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Hollywood, Stop!

Trying to make Jason Segal happen. He's fugly and fat.

by Yoko reply 2402/19/2013

im sorry is he trying to be a model?

by Yoko reply 102/17/2013

Also stop trying to make the following happen:

Jonah Hill

Katherine Heigl

Julianne Hough

Alex Pettyfer

Justin Timberlake

Taylor Kitsch

Gwyneth Paltrow

by Yoko reply 202/18/2013

Happy 80th ,Yoko!(It`s today,right?)

by Yoko reply 302/18/2013

Jason is a mensch. Leave him alone. I think he's cute, to-boot.

by Yoko reply 402/18/2013

Don't forget he is a good role model for Hollywood. He does full frontal. We should encourage his career.

by Yoko reply 502/18/2013

I have heard he is a really nice guy. Fine. Great. But enough with the dumpy White guys as leading men.

by Yoko reply 602/18/2013

Personally, I don't think that chiseled abs should be a prerequisite for the acting profession, R6 .

Jason Segal is very likeable and talented.

I happen to know plenty of "dumpy" guys who have very attractive partners and spouses.

BTW, Segal is far from dumpy.

by Yoko reply 702/18/2013

They'll never stop OP.

He (and guys like Jonah Hill) is their stand-in who looks just like them. Movie making powers aren't keen on reflecting too much reality in movies.

by Yoko reply 802/18/2013

R2, some of them have already happened, so stop stomping your tiny little feet and complaining about it.

by Yoko reply 902/18/2013

He's flabby, pasty, moley, and likes to go nude on camera. Gee, I wonder the outrage it would garner if it were a woman doing that.

by Yoko reply 1002/18/2013

Hollywood does promote Jewish actors, and ones that just look Jewish (Tom Hanks, Jason Biggs). No way would actors like Jason Segel, Josh Rogen and Jonah Hill be major motion picture stars without the Jewish thang.

Funny how so much of middle America has enjoyed entertainment (movies, TV) produced by and starring Jews. I watched so much TV as a kid I sounded like a Borscht belt comedian.

by Yoko reply 1102/18/2013

This thread is filled with elderly jew haters.

by Yoko reply 1202/18/2013

There is a woman who is doing just that, r10. Lena Dunham. And she is being canonized for it.

by Yoko reply 1302/18/2013

I would hardly call the rabid firebreathing anger directed at her "canonization."

by Yoko reply 1402/18/2013

Yeah, good point R10. Where's the hang wringing and stoning when Jason inflicts his naked tub on us, like there is with Dunham?

I guess we're so unused to seeing naked women who don't have nice bodies.

by Yoko reply 1502/18/2013

Dear r7 where did I mention chiseled abs? He's not on a level of attractiveness that most women or gay men would take a second look at. I'm glad he's a nice guy but classic Hollywood didn't thrive on people with below average looks. It's about fantasy, and he's not in the fantasy category.

by Yoko reply 1602/18/2013

I'm glad when someone like him happens. Screw you superficial faggots.

by Yoko reply 1702/18/2013

He's harmless and I have not yet heard gossip about him being a jerk, asshole, or douche to anyone.

by Yoko reply 1802/18/2013

DL should stop making their one dimensional ken doll Matt Bomer happen.

by Yoko reply 1902/18/2013

He's actually become a good deal less attractive since becoming famous. He was passably cute during FREAKS & GEEKS. Now he's just repulsive.

And no, he's not a jerk or a douche, but he does have a hugely overblown ego. He kinda ruined THE MUPPET MOVIE, and the comeback that could have been for them, but wasn't.

He's been very lucky, between the HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and the truly awful Judd Apatow movies that have hit big, but he's not much of a talent outside of that. And I don't think he'll last.

by Yoko reply 2002/18/2013

He wrote and starred in the recent Muppet movie. It was a big hit. People thought the Muppets were old news and no one wanted a new movie. They were wrong.

Plus he has a big dick.

by Yoko reply 2102/18/2013

I'm fine with his looks but he's painfully unfunny.

by Yoko reply 2202/18/2013

He looks like a dufus from the glee club! Every inch a douche.

by Yoko reply 2302/18/2013

He is what is called a blanc mange

by Yoko reply 2402/19/2013
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