate, I want this woman to get the help she needs and also to find a home that is peaceful for her. IMO, she doesn't seem to be a good candidate for communal/apt living right now. I also just want to return to the relative peaceful environment that we had in our building before she arrived.

In my 10+ yrs in this building, we've had loud tenants come and go but none that scared us tenants like this woman. There is something that seems unreachable about her when she is in a manic state. She has gone off on the police and cursed them out and is enraged when they show up. When she comes out into the communal holiday screaming up and down the stairway, it's scary to hear her.

She has been taken out of our building at least twice strapped to a gurney screaming at the top of her lungs that people are out to get her. The police even put a ladder up against our building one time and broke into her bathroom window because she had barricaded herself in there and claimed that she was being tortured.

I know that she walks a very challenging path and I don't want to make it more difficult for her. I respect what she deals with and don't know how I would handle it.

But somewhere along the way the tenants in my building have felt like we have been taken hostage by the screaming and loud crying episodes. This has got to stop.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 3002/23/2013

Dumbass R26, not all mexicans behave like that. To concur that it is acceptable behavior and their 'culture' proves you to be a racist, asshole.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 3102/23/2013

Really good post, OP. Good luck with everything.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 3202/23/2013

And yet again, I should have checked what I wrote.

"When she comes out into the communal holiday... " should have read "communal hallway".


by Mrs Kravitzreply 3302/23/2013

It is up to your landlord to evict her. He should not extend her lease and immediately begin eviction paperwork. It may take 6 months but eventually the sheriffs will come and lock her out.

Three years? Doesn't sound like yor landlord is serious about eviction.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 3402/23/2013

Will you testify OP? Why is everyone scared; has she made threats?

by Mrs Kravitzreply 3502/23/2013

8 Units at $100 or so each and you could just have her killed. Just place and ad on craigslist. Normally costs around $1000 or even a goodly amount of drugs in trade.

It works.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 3602/23/2013

[quote] 8 Units at $100 or so each and you could just have her killed. Just place and ad on craigslist. Normally costs around $1000 or even a goodly amount of drugs in trade.

If you're in LA, you'll get away with it. Tell police you saw a black guy on a bicycle with a gun. Or that she'd been pressing all the buttons on the elevator and wildly waving her arms around.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 3702/23/2013

And R16, you missed the point entirely. For the sake of argument, I'll accept that some bipolar people are capable of sustaining non-symptomatic behavior without the use of meds. But obviously, this woman is not and has not for several years.

And out of the other side of your mouth, you basically contend that she'll probably destroy herself soon enough anyway, so just wait it out.

Very nice.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 3802/23/2013

You seem very concerned with her fragile state.

Yet, she doesn't seem the least concerned about yours or the other tenants.

I'm not sufficiently educated about such matters -- would she be acting this way if she was continuously taking her medication? Because it sounds like that is what is happening. She keeps going off her medication.

If that's the case and I were in your situation, I would have zero sympathy for her fragile condition.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 3902/23/2013

In NYC, we gave him her photo and she "fell" in front of a bus a few days later.

You'd be doing society a favor, you don't want her to live long enough to breed do you?

by Mrs Kravitzreply 4002/23/2013

[quote]She probably won't last too long either way, so you can try to ride it out--I'm not trying to be mean here, just honest.

Agreed. I was in the same situation as OP. Good neighborhood, reasonable rent. Our bi-polar tenant lived in an apt. next to the front door, and would frequently yank his door open and scream bloody murder if he heard someone coming in. It made for interesting homecomings.

He was a sweet guy when he took his meds, but he didn't like the way they made him feel. His condition finally got so bad he couldn't take care of himself and he left. I think his unwilling family at last took care of him.

OP, what you're going through isn't pleasant, but I would bet your bi-polar neighbor's days there are numbered.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 4102/23/2013

I agree with the poster who said the landlord should bar her boyfriend from entering the building. It is private property - he isn't a tenant.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 4202/23/2013

I agree with the posters who warned you against testifying for your landlord. Three years of police intervention, psych holds and damage to the building by the boyfriend and his hands are tied? Bullshit. It sounds like he doesn't have a problem finding tenants so he's not going to do the work to get rid of her.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 4302/23/2013

Is this what it's like living with Catherine Zeta Jones?

by Mrs Kravitzreply 4402/23/2013

I'm bipolar. I do not behave like that.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 4502/23/2013

I am no expert on bipolar disorder, so forgive me if I'm wrong. My boyfriend's teenage son is bipolar and is a great kid...but when he starts feeling "good" he stops all meds and then all hell breaks loose. Just last week he tore up the house just because one of his friends hurt his feelings. He usually only hurts himself or "things" when he is in a state, but I fear he will hurt someone one day.

