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The Colbys

This show should've been a huge, huge success. It had everything going for it...marquis actors, an appealing younger cast, a superb diva bitch in Stephanie Beecham, popular Dynasty characters & occasional crossovers, intriguing storylines, beautiful Nolan Miller costumes, and a sweeping theme to end all themes.

I realize that the parent show was beginning to show its cracks when The Colbys premiered and that the excesses of the Reagan years that had been reflected in many TV series were beginning to fall by the wayside, but the Colbys, with all of its assets, should've been able to overcome these obstacles. So how did it all go so terribly wrong?

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 20810/03/2015

Not enough Joan Collins!

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 102/19/2013

Not enough shirtless Maxwell Caufield!

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 202/19/2013

I've never seen it but have seen the crossovers and it just looked like Dynasty warmed over.

They should have just made a show about Alexis, Caress and Sable.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 302/19/2013

[quote] marquis actors

I am not aware of any members of the nobility in the cast.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 402/19/2013

R3 hit the nail on the head. Jeff and Fallon were boring characters to spin off as well.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 502/19/2013

Emma Samms as Fallon was the downfall. They built a whole spinoff around a bad casting replacement. Suddenly Fallon is brittish??

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 602/19/2013

I think if it had premiered when Dynasty was red-hot, it would have done better.

The Colbys debuted six months after Dynasty's Moldavian massacre, which was a true jump-the-shark moment and took a lot of the luster off the show for the fans.

Had Pamela Sue Martin still been Fallon, it might have been more interesting, but Emma Samms and John James were perfectly bland and the other young people in The Colbys cast weren't any more interesting.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 702/19/2013

All recycled plots from Dynasty

Stephanie Beechman was the best thing about that show.

Emma Saams was miscast.

Genie Francis would have made a better Fallon recast

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 802/19/2013

It was too much like Dynasty, oddly enough. The plots were the same and the house looked the same and the look was the same--it just seemed like Dynasty Lite. They needed to make it different--take advantage of the California setting.

One reason why Knots Landing succeeded was that it didn't too much like Dallas, from which it was a spinoff.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 902/19/2013

Stephanie Beacham was EXCELLENT as was Barbara Stanwyck.

However I couldn't stand Charlton Heston. Charlton Heston's smugness ruined what was otherwise a great show.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 1002/19/2013

Stephanie Beacham was the best thing about The Colbys -- by a mile.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 1202/19/2013

I love Stephanie Beacham's voice. I could listen to it all day, it's like velvet.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 1302/19/2013

And to think, Alexis never thought to say when she married Cecil, "Isn't it funny how my first cousin Sable is also married to a Colby!"

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 1402/19/2013

Watching the two-parter where the Colby's are finally all introduced is hilarity in bad exposition. There are more lines of the characters introducing themselves to the viewers with "little brother" and Alexis' phone call to Sable where Sable says, "Well, you know we are first cousins on your mother's side" as though Alexis had forgotten.

And Ken Howard (and his dull character) with the thankless line, "I'm just the family lawyer, I feel a little left out here."

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 1502/19/2013

Prior to that there was no connection between Alexis and the Colby clan (other than marrying Cecil)

But when they made Alexis and Sable cousins, that meant Fallon and Jeff were cousins. Who married one another!

Katharine Ross was also miscast as a Krystle type heroine (who was sisters with Sable).

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 1602/19/2013

"I don't know what to do, Sis! What? I've never called you "Sis" before? You're right! It is oddly clunky and expositional. I mean, I know you're my sister, so who am I saying it for?"

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 1702/19/2013

The Colby's failed because by the time it premiered in the fall of 1985, the big primetime soap opera boom of the late 70s/ early 80s was coming to an end

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 1802/19/2013

Remember the ratings disaster of "Fresno" the following season? It was probably on a season too late.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 1902/19/2013

Wasn't my fault.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 2002/19/2013

Barbara Stanwyck's major complaint was she had no storyline.

And when she did have screen time, she was replaying the same scene over and over again.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 2102/19/2013

[quote]But when they made Alexis and Sable cousins, that meant Fallon and Jeff were cousins. Who married one another!

Sable was not Jeff's mother: she was his aunt. (Alexis was also his step-aunt.)

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 2202/19/2013

John James and his acting eyebrows...

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 2302/19/2013

Judging from her appearances on "Dynasty" in the run-up to the new show, Stanwyck seemed like she was gasping for oxygen every time she had a line.

She seemed winded just opening the doors of the mansion.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 2402/19/2013

For a weekly soap it was dreadful amateur theatre. The concept and the story plots felt stale.

And it was around that time where family variety entertainment started to die off and shows became more demographic centric.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 2502/19/2013

Was Fallon's UFO abduction a big FU to the network for cancellation? Or did they really intend to follow that up?

And how was her abduction explained? "Dynasty" had this annoying habit of not always following stories through. Dr. Nick Toscani- rides away on his horse, never pays for his crime. Joel Abrigore? Vanishes and never seen again.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 2602/19/2013

Heard John James gained 50 lbs. - he lives in seclusion, in Vermont, or Maine, with his family. My only question - did he marry well ? The guy seems to have a nice country squire life- even though he hasn't worked in 25 years. Anyone know the story ?

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 2702/19/2013

John James daughter was just on America's Next Top Model the college years - she might have won I am not sure Tyra Banks makes me vomit. John and his wife appeared a few times.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 2802/19/2013

Tracy Scoggins. Scoggins. Scoggins. Scoggins. Scoggins. Scoggins. Scoggins. Scoggins. Scoggins. Scoggins. Scoggins.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 2902/19/2013

[quote] Sable was not Jeff's mother: she was his aunt. (Alexis was also his step-aunt.)

Jeff Mother was Francesca. She is cousins with Alexis.

Francesca and Sable are sisters, their cousins with Alexis.

Which makes Jeff and Fallon cousins.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 3002/19/2013

John James played a serial killer on As The World Turns after Dynasty

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 3102/19/2013

The Colby-Carrington family tree was just one big incestuous mess.

