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Lesbian cruises

Ever been?

by Jayereply 902/17/2013

No, and judging from that picture, never will.

by Jayereply 102/16/2013

The guy on the left as some serious moobs - otherwise they look like a fun bunch.

by Jayereply 202/16/2013

If there was a guarantee it wouldn't be full of butch dykes or families with their rugrats, I'd be in. Usually the odds are against you if you're a lesbian, just due to demographics, but a floating cruise full of feminine lesbians would be heaven.

by Jayereply 302/16/2013

[quote] feminine lesbians

Is there such a term?

by Jayereply 402/16/2013

I'm trying to picture a floating cruise full of butch men, but I can't quite manage it.

by Jayereply 502/16/2013

Do lesbian cruises have an all-female crew?

I'm picturing a big bulldyke ship's captain with an eyepatch and an anchor tatoo on her forearm like Popeye, steering the ship with a corn cob pipe in her mouth.

by Jayereply 602/16/2013

say what

by Jayereply 702/16/2013

In this case, the smell is coming from inside the passengers.

by Jayereply 802/17/2013

Hell no. Can you imagine a boat full of bulls wearing flannel. The smell of old tuna everywhere. How revolting.

by Jayereply 902/17/2013
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