Personally, I think he should be forced to PROVE to someone every single day that he has taken his meds, but then again, I'm not the parent. I have heard this is very common with bipolar people--the drugs make them "foggy" so they don't want to take them. Hell, I don't want to take the meds I am supposed to take for my benign stuff, so I can understand being in denial about needing a drug to feel "normal"...

I guess what I am trying to say, OP, continue to be sympathetic, but it is a very real possibility that she could do harm to someone in the building. Do any of you know anyone in her family, or friends, or has she alienated everyone in her life? Maybe they could help. Do you know if she drinks or does any other drugs? From what I know, they do NOT mix with bipolar meds.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 4602/23/2013

[quote]This must be an Exceptionally Stressful Time

You're so clever r47. This was a brilliant way to make an EST accusation without the webmaster noticing. Unless, of course, someone hits the flames/freaks option on your post.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 4802/23/2013

You're so clever [R47]. This was a brilliant way to make an EST accusation without the webmaster noticing. Unless, of course, someone hits the flames/freaks option on your post.

Erhard Seminar Training?

by Mrs Kravitzreply 4902/23/2013

I'm hearing more and more about bipolars these days.

Their meds are so dammed expensive. If we were smart, society would make meds & counseling more easily available.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 5002/23/2013

r8 = ignoramus

by Mrs Kravitzreply 5102/23/2013

Agree R8

by Mrs Kravitzreply 5202/23/2013

CZJs has been through menopause, so she has calmed down.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 5302/23/2013

I can assure you, R47, this this is not an EST. You clearly have never lived with, or known someone well, with a mental illness. I realize the situations that I have described sound very dramatic, but they have all happened.

It has given me a huge appreciation for the people who manage this condition, as well as those who live with them. There doesn't seem to be much quality of life if the meds aren't working.

R46, you are right on the money about the meds issue. After particularly dramatic episodes, i.e., being taken away for psych evaluation or after the police show up, she has told our landlord things like, "I'm sorry. I'm taking my meds now" and we don't hear a peep from her for a few weeks. She will stay in her apt and not come out. Then slowly, things start escalating again.

It usually starts with crying sessions but over time anger creeps in and she gets enraged/indignant, "Why are you doing this to me?!" is a common phrase coming from her apt. Then it escalates to flat out rage and she screams at the top of her lungs, "Fuck you", over and over in her apt. She gets particularly ramped up when the boyfriend comes over and the two of them seem to bring out the worst in each other.

She doesn't seem to understand how overwhelming her behavior can be to others and has said multiple times that people are "out to get her."

She tripped in our parking area once and then was enraged that apparently no one heard her cries of pain outside. (I was at work and it happened during the day.) She went through a phase for a long time where she would scream out in the hallway that us tenants were "animals who left her on the ground in the parking area."

The last piece of the puzzle that my landlord told me is that she has a PhD and specializes in researching meds for her condition. I am unclear if that is true but she is apparently brilliant and sharp as a tack when she is not experiencing symptoms.

He told me that he has had numerous phone calls with her over the years about the various police episodes and she is either very apologetic (" I'm taking my meds again") or threatening ("You don't want to fuck with me or I will have you arrested for discrimination, etc.").

She seems to be either a very nice/smart woman or a raging/crying/threatening woman. She can be very savvy when she wants to be and has fought hard to not be evicted. (She has her own atty)

You could not make this stuff up. (Although I'm sure R47 would beg to differ)

by Mrs Kravitzreply 5402/23/2013

Wait. The webmaster is zapping threads for EST accusations? I missed this.

I agree with what folks have said that getting rid of the boyfriend is the key. There must be something in the lease stipulating that she can't have disruptive people there. The landlord can do something to prevent him from coming into the building but it sounds like he's unwilling if he didn't do anything after the incident that involved property damage. If he goes, she'll either calm down since he's a stressor to her, or she'll follow.

Good luck.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 5502/23/2013

[quote] Wait. The webmaster is zapping threads for EST accusations? I missed this.