In The Colbys pilot episode Bliss said something along the lines of: "I always had a crush on you, Jeff" by the pool.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 3202/19/2013

Emma Samms was terrible as Fallon. Charleston Heston couldn't hold a candle to John Forsyth.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 3302/19/2013

Charlton Heston = Blake

Stephanie Beecham = Alexis

Katharine Ross = Krystle

Maxwell Caulfield = Adam

Tracy Scoggins = Fallon

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 3402/19/2013

Not to defend Heston since he was a major asshole but John Forsythe was painful to watch on Dynasty. He would deliver his lines in the hammiest possible way and basically had two facial expressions: angry and happy.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 3502/19/2013

R35 George Preppard originated the role of Blake, but was let go due to 'creative' differences.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 3602/19/2013

The Colbys left us with a wonderful legacy, though: the hilarious Alexis/Sable scenes from season 9 of Dynasty.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 3702/19/2013

I have forgotten more about this show than I remember, but I'm pretty sure Stephanie Beechum and MISS Stanwyck were the only good things about it. Well, Caulfield was good eye candy, and Tracy Scoggins wasn't too bad. Didn't she and Beecham move on to Dynasty when The Colby's tanked?

Emma Samms should have never been cast as Fallon, much less given a spin-off. Never cared for John James, either. Did they ever explain why Sable and Francesca had different accents?

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 3802/19/2013

Stephanie Beacham was magnificent and Sable was the all-round most realized character in the whole Dynasty canon.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 3902/19/2013

Their parents got divorced and Sable moved to England with her mother whilst Frankie stayed in America with her father

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 4002/19/2013

They cast Emma Samms based on her popularity and Q-rating.

They thought her popularity from GH would translate into ratings. It didn't.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 4102/19/2013

Rula Lenksa was wanted for Sable but refused to have a facelift so in came Stephanie. They both appeared in Coronation Street.

Did Kate O'Mara ever do The Colbys? She's a stalwart of the regional theatre circuit.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 4202/19/2013

Faye Dunaway was originally offered the part of Sable. Her asking price was too high.

After paying the salaries of Heston, Stanwyck and Katharine Ross, they didn't much left.

So they hired Stephanie Beecham on the cheap.

Ironic that she was the best thing on the show.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 4302/19/2013

Kate O'Mara played Alexis sister on Dynasty

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 4402/19/2013

Candice Bergen was offered Frankie but turned it down.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 4502/19/2013

[quote] Their parents got divorced and Sable moved to England with her mother whilst Frankie stayed in America with her father

Then the sisters switched continents. Sable married Jason and moved to America.

While Frankie married an English Lord and moved to England, thus becoming Lady Francesca Langdon.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 4602/19/2013

Candice Azzara was offered Constance but turned it down.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 4702/19/2013

"Stephanie Beacham gave Joan Collins a run for her money. I think she was much sexier, much classier, much less SHOWY... and yet JUST as effective." - critic on Channel 4's Top Ten Bitches (2001)

"I loved our Sable, I thought she was heaven... because she was VERY feminine." - Stephanie Beacham

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 4802/19/2013

Stephanie almost wasn't Sable. She was only about 36 at the time and Aaron Spelling thought she was too young before changing his mind. Tracy Scoggins was about 3 years younger than her.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 4902/19/2013

Frankie was a total cunt abandoning her son after his supposed father died and then arriving in town once he receives a share in Colby Co.

And then sleeping with her sisters husband.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 5002/19/2013

Ironic that most of the audience rooted for Sable, and Frankie was suppose to be the heroine!

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 5102/19/2013

Music Tribute to Sable

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 5202/19/2013

Stephanie was the best thing in the show. I thought Tracy was pretty good too. The should have made Maxwell's character on out and proud over promiscuous homosexual. If it hadn't been for her commitment to some wretched syndication show we would have had Jane Badler as the recast Fallon. Now that would have been great.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 5302/19/2013

Sable to Frankie

"You are a walking ad for adultery!"

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 5402/19/2013

Sable was so superior Alexis; the former seemed like she could exist in the real world whereas Alexis was just a caricature of herself by 1985 with her endless "I-will-destroy-you-and-takeover-your-company" threats.

I could totally imagine Stephanie as an Old Hollywood star.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 5502/19/2013

Ah, season 9 of Dynasty - where I felt the show was getting its mojo back and having real fun again.

And they did address the UFO incident on Dynasty the following season when they folded Fallon and Jeff back into the family. As I recall, Fallon instead it really happened, Jeff thought she was delusional, and that caused them to separate. But no, they never really definitively said one way or the other.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 5602/19/2013

Bette Midler doing Alexis' "I-will-destroy-you-and-takeover-your-company" speech in Big Business was hysterical. That is one underrated movie. Especially the hot Duke guy. But I digress.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 5702/19/2013

The spaceship tainted what was otherwise a great series.

Like the flying car at the end of Grease.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 5802/19/2013

Does anyone remember that guy on DL who said he worked on both Dynasty and Colby sets? Let me refresh your memory. He said that actor who played Fallon's husband, John James, was gay at the time who had a lot of male lovers around him, and when he got married everyone was shocked. He also said that Linda Evans was a bitch in real life ,and Joan Collins was extremely nice and funny. Also, Stanwyck was worn out between takes,but when it was time to film she was ready to go,and Cheston Heston wanted his chair with his name on it where ever they filmed and was a jerk.

I remember I asked him if Max Caulfield is bisexual, and he said we all wondered ,but he didn't know.I am aware Caulfield is Married to Juliet Mills. Gosh he was such a stud! When I was a kid I couldn't take my eyes off of him when he did his scenes!

I loved Emma Samms. I agree she was wrong for Fallon's part,but She always seemed like a nice person in general. I was pissed off and felt shafted when they didn't end Dynasty properly. Fallon got trapped in that hidden room that she found with those gorgeous antiques and artwork and then that was that. I remember they got a lot of complaints from the viewers because they didn't give Dynasty a proper ending so they came back to film a proper ending ,but they made a new story line and ditched the previous ending all together close the show which stupid and still left questions unanswered.

