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Cops: Man Raped Woman He Met on Christian Mingle Dating Site

LA MESA — A 37-year old man has been arrested on suspicion of raping a woman he met on the online dating website, Christian Mingle.

The alleged assault happened in October at the home of a woman who Sean Banks met on the website using the name ‘Rarity.”

Police say they later learned that Banks used other names on the dating site, including Rarity, Rylan, Rylan Butterwood and Rylan Harbough.

The number of aliases had led investigators to suspect that banks may have assaulted other women and may have used other dating sites under additional false names.

Banks is free on $500,000 bail and is due back in court March 1st.

If convicted he faces 36 years to life in prison.

Anyone with information is urged to call the La Mesa Police Department, Detective Scott at (619) 667-7538.

by Oh, dearreply 2902/16/2013

A LOT of people get together via dating sites now, so it is probably inevitable that rape would happen at some time, as it does outside of dating site hookups.

by Oh, dearreply 102/16/2013

I love their commercials. All that godly uttering from them as they stare deeply into each other's soulful eyes.

One of them has some godawful christian band singing some terrible lyrics about having the woman run to the man and fall on her knees and praise him or something. Vomit inducing.

by Oh, dearreply 202/16/2013

"The match God intended."

I guess he was in a had mood that day.

by Oh, dearreply 302/16/2013

He has the crazy eye!

Also, a touch of gay face.

The bible beater types in California are a very specific type of weird. Usually quite trashy. This guy doesn't look trashy, just crazy as hell.

by Oh, dearreply 402/16/2013

"The alleged assault happened in October at the home of a woman who Sean Banks met on the website using the name ‘Rarity.”

Police say they later learned that Banks used other names on the dating site, including Rarity...."


by Oh, dearreply 502/16/2013

Sin never dies.

by Oh, dearreply 602/16/2013

I just hope he was able to complete God's will and impregnate her.

by Oh, dearreply 702/16/2013

Did his breath smell of roadhouse whiskey?

by Oh, dearreply 802/16/2013


by Oh, dearreply 902/16/2013

That couldn't scientifically happen if it was rape, remember, R7.

Wimmin's bodies have the way of shuttin' that shit DOWN.

by Oh, dearreply 1002/16/2013

Right, r10, that slut deserved it.

by Oh, dearreply 1102/16/2013

Wow, he was at her HOME?

by Oh, dearreply 1202/16/2013

Why the fuck would you invite some stranger to your house.

by Oh, dearreply 1302/16/2013


by Oh, dearreply 1402/16/2013

This rape thing is nothing, a few months ago there was an attempted murderer on He fucked some chick up and left her for dead and I think may have killed someone else. She is suing of course.

by Oh, dearreply 1502/16/2013

Rylan Butterwood?? wtf

by Oh, dearreply 1602/16/2013

He has that white supremacist look I'm sure a lot of those Spirit-filled ladies love.

by Oh, dearreply 1702/16/2013

Too bad you can't turn a prayer into a rape whistle.

by Oh, dearreply 1802/16/2013

he really has gayface.

by Oh, dearreply 1902/16/2013

Told you I was hardcore!

by Oh, dearreply 2002/16/2013

I rest my case

by Oh, dearreply 2102/16/2013

"Someday he'll call her/And she will (go) runnin'/And fall in his arms/And the tears will flow down/And she'll pray..."

...that she won't get raped.

by Oh, dearreply 2202/16/2013

Does anyone remember the story about a well known religious figured who impregnated a woman while she was sleep and forced her to have the baby?

by Oh, dearreply 2302/16/2013

A few years ago there was a poll about online dating which asked each gender what their biggest fear was about using one of those sites (match/gofish/eharmony/etc) to find a date.

Most women polled were most afraid of meeting someone for a date who would try to rape/kill them.

Most men were afraid that the person they were meeting would be fatter than their online picture/persona seemed.

I think that that pretty much sums up the state of the world.

by Oh, dearreply 2402/16/2013

What is even more weird and shocking is the granddaughter of TBN founders Paul and Jan being raped at 14 years old, and the Crouches blaming the little girl for it, and not having the rapist prosecuted.

by Oh, dearreply 2502/16/2013

He's cute.

by Oh, dearreply 2602/16/2013

If you can't trust a Christian, who can you trust?

by Oh, dearreply 2702/16/2013

1. He's cute 2. Why didn't she have a pistol or a razor? Not smart.

by Oh, dearreply 2802/16/2013

The Lord is so kinky.

by Oh, dearreply 2902/16/2013
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