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What Happened to the 2013 Figure Skating Thread???

WHY does it no longer exist?

by Brian Boitanoreply 502/17/2014

You're right OP... it's not working for me either.

by Brian Boitanoreply 102/15/2013

It must have imploded underneath the weight of all the anti-Weir posts.

by Brian Boitanoreply 202/17/2013

Probably lawyers for some closet case or Skate Canada tried to intimidate Mediapolis.

by Brian Boitanoreply 302/17/2013

I was watching some old downloads from YouTube today. My goodness, Italy's Samuel Contesti is quite the hottie.

by Brian Boitanoreply 402/17/2013

I'm sure the thread's deletion has nothing to due with Canadian skaters who fuck other's husbands along with being really upset over a barely earned silver medal.

by Brian Boitanoreply 502/17/2014
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