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M.I.A. Claims Grammys Stole Her Performance

M.I.A. has claimed that the Grammy Awards stole one of her performance concepts.

The 37-year-old singer insisted that the awards ceremony’s tribute to Bob Marley – which featured Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Sting – was an imitation of her own show.

“If you want to see the real thing or get it first, come to a MIA show,” she told fans yesterday (February 20) on her official Tumblr page.

M.I.A. then accused the Grammys of copying her performance concept from one of her January concerts in Australia.

“My ideas came from my life. My set was based on Tamil Hindu temple. Not Bob Marley,” she said.

Adding to the argument on Twitter, MIA declared: “M.I.A. $500 : Grammys $5,000,000.”

by Comparison at linkreply 1802/23/2013

Who is M.I.A.?

by Comparison at linkreply 102/21/2013

Sorry, R1 - just 99% of your age group.

by Comparison at linkreply 202/21/2013

Does she stink, like most Indians?

by Comparison at linkreply 302/21/2013

She's Sri Lankan, not Indian. I have no first hand knowledge of her stench.

by Comparison at linkreply 402/21/2013

Sri Lankan, Indian, Pakistani, it's the same thing.

It's like claiming there is a big difference between anyone from Harlem and Watts.

by Comparison at linkreply 502/21/2013

R3, R5, you've been flagged.

by Comparison at linkreply 602/21/2013

Did she snack on the truffle pommes frites before or after this statement?

by Comparison at linkreply 702/21/2013

She's 37? Shouldn't M.I.A. be releasing her jazz standards album soon?

by Comparison at linkreply 802/21/2013

She reminds me of Azealia Banks; both seem to be so fucking bitter that they haven't become superstars that they're lashing out at everyone and everything. If you're talented, you don't need to resort to these tactics, dear!

by Comparison at linkreply 902/21/2013

She pissed off Madonna last year at the Superbowl (by cursing onscreen, I think).

Once you're dead to Madge, you're toast, professionally.

by Comparison at linkreply 1002/21/2013

R1 = 99 years old.

I'm no fan of M.I.A. (she's a total fraud), but I do get so tired of rancid elderly cunts like R1.

by Comparison at linkreply 1102/21/2013

Cunt yourself, R11. I'm sure we're the same age, dearie--only an eldercunt would use the word "rancid." Did you get that from your latest Reader's Digest "It Pays to Enrich Your Word Power"?

by Comparison at linkreply 1202/21/2013

Really hoping the ex-husband/baby daddy's family (seagam's) took that child from that cunt and never gives it back. She's a supporter of terrorism in her home country, and supports terrorism everywhere. Fuck her.

Madonna was crazy to bring her in, period.

by Comparison at linkreply 1302/21/2013

You DO realize that half the population of Sri Lanka is the same ethnic group as Southern India.

Sri Lankans are INDIANS. Well half of them anyway.

by Comparison at linkreply 1402/22/2013

She got into a twitter feud with Anderson Cooper. He seems to get in twitter feuds quite a bit. Guess he likes the attention it gets him.

Other than "Paper Planes" can anyone name any other M.I.A. songs? I think she's a one hit wonder.

by Comparison at linkreply 1502/22/2013

She's a Nina Hagen for the new generation. Wacky outcast who's so bizarre her own country doesn't even want her.

Why not love her?

by Comparison at linkreply 1602/23/2013

This crackhead needs to go away once and for all. MIA should be MIA.

by Comparison at linkreply 1702/23/2013

Is Mindy Kaling Sri Lankan too?

by Comparison at linkreply 1802/23/2013
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