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Oscar winner ANNE HATHAWAY being courted for Broadway revival of MY FAIR LADY!!

a LEGENDARY Broadway classic returning to Broadway in a sparking NEW production for everyone. negotiations are underway to bring this AMAZING Lerner and Loewe classic to the stage.

by A.H.reply 4404/26/2014

Isn't she way too old for the part?

by A.H.reply 102/20/2013

That does it.

Someone is going to have to do something about that bitch.

by A.H.reply 202/20/2013

OMG! I just noticed I have the same initials as Audrey Hepburn! Isn't that amah-zing?!

by A.H.reply 302/20/2013


by A.H.reply 402/20/2013

Mrs. Higgins, Mrs. Pearce, or Mrs. Eynsford-Hill?

by A.H.reply 502/20/2013

She will play the much-desired part of Colonel Pickering, r5.

by A.H.reply 602/20/2013

"E," not "N"... "E," not "N"...

Pounding, pounding, in our brains!

by A.H.reply 702/20/2013

OYM a good gel, oyyam!

by A.H.reply 802/20/2013


by A.H.reply 902/20/2013

I see no reason to think that her voice is strong enough for the Broadway stage. Or that she can do the accents convincingly.

So, who here thinks that Hugh Jackman could play Henry Higgins? He can definitely do the accent, command the stage, and he's old enough.

by A.H.reply 1002/20/2013

[quote]I see no reason to think that her voice is strong enough for the Broadway stage. Or that she can do the accents convincingly

She was pretty wonderful in Carnival at Encores!

by A.H.reply 1102/21/2013

I don't like AH but even I'd say R10 needs to find the Encore Carnival clips on YouRube. She's terrific. Though I'd rather see her go for a Judy Garland musical. She's a bit old for Eliza, isn't she?

Also, Firth is all wrong for Higgins. For Shaw, really. They need to get Rupert Everett for Higgins. He did Pygmalion in the West End not too long ago and got great reviews.

by A.H.reply 1202/21/2013

Her voice is nice but thin in Carnival. She's certainly no Anna Maria Alberghetti.

by A.H.reply 1302/21/2013

I seriously doubt she'd want to do it....she's a big star and Eliza is a no win never can compare with Julie Andrews.

by A.H.reply 1402/21/2013

Rupert will be free after April when his successful stint as Oscar Wilde finishes.

Dear Martine McCutcheon - she had an acting job this week, r9 - the murder victim in UK crime series Midsomer Murders, she was the first murder victim, killed after 5 minutes, by being hit with a giant cheese! At least she got one bitchy scene and a moment on the slab at the morgue. And to think she th0ought she would be the next big thing ...

She has also filed for bankruptcy. So not all Elizas clean up ....

by A.H.reply 1502/21/2013

No shit, R15.

by A.H.reply 1602/21/2013

Movie stars don't like to work, that's why they become movie stars. Broadway musical theatre is the hardest work in the world, maybe only being rivaled by coal mining.

by A.H.reply 1702/21/2013

What R11 said.

by A.H.reply 1802/21/2013

Patrick Wilson for Prof. Higgins

by A.H.reply 1902/21/2013

I bet Anne will want to be an 'edgy' Eliza by wearing pants for the first scene and do a backward somersault on the last note of "I Could Have Danced All Night."

by A.H.reply 2002/21/2013

Nathan Lane for Mrs. Pierce.

by A.H.reply 2102/21/2013

SJP as Dover.

by A.H.reply 2202/21/2013

They keep reviving R&H and L&L shows because there are no longer composers writing music that captures the attention of the public. Studying record sales charts from 40s and 50s, songs from their musicals were purchased by a large segment of the public and received a lot of radio play. Pop and folk singers recorded music from B'way.

There's no 21st century radio show that would play any music from 21st century B'way musicals.

by A.H.reply 2302/21/2013

21st century musicals are made up of songs that were already played on 21st century radio. Ever hear of Rock of Ages? Jersey Boys?

by A.H.reply 2402/21/2013

Being courted? Old bag/fame whore Clive Davis announces he wants to produce My Fair Lady on Broadwayand names Hathaway as someone he'll ask. Nothing more.

Anne could be a great Eliza, but hopefully not with Davis at the helm.

