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MeTV on Sunday nights

Thanks to MeTV, this has become my favorite night of TV viewing. I've discovered some gems that are now but a memory for most people. At 10pm, they show Boris Karloff's "Thriller" anthology series. Some of the episodes are hit and miss (mostly hit), but for the most part the stories are really well told and suspenseful.

After that, they have back to back episodes of "Twilight Zone" followed by "The Fugitive" at midnight. "The Fugitive" was before my time, but I'd always heard great things about it. The show definitely lives up to the hype and has a great '60s vibe to it. You'd think the writers wouldn't have been able to milk several seasons out of one plot, but they were clever enough to create self-contained episodes with engrossing stories featuring guest stars, while weaving in Kimble's storyline.

Then at 1am comes the incredible cop show "The Naked City." Although I could see some viewers deeming it somewhat stagy, pretentious, and slow-moving, it's really an incredibly written and acted show. Very gritty and intelligent, with episodes that are more like character studies rather than plot heaped upon plot. Again, the episodes can be slow moving, with long scenes that develop character rather than advance the plot, but the payoffs are more organic and much more satisfying because of this. The show features top-line guest stars like Robert Duvall, Maureen Stapleton, and Barbara Barrie.

The only downside of these shows is that there's no one at work to discuss these shows with at the "water cooler," so to speak. If you don't watch Real Housewives, Mob Wives, Shahs of Sunset, or those Kardashians religiously, then you're left out of the "water cooler" conversation. A couple of people asked me what I watch on TV, and I mentioned these shows, Perry Mason, and Alfred Hitchcock. They looked at me like I had three heads with one eye in the middle of each.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 3712/10/2014

Back when The Fugitive first aired, the episode when it was revealed who the one arm man was, the local minor league baseball game that was going on was playing to an empty ballpark.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 102/18/2013

I have never been a Fugitive fan but I LOVE Thriller and The Naked City.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 202/18/2013

Since posting the reply about The Fugitive, I had forgotten to mention that growing up one of my first crushes was on Paul Petersen from The Donna Reed Show. Paul was one of the first guys that I can recall that made me first realize that I was attracted to guys. A couple of other's were Tim Considine and Tommy Kirk aka The Hardy Boys, on the original Mickey Mouse Club.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 302/18/2013

There is no reason to sit through the commercials and edited episodes of these shows on channels like MeTV and Antenna when there is streaming or dvds.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 402/18/2013

I watch Perry Mason and The Rockford Files on weekday mornings, 2 of my favorite shows. I love the channel.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 502/18/2013

I grab the shows from MeTV on my dvr and fast forward through the vaginal mesh commercials. I have loved discovering Naked City.... totally worth it for all the NYC location shots in 1960 alone.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 602/18/2013

Never saw the Naked City when it was on originally, even I am too young and that is hard to believe. But I agree, it is good. Defines the word "gritty".

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 702/18/2013

I've seen a few good programs on MeTV. Their promo ads are cheesy and cute.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 802/18/2013

I do enjoy seeing some of the old Gunsmoke episodes with Jan Michael Vincent showing up shirtless. Also The Rifleman with Johnny Crawford. Another boyhood crush.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 902/19/2013

My cable company doesn't carry the local station that has MeTV, so I have to watch it with rabbit ears.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 1002/19/2013

I was enjoying those Kraft Suspense dramas a few month back -- syndicated as Crisis. They are pretty engrossing, and in color, which wasn't the norm back in 1963 to 1965. I hope they come back to the rotation.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 1102/19/2013

I bumped this thread because I just discovered this channel by accident on TWC. What a great find! I watched Colombo, Thriller and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. Looking forward to watching The Naked City, The Untouchables and The Fugitive. This channel is so much better than TVLand. The opening credits for Thriller brought back the dread and thrill of anticipation that I felt as a kid when I watched first run episodes back in the sixties. The show scared the shit out of me! The AHH episode starred a young Roddy McDowall. So much fun. It will be nice to have an alternative to the boring shows on the broadcast networks.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 1204/24/2014

My partner's mom keeps MeTV on when we come to visit. One thing I am thankful for is that they added [italic]Welcome Back, Kotter[/italic] to their weeknight lineup, replacing the godawful [italic]F Troop.[/italic] That had to be the worst TV series ever made.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 1304/24/2014

I like Peter Gunn--some of the eps are standard, but some are really arty and film noir nihilist. (Oh, Mary!) Plus Craig Stevens was a smooth 50s-60s daddy.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 1404/26/2014

I watch MeTV a lot (huge Perry Mason fan). You should also check out some of the other "retro" channels -- AntennaTV (mostly old Columbia/Screen Gems shows), THIS (mostly older MGM stuff), COZI (mostly Universal shows), MOVIES! (mostly Fox stuff), and GETtv (mostly Sony movies-- they had DL fave "Where Love Has Gone" this morning.)

