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Prince Harry, model Cressida Bonas go public with romance


British royal Prince Harry has gone public with his new model girlfriend during a romantic skiing holiday in Switzerland.

The young prince, who was voted the world's most eligible bachelor last month, was photographed embracing blonde beauty Cressida Bonas on the slopes at a resort in Verbier on Wednesday.

Harry is currently enjoying a winter vacation with Bonas, as well as his uncle Prince Andrew and cousins Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

He sparked rumours of a blossoming new romance with Bonas last year when they were spotted partying in London together.

Harry previously dated Zimbabwe-born blonde Chelsy Davy, but their on/off relationship ended in 2010.

by Kate M.reply 1302/21/2013

Back in the olden days, Princes and Princesses could have a lot more fun as it was easier to be discreet when the media wasn't pushing telephoto lenses into every nook and cranny of royal life.

The only people royals can now date for fun are fame whores -- everyone else who might be interested run for cover under the current open season on royals...

by Kate M.reply 102/21/2013

That's a hard name to make a nickname out of.

"Cressy"? "Cress"? "Sida"?

by Kate M.reply 202/21/2013

Bonas, pronounced bone-ass.

by Kate M.reply 302/21/2013

Are the royal heirs allowed to date and marry people of color or do they have to marry whites only?

by Kate M.reply 402/21/2013

We need some new naked photos of Harry.

by Kate M.reply 502/21/2013

So bored of hearing about the British royals. And Harry's so ugly. You know damn well if he wasn't famous nobody would give him a second look.

by Kate M.reply 602/21/2013

Another trashy, bland blonde? He certainly has a type.

by Kate M.reply 702/21/2013

What's with these names for Toyota and mythology?

by Kate M.reply 802/21/2013

I can't believe he chooses to hang out with Andrew.

by Kate M.reply 902/21/2013

[quote]Prince Harry Seen Smooching on the Slopes

The Prince has been witnessed making out with his girlfriend on holiday and in restaurants.

by Kate M.reply 1002/21/2013

I don't think Crssida Bonas is trashy. She's stunning looking. Chelsy was a rich chav and awful, but Cressida is gorgeous.

by Kate M.reply 1102/21/2013

She's gorgeous and classy, kind of like Kate, but because she's a blueblood am wondering if they're related. Hope not.

by Kate M.reply 1202/21/2013

Princess Cressida is a terrific drag name.

by Kate M.reply 1302/21/2013
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