Maybe Kelly Clarkson would like to do it?

by A.H.reply 2502/21/2013

[quote]Broadway musical theatre is the hardest work in the world

Not even close, MARY!

by A.H.reply 2602/21/2013

Clive Davis Reveals Why He's Reviving 'My Fair Lady' on Broadway -

by A.H.reply 2704/23/2014

Hathaway won't be able to sustain an 8 show a week schedule. Many actresses have had vocal problems playing Eliza. It's written for a true soprano, not one of those mid sopranos with a couple of top notes. I saw Hathaway in Carnival at Encores. She has an ok voice but will never make it through Eliza, so they better get a top notch understudy.

by A.H.reply 2804/23/2014

R28 they could cut back and have her do six shows a week, and have the understudy do the matinees.

by A.H.reply 2904/23/2014

I also heard her sing Lilli in "Carnival." Her voice is more than strong enough for the Broadway stage--she has a superb voice.

by A.H.reply 3004/23/2014

Dominic West for Prof Higgins. He's done it in England.

by A.H.reply 3104/26/2014

[quote]OMG! I just noticed I have the same initials as Audrey Hepburn! Isn't that amah-zing?!

That's not a good sign.

by A.H.reply 3204/26/2014

Hooooooooowww dooo I knoooooeeeewww I dooooooon't tahlk propahleeeeeeeeeee?

by A.H.reply 3304/26/2014

If only Cillian Murphy were a soprano, she'd be the most beautiful Eliza ever.

by A.H.reply 3404/26/2014

Cillian Murphy would be too beautiful. He wouldn't be believable as a low class flower-girl. He's too delicate and celestially effete.

by A.H.reply 3504/26/2014

Matt Bomer for Freddy!

by A.H.reply 3604/26/2014

Hathaway was supposed to do the Cabaret revival last year but dropped out just before it was announced (they got Michelle W instead). She hasn't done anything lately except a supporting part in Nolan's recent movie, seems to be on self-imposed hiatus I don't think she'll be interested in this.

by A.H.reply 3704/26/2014

[quote]Isn't she way too old for the part?

Audrey was 34 when she filmed the movie; AnnE is just 31.

Still, why can't they ever hire age-appropriate actresses? In the play, Shaw describes her as being "around 18, no more than 20." The closest on film was Wendy Hiller, who was 25 though she looked older. Julie Andrews was all of 20 when she did it on Broadway, and 26 if she'd been allowed to do the film. But Eliza is always inexplicably cast older. In the first production in 1914, the actress Mrs. Patrick Campbell was pushing 50! And subsequent productions also skew older. More recently, JOana Riding was 36 when she won the Olivier for the most recent London revival.

Eliza, Sally Bowles, and Eva Peron are often cast with thirtysomethings or even fortysomethings even though the characters are in their twenties. Eva died at 33, but for most of the play she's in her teens and twenties.

by A.H.reply 3804/26/2014

R38, she did an interview early year where she confirmed it was a self-imposed hiatus. After the major backlash she got last year during awards season, she realized people were sick of her and decided to retreat. At least she has some self awareness. I really wish Streep would take notice and leave us for a bit.

by A.H.reply 3904/26/2014

I hope Streep will never leave us.

by A.H.reply 4004/26/2014

R41, PRETTY WOMAN was an indirect remake, right down to the tile. I mean, My FAIR LADY/PRETTY WOMAN. They both mean the same thing.

Other similarities:

- Eliza sells flowers on the street corner; Vivian sells herself on the street corner

- Eliza and Vivian are both picked up by older, rich men

- Eliza and Vivian both have extreme makeovers

- Richard first tests out Vivian at the fancy restaurant with a potential business partner where she charmingly commits a blunder; Higgins first tests out Eliza at his mother's at-home tea party where she charmingly commits a blunder

- Higgins takes Eliza to the Ascot Races; Richard takes Vivian to the polo grounds

- Finally, Higgins takes Eliza to the Embassy Ball all dressed to the nines; finally, Richard takes Vivian tot he opera all dressed to the nines

- After the ball, Eliza is distraught that Higgins only saw her as a bet to win and still sees her as a flower girl; After the opera, Vivian is distraught that Richard still views her as a prostitute

- Both Vivian and Eliza leave, later pursued by Richard and Higgins, respectively

by A.H.reply 4104/26/2014

Thanks for link r40. And she apparently doesn’t even live in NY anymore, last year she pulled up stakes to LA and hasn’t been back since. Friends who live on her block in DUMBO can tell b/c they don’t see paps hanging around the local coffee shop anymore waiting for her.

by A.H.reply 4204/26/2014
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