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Have you ever hooked up/slept with a guy you were embarrassed to tell your friends about?

And yet went back for more?

Curious why you were quiet about it....what was it about him that you thought your friends wouldn't approve of?

What made it hot for you?

Spill, bitches!

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 2002/20/2013

Slept, NO.

Fucked, yes.

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 102/16/2013

The proper R1 response would have been:

I hooked up with OP and was embarrassed to tell my friends.

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 202/16/2013

Have I ever done that? Sure.

Have I ever gone back for more? Nope.

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 302/16/2013

Worse, I dated one for a year! One of my close friends told me, "I don't know what you see in him, he's ugly!" but I was in love. Love really blinds. Then once I realized he was a trash bucket I finally could see what others were telling me, he was short and fug.

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 402/16/2013

No I haven't. Not into casual sex at all.

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 502/16/2013

#5 = Sister Dolores Hart

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 602/16/2013

Totally. HUGE cock. Ex-con. One summer.

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 702/16/2013

R7, you are closest to what my dilemma was.

There was a handyman that our landlord hired and rented a small studio to. He was hot in a 70s bushy mustache kind of way. The only 'straight' man dealing with 7 units of gay men and lesbians in an 8 apt. bldg.

I was teased about checking him out one day. He had a big basket.

A few weeks later I invited him in for a beer. He'd been kicked out of the Army and was couch surfing (essentially homeless) for months.

A few beers later and a little direct flirting and flattering, and he stripped down to his underwear....and then pulled out one of the longest, thickest cocks I'd ever seen. Which I proceeded to lick, suck and ride for hours.

Funny, mine was just a summer, too.

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 802/16/2013

You're not old enough to be having sex if you you're worried about what your friends think of him.

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 902/16/2013

Yeah. My dealer. Best cock on the planet

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 1002/16/2013

R4 - Ugly on the inside.

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 1102/16/2013

Yes. This crazy old (like 65) daddy guy. I met him after doing coke, went back to his place and he fucked me better than I'd ever been fucked. I go back about twice a year.

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 1202/16/2013

Sometimes I like to fuck really fat guys. My friends would give me shit, but I really shouldn't care. One of them was really tranny though, and while the sex was curious and fun, I didn't feel like answering a lot of questions. I feel like a douche though.

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 1302/16/2013

Yes, Lance Bass. I can't face my friends about it.

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 1402/16/2013

"One of them was really tranny though"

He was developing breasts?

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 1502/17/2013

Oh and only on days that end in y

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 1602/18/2013

Lez here. Went with an overweight woman with acne scars who had a great laugh, loads of charisma, and was fantastic in bed. Hid her for a long time and I could tell it hurt her feelings. I would not do that today. Who cares what others think?

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 1702/18/2013

I had amazing sex with a super hot guy last night.

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 1802/20/2013

Was she useful on garbage detail r17?

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 1902/20/2013

Like R10 I hooked up with my dealer. Over and over and over again. Truly amazing sexual marathons. He wanted it to be more but I was young and stupid. I was embarrassed that he didn't have a college education or a 'real' job. A year after we were done he went back to school and now has a better education and 'real' job than I do.

by Not Dr. Ruth reply 2002/20/2013
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