I love Stephanie Beacham. She was really classy and conniving. BTW, even though Heston was a jerk in real life, I still like him as an actor and Stanwyck goes with out saying has always been one of my favorite actresses.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 5902/19/2013

Emma should have been recast as Amanda.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 6002/19/2013

R59 Miles Colby is really married to Tabatha the witch from Passions?

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 6102/19/2013

I thought Stephanie Beacham looked older than her age. BTW, Andy Cohen interviewed Joan Collins and she said that she based her character on a female version of JR from Dallas.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 6202/19/2013

Yes R61, here is the link too. BTW, they never had children and he is younger than her.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 6302/19/2013

When Heston found out he had Alzheimer's, he called up Stephanie Beacham and said "I just want you to know before my mind really goes that I love you."

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 6402/19/2013

Stephanie starring in "The Nightcomers" with some actor called Brando supporting her. If she'd wanted Hollywood as a young woman, she could have taken it. I suppose what happened to Sharon Tate put her off:

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 6502/19/2013

Young Stephanie as the definitive Blanche Ingram in the best version of "Jane Eyre". The bitch goddess honing her craft:

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 6602/19/2013

Sable was great.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 6702/19/2013

Pro that she was, Stanwyck didn't bitch about the show in public until after it was cancelled. Then she said it had the worst scripts she had ever seen in her life. Which is saying a lot considering she was in her 80s then.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 6802/19/2013

R61. Another way of putting your statement is Michael Carrington from Grease2 has been married to Phoebe Figalilly (nanny) for over 30 years!

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 6902/19/2013

I thought Tracy Scoggins played the storyline in which Monica was revealed as having given up her baby for adoption really well. She was very believable and compelling.

Were there two Bliss Colbys? What a stupid name.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 7002/19/2013

Miles was a milquetoasty name, too. I gather that he really was named Max first but when Caulfield was cast they changed it. Max would have been the perfect name for the character. And it would have been wonderful if he'd been a raging bisexual like Caulfield was.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 7102/19/2013

[quote]He said that actor who played Fallon's husband, John James, was gay at the time who had a lot of male lovers around him, and when he got married everyone was shocked.

That's funny. I had been under the impression James was out and was also shocked when I read he was married.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 7202/19/2013

R70 it is a soap opera and soaps are infamous for having characters with stupid names.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 7302/19/2013

R27 He(John James) has a farm in upstate New York.........Cambridge,NY.Yeah he went slumming on ATWT and AMC in the Twenty Os. He might as well do the new AMC now,everyone else is.....

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 7402/19/2013

Was John James considered a hunk during his time on Dynasty and The Colbys? I seem to recall a beefcake poster he did, standing shirtless while wearing jeans with the top button undone, looking seductively (as best as he could) into the camera.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 7502/19/2013

The guys on Dynasty/Colbys were way too pretty. I much preferred the more manly looking guys like Patrick Duffy on Dallas and Ted Shackelford on Knots.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 7602/19/2013

I once read that both, Heston and Stanwyck, were big pains in the producers' asses. Apparently they kept asking for script changes (Stanwyck and Heston) and didn't stick to the written dialogues (Heston obviously). When Stanwyck asked to be released from her contract the producers were more than happy to let her go.

It still puzzles me why they chose Emma Samms for Fallon. Her look and acting didn't have anything in common with the original character. The writing didn't help either. All typical Fallon traits were totally washed out or written for Scoggin's Monica. Tracy Scoggins should have played Fallon and Samms could have played the Colby daughter.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 7702/19/2013

[quote] just looked like Dynasty warmed over

That really said it all.

Heston was so not warm or relatable. Almost everyone on the show was a complete chore to watch, but Stephanie Beacham was definitely the spark. I enjoyed her scenes, and cheered her joining the mother show in its last year.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 7802/19/2013

Tori Spelling suggested Emma Samms to her father after seeing her on General Hospital.

Emma improved slightly in S8 of Dynasty and dramatically in S9. S9 Fallon is my favorite incarnation of Fallon.

I think Stephanie said she was blacklisted in Hollywood after posing for Playboy.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 7902/20/2013

The dynamic for The Colbys was always off.

Sable was obviously supposed to be the Alexis of the show, but whereas Alexis was a feisty troublemaker, Sable was actually a good hearted wife and mother.

It was her slutty sister, The Lady Langdon (a very haggard looking Katherine Ross) who was trying to steal Jason away from her.

Sable had that "spark," but it was wasted because there was no one really decent on that show to play off of. Ricardo Montalban had a goo run to trying to seduce her away from Jason.

So much better when they moved her over to Dynasty to play off Joan. Alexis had fucked Jason Colby, after he left Sable. And that made for great retribution. Then there was the fact it was revealed that Jason was only the biological father of Bliss (there was only one) and the twins, Monica & Miles, were a product of her being raped. But that bastard Jason disowned them anyways.

Glad Sable got to fuck Dex. Alexis should never had run him away.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 8002/20/2013

The guy who played Alexis's boyfriend Dexter, isn't he gay in real life? I think he got arrested one tome because he was a drug dealer on the side. Oh man! he was so gorgeous! He is a native American stud!

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 8102/21/2013

[quote]The Colby's failed because by the time it premiered in the fall of 1985, the big primetime soap opera boom of the late 70s/ early 80s was coming to an end

Nonsense. Dynasty ran until '89 and Dallas until '91. And in the early 90's, along came Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210, which were both hits and lasted a long time.

The Colbys simply sucked.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 8202/21/2013

FINALLY on dvd - the complete series! YES!!!!

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 8302/14/2015

R81 I had a huge crush on Michael Nader back then, I was young and he was dark, had hairy chest and a real bedroom voice and eyes. He doesn't have same effect on me anymore!

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 8402/14/2015

R68 They got Stanwyck, who was too good for it and then didn't have writers good enough for her talents.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 8502/14/2015

[quote]Nonsense. Dynasty ran until '89 and Dallas until '91

All with declining ratings, year over year.

Dallas was ranked 61st when it was cancelled, Dynasty 57th.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 8602/14/2015

There will be new interviews with cast on the dvd set. Stephanie included! Check it out:

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 8702/14/2015

Barbara Stanwyck was asked what she thought of working with Charleton Heston, to which she replied, "Not much."

