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Woman Arrested After 10-Year Old Son Found, Naked, Drunk On Florida Streets‏

A naked 10-year-old boy was allegedly found wandering around a Florida neighborhood drunk on brandy his mother gave him.

Nedra Byrd, 31, was arrested and faces child neglect charges after a couple noticed the woman's son nude and seemingly intoxicated on Thursday night, 10 News reported.

by Anonymousreply 502/18/2013

So sad.

[quote]This little boy, he said all I want for my mommy is to go to rehab and to get anger management," Roesch added, "because mommy drinks to feel better 'cause she's mad."

by Anonymousreply 102/18/2013

The same thing happened to me when I was six. I drank some Mogen David (thinking it was grape juice - so the story goes) that was in the fridge and was found ... naked and wandering the streets.

I wonder wtf my mom had Mogen David for. This was between alcoholic husband #1 (pa) and #2.

p.s. Cops and everyone else thought it was funny. Mother never was sent to the slammer.

by Anonymousreply 202/18/2013

Just another average day in a Florida neighborhood.

by Anonymousreply 302/18/2013

Florida. Our cesspool.

by Anonymousreply 402/18/2013

Oh, Florida! You make me feel good about myself.

by Anonymousreply 502/18/2013
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