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The girls in "Waterloo Bridge"...

How far did they go to 'entertain' the soldiers? Were they full-on prostitutes, or the sort of "10-cents-a-dance"-types? It's so vague...

by Madamereply 902/21/2013


by Madamereply 102/20/2013

I always assumed they were full on dirty hoes, based on how it ended.

by Madamereply 202/20/2013

They were whores, darlin'.

by Madamereply 302/20/2013

They were ho's, although it's much more explicit in the original film (pre-Code). It was cleaned up for the Vivien Leigh remake, since Viv was a "lady".

A very young, platinum blonde Bette Davis plays one of the working girls in the 1931 original.

by Madamereply 402/20/2013

They were prostitutes in the play and the 1931 film version. By 1940, this was not allowed - it was the age of censorship and the Hayes Office - and the remake was highly sanitized. In the 1956 Leslie Caron version, "Gaby," the heroine's becoming a "fallen woman" was clearer, but the movie was, pathetically, given an Eisenhower era happy ending.

by Madamereply 502/21/2013

Nitpicking, since anyone familiar with the 1931 version gets points in my book. However, Bette didn't play one of the tarts but the good-hearted virginal sister of the hero, played by hunky Douglass Montgomery.

by Madamereply 602/21/2013

Of course they were hos...not everything had to be spelled out in letters THIS BIG back then.

by Madamereply 702/21/2013

One of the soldiers in the station calls Myra "ducky", and she looks taken aback. Is that slang for ho? British euphemisms always amuse me.

by Madamereply 802/21/2013

R4, Davis plays the sister of the love interest, not one of the 'girls'.

I love this film, one of my favorite pre-codes.

by Madamereply 902/21/2013
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