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 8802/14/2015

Casting Katharine Ross as the "Krystle" character on The Colbys was really miscasting.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 8902/14/2015

btw Maxwell Caulfield and Juliet Mills who are married played cousins on Dynasty/The Colbys!

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 9002/14/2015

This was also the series that gave us Adrian Paul (future tv Highlander) in a speedo! I think he played a ballet dancer that was dating Bliss.

The best thing about the Colby's - was that they moved Sable and Monica over to Dynasty the last season and allowed Dynasty to at least be interesting for its last season.

And John James had to be the sexiest thing for me growing up. He had those thick lips and that fantastically hairy torso.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 9102/14/2015

[quote] The best thing about the Colby's - was that they moved Sable and Monica over to Dynasty the last season

But then they had Jeff and Monica fall in love and they are brother and sister!

Not to mention cousins.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 9202/14/2015

[quote]Barbara Stanwyck was asked what she thought of working with Charleton Heston, to which she replied, "Not much."

Stanwyck only enjoyed working with Beacham. She let that be well known.

I believe at one point she wouldn't even speak to the rest of the cast unless it involved a scene.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 9402/14/2015

Apparently, Kate O'Mara was originally going to be sister Frankie (explaining why Sable was English) after successfully auditioning but she couldn't get out of her West End play on time so they cast Katharine Ross and when Kate was ready, they cast her as Caress on Dynasty. I think she would have been superb as Frankie.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 9502/14/2015

[quote]I think she would have been superb as Frankie.

Certainly more attractive than the haggard Ross.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 9602/14/2015

O'Mara would have made Frankie more of a brunette Krystle. And so, the spark would have been there. What's better than 1 English bitch on a show? 1 English bitch and one English angel! Colbys would have surpassed the mothership had O'Mara been Frankie.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 9702/14/2015

r35, I agree, but he was absolutely brilliant as the cold ruthless bastard that Blake was in season 1. A classier J.R. Ewing. Then they proceeded to make him into a hero. With the decline in quality in the writing that happened along with it, Blake and Forsythe just became campier and hammier as the seasons rolled on to its painful end.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 9802/14/2015

r81, Nader isn't gay - or at least there have never been stories of him. His uncle George Nader however was one of Rock Hudson's lovers.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 9902/14/2015

Nader was involved with DL favorite Brenda Dickson.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 10002/14/2015

Gorgeous set of Beacham stills here during her Colbys run. The song choice is funny!

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 10102/14/2015

OMG, r100, that can't be true! Is it?

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 10202/14/2015

I loved Stephanie Beacham on Sister Kate.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 10302/14/2015

[quote]The guy who played Alexis's boyfriend Dexter, isn't he gay in real life? I think he got arrested one tome because he was a drug dealer on the side. Oh man! he was so gorgeous! He is a native American stud!

Micheal Nader is Lebanese.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 10402/15/2015

R92 That was odd. Was it always known that Jason was Jeff's father or did that come out in The Colby's?

Monica and Jeff did have this big, bizarre flirtation going on then, somewhat hypocritically, were furious with Adam for making it public.

It led to a big catfight between Jeff and Adam in the Carlton. (Jeff: How could you!? She's my sister! Adam: That makes you a pervert.)

In the middle of all this, Alexis prances in and announced that Miles and Monica were the product of rape. That, in turn, led to the Alexis/Sable catfight.

That same season Sammy Jo was dating a priest, Sable got Dex hot by spraying perfume in his eyes and biting his lip until it bled, and Fallon was having sexual fantasies about a corpse (her mother's lover, Roger Grimes.)

Lots of kinky shit that season.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 10502/15/2015

Stephanie was great, but Joan had an edge and awareness of how to do camp that pushed Dynasty into the stratosphere.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 10602/15/2015

Joan was not doing 'camp'. Do you even know the definition of the term? Camp is something that comes about unintentionally.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 10702/15/2015

r106, Joan was actually acting. She was not trying to be funny or ironic. She was serious.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 10802/16/2015

Alexis was seldom written with the depth Sable was. When they gave Collins the material she could deliver. Beacham, though, is a more talented actress.

It's interesting that if you look just at the actions of Sable and Francesca, it's Francesca who is the homewrecking ssssslut, while Sable is the loving, but definitely manipulative wife.

Classic Sable-----

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 10904/19/2015

Is Tracy Scoggins a lezbo? She did study Phys Ed in college.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 11005/09/2015

Love this...

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 11105/10/2015

Is that Faye Dunaway standing in for Beacham in that fight? That much skin hasn't been seen since Joan was beating the crap out of 'Tina.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 11205/10/2015

they should looking back now, made a show of show of just alexis, sable and diahann caroll's character dominique!... CAN YOU IMAGINE!



would have been the greatest eye candy/homoerotic/campy fierce fun tv show ever! lol!

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 11305/10/2015

It was an awful show. Stanwyck was wasted in this. She had emphysema and it was difficult for her to breathe. Those damned cigarettes. Her love scenes with Joseph Campanella seemed forced and awkward. Heston looked ridiculous with his toupee and yellowing dentures; allegedly he had bad denture breath as well. Katharine Ross should have never been cast in the show at all; she lacked the camp factor necessary for pulling off an OTT show. My mother swore that Tracy Scoggins was a man. The subplot of Miles raping Fallon was totally lifted from Dynasty when Adam raped Kirby. Pamela Sue Martin was great as Fallon, but the stress of doing the show caused her hair to fall out.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 11405/10/2015

Stanwyck had emphysema since 1970 (see her death certif) and continued smoking, so she could breathe pretty well.

Heston's yellow teeth were his real teeth. That's what 62 year old teeth look like. The wig, however, was absurd. Not as bad as Robert Redfords, but bad.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 11505/10/2015

I think they ignored the whole rape reveal in Season 9 cause Monica, Miles and Jeff were back to being siblings.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 11605/10/2015

Elizabeth Montgomery was also considered for Sable or Frankie can't remember who. She declined because she didn't want to do another series but she would've been tremendous in the bitchy Sable role.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 11705/10/2015

It should never have been made. It was too late in the genre and the story well was tapped out.