I don't think so. DL would have no active threads if s/he did.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 5602/23/2013

I forgot to say that maybe the current tenants can sabotage the landlord's efforts to fill the open units by telling prospective renters about the issues with the bipolar woman. Nothing is more motivating than the absence of revenue.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 5702/23/2013

Testify. It's the judge who has to decide. If it fails you'll probably have to move. What's worth more to you?

by Mrs Kravitzreply 5802/23/2013

At the end of the lease, assuming no rent control issues, the landlord should just raise her rent to an amount she can't afford.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 5902/23/2013

OP/R30, face it: you're verbose.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 6002/23/2013

The mentally Ill are very manipulative. We have one in the family. She usually has had 'episodes' when it looks like she is going to have to be 'self-sufficient'. Dumb like a fox. That's when she realizes that she could lose the gravy-train, and not be able to sit in front of the tv, drinking flavored milk all day. The mental are the most frustrating and painful thing to endure, ever. It's been about three years since the last psych ward lockdown.

Of course, since nothing is expected of her in the last three years everything is hunky dory. I mentioned over the holidays about her getting out and working somewhere. The family all looked at me horror and we walked on eggs the rest of the day. We enable her laziness. It's sick.

Anyway, where is this woman's family? We are involved and keep tabs on our 'special' one, she is over 40 now.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 6102/23/2013

get a blog

by Mrs Kravitzreply 6202/23/2013

[quote]Wait. The webmaster is zapping threads for EST accusations? I missed this.

No! The webmaster said he does not want people to make EST accusations. That's why people don't come right out with a direct EST accusation. He never said he would zap a thread for EST accusations.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 6302/23/2013

Beat her.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 6402/23/2013

OP story reminds me why I will never live in attached housing again - there's ALWAYS some asshole being noisy. I'll stay in my boring suburbs living in a detached house and I'll commute to the city when necessary.

Apartments and townhouses are too much drama. I don't know why the don't build them to be soundproof (or at least try to soundproof them).

by Mrs Kravitzreply 6502/23/2013

R26 Oh, give me a break. The truth is, I've heard plenty of people say similar things about Mexicans living by them. A lot of them have no fucking manners.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 6602/23/2013


Ok, now give us the long version of the story.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 6702/23/2013

What is it with schizophrenics and milk? I had a schizophrenic client a few years ago who went through 2 gallons a day. Totally disgusting. She was a tiny little thing who once fucked up my voice mail by calling too many times too quickly. The phone company had to go in and reboot something.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 6802/24/2013

I don't get why you all think you have a "right" to remove the mentally ill from your society. Somebody has to deal with them and it might as well be you. They are as much a part of our society as any of you are. (Indeed, they seem to be running it, especially on Wall Street).

by Mrs Kravitzreply 6902/26/2013

Don't they meds for this shit?

by Mrs Kravitzreply 7002/26/2013

R68, I've never understood the milk thing either, reverting to infancy I guess.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 7102/26/2013

My neighbor is a meteorologist with the US Military. He's been to the North and South Pole. He's bipolar.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 7203/01/2013

I'm sorry, but I truly believe with all my soul that mentally ill people should be euthanized. They are defective creatures and only drain our societal resources. It's a harsh truth, but there you have it...

The mentally ill should be put out of their (and our) misery.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 7303/01/2013

I know what you mean, I had a cat like that, it would sleep 18 hours a day. I said, "Man that cat must be so depressed, so I gave it half a Paxil, but even that didn't help. So I put her to sleep.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 7403/01/2013

If you want to see someone who really doesn't care about her appearance, I give you Prudence, younger sister of Mia Farrow. Yes. Younger.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 7503/17/2013

Sorry, totally wrong thread. Thanks iPad.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 7603/17/2013


by Mrs Kravitzreply 7703/18/2013

[quote] I don't get why you all think you have a "right" to remove the mentally ill from your society. Somebody has to deal with them and it might as well be you.

Yes somebody has to deal with them. But it should be locked up in a mental hospital, not on the streets. They are not a useful part of society, nor do they contribute anything important.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 7803/18/2013

Over the past 3 years?? Why does the landlord keep renewing her lease?

Every apartment I've lived in, I've had to renew the lease every year.

The solution seems simple to me. The landlord should kick her out when her lease is up. So why hasn't he?

by Mrs Kravitzreply 7903/18/2013

There is help for issues such as Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar and Autism. It is through a particular diet. A doctor wrote about it years ago. You can get free youtube videos on it (Natasha Campbell McBride), you can look it all up on her site for free, or you could buy her book. The GAPS Diet.

