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FBI executes search warrant at the Scooter Store

Federal authorities executed a search warrant at The Scooter Store's New Braunfels headquarters this morning.

About 150 law enforcement officials, including from the FBI, the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Texas Attorney General's office, were at the company's offices.

Most employees at the headquarters were directed to leave the premises.

“The employees went out in an orderly fashion,” said Timothy J. Menke, a senior adviser for investigations with OIG. “We're executing the search warrant on the entire site.”

By 11:30 a.m., the parking lot at the company's three-story headquarters was virtually empty.

The Scooter Store is a provider of scooters and power chairs.

Michael B. Clark, The Scooter Store's chief administrative officer, and Tim Zipp, a company spokesman, didn't immediately respond to phone calls.

The Scooter Store employs about 1,200 people at its New Braunfels headquarters and about 1,800 overall, Zipp told the Express-News earlier this month. The company laid off 150 people earlier this month and 220 people in September.

The search warrant comes as The Scooter Store has been grappling with changes in its business model. Power-mobility devices have come under scrutiny as part of a crackdown on Medicare fraud. Concerns have been raised that the devices are being prescribed to people who don't need them.

by I want my Rascal dammit!reply 1102/20/2013


by I want my Rascal dammit!reply 102/20/2013

Yeah that was an obvious one to look into.

by I want my Rascal dammit!reply 202/20/2013

Medicare fraud is a bitch. Every hysterical commercial virtually promised that they could get you a scooter at no cost, fudge every medicare and medicaid claim form for what it took to make sure lazy fat people didn't have to walk free of charge.

by I want my Rascal dammit!reply 302/20/2013

Obama's gonna hafta prah mah Scooter from mah cold, daid, massive ass!

by I want my Rascal dammit!reply 402/20/2013

Without these scooters, Teabagger rallies and Republican campaign events will never be the same.

by I want my Rascal dammit!reply 502/20/2013

It's like Obama is personally trolling the Tea Baggers. They love those scooters.

by I want my Rascal dammit!reply 602/20/2013

In related news, MichFest has been cancelled this year.

by I want my Rascal dammit!reply 702/20/2013

R3 The sad part is people only think it is for the "fat,lazy" ones. It isn't. The problem is they do provide for people who need the equipment but they provide crap, give little to know care of what a patient needs, and the worst is they do not repair the crap provided. I've had a terrible experience with three different people and hope the company goes down for all of their scheming, greedy ways.

by I want my Rascal dammit!reply 802/20/2013

[quote]give little to know care

Oh dear.

by I want my Rascal dammit!reply 902/20/2013

My point stands. Plus they do know what they should do but they don't care.

by I want my Rascal dammit!reply 1002/20/2013


by I want my Rascal dammit!reply 1102/20/2013
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