I disagree with the contention that the writing for Alexis lacked the depth of the writing for Sable... I always thought Beacham took bad writing and managed to imbue it with some actual talent. Alexis was delightfully written in the first two seasons and Collins brought a lot of energy to how she played it... she was really acting then too. Once it became a megahit and ventured into perfumes and fictional European royalty she had plainly said fuck it, I'll just cash the checks. And who can blame her? I've been dialling it in for years at my job, personally.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 11805/10/2015

It was smart of Dynasty to bring Beacham aboard with Linda Evans leaving the show so Joan could have someone to play off of during its last season. Tracy Scoggins however was unnecessary . I think The Colbys suffered also from too large a cast. And most of what The Colbys tried to do Dynasty already had done years before. And better. It would've been smarter to incorporate some of the main Colby characters into Dynasty instead of the spin off. Instead we got the boring Fallmont family and the ridiculous two Krystles storylines.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 11905/10/2015

I wish both The Colbys and Dynasty were on Hulu or Netflix.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 12005/10/2015

I agree with you that Alexis started out being a more deeply written character, R118. And as I said before, Collins delivered. Once the first Alexis/Krystle brawl was so successful whatever depth there was took a backseat to being more and more sensationalistic. The whole buildup that led to the first fight was overlooked. There had to be a brawl every season whether there was any real motivation (other than boosting ratings) or not. And as time went on Alexis was written more and more as an archetype than as a full human being. Joan could deliver when given the material, no doubt.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 12105/10/2015

Had Dynasty survived past Season 9, I have fantasized about Alexis dying in the finale (when she fell with Dex) and Sable taking the place of both Alexis and the terminally ill Krystle on the show, marrying Blake and becoming the matriach, with Krystle's dying blessing. Thus, Sable achieves the ultimate revenge of the Colbys, by marrying their chief rival! We all know that Sable was the star of that final season, Linda Evans wanted to leave and Joan was also on the verge of walking - with her down to earth gravitas but still glamorous appeal, Beacham would have made Dynasty an authentic show for the 90s. Collins and Evans could not have made it work for Generation X, they were just too larger than life.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 12205/10/2015

Sounds hot!

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 12305/10/2015

I wanted the mystery woman in the limo to be Claudia. Long story short, it wasn't her body that was found in the ruins of La Mirage.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 12405/10/2015

I had written a FANTASTIC fan fic story bible for Season 10. Sable plots to pass her baby with the now dead Dex Dexter off as Blake Carrington's child!!!! Grief stricken by Krystle's death (he doesn't give Alexis' death a passing thought!), Blake marries the pregnant Sable in a lavish wedding that gets global publicity. Convalescing in a nunnery is Claudia Blaisdel, vengeful and scarred from the La Mirage fire (yes, I was influenced by Melrose Place's Kimberly!). She is still bitter about 'the liars' and yet gleeful to have crossed some names off her hitlist. We discover that Krystle did not have a brain tumor at all but was heavily drugged to convey symptoms on Claudia's orders and then euthanized at a Swiss clinic. We also discover that Claudia's dyke henchwoman (played by Julie T. Wallace) had cut Alexis and Dex's life support systems after their fall from La Mirage.

Claudia moves her base of operations to a Denver condo, where she paces the rooms in a black veil! The dyke henchwoman dresses up as a nurse and delivers Sable's baby girl, sending to back to Claudia and telling Sable that it died at birth. Claudia then calls the baby 'Lindsay' after her dead daughter. Once the grieving Sable is released from hospital, somebody starts blackmailing her about the identity of her baby's father, threatening to reveal all to Blake! Claudia later discovers having bugged Monica Colby's office that Sable's baby is a Dexter and not a bonafide Carrington after all - she stops calling the baby Lindsay and casually decides to sell it on the black market.....

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 12505/10/2015

Could someone give me a wrap up of how they dealt with Krystle...I had stopped watching by the time she left.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 12605/10/2015

Stephanie Beachum is ugly as hell. At least Joan Collins was pretty when she was younger.

Stephanie makes Bonnie Franklin look attractive.

Barbara Stanwyck looked ready to fall down dead and Charlton Heston acted as if he were still doing BIG movies.....

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 12705/10/2015

R126 Krystle had a brain tumor. Blake flew her overseas to get it operated on but the surgery went wrong and she fell into a coma. But of course she woke up for the reunion in 1991 and reunited with him.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 12805/10/2015

R127 that's a bad picture. Stephanie is a striking beautiful woman but not a 10 like Joan was.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 12905/10/2015

Ugly? Get the fuck out of here.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 13005/10/2015

Did they ever resolve who that woman in the limousine was supposed to be? I've heard Dominique again but who would care? I suppose at that point it would have been stupid no matter who it was.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 13105/10/2015

For Stephanie Beacham fans, check out her sensational performance in the UK series Connie (this was just before The Colbys), playing an exiled fashion businesswoman in the rag trade who comes back to England to challenge her greedy family. It's an amazingly written series, and she is so incredibly glamorous even though the locale is grim as hell!

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 13205/10/2015

More Stephanie as Connie:

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 13305/10/2015

I wonder why the writers/producers/whoever was in charge ended up hating Gordon Thomson. By the last couple of seasons he was the best thing on there.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 13405/10/2015

Joan Collins, Stephanie Beecham and Juliet Mills all played cousins on the show

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 13505/10/2015

The woman in the limo was a woman from Blake's past, to be played by Lauren Hutton. She may even have supplied the voice over in that last ep.