It is primarily homemade bone broth (very healing) with meat and vegetables and probiotics. Over time, you add in one new food at a time (this determines what foods you're sensitive to). I'm pretty sure it's always going to be grain-free. Many people with brain issues (and gut issues too) have been healed by it. It's worth looking into, and perhaps leaving the book on her doorstep, with key passages highlighted and bookmarked.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 8003/18/2013

I'm sorry, but I truly believe with all my soul that people with no compassion should be euthanized. They are defective creatures and only drain our societal resources. It's a harsh truth, but there you have it...

The emotionless, inability-to-empathize-or-care kind of people should be put out of their (and our) misery.

You know, like R73.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 8103/18/2013

There would be virtually no republican left, good idea, r81

by Mrs Kravitzreply 8203/18/2013

Op's neighbor is the woman in the youtube video, in that other thread, where the woman was screaming on the train that she was going to cut her mothers tits off.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 8303/18/2013

[quote]Us tenants come out into the hallways during the really loud episodes

[quote]knockdown verbal screaming matches

Oh, dear, DEAR.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 8403/18/2013

I know that it is bad when people are a nuisance, but have some sympathy . She has a mental illness and needs help. Would you try to evict other people that had other disabilities?. I'm not saying that her behaviour is right, but if she gets help, this wont be an issue.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 8509/11/2014

r73 = troll

Everybody is mentally ill to some degree. EVERYBODY.

Ever heard of "temporary insanity?" At the very least, each and every human being has the ability to "lose their minds" regardless of how stable & intelligent they may APPEAR to be.

Most Americans are on some kind of prescription medicine for a mental disorder...ADD, anxiety, depression, etc.

The best thing society can do for the mentally ill is to provide them with the medicine and supervision they need. Enable them to function in this merciless rat race independently, even if it means they work part-time and receive government benefits to help them survive.

Instead, the mentally ill end up in jail and forever held back from being able to make a living and take care of themselves. Or they end up on the street...or they kill other people and themselves.

Our society is INSANE for not helping our mentally ill function. So according to r73, our society needs to be euthanized.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 8609/11/2014

I am THAT woman...I'm in another country in another complex bt I am being evicted due to my outbursts... I've lost both my parents in two years... My child left me due to my husband who divorced me 4days after my child left gives me a place to stay and I pay half the rent...I have no family no one to turn too and I'm getting evicted...

by Mrs Kravitzreply 8701/06/2015

[quote]Yeah, get some balls and testify

Incidentally, "testifY" comes from the Latin word for testicle. In ancient Rome, two men taking an oath of allegiance held each other's testicles, and men held their own testicles as a sign of truthfulness while bearing witness in a public forum. The Latin "testis" originally meant "witness."

by Mrs Kravitzreply 8801/06/2015

Does the landlord live on the premises? If he doesn't and doesn't have to deal directly on a continuing basis with her maybe this is one of the reasons he hasn't taken this as seriously as he should.

He doesn't seem to be serious about getting rid of her. Just getting a restraining order against the boyfriend and beginning eviction proceedings against her is a start. And in terms of neighbors testifying they already have numerous times with the police reports. If the landlord is demanding his tenants get their hands dirty he is not being a responsible landlord. Honestly if he does not live there he might be dumping this on all of you.

Don't testify. She and her boyfriend could be dangerous when they're having an episode. Tell the landlord he has the responsibility of providing you with a safe and peaceful environment. Then have your own consultation with a lawyer to see what your options are with the landlord simply to see if you have any. Find a good lawyer perhaps through personal recommendations. Two hundred dollars for half an hour is worth it just to know more clearly what kind of situation you are in even if it is to find out the landlord really does have his hands tied.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 8901/06/2015


by Mrs Kravitzreply 9001/06/2015

[quote] Long story short


by Mrs Kravitzreply 9101/06/2015


Typical EST thread. The OP never came back and said what happened in his "story."

by Mrs Kravitzreply 9201/06/2015

Fuck you, R92. Fuck you with the letters E, S, and T, writ ten times larger than your fundament can contain. And then fuck you again and again.

God, I hate these EST queens.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 9301/06/2015

R87 - I am sorry to hear you're in such a bad situation. Are you taking medication? I'm bipolar and if I don't take my meds, sleep 8 hours a night, stay away from alcohol, and keep my life relatively drama free I am an emotional disaster. I hope you are getting the treatment you need and that things turn around soon!

by Mrs Kravitzreply 9401/06/2015

I started reading OP's posts in 2/13. Just finished today. It's 1/15.

