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Yuck! I just found a hair in my Chobani yogurt.

Should I sue?

by Dannonreply 1806/26/2015

My husband found a long hair in their new "berries and grains" yogurt. I told him to file a complaint but he won't. I will no longer buy from this company.

by Dannonreply 101/31/2015

a Chobani employee with long pubic hair did it

by Dannonreply 201/31/2015

Wow, if you both found hairs I'd say the company has a problem and you should definitely complain. R2 you don't need your husband's permission to file a complaint. It doesn't matter if it was your yogurt or not. Now if you were suing then it might matter who ate the yogurt but not to complain.

I would also see if they have a Twitter and/or Facebook page and post on those to warn others or just to find others who might have also found hairs.

by Dannonreply 301/31/2015

Ok. I really used to enjoy this yogurt until today. I found a piece of black hair deep inside the yorgurt. Just opened it and started to mix it and there was this piece of hair which I pulled and it was grose. Not buying again, this is a big problem that needs to be fixed!!!!! Nasty!!!!!

by Dannonreply 406/26/2015

Dear Lord in Heaven!

by Dannonreply 506/26/2015

It's Greek yoghurt. What did you expect?

by Dannonreply 606/26/2015

No point of suing unless you can show significant damages (medical bills, shrink sessions, lost wages ... ). Do file complaints and spread the story via social media, because these companies need to feel the pressure to better their manufacturing processes.

I rarely buy store-bought yogurt. I make my own. It's very easy as long as you have (1) a food thermometer and (2) a heating pad and towels or some other way to incubate the yogurt at a steady temperature. I have made yogurt for years and never failed once. It's addictive-free and costs half as much as store-bought yogurt. I can't drink regular milk so I consume yogurt instead - lots of it.

by Dannonreply 706/26/2015

Are you sure it was in your yogurt or did you give the cashier at the grocery store a blow job?

by Dannonreply 806/26/2015

You spend $10,000 suing. What do you get? One coupon for a free yogurt.

by Dannonreply 906/26/2015

[quote] addictive-free

Oh, dear.

by Dannonreply 1006/26/2015

You should definately complain, it is a public health issue, and take a photo or mail them the hair.

I guessing that Chobain is owned by Nestle or some such and you should get free coupons for foods that the company produces other than yogurt. Chobani yogurt has had issues with contamination in the past few years and I personally cannot eat that product.

by Dannonreply 1106/26/2015

I once found hair in General Tso's chicken. That was enough to put me off Chinese food for life.

by Dannonreply 1206/26/2015

I meant "additive-free" LOL

by Dannonreply 1306/26/2015

[quote]in my Chobani yogurt.

oh, DEAR!!!!!

by Dannonreply 1406/26/2015

[quote]or mail them the hair.

What good does mailing them hair do???? How do they know you just didn't pull it out of your head and stick it in an envelope? Companies think that when people do this, they are just crackpots.

by Dannonreply 1506/26/2015

I know how you feel OP. I just found a hair in my weed, and I'm just beside myself.

by Dannonreply 1606/26/2015

This thread couldn't have shown up at a more perfect time because 2 hours ago I found a long, black hair in my Egg Foo Young from my favorite Chinese restaurant. I've loved them for years, but now I won't be able to order from them again - too grossed out. That being said, In the past few months, I've found hairs from other take-out places in my neighborhood. Looks like I'm going to have to learn to cook better because if they can't teach their chefs to tie their hair back or their their receptionists not to swing or fluff their hair in the kitchen area, I can't eat their disgusting, unhygienic food.

by Dannonreply 1706/26/2015

I call bullshit, it was either your own hair or you're lying.

by Dannonreply 1806/26/2015
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