In my Claudia return she was only slightly injured in the La Mirage fire. In the melee she managed to loot the guests' safety deposit boxes, making her wealthy. She fled to Europe. In a box of old papers left to her by Walter Lankershim she read about the Collection, so she returned to Denver to get it and ruin Blake in the process. She was still under the delusion that he has swindled her out of the oil well. No lezzies in my version.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 13605/10/2015

I'd just like to say that I want Colby Keller in me, quite deeply.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 13705/10/2015

I loved Dynasty in its heyday, so I tried to watch The Colbys. I never could get into the storylines or bring myself to care what happened to any of the characters besides Barbara Stanwyck's just because she was ancient by then. I remember Max Caulfield looked good back then.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 13805/10/2015

The Colbys had better production values than Dynasty. It looked absolutely AMAZING. Better lighting. Everything was like a classic Hollywood movie. No wonder Stanwyck and Heston signed up.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 13905/10/2015

I agree that Heston acted as if he was still an A list actor during his heyday. He was so handsome in the 50's and 60's. He even did a shirtless scene on the Colby's. He had a bit of a belly, but still looked somewhat presentable.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 14005/10/2015

I thought the exact opposite... that the interiors of The Colbys looked completely suburban, just like Southfork.

Dyansty, even if you never saw the location pilot shot at Filoli, was about the only TV series about the rich that felt authentic - a real mansion. They kept a good sense of proportion on the sets, at least until the moved Venus de Milo to the end of the hall and relocated the staircase.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 14105/10/2015

This really is slightly off topic, but Linda Evans did not really quit Dyansty, she was let go. When David Paulson, EP of the last season signed on he said there was barely a budget to work with. He had a vision what the show needed to look like but no money to realize anything. For example, he found previous seasons to look claustrophobic because there were never any exterior shots anymore. He wanted to "open up" the show but that would have cost money. Likewise was he not able to hire actors for more characters. So he and the studio decided to let Evans go and cut Collin's episodes in half. He said of the three big-ticket (expensive) actors, they couldn't let go Blake Carrington as the patriarch. Paulson also found that the relationship of Blake and Krystle was lovely but from a drama point of view boring because their characters were always, and needed to be, so in tune. So he wanted to break that. (Forsythe was unhappy about that.) For the same reason Susan Sullivan was let go on Falcon Crest. For just the salary of Sullivan they were able to hire three new regulars. I suppose that's what they did on Dynasty too when they brought on Beacham and Scoggins.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 14205/10/2015

I like the interiors on THE COLBYS . They look wealthy, but in a different way from those on DYNASTY. The difference in the theme music is interesting. DYNASTY is more stately whereas THE COLBYS is almost like a swashbuckler. It's more akin to FALCON CREST than the show that spawned it.

As to Beacham's attractiveness, she doesn't have as beautiful a face as Collins, but certainly not unattractive. Her body, though, is a freaking work of art. I could almost go straight for that body. But of course there's also prime era Maxwell Caulfield to consider.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 14305/10/2015

Does anyone know if Charlton Heston was possibly bisexual?

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 14405/10/2015

[quote]Dyansty, even if you never saw the location pilot shot at Filoli, was about the only TV series about the rich that felt authentic - a real mansion. They kept a good sense of proportion on the sets, at least until the moved Venus de Milo to the end of the hall and relocated the staircase.

Agreed. At the beginning it felt fairly realistic (by Hollywood standards), but then they configured the set and the downstairs hall went from mansion to McMansion. What a weird choice.

A good number of scenes used to happen in the kitchen as well, but (IIRC) the kitchen set was dropped after Joseph's departure and we instead were treated to the boring breakfast room.

Nothing, however, was as bad as the reunion movie, where they didn't even attempt to recreate the sets and just shot on location in what was very obviously a hotel. Can't find any pictures of it online but it was heinous.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 14505/10/2015

I can't find links either but it wasn't a hotel... it was an actually horrid home in LA.

I assume the reconfigure of set was because it was cheaper to strike and to light.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 14605/10/2015

R142 I think it was mutual that Linda wanted to leave and they wanted her to go. I have also heard she would've done the whole season if she knew it was gonna be the last. But of course they would've let her go anyway then. If Dynasty returned for another season I wonder if Evans would've been involved in any capacity.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 14705/10/2015

"Does anyone know if Charlton Heston was possibly bisexual?"


by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 14805/10/2015

"The woman in the limo was a woman from Blake's past, to be played by Lauren Hutton."

So now Lauren Hutton is not a lez?

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 14905/10/2015

Echoing what R147 says, Aaron Spelling would have found the money to keep Linda Evans until the end.

She was too important to the show (like Blake and Alexis) to lose

It really was a mutual decision.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 15005/10/2015

OP, you answered your own question. By the time The Colbys premiered, the novelty of Dynasty and Dallas (and the way they reflected the values of the first Reagan administration) was over, so it came on just too late. But they had some very weak performers as well. besides Stephanie Beacham (the best thing about the show) their best were Barbara Stanwyck and Ricardo Montalban, and the writers didn't know what to do with them; in the meantime they were stuck with actors of very limited range (Heston, Katharine Ross, John James, ) and actors who are so weak as to be practically non-actors (Emma Samms, whoever played Bliss).

Plus the set-up was too identical to Dynasty. Instead of a gravelly aging rich patriarch, with a raging bitch for an ex-wife and a nice bland pretty lady as a 2nd wife, and several troubled children, we instead had in the Colbys a gravelly aging rich patriarch with a raging bitch for a wife and a nice bland pretty lady for a mistress, and several troubled children.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 15105/10/2015

I could never take Ricardo Fine Corinthian Leather seriously.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 15205/10/2015

I really enjoyed Montalban. He made Zach Powers a multi-layered character. The Jason/Sable/Zach triangle was the most watchable part of the show. Frankie was the weak link in the romantic plot. Ross was somewhat bland, but was saddled with a character that made Krystle look dynamic by comparison. The addition of Michael Parks added some intensity. Poor Bliss never was really integrated with the rest of the family. She was always off with some love interest. Even when she was with Zach's nephew she still seemed to be in another show.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 15305/10/2015

I cringed whenever Emma Samms came on as Fallon. I remember a critic said 30 years ago when it aired her portrayal made you wanna crawl on your bare knees through jagged glass to beg Pamela Sue Martin to return. Exactly how I felt. Of course they offered her a chance to come back. But of course she said no. The character had been so radically altered (far weaker, no edge) she did the smart thing by staying away from the spin off.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 15405/10/2015