Can't imagine listening to him tell a story in real life.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 9501/06/2015

She sounds like the woman who used to live upstairs from me. If it helps at all, this type of person seems to get uncomfortable staying in the same place after a while, gets an itch to move. This will likely happen soon, so sit tight and weather the storm. The crazy cunt upstairs from me made life hell with her filthy disgusting mouth. Then she had a kid which was even crazier and scary. After a few years her mania affected her where all she wanted to do was move. She did. Sounds like she moved to your building!

by Mrs Kravitzreply 9601/06/2015

Aw, poor widdwe R93 doesn't like to believe he fell for an idiot fake post. It was a very elaborate, boooooring scenario.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 9701/06/2015

tl;dr OP

by Mrs Kravitzreply 9801/06/2015

Gee, it sure had taken OP a long time to get back to us about his totally real neighbor.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 9901/06/2015

Does she only start when the boyfriend comes over? How do you know hes not doing something to provoke her and make everyone think shes in the wrong? People with mental health issues are usually manipulated and people tend to start on them, beat them and do all sorts of things then try and pin their mental health condition on them to make them think they are going mad. I am speaking from experience. I have had brothers beat me in for years since i was young, my parents have watched it happen then told me i probably deserved it, and of course once police arrive they see me crying uncontrollably and throwing things because of what happened while the rest of the family sit there innocently like they did nothing wrong. And of course i am painted out to be the mental one.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 10002/27/2015

Links to threads about poisoning neighbor's cat, and crazy train ladyy!!

by Mrs Kravitzreply 10102/27/2015

I have a schizophrenic neighbor. He lives in the apartment right above me. He sleeps all day and stays awake the whole night, screaming, talking in a made up language and jumping up and down making terrible thumping noise. Sometimes he comes down to my floor and I've seen him outside my door, talking to some invisible thing. Called the police but they never showed. He lives with his parents, refuses to take medication and his parents just gave up and let him run free.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 10202/27/2015

I am bipolar, and I don't like some of the messages. They are insulting. Bipolar disorder is pure hell.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 10303/04/2015

r103 I have it myself and it runs in my family.

While it is hell, I fully realize I can be an annoying asshole when I'm 'high' as my family calls it.

Fortunately, I'm not a danger to anyone, as I'm not violent, abusive, etc. I try to isolate myself as much as possible so I don't upset others.

However, I understand why a lot of posters here just want to vent about having to be around us.

Those in my family who are more severely ill are impossible to deal with. They are violent, loud, abusive and have no impulse control.

They are sicker because they are dicks who refuse to take responsibility for themselves. They are also white trash. It has nothing to do with their disease-they won't stop taking drugs and drinking when on meds, they are manipulative and always have been-even as young kids.

Not everyone in the family has the illness, and they are exactly the same.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 10403/04/2015

I wonder what happened to Anna on this thread.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 10503/04/2015

In situations like this I always advise people to move to a gated estate.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 10603/04/2015

I don't doubt it, r103. And, YOU don't know the hell of having your home and peace constantly disrupted-- sometimes in a fear-inducing manner, sometimes at 4 AM, sometimes both-- because someone with an obvious illness refuses to take care of themselves.

If they don't want to medicate-- because of the side effects, because they're defiant, because whatever-- then fine, let THEM live with the results. It's when those results spill over onto others that it becomes not okay.

Sorry if that's, like, insulting or some fucking thing.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 10703/04/2015

My advice? Same as it's been since World War II.

Wake up and smell the coffee!

Seek professional counseling!

Knock it off, already, with all those letters from Yale!

Get a facelift!

And most important of all, just MYOB!

by Mrs Kravitzreply 10803/04/2015

I have a bipolar relative. Refuses to take her meds. It's tragic to see such a smart, funny, kind person turned into a selfish, inconsiderate monster. Lots of fighting and screaming with her bf, who is bipolar too. They are terrible for each other. He was under control until he met her, on meds and had a regular job, then they met and now they are drunk, fighting and screaming all the time. She's an alcoholic too. Trying to tell her how discourteous she is being is like talking to a wall. She doesn't want to be well.

