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TV movies on Netflix

Some fabulous cheesy '70s and '80s made for TV movies on Netflix streaming...

"Someone I Touched" - Cloris Leachman as a respectable upper-middle-class housewife (with insane 1970s hair) whose husband gives her the clap, and her subsequent shame and embarrassment.

"Broken Angel" - A TV version of "Hardcore" with William Shatner as the suburban square who must venture onto the streets of Hollywood after his hotpants daughter runs away!

"Jealousy" - "Angie Dickinson delivers three stellar performances in this anthology of jealousy-themed tales, each of which finds its heroine grappling with jealousy in her own personal way, revealing the dark side of love. First, Georgia and her daughter vie for her husband's (Paul Michael Glaser) attention. Next is Laura, whose rival is her husband's beloved parrot. And Ginny must balance romance and stardom. Richard Mulligan and David Carradine co-star."

I love all these. Anyone else into these cheesy flicks?

by Anonymousreply 002/18/2013
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