Emma played a vixen on GH. I liked her as Fallon but the writers wrote her as if she were Amanda.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 15505/11/2015

Agree with your last paragraph r151. I remember watching it for the first time and my mother saying something similar, along with "oh look they even have an Alexis too"

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 15605/11/2015

Katharine Ross really was a weak link. There were so many other actresses who could have done better. It's just that anyone they asked said no. They should have explored Fallon's disappearance a little more. It might have been interesting.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 15705/11/2015

I watched The Colbys when it was new, being a Dynasty fan. I thought it started out good. Resident British Bitch Stephanie Beecham was acceptable as the Colby Alexis. I was shocked to see a big star like Charlton Heston doing soap series TV, though. Kinda brought his esteemed star down I thought. I figured he needed the work and cash. But The Colbys always hedged on being trashier than Dynasty. Everyone expected it to be scandalous. It never hit. It always seemed to miss. When it was canceled I didn't cry. No, I didn't cry.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 15805/11/2015

People finally outgrew these sill night time saps, with their poorly acted, dopey hysterical plots.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 15905/11/2015

I initially wrote Beacham off as a Collins clone and didn't watch more then a few episodes. It was only after watching THE COLBYS on SoapNet that I realized how wonderful and nuanced her performance was. She's melodramatic to be sure, but never false. The show was good enough to deserve a couple more seasons at least, but between the mistaken idea that it was just a lesser ripoff of DYNASTY and the bad timing, it didn't stand much of a chance.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 16005/11/2015

[quote]night time saps

Best typo of the day!

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 16105/11/2015

R157 I thought Ross did ok in the role. But it was stretch to say the least to think her and Beacham were sisters. As far as Fallon's disappearance I think it was explored enough the season after Martin left. I really don't know what Spelling was thinking casting Samms in the role. Never listen to your stupid daughter on recasting a major character on a #1 show. If he thought her fans would follow her from GH that's one thing. But you are just gonna alienate the majority of fans by going in the opposite direction of Martin. Which ended up happening. One of the nails in the Colbys coffin was Samms.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 16205/11/2015

Funny... no one has mentioned Maxwell Caulfield at all in this discussion.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 16305/11/2015

Tracy Scoggins would have made a good Fallon.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 16405/11/2015

Co-creator William Bast just died.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 16505/11/2015

In fairness, Ross was given a thankless role. Frankie was so wishy-washy where men were concerned. It got worse once Michael Parks was added as Phillip Colby. David Hedison as ex-husband Roger said something to the effect that she loves whatever man she's with at the time, and that was a true statement.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 16605/11/2015

I loved the Colbys. I lusted after Maxwell Caulfield, and loved the old Hollywood feel to the show. The theme song was stirring. I also liked Dynasty, but not as much as this for some reason. I was never attracted to John James, even though I was told I bore a resemblance to him at the time. Probably because I tried to dress like him more than anything real.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 16705/11/2015

Only on DL could this thread not only exist but THRIVE.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 16805/12/2015

Caulfield was beautiful, almost femininely so. James was handsome. Neither, sadly, have aged well. Charles Van Eman was quIte the piece hImself.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 16905/13/2015

Yes, Ross was stuck with a thankless role. Frankie was a "type" and a plot point. They had no clue what or who she should be, just the "brunette Krystle" in their pivotal triangle. For years, Jeff's mother was dead; now she was alive and living in England as an aristocrat and she was Jason's ex-lover ... and oh, yeah, she was also Sable's sister. The writers had no clue what they wanted from that family.

It still boggles my mind Ross accepted the job. Ross must have been hard up.

With better writers - and possibly a Jennifer O'Neill or a Jaclyn Smith in the role - Frankie could have been a great character.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 17005/13/2015

Marquis actors!

thanks for the laugh OP and, of course, OH, DEAR.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 17105/13/2015

[quote]Caulfield was beautiful, almost femininely so. James was handsome. Neither, sadly, have aged well.

GEEZ!!! You guys are rough!!! He looks good for a 55 year old man.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 17205/13/2015

I think Caulfield has aged well. Has to wear a rug, but it's not a bad one.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 17305/13/2015

He's lost most of his hair, but I think Caulfield looks pretty good. I saw a Modern Family rerun with him the other night and yeah, he could still get it.

John James, on the other hand..not so much.

Dynasty and The Colbys both did some really stupid things, but the worst was Emma Samms as Fallon.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 17405/13/2015

What was so bad about Emma?

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 17505/13/2015

[quote]I saw a Modern Family rerun with him the other night and yeah, he could still get it.

If by "it" you mean his septuagenarian wife, then, yes.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 17605/13/2015

I get a 404 error when I click on R172's link.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 17705/13/2015

Katharine Ross was suppose to be the Linda Evans of The Colbys

but it was such a wishy washy part

Best line from Sable

Frankie you are a walking ad for adultery

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 17805/13/2015

"Pop" is showing Dynasty reruns in the mornings. Today was 'Enter Alexis!'

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 17905/13/2015

R175 Watch Fallon portrayed by Pamela Sue Martin and then Emma Samms. It should answer your question. Not even in the same league acting and charisma wise for starters.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 18005/13/2015

R180, at least Emma Samms wasn't going bald!

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 18105/13/2015

R181 Pamela Sue could've been bald in the role and still better than Samms.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 18205/13/2015

R180 - I'm asking what was it about her acting that made her unsuitable.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 18305/13/2015

R183 1. Couldn't pull off an American accent if her life depended on it. 2. Spoke in a monotone. Horrible speaking voice in fact. 3. Played the role with absolutely no edge.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 18405/13/2015

Thanks R184

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 18505/13/2015

[quote] 1. Couldn't pull off an American accent if her life depended on it. 2. Spoke in a monotone. Horrible speaking voice in fact. 3. Played the role with absolutely no edge.