COZI is showing "Run For Your Life," which is somewhat similar to "The Fugitive," but with hottie Ben Gazzara.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 1504/26/2014

TWC sent a new channel line-up schedule and Cozi and AntennaTV are listed along with MeTV. I will definitely check out your recommendations, r15. I remember Run For Your Life. This is bringing back so many memories. Tonight on MeTV there is a Horror Movie throw back show with an actual host and they are showing House of Frankenstein. Lost in Space follows. OMG, I remember Dr. Smith was always my favorite on that show. So queenie and bitchy. Even as a kid I knew what that meant. And could relate:)

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 1604/26/2014

[quote]Tonight on MeTV there is a Horror Movie throw back show with an actual host and they are showing House of Frankenstein.

I think you're referring to Svengoolie (sp?)- he's on every Saturday night with a different old horror flick. I think he used to have a local show in Cleveland -- Drew Carey was always referencing him.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 1704/26/2014

There's something wrong with MeTV here on the east coast. All of the shows are running 3 hours behind. Right now "Wonder Woman," usually on at 8, came on at 11 and it's been that way since about 10 or 11 last night. WTF???

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 1806/14/2014

I wish MeTV would bring back Family Affair and That Girl to the lineup. They would show up at some unreasonable hour like 4 a.m but now not at all.

I think Emergency has been replaced at 4pm too. I hope MeTv isn't trying to pander to the lowest common denominator viewers.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 1906/14/2014

My TV is faithfully tuned into MeTV every weekday at 6 for a full hour of The Rifleman.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 2006/14/2014

During the Winter I love watching the western lineup on MeTV on the weekends. Gunsmoke, Bonanza, and the best of the westerns The Big Valley.

The Fugitive is a kick ass show. The writing was great and they ended it before it deteriorated. Lots of "before they were famous" stars on The Fugitive. That's one of the things that was great about The Fugitive whether it was before they were famous, after they hit there peak of their career, or forever bit players, the supporting cast was always great.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 2106/14/2014

R18 Your local station must be using the Pacific Time Zone feed for some reason. Try emailing or tweeting them.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 2206/14/2014

R22, it's Time Warner Cable here in NYC. I called them this morning and a recording stated that MeTV had completely blown out for some customers and that they were working on fixing the problem. When I got a customer service person on the line, I told them mine hadn't blown out (for once) but that everything is running 3 hours behind. She just said she'd "make a note of it."

I love MeTV and watch it every day but it really is a fucked-up channel. If it's not freezing up, it's blowing out completely and now this. Great station but they just can't seem to get their act together. (Never have these problems with Antenna TV.)

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 2306/14/2014

R23 But you gotta remember that MeTV is not a cable network --it's like NBC or CBS, carried by lot of small stations (usually one of the digital subchannels.) Here in LA it's on 56.3, for example. (My cable company doesn't even carry it.)

So you can never know whether the problem is coming from MeTV or from your local affiliate. (Time Warner would only be carrying whatever that local affiliate is broadcasting.)

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 2406/14/2014

I love that I can watch Twilight Zone every night on Me and I like the Hitchcock show. And sometimes I will watch Gilligan's Island.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 2506/14/2014

I love that Antenna TV's weekday line up. I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, then All in the Family.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 2606/14/2014

And of course it was MeTV that saluted Doris Day on her 90th birthday by showing her selections of her favorite episodes from her TV show, and got Doris to do newly recorded VoiceOver introductions. That was a real treat.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 2706/14/2014

R24, that is good information to have and you're right, I did not consider any of that before when bitching about MeTV's various problems. I will think of those points going forward.

It really is a great channel. Vince Gilligan and Mark Hamill have both done interviews talking about how much they love MeTV.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 2806/14/2014

Absolutely love MeTV. A virtual explosion of fond memories!

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 2906/15/2014

My only complaint is that much of their schedule is interrupted for infomercials.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 3006/15/2014

Svengoolie is great; like a male Elvira. Love MeTV

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 3106/15/2014

Interesting, R30. Watching it through TWC, there are no infomercials (thankfully).

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 3206/15/2014

I think MeTV is going to start airing The Carol Burnett Show reruns in January!!! Yay!!!

Also, Quincy, M.E.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 3312/09/2014

I've been enjoying The Rogues on MeTV. I haven't caught many episodes yet. The series only lasted one season of (I think) thirty episodes in spite of it's winning a Golden Globe award. I was a kid when it was new, and never took note of it before.

The premise is of a family of con-men with cousins in Britain, America and France, who now use their skills to give bad people a comeuppance. It stars David Niven, Charles Boyer, and Gig Young. They all still had some level of active film career, and the plots would feature whichever ones were available. Gig Young seem so be in it the most.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 3412/09/2014


by Not a shill for MeTVreply 3512/10/2014

R30 R32 MeTV does not show infomercials. Your local broadcast station is pre-empting some of MeTV's schedule in YOUR market so they can sell the time for more money and show infomercials. And cable companies don't carry MeTV; they carry the local station that is broadcasting MeTV's programming.

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 3612/10/2014

Thriller is lots of fun

by Not a shill for MeTVreply 3712/10/2014
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