Another bipolar friend was on meds for thirty years, doing great after breaking up two marriages and not being able to stay with his kids whom he adores. He just went off his meds a few months ago and is now completely back to square one, a paranoid alcoholic again. Can't get along with his roommate and is going to find himself homeless soon. And absolutely refuses to listen to anyone or take his meds again. He "doesn't need them any more."

If I was in OP's position, I would audio or video tape the ruckus when this person acts up. I had an issue with an elderly parent with dementia. Could not get her committed although she was a hazard to herself. I took photos of her trashed, hoarded house to the hearing. They were ready to let her go home until I showed the photos. It only bought us a little more time, but sometimes people refuse to believe any words at all and will only believe visual evidence. It's your best chance to at least be listened to. And you could hand the recording to the landlord and let them deal with it.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 10903/04/2015

my 16 year old daughter is bipolar. It's been hell trying to get her meds figured out. I hate seeing her suffer with it.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 11003/04/2015

OP here. Sorry I never followed up. Can't believe this thread revived. Other tenants in my bldg complained and our landlord asked her to please consider moving. She refused of course and he took her to court. He took police records of calls placed by us tenants and by people in the neigh boring building who were affected by her screaming and episodes.

The judge initially seemed to support the bipolar tenant`s argument but something our landlord said in court set the b-P neighbor off and she went ballistic yelling and screaming. Once the judge saw that she ended up ruling in our landlords favor. Landlord agreed to give b p tenant 60 days to find new place and only charge for 1 months this rent so the tenant would have enough funds for security deposit etc at new apt. It's been almost 2 yrs since she moved out and we never heard from her again.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 11103/04/2015

Really doesn't sound like a person with bipolar disorder - maybe psychosis from substance abuse.

Is there any chance that the landlord might find drugs in the apartment. Sounds like there might be some.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 11203/04/2015

So essentially any mental case who obtains a Drs. note is exempted from abiding the rules of an apartment lease.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 11303/04/2015

Sure seems that way, r113-- but yanno, I bet if I went around killing off all the noisy, trashy, inconsiderate fucks in my complex, my legitimate PTSD diagnosis wouldn't save *me*. Even allowing for the favor I'd be doing for the non-assholes around here (and the gene pool in general).

by Mrs Kravitzreply 11403/04/2015

[quote]Yes somebody has to deal with them. But it should be locked up in a mental hospital, not on the streets. They are not a useful part of society, nor do they contribute anything important.

While i agree that something had to be done about this neighbour, some of these comments are shocking. Mental illnesses like bipolar are extreme common and I'm sure you know at least one functioning person with bipolar who just hasn't disclosed it to you. I, and many of my friends, have bipolar. It is pure hell, but we take our meds religiously and don't drink or take drugs (or anything that might cause an episode). We are responsible adults and the idea that our illness might affect others negatively is always on our minds.

We work hard and pay bills - life is just significantly harder for us than you "normal" people. Sometimes we get sick, but we have plans an safeguards in place for when that happens.

We have a place in society too - we are human beings just like everyone else. To suggest that EVERYONE who has a mental illness is a terrible person who doesn't reserve respect is disgusting and cruel.

Remember, YOU yourself may have a dormant mental illness - sometimes they don't appear until later in life - or you might have a breakdown or a psychotic episode due to stress or other factors. You need to take a look at your attitude - you're the one with the problem.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 11503/08/2015

We have a woman in our building who is supposedly bipolar and makes everyone miserable. She's always a victim and helpless and screaming about things being done to her like turning off her lights. Can never pick up after her dogs and says they aren't a problem. Go through spurts of "decorating" the hallways. Parks in deeded spots and screams and threatens if the owner wants to park there. Damages cars. Lies, manipulates, threatens. Always looking for attention. Won't follow any of the building rules yet demands constant services. The most recent is that the snow must always be shoveled immediately so she never walks in the snow because of her balance problem. She can, however, shovel her car out of several feet of snow, no problem. Has the locks changed on the boiler room door so she can adjust the heat to her liking. She has a daughter and the two of them can do a major con job on people with their sweet and helpless act. They have people looking over their shoulder all the time wondering when the next craziness is going to start. Yes, people are afraid because they are very sneaky in their approach. It's hard to believe that she is out of control when many things seem so premeditated. The police said she can do anything she wants and nothing will happen to her. Even if she stabbed someone in the hallway, she might get arrested and never go to jail. I don't think the rest of us should have to live with people like this.

by Mrs Kravitzreply 11605/21/2015
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