I'm a little young to remember Emma Samms. I think I may have seen her in Casualty or something like that, but 1. might have led to 2. and 3. Brits often go monotone when trying to do an American accent. And concentrating on an accent can really inhibit someone's acting.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 18605/13/2015

I remember her on GH and thought she did a good job. That's why I was asking why she was inadequate as Fallon. Probably it was the challenge of the accent.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 18705/13/2015

Kate O'Mara was supposed to play Frankie, which would have made for more sense considering Sable was English. She would have made the character a huge hit, and been magical opposite Beacham (both are strong but subtle actresses, unlike La Collins). Because she wasn't avilable to fly out, they cast her as the less fleshed out Caress in Dynasty a season later instead.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 18805/13/2015

i think al corley wasone of the greatest actors from dynasty. i wandered if he was secretly gay?

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 18905/13/2015

I loved Kate O'Mara.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 19005/13/2015

I hated fake Steven too. Jack Coleman had zero sex appeal. Very good-looking but zero sex appeal. Al was fucking sex on a stick.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 19105/13/2015

R187 that's part of the reason why it was such a debacle to cast Samms in the role. They wanted her to use an American accent but she couldn't pull it off. In Samms defense the role was written on The Colbys as an ultimate victim. The role was Fallon in name only on The Colbys and really had nothing to do with Martin in the slightest. When David Jacobs took over Dynasty in season 9 he was going to ask Martin to come back but decided to give Samms another chance. She did improve in the role but never enough to make you forget Martin.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 19205/13/2015

I've been watching the first season on POP and Martin is arguably the best actor that year. She really made Fallon a complex character as opposed to falling in the easy traps of just playing her as a spoiled slut or a bitchy brat.

Corley is also fantastic as he plays Steven and homosexuality as sympathetic. Which is a feat since even the writers are basically trying to make the audience believe it is unnatural and a mental illness.

I also think Bellwood did her best that first year, too.

Forsythe was too hammy in the beginning and Evans was, and still is, a piece of drift wood.

I wanted Steven to have an affair with Matthew Blaisdale. That would have been hot.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 19305/13/2015

How many people couldn't stand Krystle?

I remember my mom saying, "I think Krystle is such a boring character. She doesn't do anything for the show."

Aside from her dissatisfaction with Blake, all Krystle did for most of the series was stand in Blake's shadow, cheering him on, saying, "Oh, Blake, I know you can pull through this, you're such a winner, Alexis can't get away with this!"

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 19405/13/2015

R193 Loved the first season too. All the points you made were right. The show began as an indictment of the rich to a celebration of them after Collins joined. The show probably would've been cancelled without Joan joining it though and Spelling was a master of giving the audience what it wanted. It lost it serious undertones after the first year but still was enjoyable and fun as hell the first five years. Collins was born to play Alexis.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 19505/13/2015

The tone changed significantly after the first year. From a well-acted nighttime drama, to a scenery-chewing "big event" crapfest. Oh, it was still fun to watch. But you felt miserable afterwards, like eating that pint of Ben & Jerry's.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 19605/14/2015

A good friend who worked at ABC during the show's run told me that Caulfield and Heston did not get along. Heston was furious that, one day early on, Caulfield showed up to work completely messed up from being gang-fisted the night before. It delayed production and Heston had words with Caulfield over his unprofessional behavior. They didn't speak off-camera at all after that.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 19705/14/2015

What made the Dynasty theme tune better than The Colbys theme, if you really listen to the melody without the intrusive trumpet, was that it had a sadness about it, a fragility and hint of tragedy.

And by the way....

I'm tired of the Krystle hate. In the first two seasons, she was a strong character. She was kind by nature but she was also tough and assertive. Only later was she made into this madonna type figure to offset Joan as the wicked temptress. And that was when Dynasty became no different than a cartoon:

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 19805/14/2015

Martin was no great actress. Samms could act, but Martin had that feisty edge that set her Fallon apart. Plus in the first seasons, Fallon was written as a strong character. By the time Martin left, Fallon had begun to be watered down. When Samms inherited the role as amnesiac Fallon, it was written as a victim and continued on until the last season of DYNASTY. If DYNASTY had been given another season or more and the writing had stayed good, Samms would have made the role her own. Samms acting on THE COLBYS was good, but the character as written was Fallon in name only.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 19905/14/2015

R199 Agree with everything you say except Samms and her acting on The Colbys. She was horrible and too young for the role. Martin was never Meryl Streep but you believed her on the earlier Dynasty seasons as a worldly rich party girl who was just as smart as the men on the show. Plus Martin had amazing chemistry with all the cast members that Samms never had. Has to be the worst recast ever on primetime. She's one of the many reasons Dynasty and Colbys dropped like a stone in the ratings.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 20005/14/2015

Pamela Sue Martin reminded me of Debra Winger. They were very, very strong and spirited on screen.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 20105/14/2015

LOVE the Mary's comment on this video!!!

[quote]I like how Krystle's outfit matches the color of the mud they fall into. It symbolises how Krystle is a part of nature herself and how Alexis is always battling against nature, terrified of falling into mud, water or enduring any form of physical discomfort. Krystle is a natural woman, a child of the earth. Alexis has been so consumed with conquest, she has no real connection to the world itself and so, when thrown into a chaotic situation, Alexis is no match for Krystle. As a woman, Krystle had a moral code but could fight dirty when called for it. I really admire her.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 20205/14/2015

R201 Agreed. They would be great as sisters in a film.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 20305/14/2015

What THE COLBYS needed was an actress of great range in a pivotal role. One who could bring strength, pathos, and an overpowering charisma. I don't want to be immodest, but I did receive an incredible response from DYNASTY fans during my run on the show. I could have saved THE COLBYS!

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 20405/14/2015

Sable's first ever scene (on Dynasty, introducing the Colby clan) - listen to Beacham's enunciation of 'grisly bear' and try not to cream yourselves.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 20505/14/2015

I wonder if JC minded that she was being upstaged by a far better actress. SB was the shit!

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 20609/02/2015

[quote]Tori Spelling suggested Emma Samms to her father after seeing her on General Hospital.

ugh. Proof Candy is right.. Tori is worthless and ruins everything!

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 20709/02/2015

Beacham kills in this scene.

by Lindsay Blaisdellreply 20810/03/2015
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