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If aliens monitored Datalounge

what would they learn about gay men?

by Anne Thropologistreply 3202/24/2013

Gay men spend an incredible amount of time and energy worshipping porn stars, especially if said porn stars are "straight."

by Anne Thropologistreply 102/23/2013

Gay men care more about circumcision and body hair than anything else.

by Anne Thropologistreply 202/23/2013

Gay men are dicks to everyone who don't like anyone, not even themselves.

by Anne Thropologistreply 302/23/2013

I don't know what they could learn, but I'd hope they were plotting the abduction of the Sandy Dennis Troll.

by Anne Thropologistreply 402/23/2013

What's human or inhuman is not for human decision.

by Anne Thropologistreply 502/23/2013

Don't know if they would necessarily learn anything about gay men, because there is no way to know truly that who posts here is a gay man. They would learn that most DL posters are vapid and immature.

by Anne Thropologistreply 602/23/2013

[quote]Gay men are dicks to everyone who don't like anyone, not even themselves.

Gay men post sentences that make no sense.

by Anne Thropologistreply 702/23/2013


We've got alien Israelis all over this forum.

by Anne Thropologistreply 802/23/2013

They would think all gay men were over 60 years old.

by Anne Thropologistreply 902/23/2013

That when another poster is overly dramatic, we invoke the name of Jesus' mother.

by Anne Thropologistreply 1002/23/2013

That gay men's obsession with hole presentation photos is a huge trigger for aliens wanting to probe their male abductees.

by Anne Thropologistreply 1102/23/2013

They'd incidentally learn passable grammar quite quickly.

by Anne Thropologistreply 1202/23/2013

Gay men love to dish it out, but they can never take it.

by Anne Thropologistreply 1302/23/2013

Sheesh! And I thought WE like to stick things up men's butts

by Anne Thropologistreply 1402/23/2013

R7, head on over to the "slut coworker took a sick day to go drinking and posted pics on Facebook" thread, and it will all make sense to you then.

by Anne Thropologistreply 1502/23/2013

They would learn that gay men are fabulous.

by Anne Thropologistreply 1602/23/2013

Do the aliens not respect boundaries?

by Anne Thropologistreply 1702/23/2013

That a discussion about a condiment called "mayonnaise" leads gay men to violence.

by Anne Thropologistreply 1802/23/2013

That their mating call is a long, drawn-out hisssss.

by Anne Thropologistreply 1902/23/2013


by Anne Thropologistreply 2002/23/2013

One thing they'd think was that gay men are incredibly schizo.

One one hand, we post endlessly about how men should not be ashamed of their bodies, and should present themselves proudly in locker rooms and wear revealing Speedos at the beach.

On the other hand, we post endlessly about how physically horrible we find men who are too fat, or too thin, or circumcised, or uncircumsized, or untoned, or too worked out, etc.

We want men to be unashamed of their bodies and yet we want to shame them for their bodies. It makes no sense.

by Anne Thropologistreply 2102/23/2013

Bite your whoring tongue, R4.

If there's any interplanetary justice, they'll be coming for the Heath Ledger Troll.

by Anne Thropologistreply 2202/23/2013 in ten don't seem to mind...

by Anne Thropologistreply 2302/23/2013

Earrings and caftans.

And Cheryl's pussy stinks.

by Anne Thropologistreply 2402/23/2013


by Anne Thropologistreply 2502/23/2013

That gay men are very particular about cleanliness in there environs, but have no problem sucking on each others anuses.

by Anne Thropologistreply 2602/23/2013

I beg to differ, r26.

by Anne Thropologistreply 2702/23/2013

I don't, R26

by Anne Thropologistreply 2802/23/2013

Several go by the name of Mary.

by Anne Thropologistreply 2902/23/2013

That the anal probe better be uncut.

by Anne Thropologistreply 3002/23/2013

A strong odor emanates from the one called Cheryl from whom people flee in disgust.

by Anne Thropologistreply 3102/24/2013

The sexual minorities on our planet are far less neurotic and factious. Perhaps because those in the sexual majority have always treated them with respect and never as a threat to their integrity. And the same is true for the way those in sexual minorities treat those in the majority.

Then again, we are far less obsessed and threatened by sexuality in general than Earthlings.

And, being more intelligent and compassionate than Earthlings, we are far less likely to make foolish judgments about our people. We acknowledge the sacred, specific individuality of all our people and so don't enjoy lumping our people into groups and prejudging which group identity applies to our people as you do, whether that group be defined sexually, ethnically, racially, politically or religiously.

As a result we are far more interested in our people for who, rather than for what, they are.

And we are much happier and healthier.

by Anne Thropologistreply 3202/24/2013
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