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Hey M,

What do you think of the Best Actress candidates this year....sub-par...No?

by Greply 302/23/2013

Could The Streep Troll please give us a complete analysis of the nominees?

by Greply 102/23/2013


London, Paris, Rome and Munich everybody talk about Pop Muzik...

by Greply 202/23/2013

Yes G,

Who are these people? I hear the fat girl insulted me but I'm too classy to call her out on it. I admire that Chastain is doing theatre and not playing second fiddle to a man so I voted for her. My kids always did enjoy that little black girl when she was on The Cosby show but I didn't see the film. Naomi Watts is Nicole's lesbian lover correct? Again I didn't see that film. As for that old french woman at least she took away that title for oldest nominee away from you.

All my best dear,

Sorry Don and I won't be attending your Oscar party but hope it goes well? BTW are you still stuck doing TV?


by Greply 302/23/2013
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